Steam in the snowy Swiss Alps Ch. 02

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In part 1, I encountered a woman in a steam room where things rapidly got out of hand and quite extreme. It was one of the best ‘zipless fucks’ (ref. Erica Jong 1973!) of my life, where a man and a woman just find themselves in the right place at the right time, horny as hell and get extremely close while hardly saying a word. No place for ‘can I put my hand on your breast’ formalities – you just know sometimes.

This chapter contains some potentially dangerous practises which I do not recommend.

So, it was so extraordinary and magical that I began to wonder if I had dreamed the whole thing, though the empty state of my balls suggested otherwise. I’d had a long day with a lovely bronzed ski instructor called Delphine (Romanian, but working the season in Switzerland), who was tall and athletic and squeezed into a white instructor’s jump suit looking fit and stunning, while I was trying to learn cross-country ski techniques and falling quite a bit in the process. This wasn’t just an ploy so Delphine would yank me again, to my feet, but I did like the feel of her strong hands.

‘I give you good hard tug – last time okay’. She didn’t understand why I was laughing as she hauled me up yet again. Or maybe she did, she had quite the naughty look in her eye and it had been a fun day.

‘Delphine. I’m sorry I’m such a lousy student, but I’ve had a great time and you have been a wonderful teacher. Merci!’

‘Ah you will be fine – maybe a hundred more lessons.’

‘With you?’

‘With me.’

‘Well I look forward to them very much. May I kiss you goodbye?’ (Sometimes it’s right to ask.)

‘Avec plaisire.’

So I kissed her European style – right, left, right and then a firm but chaste one full on the lips. She stepped back, smiling.

‘Oh no, you are not ready for me yet. Not for a long time.’

I felt sure she was right, she looked like she’d ride most men into the ground once she got going. And I was tired and sore already from the falling over and needed some steam room time and no further action.

When I got there though, there was plenty of action already happening. The woman from yesterday was sitting on a bench in front of a tall muscular man in his late twenties. He had a great head of curling shaggy blonde hair and looked like he knew it. They couldn’t have not heard me come in, but they were too involved to stop what they were doing. I sat next to the door and rehydrated with the big bottle of water I’d brought in with me.

‘Yeah bitch’, he said in a strong American accent ‘take it all down, take it all the way down.’

He had a pretty good pair of buttocks too and no tan line. I wondered if he was one of those spoilt kids that moved çankaya escort straight from winter sun to winter sports. The glutes were tensing and thrusting rhythmically.

‘That’s it, bitch. I’m gonna come all over your fucking tits. You want that, huh? You want that bro’?”

‘Bro.?’ I wondered.

‘Suck it harder bitch. Stick it down your throat, I wanna hear you gag, bitch. Let’s see you slobber all over my cock bitch, like a whore. Yeah, like the cum whore you are, right? You’re just a whore right? That’s it bro’. Take it deeper. I’m gone come all over your face and hair.’

Well, make your mind up, I thought, where’s this grand eruption going to be?

The steam cleared a little and I could see the woman was doing her best not to take his cock anywhere near her throat with a fist firmly around the base of his shaft. She didn’t look too into it, but was seeing it through, finishing what had been started.

The guy turned, proud of himself and grinned at me.

‘Yeah man! You’re next if you want. With this cumslut. She’ll do anything. Anything bro’.’

And (dear god) he gave me a thumbs up sign. I didn’t respond or react and he thought a moment and changed it to a diver’s ‘OK’ sign. That’s about right, I thought, just done his beginner’s PADI course.

The woman stepped up a gear and began to jack his shaft faster. Then slipped her other hand between his legs and jammed a digit hard and fast up his ass and held it there deep and tight. I was six feet away and it made me wince – there had been no foreplay, loosening or lubrication that I could tell – it was really invasive.

It wiped the smile of the guy’s face though, shock turned to sharp pleasure and within ten seconds he was up and over the edge and pumping his load safely into the woman’s mouth. She squeezed and sucked his cock pretty hard and I could see him buckling. Then in a second move she yanked her finger out of his ass, thrust her sticky, shitty hand into his lovely hair and pulled him down for a deep kiss.

I’m pretty sure she transferred his load into his mouth during the kiss, and then she pushed him away. He was reeling from the absence and shock in his ass and now a mouth full off what-the-fuck. His cock, which didn’t look that big, was shrivelling as fast as an unlanded punch line and I held the door for him as he beat his retreat.

The woman looked at me and recognised me from yesterday. She sat down, looking pretty despondent and shook her head.


I moved beside her and put what I hoped was a welcome arm around her shoulders. She leaned to me for a moment or two, then sat back straight regaining her pride and brushed cebeci escort her fingers through her hair, tossing it back. She clacked her mouth still with its residue of Floridan cum.

‘Can you clean me?’ she asked in her accented English.

I wasn’t sure what she meant and held up the nearly empty bottle of water.

‘Non. Hosez moi.’

Hoser? Is that even French? I stood up and pointed to my own crotch. It could be a hilarious bilingual misunderstanding if I’d got it wrong.

‘Oui.’ She said and pulled down my trunks

Oui/wee indeed. I held my cock out, willing release, but I’d never done this before, not on demand.

She looked up at me teasing and made the same ‘psswss’ noise I’d made to her yesterday. And it worked. Slowly at first, I felt everything release inside and directed a thick jet of piss over her chest. She moved side to side as if showering, relaxed and clearly thought this was a ton more fun than what she’d been through with the would-be stud.

She held my cock and deliberately aimed the jet into her mouth for a few seconds, sloshed the piss around like mouthwash and then spurted it out in a thin jet, high in the air.

‘Very good!’ I couldn’t help expressing my admiration.

My own jet had finished and she gave the end of my cock that little kiss again, almost maternal – as if mothers did that sort of thing.

‘Douche’ she said – I wondered if she meant stud-boy again – ‘Attendes moi’. And in that delightful formal way, she held out her hand choosing this unlikely moment to introduce herself.


‘Hello. Yes. Scipio.’


‘My father liked Latin.’


I lay down on the bench, in the steam – peace at last! – And let the heat work its magic on my body and, I have to say, my imagination.

I would never claim to be gay, but like most men have had some experiences and sometimes skin is just skin and a had cock is often (but not always) a sexy thing. Shiny and throbbing, it has a life and will of its own, subconscious, caveman, primitive, animal. It just wants to be in a nice tight moist cave, to swell and explode on its own terms. Sometimes it doesn’t mind where it finds the cave, which end, or who its attached to.

I pictured the ‘American idiot’ getting his functional blow job and those excellent buttocks going up and down. In another life and time, I saw myself advancing on them, my own cock going from nothing to full tilt and somehow, magically, lubricated as I crossed the steam room. And then I pushed his broad back forward, opening up his ass and in a single thrust burying my cock hilt-deep in the muscular brown ass.

He acted as he had çubuk escort when the woman (Inez!) had pushed her finger into him. His own cock held tight by Inez’s firm hand while she sucked and lapped at the swollen head, rasping the under side with her strong tongue, bringing him to that edge where pain, a kind of white pain, almost panic, takes over.

And now, double-speared by my cock deep within his ass, not moving, just spiking him so he couldn’t move and his own body betrayed him, not protesting, but given over to the waves of pleasure and orgasm and the wracking spasms.

But he can’t move as Ines still has a firm grasp on his weakening member while the other guy (me) has now picked up a pace, fucking him in the ass. His own body too weak and turned to jelly as the big cock (mine) surges deeper and deeper, not stopping. The muscular buttocks clenching feebly, beaten and tamed…

There was a cold draft draught as the door opened and Inez came back in. The boiler mechanism immediately surged and gurgled and pumped new clouds of vapour into the room.

Inez knelled on the floor next to my bench. She must have rinsed her mouth too, or my piss is cleaner than I thought as, slowly breathing and almost purring in my face she moved in for a proper passionate kiss.

‘Skip, Skip, Scipio. Tu pensais à moi?’ she rubbed a hand over the heated bulge in my trunks, still inspired by my steamy dream of buttocks.

‘Some of that’

And then, like a sommelier making a recommendation:

”and job?’

‘If you like.’

‘If YOU like.’

‘I like very much.’

‘Stand up.’

She kissed me again and she slid a hand down the front of my trunks, rubbing my all too ready cock up and down. She slipped under my arm and pressed up close behind me whispering up into my ear.

‘Look down at that.’

It was a beautiful sight, her thin brown arm coming round my waist and disappearing into my trunks and the bulge of her hand moving under the cloth.

Still standing behind me she pulled my trunks down to my knees. One hand snaked round and held my balls while the other came back and carried on its work on my cock, now bare and proud, sticking out from my body.

Inez was stuck tight to my back. Her other forearm was at my neck now, gently squeezing until the room began to spin.

‘I like my cock’, she whispered dreamily.

‘So big, so hard.

‘I like a cock, like this cock

‘I make it come all the time

‘My cock is your cunt

‘I want you to come now

‘Come now cock cunt.

‘Come with my cock.’

And I came so hard and what with the heat and the soft pressure on my neck, I nearly passed out. I was delirious, away, disembodied. I was her and she was me. Our bodies were glued together as one. We had four arms, four hands. It was my cock, but it was her cock too, gleaming and hard, pumping out seed and spunk and semen and splashing onto the dripping floor and circulating, spiralling into the drain.

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