Step Daddy Made Me A Mommy

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“Good morning Neal” Kat said as she strolled into her stepdad’s bedroom carrying a breakfast tray filled with all of his favorite breakfast treats.

“Good morning Kat. Where’s your mother?” Neal asked, still in bed trying to wake up.

“She went to work early, so it’s just you and me all alone for the day.”

Wearing a sheer robe with nothing under it except for a bra and panties, Kat placed the breakfast tray on the bed. As she bent over her bra struggled to contain her ample cleavage. “Here you go Neal, I hope you like it, I made it myself.”

Neal stole a look at his step-daughters cleavage as she placed the tray by him. According to the family lineage, the type of body Kat had skipped a generation. Her mother is beautiful and has a good body but Kat’s body is off the charts. Standing at 5’10” with long black hair, with dark, almost black eyes, and flawless olive colored skin, she was so beautiful it almost hurt to look at her. Not to mention her measurements are 36G – 24 – 40. She had thick and long shapely legs topped by a curvaceous ass. So, if she wanted something from a guy, she had the body to get it.

“So Neal, since this is my last day home before I head off for my freshman year at college, what would you like to do today? I thought it would be nice to spend some quality stepdad and stepdaughter time together. What do you think?”

Kat knew that the only thing standing between him screwing her brains out was the fact she was his stepdaughter. But that didn’t stop her from flaunting her sexy body in front of him, especially when her mother wasn’t home.

“We can do whatever you want, perhaps go to a movie, grab a bite to eat, I’m open. So you tell me?”

“Hmm, I have a better idea. How about you use that huge dick of yours to fuck me all day long? What do you say Neal, I see how you look at me?”

“Kat look, you’re absolutely the hottest woman I’ve ever seen but you’re my stepdaughter. And I don’t want to disrespect your mother.”

“Mom would never have to know. It would be our little secret” she said as she slid off her robe.

Reaching behind her, unhooking her 36G bra, cupping her heavy G cup breasts she slowly lifted her bra allowing the magic of gravity to take its course as her heavy baby feeders spilled from under her bra.

Neal had never seen her bare-breasts before and they looked every bit as good as he’d imagined. It’s hard to imagine that G cup breasts can be called perky, but they were, her thick nipples were centered güvenilir bahis in 3″ areoles. Those tits were made for fondling and sucking, everything about her body was sensual.

Picking up each breast and kissing the top of it “Come on Neal, you know you want to play with these.”

She knew he slept in the nude and noticed that she was getting to him. He reached under the sheet trying his best to hide his full-on erection “Uh Kat, I don’t know what to say. Yeah, your body is awesome and if I wasn’t with your mother, I’d be on you in an instant.”

“Tell you what, my boyfriend can’t last three minutes when I give him a blowjob and believe me I’ve given him plenty. So I bet an experienced stud like you can last at least 5 minutes. So if you can last over 5 minutes I’ll leave you alone, deal?”

Before he could even respond she pulled the sheets off him and had his solid 9″ shaft in her pretty little hot and wet mouth. She knew exactly how to give a blowjob, her tongue eagerly working its way over the tip and edge of his dick. She was even working her soft cleavage along his thighs as her head bobbed up and down. She sucked his cock as if she was trying to pull his cum straight out of his balls. The feeling of her tongue, soft cleavage, and sucking action was overwhelming. She felt his dick start to pulse and she intensified her actions. He couldn’t believe it, he had never experienced a blow job like this and after 2.5 minutes she was swallowing every drop of his cum down her throat. After he emptied his load into her belly she held his cock in her hand, kissing it and willing it to stay hard.

“Oh my god, where the hell did you learn how to give head like that?”

“I’m a quick study, so let’s just say that there are many guys at school I’ve practiced on. All I have to do is walk by them, lick my lips, and they get an instant hard on. But, more importantly, you lost the bet.”

At some point during the blowjob her panties came off and she climbed on top of him and inserted his huge baby maker deep into her hot and very wet 18 year old tight pussy in one movement. She starting rocking her hips, coaxing his cock deeper and deeper into her.

He moaned with pleasure, it had been a long time since he’d felt a pussy so tight and wet. Trying to fight off his arousal “Kat, we really shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Tell you what Neal, you lost the bet fair and square, so you now have to fuck me. But, I tell you what, if I cum before you, you can pull out türkçe bahis and I’ll leave you alone.”

Neal nodded confirmation, and at that moment she knew she had him. No man can resist her. She leaned over placing her hands on the headboard and started rubbing her soft breasts back and forth over his head. She alternated, placing each nipple in his mouth, encouraging him to lick and suck on them. “Oh Neal, that feels so good, suck harder on my nipples. Oh god that feels so fucking good, suck them Neal, come on treat them like the baby feeders they are.”

Neal was lost in her, he was overwhelmed by her sex and she was in control. He played with, sucked on, and licked her massive tits while she ground on his dick with her tight pussy. “Imagine how big these tits would get if they were filled with milk Neal. Milk you put in them. Think of how full and soft they’d grow, milk oozing from them.”

Neal was in sexual oblivion, not caring what happened. All he wanted to do was fuck this hot 18 year old woman riding his cock. She sat up, still grinding and riding him sucking her own nipples. She could tell Neal was getting close to orgasm.

Lifting her tits she taunted him some more “Think about how good it would feel spraying you with the milk you put in me. Fuck your baby into me Neal, make my belly grow, put milk in my huge tits. Fucking your pregnant stepdaughter would be so hot. Watching my belly and tits grow bigger and bigger with your spawn. My pregnant pussy would be so hot and wet, it would all be because of you.”

She could feel his cock start to swell, she knew what that meant. She squeezed her pussy as tight as she could around his cock and started pumping up and down on the entire length of his shaft. “Give it to me Neal, give me your baby batter, spray your seed into my fertile womb and make me a real woman. Oh god Neal that feels so good!”

Her tight pussy sucked every drop of sperm out of his balls, load after load of his hot seed spraying inside her. She slowed her gyrations “Fuck Neal that felt so good. You know you lost the bet, so now you’re going to have to fuck me all day.”

For some reason he didn’t care, he grabbed her, turned her onto her back and started fucking her again. They screwed all day, only taking breaks to shower (they fucked in the shower too) and to eat. Finally ending about an hour before her mother got home.

The next morning Kat kissed her mother goodbye and gave Neal a good hug, pressing her bosom into him, she whispered güvenilir bahis siteleri “Next time you see me, I’ll probably be carrying your baby.”

Kat was off to start her college career. She didn’t talk to Neal very much so her mother kept him up to date with how her fall semester was going. Neal frequently thought about their day of debauchery and was disappointed when he learned that she was wasn’t coming home for Thanksgiving and that she was going to study abroad during the Christmas break. However, her mother never mentioned anything about Kat being pregnant and he thought he dodged a bullet.

Around 9 months later, Neal arrived home from his morning workout and noticed Kat’s car in the driveway. He was excited to see her and was secretly hoping for a sexual romp repeat.

Walking into the house “Kat, its Neal where are you?”

“In the kitchen baby.”

He walked into the kitchen, she was cooking breakfast, her back to him. She looked absolutely amazing and his dick started to get large. When she turned sideways his jaw dropped, he was staring at her enormous 9 month pregnant belly.

Smiling at him, “Well hello there stud. Look what you did to me, it looks like you fucked your baby into me. Look at how huge my belly is and my tits, oh my god! As the months went by they grew larger and fuller, they are so heavy. And, they haven’t stopped growing and my milk hasn’t even come in yet!” she said as she rubbed her hands on her belly.

She took off her maternity dress and leaned forward “Look at them, see what you did to my boobs! They are huge!” she stood up and walked towards him. Her belly and breasts leading the way. In her bra, her swollen breasts rode on top of her massive pregnant belly.

When she reached him, she took his hands and placed them on her belly and breasts “Feel your baby Neal, feel how big he’s growing. Feel my breasts Neal, feel how big and soft they are. Look Neal, they overflow my 38K bra and will only get bigger once my milk comes in. Feel what you did to my body Neal.”

She took off her bra and her massive baby feeders rolled onto her pregnant belly. “Let’s go, I’m horny as fuck and based upon that bulge in your gym shorts so are you.”

Once again they fucked all day.

A few days later Kat had their kid and a few days after that her milk came in. They both became addicted to sucking milk out of her fat tits and to the thought of keeping Kat continuously pregnant.

“Neal baby, I want you to put another baby in me. So I’ll tell you what, if I cum before you do, you can pull out and I’ll leave you alone.”

After five years of being together Neal and Kat continuously fucked. Kat gave him 4 more kids and they showed no sign of slowing down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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