Step-Brother’s Surprise Ch. 02

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Two weeks had gone by since Lanie had been double teamed by her step-brother Ken and his friend Rob. Every time she saw Rob on campus her panties got wet and she lost her breath. All he could do was grin at her. It was their secret, what had happened. She hadn’t told any of her friends. This was something she wanted to keep to herself. And, she liked their secretive little flirtations when they passed one another.

Being at home with Ken, however, was a different story. She couldn’t get away from him. That was a good thing, and a not so good thing. She knew at any minute her dad or step-mother was going to figure out what was going on. That would be a very bad thing. Especially since her step-mother was such a prude.

As it was, she was trying to find something to do tonight to keep her away from the house. Her parents were going out of town for the evening and wouldn’t return until the next day. She and Ken would be alone in the house, and she knew he was up to something. He had that look in his eye at breakfast this morning, and she knew she was going to be his target. Unfortunately, she had no choice but to be at home tonight. She hoped Ken would not be.

That evening, sitting at her desk doing her homework, she had her headphones on and didn’t hear her bedroom door open. Nor did she see Ken as he stalked up behind her. He caught her off guard, scaring the hell out of her as he reached and grabbed her long hair, wrapping it around his fist and gently, but firmly tugged her from the chair.

“Follow me, darling sister.”

“Let me go, Ken. I’m not in the mood for your shit tonight.”

“Yeah, well, I just bet it won’t take you long to get in the mood.”

Lanie had no choice but to follow Ken into his bedroom. Rob was there, naked, on his knees waiting for them. Ken let go of her hair and gave her a slight push toward Rob.

“Still not in the mood, little sister?”

Lanie didn’t say a word. She knew what was up, and after the last romp the three of them had, she wasn’t about to protest. Ken knew she’d always had a thing for Rob, and now that Rob had had his face buried in her pussy, it was even worse.

Ken walked around the bed and sat on the edge. He whistled, and Lanie watched as Rob crawled on all fours to Ken and immediately pulled Ken’s cock out of his boxers and took it in his mouth. Lanie didn’t quite understand the dynamics of this relationship between canlı bahis Ken and Rob, but watching him suck her brother’s cock just made her hot.

She stood there in the middle of the room watching the two of them. Ken had handfuls of Rob’s hair and was fucking his face roughly. Rob was grunting around Ken’s cock and sucking for all he was worth. She had seen this before, and for a moment, she wondered what it would be like to watch Ken suck Rob off. Her cunt muscles clenched at the thought.

Ken had other ideas however. He pulled Rob’s mouth off his cock and ordered him on all fours. Then he pointed to Lanie.

“Get your clothes off and get under him. I want to see some 69 action from the two of you.” It took Lanie only seconds to strip off her oversized T-shirt and panties and slide under Rob, immediately taking his cock in her mouth, and moaning as his head lowered and his mouth covered her already wet pussy.

“That’s it. Suck his cock, little sister. With her eyes opened, she could see Ken standing over them, watching her suck Rob’s cock. He was stroking himself as he watched, and she could see the drop of precum on the head of him. He was close enough for her to reach, so she lifted her arm and drew her finger over the head of him, collecting the glistening drop. She let Rob slip from her mouth long enough to taste what was on her finger, then went back to sucking Rob.

Ken watched for a moment, enjoying the site of his tiny little sister with her mouth full of his friend’s dick. He moved around so that he could see her pussy. He got down on his knees and slid forward so that his cock was pressed against her cunt. Rob alternated between sucking Rob’s cock and licking her pussy as Kent masturbated against her. Lanie could feel them, and her hips would writhe every time Rob stopped licking her.

Then the sensations changed. Ken lifted her hips off the floor, sliding himself under her. She felt the head of him pressing between her swollen lips. She groaned in protest, and tried to say no, but Rob forced her to keep his cock in her mouth. Rob held her clit in his mouth, tongue flicking against it as Ken pushed himself slowly past her maidenhead. Neither of the boys knew she’d never been fucked before.

Ken hissed as he finally seated himself inside her, driven to the hilt. She screamed around Rob’s cock, and that’s when Ken knew.

“Holy fuck. She’s a virgin!” He groaned bahis siteleri and growled as he felt her cunt muscles contracting around him. “A fucking virgin.”

Rob laughed slightly, “No, dude, well.. OK.. she’s fucking, but she’s not a virgin anymore.”

Ken laughed and slid himself out until he could see the head of his cock and then slid it back in her again. Rob’s mouth was on her clit again. Lanie was seeing stars as Ken began to fuck her slowly while Rob sucked her clit. She sucked Rob even harder as the pain from being entered turned into pleasure. Her hips began to writhe and fuck against the two boys.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhhhhh….” Ken came way too fast. The sensation of his little sister’s hot, virginal pussy tight around him was more than he could bear. He withdrew just in time to shoot his load all over Rob’s face.

Rob lifted his head from her clit just long enough to clean Ken’s cock before he returned to licking her pussy, not even bothering to wipe off his own face. He just smeared Ken’s cum onto her pussy and then licked it off her.

Lanie was whimpering and fucking air as Ken withdrew from her, leaving her hanging on the edge of orgasm.

“Hey Rob, hop up. Get off her. I’ve got an idea.” Ken was stroking himself again, grinning wickedly. Lanie wasn’t sure she liked the look on his face, but she was so hot. Her body was on fire and they were just standing there looking at her.

“Stand up little sister, we’re gonna change positions.” Lanie happily obliged, and followed the two boys to the bed. Rob was ordered to get on the bed on his back, and then Ken told Lanie to stand over him.

She crawled her petite frame on the bed and put a foot on either side of Rob’s hips, then sat on his cock, taking it inside her. She shuddered violently as his thick cock filled her. Rob groaned, his eyes rolling back in his head.

“Fuck, Ken… She’s too tight. I can’t take it. Holy fuckkkk… ” Ken laughed at his friend’s protests, but noticed he had already wrapped his hands around her waist, guiding her and fucking her hot little pussy.

Lanie’s head was thrown back, her long, dark hair grazing Rob’s balls as they pumped against one another. It was only a moment before Lanie was all but screaming, her body trembling as her orgasm ripped through her. Rob was groaning, but he hadn’t come yet. He was still pumping into her.

“Hot. My god she’s so hot inside. bahis şirketleri Tight.. so fucking tight.” Rob was uttering over and over again. He had never been inside a woman so tight. Her cunt muscles gripped him so hard when she was cumming that he thought she was going to pull his dick right off him. It hurt and felt so good all at the same time.

Just after Lanie’s first orgasm, Ken crawled onto the bed. He got between Rob’s legs behind Lanie and began to spread lubricant over her tiny ass hole. She whimpered as he pressed his finger in, wiggling it around inside her. Her thrusts changed just slightly as she tried to push herself onto cock and finger at the same time. Rob was hissing and groaning beneath her as he felt his friend’s finger moving against his cock.

When Ken leaned against Lanie, pressing her forward over Rob, Rob took one of her hard, pert nipples in his mouth and began sucking on it. Ken pressed his lubricated cock against her tight little hole. Her eyes flew wide and she screamed, “No!”

But her protest was too late. Ken wasn’t planning on being easy, nor taking his time, nor allowing her time to think about what he was doing and squirm out of it. He shoved his semi-hard cock right into her, pushing past her muscles, forcing his way in. Her scream ripped through the air. Tears dripped off her face and onto Rob’s. Rob’s eyes locked to Ken’s and he started to say something, but then he saw Lanie’s face change.

She was trembling again. Her eyes grew dark and this low moan came from her throat. Ken slowly pulled back a bit and then pushed himself inside again. Within seconds, Lanie was grinding against both cocks.

The boys quickly figured out a rhythm where if Rob was fucking in, Ken was pulling out, causing friction against both their cocks through her thin cunt wall, and driving her mad because she couldn’t keep up with the motion.

Twice the boys felt her cum as they pumped in and out of her. Ken and Rob both had emptied loads inside her already, but neither of them stopped. They just kept fucking her tight little ass and pussy until she passed out on top of Rob.

Ken shot his last load into her unconscious ass, then pulled out of her, leaving her laying atop Rob. He crawled around the side of the bed and put his cock in Rob’s face, ordering his cock be cleaned, and Rob did so without protest, his own cock pulsing as he lay spent inside Lanie.

Some time later, they roused the girl, grinning at her glazed eyes.

“So, darling sister, still not in the mood?”

“Fuck you, big brother,” she growled.

“Ahh.. but you already did, my little slut.”

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