Stepdad Carl Pt. 11

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Dad woke me by kissing me and fondling my cock in the morning, I kissed him back, I rolled on my side presenting my ass for his assault, Dad slid his huge pole in my tight little bottom, he rolled us over so he was now on top of me, his cock pounding my hole, Dad fucked me hard, he knew how I loved it, it did not take long for the man to fill me up with his cum.

Dad pulled out and laid on top of me his cock cum soaked, his lips on mine, the man must have really missed me, I know I missed him as well.

“I’ve got to go Son, work will be calling me soon, I will see you at five tonight, Love you Tommy.” Dad said as he got up to shower.

I went in the bathroom to drain his cum out of my ass, I peed then got in the shower with him, I got on my knees and took his tool in my mouth, dam I loved this man’s cock, I wanted more and more of his wonderful cum inside me. Dad pinned me to the shower wall, he drove his huge cock down my throat, his cock swelled and he soon gave me what I wanted, what I needed.

His cock pelted me with cum, his balls would ache for sure I had drained the man so many times in such a short period of time. Dad washed off and left me in the shower, he would be late for work if he did not get ready. I was getting out of the shower when he came in dressed for work and ready to leave.

“Love you Son have a good day say hello to Billy for me please.” Dad said as he pulled me in for a kiss.

“Thanks Dad have a great day at work, Love you too.” I said to him.

Dad left I got some cleaning done stripped the bed it was covered in cum and sweat, got the sheets in the laundry, called Billy suggested he come by when he was ready. I cleaned up the kitchen I still had not put on any clothes, I did some vacuuming, dusting, I did it all. Dad really was not a house keeper, he needed me or someone to take care of things like this for him.

I was washing the kitchen floors when Billy came in, he was shocked that I was naked in my Dad’s house.

“Billy Dad and I have seen each other naked before it’s not something he has not seen. How you been Babe, missed you.” I said pulling him in close to me.

My cock had a mind of it’s own, it quickly started to get hard, pressing into Billy.

“Can you help a guy out Babe?” I said to Billy.

Billy dropped to his knees taking my cock in his tiny soft hands, the boy loved to suck my cock that was for sure. I pulled him to his feet, bringing him to my old bedroom, it was weird to be in this room now that I spent all my time with Dad in his room. I was not comfortable telling Billy about Dad and I, I was sure he would not be cool with it.

After having sex with Dad sex with Billy was very vanilla, I even had to fake my orgasm as he could not make me cum, really not sure why that was. Once Billy came he and I got up and I started to make dinner and yes i was still naked, I would make spaghetti with a bolognese sauce. Billy helped me make the sauce he and I flirting with each other as we did.

Billy’s Mom called she wanted him home for dinner, she was adamant that he be home by four o’clock, Billy being Billy just said he would be no questions asked. Billy and I kissed before he left, I knew I loved him, not as much as I loved my Dad but I had deep feeelings for Billy.

Billy left and Dad would be home in about an hour or so, the sauce was simmering, the spaghetti already cooked, all I needed was garlic rolls to go with them, I had an idea of what I could do for those. Dad came home right on time, I met him at the door naked, I loved to be naked, and the shock value of him being greeted at the door by me made his day.

I helped him get his jacket off then his tie, I unbuttoned his shirt, then slipped it off tossing it on the floor. I got on my knees on the floor in front of him I untied his shoes slipping them off, then his socks, I reached up and unhooked his belt, then the button on his slacks, the zipper and his pants puddled on the floor I grabbed his underwear and slid them off.

There he stood naked his beautiful cock arching upward closer to my face, I licked the precum off the tip. Dad pulled me to my feet standing before him, both of us naked Dad pulled me in close to him, his lips met mine, his tongue invaded my mouth, mine invading his. My arms around his neck his around my waist.

“I want to be greeted everyday like this makes me want to come home that much sooner.” Dad said to me as he kissed me.

I pulled away taking his hand in mine pulling him to our bedroom, I needed him right now, dinner would wait, I needed him inside me right now. Dad and I got on the bed him on top of me my legs wrapped around him, I needed his cock in me, my ass craved it. I slicked up Dad’s cock he quickly slid it in me, it felt like it should be there always.

“Fuck me Daddy please I need you in me Please.” I begged him.

Dad did not need any more coaching, his cock ravaged my ass, my hole feeling so full, my ass pulling him in me with each stroke. It did not take long and Dad was filling me up with his white escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli creamy seed, He slid his cock out and let my legs down, he laid on me looking deep into my eyes, he leaned in and kissed me, his lips glued to my own.

“Ready for round two son?” Dad asked me.

“Not yet Dad I have an idea I think we should test out, you go sit in your recliner and yes stay naked I have a surprise for you.” I told him not giving him details of what I had planned.

Dad went to his recliner his cock still dripping cum and precum and some lube, I grabbed a cloth and wiped him off, I picked up the phone and called. Twenty minutes I gave strict orders that I wanted the certain driver and he was to enter without knocking, I stirred my sauce and set the table. It was nice to be back home with Dad, I loved to cook for the man.

Must have been no more than fifteen minutes and the front door opened, Timmy walked in nervous shy and more than a little intrigued. Timmy saw Dad in his recliner sound asleep his cock at half mast like it always is. Timmy stood there frozen to the floor, he shut the door but was not sure if he should approach Dad or not.

I heard the front door snap shut, I watched as Timmy stared at Dad’s huge penis, should be go up and touch it? Should he try to suck it? I walked in the livingroom and put Timmy at ease.

“Nice cock my Dad has doesn’t he.” I told Timmy.

“Oh my yes it’s so big,” Timmy responded.

“Want to touch it? Want to try sucking it?” I asked him.

“Can I? Will he mind if I do?” Timmy asked being shy but putting the delivery bag down.

“Take off your clothes Timmy make yourself comfortable, show me that cock and ass of yours.” I suggested to him.

Like a good little sub boy Timmy obeyed my orders, first his jacket then his tee shirt, the guy had a nice body and chest a little on the skinny side but still nice, mostly a smooth upper body hair around his nipples and between his pecs. Timmy had a treasure trail that went down his pants, his hair a medium dark brown.

Timmy quickly took off his work pants, then his shoes and socks, his underwear he dropped showing me an average sized cock I would say about six by five, a nice cock perfect for sucking. Once naked he stood there waiting for my next set of orders.

“Go ahead touch it but be gentle with it, don’t be to rough with him.” I told him.

Timmy walked up to Dad on the side of the recliner, his hand grasping Dad’s cock, Timmy was most careful like it would break.

“It won’t break Son you can hold it harder than that, squeeze it, stroke it, lick or suck it if you choose.” Dad told him startling him.

Timmy’s cock was pouring out the precum, he had a long stream that was about to hit the floor, I reached in and caught it before it would be wasted, I scooped it all up touching Timmy’s cock in the process. I grabbed his cock and pulled it to my mouth, the guy instantly shot his load in my mouth catching me totally off guard.

Timmy filled my mouth with his seed, and tasty seed it really was, Timmy apologised for shooting so quickly but he rarely got to play with any guys ever. I licked his cock clean, milking it to get every last drop.

“Slow down Tommy you will make me cum again.” Timmy said to me totally serious.

I took his cock deep inside my mouth I sucked down, my tongue massaged the underside of his shaft, Timmy’s balls were pulling in he was telling the truth he was about to cum once again, no sooner said than done. His cock filled my mouth once more, this time I held his load in my mouth, Dad and I would share this load.

I worked his cock to get every drop, I pulled my mouth off and put it on Dad’s lips he and I snow balling Timmy’s load. Timmy was in shock that I was actually kissing my own Father, I was feeding the man a load I had just sucked out of Timmy. Timmy never let go of Dad’s huge cock the whole time.

“Dam that boy has some good cum, think you can give us one more load before you go Timmy?” Dad asked him.

“Yes Sir maybe two more if I have the right motivation.” Timmy said smiling.

“Want to suck my Dad’s cock Timmy? I can rim your ass while you do that.” I suggested to him.

“Oh my yes I sure do want to try to suck him he is so huge, not sure I can get it in my mouth. Never had anyone rim my ass before, but willing to try anything.” Timmy said to us.

Timmy bent over taking Dad’s knob in his mouth, the boy was very inexperienced, clearly all he had ever done is jerk off alone, or maybe in a circle jerk with a buddy. I got on my knees behind Timmy, he kept looking back, scared nervous not sure what I had planned to do to his virgin hole.

I reached in and pulled his butt cheeks apart, his hole so cherry, so tight, this guy had never had a finger in his hole never mind a cock or even a tongue, this would be fun, I would make this guy cum hands free. I held his cheeks apart, Timmy still worried I may do something to hurt him. I leaned escort gaziantep yeni bayan in and smelled him first, it was a mixture of soap and bum.

I held his cheeks apart, the anticipation would kill him, his cock continued to leak precum, I slowly leaned in and my nose hit between his cheeks first, Timmy almost jumped out of his skin.

“Oh Tommy please take it easy your going to make me cum again.” Timmy said as my tongue hit his rosebud.

Timmy screamed out loud as my tongue landed, I gently pressed his bud with my tongue, I ran my tongue along his ass crack. Timmy was on his tip toes at one point, his legs stiff, his cock dripping more of his delicious precum. I bent him over taking his cock and pulling it between his legs I licked his cock tip to base, then his balls then his ass crack.

“Oh Fuck Tommy, Tommy slow down man you’re going to make me shoot again.” Timmy said his voice cracking as my tongue lapped at his butt crack.

I took his cock in my mouth I wet my index finger and touched his hole, the stimulation was much to much for him, his cock once again flooded my mouth. Once drained I got up and shared once again with Dad.

Timmy was leaning against the recliner the guy was done in for I wanted to suck out a few more loads out of the guy, but he was done. He would have to come back later or tomorrow night, Timmy got his clothes on and was gone in no time flat. Dad and I agreed we had to order from them again tomorrow night, Dad and I would have that boy in our bed.

Dad and I had dinner then cleaned up, I would work on the project I had to get done and Dad would have a nap before bedtime. I went out to take the garbage out and I noticed a car parked on the other side of the street, the car looked familiar, I dumped the bag and walked towards the car. In the front seat was Timmy sound asleep, by the looks of the car he was living in it.

It was getting dark out so I assumed Timmy was there for the night, I gently knocked on the drivers side window.

“Timmy why are you sleeping in your car outside my house?” I asked as Timmy slowly woke up.

Timmy raised his drivers seat back in an upright position, he was red faced, the guy was living in his car. Timmy rolled the window down, he was shy and nervous.

“Sorry Tommy I did not know where to go so I thought outside your house on the street I would be fine, I’m sorry man I didn’t want to bother anyone.” Timmy said as the waterworks started.

I opened the car door pulled him out of the car and hugged him as he cried.

“Get your stuff Timmy and you can stay with us for a few days till you get yourself sorted.” I told him.

Timmy got what little he owned a duffle bag with a few clothes and brought it in the house. I suggested he shower first and give me all of his clothes so I could put them in the wash. Timmy did as told he did not argue or make a fuss.

“Thanks for this Tommy, you are the best guy I have ever known.” Timmy said as he pulled off his clothes.

I seem to remember a different guy in high school, bit of a jerk, tried to push Billy around till I slammed him into the lockers. Don’t think that guy would have said I was the best guy he ever knew back then. I collected his clothes and got the first load in the wash. Timmy showered for about a half hour, he came out a new man, he was always a cute guy but cleaned up he looked not to bad.

“Did you eat Timmy?” I asked like I did not know the answer already.

“No Tommy I steal what I can so I can eat most nights but go without most days.” Timmy said the water works back on.

I held him as he cried, Dad came in Timmy naked and me hugging him.

“What is going on here? How come Timmy is back Son?” Dad asked me.

“Seems our boy Timmy here has been living in his car, I found him on our street asleep for the night, I dragged him in and suggested a shower and a hot meal.” I said to Dad making my way to the kitchen.

“Timmy why didn’t you tell us you can stay for a few days and we can work something out for you, come here let’s hug this out Son.” Dad said pulling Timmy into his naked body.

“Thank you Sir I really appreciate this, can I suck your cock now?”Timmy asked.

“I think maybe you should eat first then we can fool around afterwards, come sit at the table here, Tommy has your dinner ready.” Dad said to him leading him to the table.

Once fed I started the next load of laundry, Dad headed to his recliner, Timmy in the livingroom with Dad, myself working on that project I had to get done. I called Billy to chat with him I told him about Timmy and that he was living in his car, Billy did not feel sorry for the guy, he felt he got what he deserved.

I worked on my project for a few hours then headed to the livingroom, Timmy was on his knees sucking Dad’s big cock, the boy was enthusiastic that was for sure, he took all he could of Dad’s huge cock. I walked up and licked Dad’s cock then swallowed it to the base.

“How escort gaziantep zayıf bayan do you do that Tommy, I would gag or worse.” Timmy said to me.

“Practice Timmy you have to relax your throat, let it slide down.” I said to him.

Timmy got back on Dad’s cock, I wanted his ass, I wanted to get my tongue in that hole of his, I got Timmy on his feet bent over sucking Dad’s cock, myself on my knees taking advantage of the hole in front of me. The guy had a beautiful hole smooth and so pink, it seemed to wink at me when he pulled his pucker in.

I slid my tongue along his crack, my tongue lingering on the pucker, I swirled my tongue around his hole.

“Push your ass out Timmy maybe I can get my tongue in there.” I suggested.

Timmy always eager to please pressed his hole out I watched as it opened up for me, my tongue quickly darted in, Timmy took in a deep breath, the hole was so tight, Timmy could not concentrate on sucking Dad’s cock his hole was giving him to much stimulation. I held his hips so I could maximize how much I could get in that tight hole.

“Oh Tommy that feels so amazing, tongue fuck me Tommy oh Yeah I love it.” Timmy said stroking his dick.

It did not take much and Timmy shot all over Dad’s legs, Timmy’s legs wobbly from cumming so intensly.

“Okay guys lets take this to the bedroom then we can have some real fun.” Dad sugested.

Dad laid on his back, I got on top of him his huge cock deep inside my hole, Timmy would sit on Dad’s face he would rim him while I sucked his cock dry. Timmy was very inexperienced at gay sex, I would bet any sex whatsoever, he had no control on his orgasms, within minutes of us going at him he was filling my mouth with more of his wonderful cream.

Timmy had to take a breather he was done his balls drained his cock sore from the action he had just had. Timmy laid on the bed beside us Dad flipped me over so he was more in control how he would fuck me. Me on my back legs on his shoulders, my hole would get a workout, Dad pounded me he knew what I liked.

I went to grab my own cock but Timmy had his hand on it, he gently stroked my cock while Dad slammed his cock into me. Timmy’s hand felt so good on my cock, he then took my cock into his warm wet mouth, the guy was not a bad little cocksucker he had a lot to learn but he was on the road to being an accomplished rod sucker.

Timmy grabbed my balls and rolled them in is hand, he repostioned so his ass was on my face, I pushed my tongue as hard as I could I would get in that hole of his tonight. Timmy stroked my cock, then his ass riding my tongue, he and I soon to unload in and on each other. Timmy did his best to swallow it all but my load was massive, all the anal stimulation made me shoot a massive amount of cum in his warm wet mouth.

Dad was close my ass tightened on his huge tool, his balls shifted, his cock blew a massive amount of cum inside me, I could feel each and every squirt he made inside of me. The three of us laid there Timmy was done for the night, I wanted another load from Dad but this one in my mouth. Dad pulled out and laid back on the bed, Timmy and I ready to take him, I would swallow his cock Timmy his balls.

“You boys are going to kill an old guy like me, but don’t stop please, Oh fuck Tommy that feels so good Son. Squeeze my balls Timmy, oh yeah like that.”Dad said moaning.

“Gently finger his ass Timmy makes him cum each and every time.” I said to Timmy.

No sooner said Timmy slid his wet finger inside of Dad’s hole, Dad was a total top but he still had the same feelings in his ass like all the rest of us. Dad’s cock shot like a shotgun, his cock blasted cum inside of my mouth some dribbled on the sides of my lips, Timmy was there to lick all the cum that tried to escape out of my mouth.

Timmy and I lip locked snowballing Dad’s cum between us, finally each of us taking about half each of his massive load. Dad watched as Timmy and I kissed, he was a not bad kisser not Dad good but pretty good. Timmy and I took turns kissing Dad, all three of us done for the night, I did not have another load to give tonight.

Dad and I both ready for bed, I would set up Timmy in my old room, I did not want to share Dad’s bed with Timmy, he and I still had a bond that I would not let anyone get in between Dad and I, in bed together was our thing not open to a third or a forth.

“Timmy I will show you where you can sleep, Dad and I share this bed but we don’t have the third person in bed with us at night. You can sleep in my bedroom the bed is comfy you will be good in there.” I said to him bringing him to my old bedroom.

I showed him the room gave him a kiss and went back to be with Dad in his bed, I crawled in beside him snuggling in nice and tight to him, he was my Dad I was not sharing my bed with anyone but my Dad. Dad and I snuggled in tight to each other, I only had a week and it was flying by quickly. Dad woke me early morning when I felt his cock slowly slide deep inside of me, felt so good to have his huge cock inside of me.

Dad was gentle this morning his cock slid in and out, not once did he shove it in, he quickly came and kissed me goodbye. I woke up an hour later Timmy was in bed with me, he was sound asleep snuggled in tight with me. I never realised how handsome he really was, so cute snuggled in with me, I pulled him in closer to me his head on my chest his cock rock hard and ready for more action.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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