Step Siblings Ch. 02

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Note: Well I was surprised that many of you wrote to keep this going at the same pace. As you can imagine things get really complicated for the step sibs. Make sure to read STEP SIBLINGS Ch. 01 first to get up to date. Enjoy. All rights reserved.


Because of football and cheerleading practice Sarah and Jake really didn’t have a chance to be alone in their house for the next few weeks. As they watched TV with their parents they looked at each other at times but both were too afraid to do anything while they were in the house. Meanwhile Danielle hung onto Jake in school as they walked from class to class.

“During lunch we could go and meet in the parking lot,” Danielle whispered. “A lot of the kids do it.”

Jake was about as horny as he had ever been since he was living with Sarah and saw her in various forms of dress and undress. “Uh are you sure they don’t patrol the parking lots?”

“The gym teachers sometimes walk around but no one has really ever been busted.”

“Sarah won’t like it,” he whispered. His body was saying yes but his mind no.

“I have the keys to my friend’s van. The windows are shaded.” She pushed her petite titty into his arm. “Besides she said we could date outside of the house.”

Jake looked at the clock and saw they had ten minutes before lunch. “OK but we need to go separately.”

“Deal,” she giggled.

“How will I know which van?”

“It’s the only black one,” she whispered.

Ten minutes later the bell rang and Jake sat for a few seconds as he watched Danielle’s tight little body wiggle its way out of the room.


Sarah was late getting to the lunch room because she had to make the second cuts of the cheerleaders and post their names on the gym bulletin board. She moved into the line for food and then stood with her tray as her eyes scanned the room for Jake and Danielle. She walked to the middle and realized they were not there.


“In here,” Danielle said as Jake walked up to the van. She held open the side door and once he was inside she slid it closed.

Jake was on his knees next to her as he looked around noticing the rear seats had been removed and a soft carpet covered the floor. A few pillows lined one side of the walls. “Wow.”

“Do you like it?” She giggled as she took his large hand in hers and pulled him across the floor until her head fell back on the pillows. He was kneeling beside her and looking down at her chest rapidly rising and falling. She was as excited as he was. “You can touch me if you want.”

Jake was like a little boy in a candy shop because he didn’t know what to touch first. Her blouse was raised just over the top of her white skirt showing him her pierced navel. It was there that he started.

“Ummm,” Danielle moaned feeling his fingertips circling her belly button. She reached down and pulled her blouse up to the bottom of her sexy new pink bra. She closed her eyes and felt his fingers move up to the bra cups, brush against them and then move back down to the skirt.

Jake glanced at his watch and knew they were running out of time and he needed a release. As he caressed the silky skin over the top of her skirt he hooked his thumb under the snap and pulled until it released. Her eyes opened and her lips smiled as he pushed down the zipper until her lacy matching pink thong appeared.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered now breathing heavily. Her stomach was flat but she still sucked it in when he slid his fingers under the pink undies. Seconds later he touched the tiny puff of dark pubic hairs and then pushed down into her moist virginity.

Once he touched her raised clitty she gasped and then reached with both hands to his crotch. She jerked open his jeans and fished into his boxers until her trembling fingers found his shaft. He was now rubbing up and down her slit while she pulled his prick from its confines.

“Ohhh,” Jake moaned knowing he was not going to last very long. “Slow down.”

“Take off my panties,” Danielle whispered while lifting her hips. Jake’s fingers pulled from her pussy and grabbed her thong. Seconds later he pulled it from her bare feet and looked up between her nice tanned legs at her shaved pussy lips which were slightly opened.

He knew that Sarah had told him that he couldn’t fuck Danielle but when she spread open her legs as far as they could go he knew she wanted it. “I don’t have a rubber.”

“No but I do,” she said seriously before reaching into her purse next to her head and pulling out a small square package. She bit it with her sharp teeth and pulled out the damp rubber circle. “Here…hurry.”

Jake grabbed the rubber and glided it over his swollen crown. His left knee rolled over her left leg and then his right knee joined his left knee. He was now between her thighs with his arrow about to pierce her glistening target. His strong muscular arms dropped down until his hands posted on both sides of her waist. It was her fingers that grabbed onto his latex covered cock and aimed it into her closed gate.

He smiled güvenilir bahis down at the girl who was going to give him her most precious gift. His hips lowered his cock head down into her outer lips. Since she was guiding him he didn’t have to worry about finding her soon to be opening. Their eyes locked together as he pushed into her. Suddenly his cell phone rang.

“OH GOD DON’T ANSWER IT!” Danielle said loudly. They both knew who it was.

Jake’s ears tuned out the ringing noise and his hips pressed down until he slid into her inner lips. The phone stopped ringing

“AHHH!” Danielle groaned from the pain. It was like he was shoving a tee ball bat into her sex.

Jake pulled back slightly. “Are you alright?”

“Yes. You are so big,” Danielle gasped before reaching down and touching between his mushroom head and her pink lips. It was then that her cell phone started ringing. “Shit.”

“She’s going to kill us both you know,” Jake said with his hard tip still pressed into the back of her fingers. “And I’m going to have to live in the same house with her.”

“She’ll never speak to me again,” Danielle groaned. She wanted him inside but he was so big. Suddenly she picked up the phone.


“Where are you?” Sarah asked as she sat alone on a rear table. “Are you with Jake?”

“Yeah we are…” She hesitated when he pulled his cock back but she grabbed onto it and held it before stroking it. “We are just hanging out studying….a little.”

Jake knew that fucking was not going to happen so he shifted his hips forward to allow her to jerk him off. He rubbed his middle finger up and down her pussy causing her to cover the mouthpiece on the phone.


Sarah heard what she had said. “What is going on Danielle? Where are you?”

“I’ve got to……..go,” Danielle said before pushing the end button with her thumb. “She knows something is going on.”

“She shouldn’t care if we are doing this,” he smiled while spreading apart her outer lips. He knew it was his first good chance to taste some pussy.

“OH GOD JAKE!” Danielle cried out when his tongue licked deeply between her swollen sex lips. He knew enough to concentrate on her clitty which quickly raised her upward until she grabbed onto his head and pushed her need hard into his lips.

Jake couldn’t breathe because she was holding his mouth tightly against her. His tongue flicked and licked until he heard her release.


Jake continued licking until she pushed his head away and then pulled his mouth up to hers. Their tongues mixed allowing her to taste her own juices.

“We don’t have enough time. Otherwise I’ll do you,” she giggled.

“I’ll take a rain check,” Jake laughed. He looked at his watch. “Shit we have five minutes until class time.” He pulled the rubber from his semi-hard cock and zipped while she pulled back on her skimpy thong. They ran laughing from the parking lot only to find Sarah waiting by the door.

“Sarah,” Jake said not expecting to see her there.

They were holding hands and looking at her before she turned and stormed back into the school.

“Shit. It’s going to be a cold house tonight,” Jake whispered. He dropped Danielle’s hand and ran after her but she turned into her next classroom.


Danielle had her last class with Sarah since most of the cheerleaders were in the class. That way they could all make up the class if they had an away game and had to leave the school early. Sarah was sitting in her seat looking down at the homework assignment when Danielle sat next to her.

“Are you speaking to me?” Danielle whispered.

Sarah didn’t respond or acknowledge her presence.

“You said it was OK,” Danielle whispered.

Sarah still didn’t respond.

A few of the other cheerleaders turned to see what the whispering was about so Danielle moved into her seat and bit onto her pencil.

Cheerleader practice later didn’t get any better. Sarah had them stretching and later practicing some of the old cheers. Danielle had forgotten one of the moves and Sarah lit into her.

“Seems we have a senior who doesn’t know the cheers,” Sarah growled with her hands on her hips.

Danielle laughed because a few of the other senior veterans had also screwed up. “You’re kidding right?”

Sarah again ignored her and busted her again a few times during the practice. Later as the girls left the field Danielle grabbed her arm. “We’ve been friends forever but if you ever do that to me again I’ll kick your ass.”

It was all Sarah needed. She tossed down her bag and pushed Danielle as hard as she could which caused the smaller girl to go flying back until she landed on her ass.


Brian and Jake had also just finished practice and were walking over to meet the girls when they saw Sarah push Danielle. “Holy shit,” Brian chuckled. “Cat fight.” He took off running to see it up close.

“Dammit,” Jake whispered as he took off behind Brian. By the time they made it to the field türkçe bahis Sarah was sitting on top of Danielle’s waist while holding down her hands.

“Let me up bitch!” Danielle cried out. Her face was a cherry red and her eyes could have pierced steel.

“Hey stop!” Jake said as he moved around a smiling Brian.

“What is going on?” He grabbed Sarah’s arm and pulled her off but then Danielle jumped up and jumped on top of Sarah. They both went rolling together until their bodies were twisted together and they were glaring into each other’s eyes.

“Stop it!” Jake yelled before turning to Brian. “Help me get them apart.”

Brian was happy just see the two girls pressed together but knew he had to help. He grabbed onto Sarah’s waist and pulled while Jake did the same to Danielle. They pulled apart and the guys held them until they cooled down.

Sarah’s face was red in anger. “Let me go. I won’t do anything.” When Brian’s hands moved off she grabbed her bag and then grabbed Brian’s hand. “Come on.”

Brian grinned over at Jake and winked.

“Shit,” Jake said watching his new sister’s hand move around Brian’s waist as they walked towards the school.

“Good, now it’s just you and me,” Danielle said smiling.


Jake talked with Danielle for a while to find out what had occurred and then hurried to shower to get home. But Danielle was waiting by his car.

“Why don’t you stop by my house?” She smiled. “My parents are out of town.”

“Shit Danielle. I’ve got to talk to Sarah.”

“She’s your sister,” Danielle said grabbing onto his hand. “I’m not.”

“I know but she lives in the same house I do and you don’t,” he said before lightly kissing her lips and jumping into his car. “I’ll call you later.”

Jake hurried to the house and saw Brian’s car parked in the driveway. He knew their parents were at a dinner function so he ran into the house and looked around but they were not on the first floor. Seconds later he stood in front of her closed bedroom door and heard her giggling inside. He knocked.

Jake stood back and waited until the door finally opened a crack. Her baby blue eyes looked out at him.

“What do you want?” She asked coldly. He could see her bare breast and side. She was naked from at least the waist up.

“We didn’t do it,” he whispered.

“Fuck you,” Sarah whispered back before closing the door hard in his face.


Brian had thought he had died and gone to heaven. He didn’t know why the girls had fought but really didn’t care because Sarah almost dragged him to her house and into her bedroom. She quickly undressed and then helped him undress. Never had she seemed so willing to go for it.

“Who was that?” He asked when her beautiful nakedness walked back to her bed and then slid down into him.

“No one,” she whispered after finding his familiar hard-on and gently stroking it. “Touch me.”

Brian didn’t have to be told twice. His fingers parted her dripping lips and pressed into her virginity. He learned from the last time to allow her the control to proceed or not.

“This is it,” Sarah thought while she swung her right leg over his hips and pressed her virginity down onto his hardness.

She closed her eyes while pressing downward but suddenly she saw Jake’s face.

“No,” she thought. Her eyes opened and looked into Brian’s. She then remembered what she had promised herself. Her hips rose upward.

“Oh come on baby,” groaned as he cupped her buttocks.

“Do you have a rubber?” She asked.

“No I didn’t expect that we would be doing this,” he groaned as he pushed his pecker up against her warmth again.


Jake stood by the door listening and heard Brian’s release.


He picked up his books and headed down the hallway into his room. After trying to read his history book he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Knocking on his door woke him up.

“Who is it?” He asked hoping it was Sarah.


He opened the door and saw his mother. “Did you eat?” She asked seeing that he had just woken up.

“No, I was tired from practice,” he answered.

“Come on down and I’ll heat up some pasta.” After she left he combed his hair and moved downstairs noticing Sarah’s door was opened. As he walked by the den he peeked in to see Sarah sitting next to her father.

“Hi Jake,” Jim said smiling. Sarah didn’t turn towards him. “How is football?”

“Good,” he answered. “Just trying to get into shape.”

“Don’t tell anyone but my brother told me that you will open a lot of eyes this year,” Jim grinned.

“I hope so.” He turned and walked into the kitchen.

After his mother prepared his food she left him alone. Ten minutes later Sarah walked into the kitchen wearing her shorty light blue pajamas. Neither of them looked at each other while she moved to the refrigerator and poured a large glass of milk.

As she started to walk out of the room he asked, “What do you want from me?”

“Nothing,” güvenilir bahis siteleri she said without turning. “Nothing at all.”


Things got even colder at school and at home. Ann noticed how they avoided each other for the next few days but figured it was because they had not really got used to each other yet. It wasn’t until Friday night when she found out Jake and Sarah were angry with each other.

“Ma, Danielle and I are going to the movies tonight,” Jake said loud enough for Sarah who was sitting on the sofa only a few feet away. “We’re going to dinner first and then a late movie. I won’t be home until after midnight.”

“What movie are you going to see?” Sarah smirked.

“Uh…I’m not sure,” he answered. “Danielle picked it out.”

“I haven’t seen Danielle in a while,” Jim added. “Where has she been?”

“Practice and homework,” Jake answered. He looked at Sarah who smiled back at him.

“Make sure you ask him about the movie,” Sarah grinned.

Ann put down her knitting. “I don’t understand.”

“We’re going to the movies,” Jake said staring at his step-sister.

“Right,” Sarah laughed. “I hear that her parents are out of town.”

“Jake. Are you lying to me?” Ann asked.

Jim looked at his daughter. “I need to talk to you. Now!” He stood and walked out of the room. Sarah followed.

“I’m not lying,” Jake answered. “We are going to the movies.”

“What’s going on?” Ann asked now with her arms crossed.

“Sarah and Danielle had an argument and I guess I’m in the middle of it,” he truthfully answered.

“And what was the argument about?” Ann asked suspiciously.

“Cheerleading I guess,” he answered.

“Is that the only thing? There is nothing going on between you two right?”

“No,” he answered. “Except that we are living in the same house and really don’t know each other.”


“What the hell was that all about?” Jim snapped at his daughter.

“Danielle and I are not friends anymore.”

“Jesus Sarah she’s been your friend since I can remember.”

“I know but..things are……complicated. I mean with cheerleading and trying to get into colleges.”

“Promise me you will try and resolve whatever it is between you two.”

“I promise,” she said feeling tears rolling down her cheek. She stood and hugged him before moving out of the house onto the diving board where she sat looking down into the water.

A few minutes later she heard the kitchen door open and saw Jake walking towards her with a bowl of ice cream. “My mother sent this to you.”

“She could have brought it,” Sarah said as she took it from his hands and scooped up a big bite.

“I wanted to,” he smiled. “This seems to be our meeting place.” He sat down next to her and then put his arm around her shoulder. “She’s watching from the house.”

“So that’s the only reason why you are hugging me?”

“No, I’m hugging you because you’re now my sister and…….”

She stopped eating and looked at him. “And.”

“And I can’t stop thinking about you,” he whispered.

Sarah scooped up another bite and held the spoon up to his lips. When they opened she slid it inside. “I didn’t use any of the rubbers.” She wanted him to know that she was still a virgin.

“I know,” he grinned while licking a few drops of vanilla ice cream from his lower lip.

“You know?”

“I checked the box in your night table,” he chuckled.

“You……….asshole,” she said as she pushed him away from her. “You fucked my best friend and are worried about me doing it with Brian.”

“We didn’t do it,” Jake smiled. However he wasn’t sure if Brian had brought his own condom that afternoon or if they had not used protection.

“So what do we do now?” She asked as she looked over at their parents looking out the window at them.

“Well I know that I can’t be dating anyone else,” he laughed.

“I guess I’ll have to break up with Brian again,” she sighed. “I haven’t stopped thinking about you either.”

“In two weeks we are all going to your cabin during the teacher’s conference. Maybe we will have some time alone?”

“God I wish I could kiss you now,” she whispered.

“Want to go to the movies with me tonight?”

“What about Danielle?”

“Danielle who?” He smiled.


“Whatever it was seems to have gone away,” Ann whispered to Jim as they watched their kids laughing.

“It’s rough being a teenager,” Jim said while kissing her neck. “If we can get rid of Sarah tonight maybe we can have some time alone.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” she giggled while rubbing her butt back against his excitement.


“Are you breaking up with me?” Danielle asked into the phone.

“Danielle we are not really going out,” he said feeling really bad.

“It’s her isn’t it?” Danielle said. “God Jake she’s your sister.”

“I don’t want to come between you and her.”

“It’s too late for that!” Danielle yelled before disconnecting.

Sarah was having a similar conversation.

“You’re breaking up with me?” Brian asked into the phone.

“I never said we were going out again,” she whispered hoping her parents couldn’t hear her through her door.

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