Stephanie’s Virginity

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Jasmine was on her knees, enjoying the rich feeling of Peter’s fat cock slowly sliding in and out of her warm wet cunt as he fucked her from behind. They had been fuck buddies for a little over three years, from the time she first started working as a paralegal at the same law firm Peter worked as an attorney. He worked as a defense attorney in Criminal Law and Jasmine worked as a paralegal for an attorney in Corporate Law.

They met in the break room on a Friday while Jasmine was preparing her boss’ cup of coffee and he was there looking for something to eat. They started talking and the attraction was obvious from the very beginning. He offered to take her out to dinner that same evening and she accepted. By the end of the evening they were back at her place with her ass in the air as Peter pounded her pussy hard from behind.

Jasmine was a single mom to her daughter Stephanie, a beautiful girl starting off high school. Stephanie was quite popular at school. Not only because of her looks, but more so because of her demeanor. She was sweet, loyal, and thoughtful. Traits anyone would value in a friend. Jasmine and Stephanie’s father had divorced when she was so young that she no longer remembered him. He left soon after the divorce never to be heard from again. Jasmine had always struggled, but somehow always managed to provide for Stephanie.

Because they worked at the same law office, Peter and Jasmine felt it was not a good idea to get anything serious started, not that Peter was really interested. At 52, he had been divorced for close to five years and was loving his bachelor life. He was certainly not interested in getting tied down to only one woman. On the other hand, Jasmine was 35 and felt the need to fall in love and get remarried. Whenever she was in between serious boyfriends she and Peter would end up hooking up. She was a gorgeous lady that stood at 5′ 6” with striking blue eyes, long auburn hair that came down to the middle of her back, a nice C cup rack that looked great on her chest and an ass that she kept firm with daily exercise that included yoga.

In the time they had known each other, Peter had also had the opportunity to meet Stephanie. He had never had kids himself, part of the reason for his divorce was him not wanting kids. He had made it clear from the beginning, but his ex-wife thought over time she would be able to convince him otherwise. In the end, they decided to go their separate ways.

He had always enjoyed Stephanie whenever she was around. He and Jasmine had even gone out to dinner or a movie with Stephanie on several occasions. Recently, he started noticing how well Stephanie was developing, standing at only 5’2”. Her body was starting to take shape with her breasts developing along with the rest of her body. She had a slim waist and her hips were starting to flare out nicely. It was hard for him not to notice her little bubble butt that filled out her tight jeans quite nicely.

She was no different than the rest of her friends when it came to trying to grow up too fast. She would beg for Jasmine to buy her tight fitting clothes and not stop until she gave in, telling her she did not want to look like a loser when all her other friends wore trendy clothes. Eventually, Jasmine would give in and buy her whatever she wanted. She was a good kid and it was hard to say no to her.

On one of the times all three went out to dinner together, they were walking toward the car and Peter was loving the sight of Stephanie walking in front of them. He couldn’t be certain, but he thought she was shaking her ass a little extra that night. It certainly caught his attention. On several occasions throughout the evening, unbeknownst to Peter, Jasmine had caught him staring at her little girl with lust in his eyes. It didn’t really bother her, she knew he couldn’t help it. After all, he was only a man.

That night, Jasmine and Stephanie ended up spending the night at Peter’s. After they had fucked and were resting in each other’s arms, Jasmine asked him if he thought her daughter was attractive. He obviously did, but hesitated answering the question, afraid she might not like his answer. He answered in vague terms, saying he thought she was cute little girl. Jasmine could sense he was holding back and not being completely truthful.

“Peter, I’ve seen the way you look at her. I promise you I won’t be upset. Please tell me what you really think of her.”


“Yes, honestly.”

“You promise not to get upset?”

“Yes, I told you I wouldn’t.”

“I think she’s going to be a heartbreaker, just like her mom. She’s gorgeous with nice little titties that will only get bigger and her ass looks great in the different jeans and shorts she wears.”

“Wow! I knew you were checking her out. What do you like best about her?”

“Everything. I’ve always loved seeing girls in cutoffs that show a little bit of their butt cheeks. I can’t help checking her out when she wears those kinds of shorts, I’m sure she drives the boys crazy at school.”

Her freaky side started coming out. She started stroking his cock as he talked about Steph, asking him more and more about how hot he thought her daughter was. After a while, she started calling him Uncle Peter, same as Stephanie would call him. She got on her hands and knees, pointing her ass towards him and started begging Uncle Peter to fuck her, telling him how much she loved Uncle Peter’s cock as it stretched her young virgin cunt.

Noticing how he reacted to the scenario, it became one of her favorite games to play with him. The role play became a regular part of their lovemaking. She even started dressing the part, wearing crop tops similar to what Stephanie liked wearing along with shorts that showed off her ass cheeks. Exactly what Peter had told her he loved.

A couple of months after they had started their role playing, Jasmine suffered an unfortunate string of bad luck. Her older vehicle started giving her trouble. It broke down on the freeway and ended up getting towed to the mechanic. Also, her landlord had decided not to extend her lease, explaining they needed to get the condo ready for sale. She didn’t have much in savings, certainly not enough for a down payment on a car nor the deposit on a new place to live. She would also need to figure out how to keep up with the payment plan for Stephanie’s braces.

One night, while they were playing their new favorite little game, with Peter fucking pretend Stephanie hard up the ass, an idea came to Peter. A very perverted idea. He kept it to himself for a while, not clear how Jasmine would take it. It was sexy, wrong, and it kept him hard longer than normal while pounding hard into Jasmine, imagining how it would feel to really get a chance to fuck Stephanie for real. He wondered how would her tight little cunt feel on his cock?

While lying in bed, resting, with cum deep in her ass, he made a comment that would change their lives forever. He told her that it was too bad she did not live in Asia, mentioning that men there would pay a premium for a young girls virginity. Jasmine was still enjoying the after effects of the fucking Peter had just given her and took his comment as a joke. She played along, asking him how much would he pay for her daughter’s virginity. Pete stayed quiet for a while before he asked if she was serious. The idea of an older man fucking her young daughter both disgusted and excited her simultaneously.

Jasmine had always had a preference for older men. Stephanie’s dad was twelve years older than her and Peter was 17 years older than her. When she was in high school, she was only fifteen when she lost her virginity to her secret college boyfriend who was 23 and getting ready to graduate. After his graduation, he ended up moving across the country for a job opportunity and they lost touch soon thereafter. However, this was her daughter they were talking about.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Maybe we can help each other out.”

He thought for a while before he presented his offer. He told her he would buy her a brand new car and set her up in a nice apartment with the rent paid for the first 6 months in exchange for Stephanie’s virginity. Part of the deal would be that he would have her to himself for an entire weekend.

“That’s my daughter we’re talking about.”

“Yes, that’s why I’m offering you so much. She is worth every penny.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” He only nodded his head.

The more they talked about it, the more she seriously considered his offer. Could she really go through with it? She was hesitant at first, not sure she was ready to make a decision. When their date was over, he walked her to the door, they said their goodbyes and she promised she would give it some consideration.

That night, even after getting fucked nice and well by Peter, she got home and fucked herself with her favorite dildo while thinking of Peter and Stephanie as he fucked her. She just couldn’t help herself. By the time she came, she knew her answer.

They decided that if they were really going to go through with the deal, they needed to approach this whole thing carefully, It wasn’t like Jasmine was going to show up with Stephanie one day and he was going to fuck her. They would need to start her off slow and work her up to the idea of Uncle Peter making love to her. Jasmine would need to do her part to get her thinking of Peter that way.

After that day, whenever they would be meeting with Peter, Jasmine started encouraging Steph to wear more revealing clothing. So much so, that she would buy her only tight clothing and helped her cut some old jeans into short shorts, making sure that they fit her the way Peter liked them. She would tell Stephanie to wear a crop top with those shorts, encouraging her to dress a little extra sexy for Uncle Peter, sharing with her comments Peter had made on how sexy he thought she was.

Those comments Aksaray Escort got Steph excited to know that a man thought she was hot. She had never really seen Peter that way, but she was starting to notice that he was a good looking man, even with some grey around the ears. She also started getting excited when she would notice him looking at her in a lustful way. When they would all go out together, which seemed to be happening more often, it would get Jasmine excited dressing up her daughter in revealing clothing just for Peter.

Jasmine shared the story of her college boyfriend with Stephanie, telling her how lucky she was to have the attention of an older man. It was easy for Stephanie to agree with her as all the boys in school were exactly that, boys. Men were more sensitive to women and they were more mature.

When they would get together, Peter was careful to compliment Stephanie, telling her how sexy she looked and how he wished he had a girlfriend as beautiful as her when he was in school. He would give her plenty of compliments on her outfits and how good she looked. The physical interaction also grew between them and Stephanie was loving it, making herself more and more available for him to hold her in his arms.

She started greeting him with a hug that lasted a bit longer than usual or she would come up behind him and hug him around the neck while he was sitting down. Other times, if possible, she would come and sit on his lap, She would feel his hard dick under her ass but never complained. She knew exactly what she was feeling.

Stephanie started having dreams of Peter touching her inappropriately and her orgasms would wake her up. The next morning, she would feel guilty, as if she had done something wrong. She didn’t share these dreams with her mom, she felt as if she had done her wrong. She knew she was starting to have sexual feelings for Peter. How could she not? He was great to her and he was so attractive. On one occasion, Peter had taken her shopping. It was only the two of them and she’d had fun modeling all the outfits for him.

On a particular Friday, Peter went out to buy the girls matching bikinis and invited them over for a backyard barbecue to his home that evening. He couldn’t wait to see the girls in their new bikinis that showed off their gorgeous bodies, especially their sexy asses.

The girls got there early and right away Stephanie came up to Peter to say hello with a long hug followed by a kiss on the lips with a closed mouth, something she had recently started doing. It was her way of flirting with him, not knowing what he had planned for her that evening. Peter let them in and invited them to his backyard to hang out by the pool, but before that, he had a surprise for them. He told them to go to the guest room and they would find their surprise on the bed.

When they walked in, there on the bed they found their bikinis layed out on the bed. Jasmine knew exactly what he was up to and Stephanie only got excited. She liked that he was treating her like an adult, but she wondered if the bikini was too much for her mom. Would Jasmine allow her to wear such a skimpy bikini that barely covered her tits and with bottoms that completely showed off her ass with only a tiny patch in front that hardly covered her little pussy?

Jasmine made a big deal of Peter’s generosity and encouraged Stephanie to quickly change into her new swimsuit. Jasmine’s pussy was wet the moment Steph came out of the bathroom. She looked so fucking sexy, she knew Peter was gonna wanna fuck her the moment he saw her. She actually felt a slight pang of jealousy, wondering if he would ever want to fuck her again after having Stephanie to himself?

Peter was sitting on lounge chair facing the sliding door when the girls stepped out. They were wearing a sarong which was a bit disappointing until Jasmine thanked him for the bikini’s before unwrapping herself and slowly turning around, allowing him appreciate her body. It looked better than what he could ever imagine, which his dick reacted to with a twitch as he felt it getting hard.

“Are you ready to see Stephanie, baby? She looks great!”

With those words, she slowly started unwrapping her. For Peter, it was agonizingly slow. He could feel his cock getting hard and he had not even seen any part of her. When Jasmine first exposed her A cup titties, Peter only stared, unable to blink. When she finally completely pulled off the sarong, Peter was speechless. That was the sexiest little girl he had ever seen. The lust in his stare said it all and Stephanie was loving the look he was giving her. She could feel her little virgin cunt getting wet.

Peter couldn’t decide what to focus on. Her tits, her cute little pussy that was hardly covered or everything else; her legs, her sexy shoulders, her taut abdomen or her gorgeous face? Jasmine reached out and grabbed her hand, holding it up as she twirled her around to show off her young daughter’s smooth ass to Peter. She was loving Peter’s reaction as he could only stare, unable to talk.

“Doesn’t she look great? She complained that her ass was too small, but I told her it was perfect. What do you think?”

She said this while stopping Stephanie halfway through her turn, allowing Peter to stare at her little ass. It was not the same as Jasmine’s, but it was smooth and bubbly. He was looking forward to holding it in his hands later that evening.

“Sweetheart, your ass is perfect.” Peter said to Stephanie, trying to assure her of her sexiness.

Eventually they joined him for a while, with everyone enjoying a glass of wine. Jasmine had recently started allowing her a glass of wine with dinner. However, this was the first time she was allowing her to enjoy a glass simply for the pleasure of it. Jasmine wanted her to relax so her inhibitions would be lowered.

After a while, Jasmine jumped into the pool and asked Steph to join her. They swam around for a while before she called out for Peter to join them. He passed on the offer, he was having too much fun just staring at the girls. Jasmine called her daughter over and told her that they needed to do something special to entice Peter into the pool. She first removed her top and then encouraged Steph to do the same. Steph hesitated for a moment, it was too much for her.

“Don’t you want Uncle Peter to see how beautiful you look? I think Uncle Peter would join us if he saw his sexy girls topless.”

Stephanie thought about it for a moment before she gave in, telling herself that they were just boobs. Besides, she liked the idea of teasing Peter. Her tits weren’t as big as her mom’s, but the look he gave her earlier assured her he would like to see her titties. The whole thing worked like a charm. When Peter saw them topless, he loved it. They looked great, especially on Steph’s little frame.

He jumped in and they all had fun. The girls would jump on his back for a ride and he was loving the feeling of their bare tits on his back. After an hour of swimming, they all got tired and hungry. It was time to get out to get dinner started.

Peter had everything prepped, so while the girls laid out on a lounge chaise topless and beautiful, he brought out the steaks and veggies to throw on the grill. He couldn’t believe what a lucky man he was as he saw the girls laying in only their bikini bottoms. After getting out, they decided to stay topless the rest of the night. Stephanie was loving the feeling of freedom with her titties feeling the fresh air as she enjoyed her wine and the buzz she was feeling.

After enjoying dinner under the stars, they made their way inside. They had decided to watch a movie together. He went to the kitchen to refill their glasses while the girls went to change out of their damp bikini bottoms. Peter was setting down the wine glasses on the coffee table when they came back out to join him in the living room. Steph came out only in a pair of sexy red panties with lace that Jasmine had bought especially for this occasion. She wanted her daughter looking her best for Peter and knew he would love seeing her only in panties with her hair tied up in two ponytail.

“I hope you don’t mind Uncle Peter. It feels so nice running around like this.” she said as she came over to hug him. The effects of the alcohol were getting to her and she was feeling giddy.

“No, sweetie, I don’t mind. You look delicious!” he said as he patted her on her tush as he held her in his arms. She gave out a sharp squeal and liking the feel of his cock getting hard against her tummy.

She loved hearing him use the word ‘delicious’ to describe the way she looked. That only assured her that he thought she looked sexy, just like her mom had told her. Peter gave her a smile and invited her to sit with him.

“Come ‘ere. Does my favorite sexy little girl wanna sit on my lap?”

She hesitated and looked over at her mom, who only encouraged her, telling her it was ok. Stephanie went over and tried sitting sideways, but Peter turned her around so she could sit directly on his crotch. She was now leaning back against his chest, facing the TV while sitting directly on his dick, which was already hard. He knew she would feel it, but that was all part of the plan. She sat on his lap and he quickly wrapped his arms around her tummy. She had the biggest crush on him and loved feeling his arms around her/

He started the movie and lowered the lights in the room to set the mood. Several minutes into the movie, he slowly started running his hands over her tummy, enjoying the feel of her soft skin. Stephanie started getting chills, wondering if her dirty dreams she’d had of Uncle Peter were becoming reality. Jasmine could see everything that was happening, but stayed quiet. Stephanie was loving the attention she was getting from Peter and was hoping her mother would not notice.

His hands slowly made their way from her abdomen down to her soft legs. He started Escort Bayan caressing her, enjoying the soft feel of her legs. More importantly, he loved that she was enjoying herself as she allowed him to continue. He could feel her body relaxing a bit as she leaned her body back against his chest, resting her head in the crook of his neck.

Everything he was doing felt great to little Stephanie, as he ever so slowly brought his hands back up, enjoying every part of her body with one of his fingers gliding up her slit over her silk panties. He immediately felt her shiver when she felt his hard cock react to her movement. The feel of her bare skin excited him as he brought his hands over her smooth tummy. He continued bringing his hands up and for the first time felt her perky tits.

He could hear her starting to breathe heavily as he cupped her little titties for the very first time, enjoying how small they felt in his hands and how hard her tiny nipples felt.. For Stephanie, she could hardly control her breathing. The was the first time someone was touching her and it felt magical. Jasmine could feel her cunt getting drenched watching as Peter lovingly molested her daughter. She started wishing that a special Uncle would’ve done the same to her at that age. She could hardly wait to role play with Peter, pretending to be Stephanie herself. Peter turned to Stephanie to ask if she liked what he doing to her, quite certain he knew the answer.

“Does that feel good, baby? Is Uncle Peter making you feel good?” he whispered in her ear, pretending as if Jasmine could not hear him. At that very moment, it was supposedly a secret between them. Stephanie was breathing heavily and could only nod her head.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“n,n,no. n,n,no” she responded as she shook her head.

She tilted her head to the side and Peter couldn’t help himself as he lowered his lips to kiss her neck as he slid one of his hands back down towards her pussy. He started kissing her neck, seductively running his tongue all over while running his finger up and down her slit over her damp panties. Jasmine had been quiet the whole time, as she spied on the older gentleman fondling her daughter while fingering herself. The whole scene was hotter than she had anticipated.

Peter could feel his cock was as hard as it had been in a long time. He was enjoying himself as he fondled the little girl’s titties and kissed her neck as he slowly started slipping his hand under her panties waistband. Stephanie was so close to cumming that the moment his finger touched her drenched pussy, her entire body started shaking out of control, causing her to grind her tight little ass against his hard cock.

Unfortunately for Jasmine, it was time for her to leave. Peter turned to her and mouthed instructions for her to leave.. She quietly left them alone as she made her way to her car. This was part of their agreement. Peter was a dirty old man and knew there were things he wanted to do with Stephanie that Jasmine would possibly object to. Stephanie was now officially his little sex doll and he planned to use her to his heart’s content.

When Steph finally calmed down after her very first orgasm (at least one that had been caused by someone else) he started praising her, telling her how sexy she looked and what a beautiful body she had.

“Baby, do you know how sexy you look? No wonder you drive the boys crazy at school. I bet you even drive some of your teachers crazy, don’t you?”

She gave him a big smile and shrugged her shoulder, playing the innocent role of not knowing, when in fact she had noticed a couple of her male teachers staring at her. That was part of the reason a lot of the girls at school liked dressing up in shorts and skirts with cropped tops. It wasn’t really for the boys. They loved the lustful look the younger male teacher would give them, especially the cute ones.

Stephanie looked around and realized her mom was gone. She thought for a moment and wondered if she had seen them and ran off upset.

“Where’s mommy?”

“Mommy wanted to give us some alone time. She wanted us to get to know each other a little better.”


“Would you like that? Do you want to get to know Uncle Peter a little better?”

“Uh, huh.” She felt both excited and nervous as he instructed her to stand up. When she was off, he stood up and easily picked her up. He held her in his arms like a bride on her wedding night, carrying her off to his bedroom. He was excited as he held that gorgeous little creature in his arms She was his prize after all, he had certainly paid plenty for her, and he couldn’t wait to lay claim to her virginity, to enjoy what was certain to be a very tight cunt.

When they entered his room, he closed the door behind him before laying her down on the bed. He looked down at her with pure lust in his eyes, enjoying her sexy little body and her exposed titties.

“Sweetheart, you are very gorgeous and I would love to see all of you. Can you be a good girl and allow me to take off your panties? I would love to see all of you?”

She lifted her butt as he reached out to grab her waistband before he started pulling down her red panties. Her pussy was exactly how he had dreamed it would be; smooth, hairless and with her lips tightly shut. The ideal look of a young untouched virgin pussy. She was worth every penny he had offered Jasmine.

This virgin girl was special and Peter planned on enjoying every part of her the whole night. He wanted to enjoy her titties in his mouth, his tongue in her warm pussy, and the taste of her young pussy. He would lick her all over and let her experience the pleasure that only sex can provide before he took her virginity by penetrating her for the very first time. It is very rare for a man of his age to enjoy a virgin pussy and he knew how special this night would be for both of them.

He got on the bed and crawled up before laying between her spread legs. Never having made love before, she surprisingly knew to open her legs. He laid between her open legs and once again told her how special she was to him and how sexy he thought that she looked. He wanted her to know how special she looked lying naked in his bed. She looked sexy as hell.

He asked her if she’d ever had sex, although he already knew the answer. She answered no, adding that she was a little scared. He assured her that he would be gentle. He leaned down and their lips met for the second time that night. They kissed with closed mouths for awhile, he was allowing her to get comfortable before he slightly opened his mouth. She felt it and did the same herself. His tongue slithered into her mouth and before long they were kissing like lovers. Their kissing had Stephanie’s heart beating fast and hard and she felt her pussy getting extremely wet. For him, he was just enjoying her soft lips. Her little mouth with her tongue had him excited from the very start. As they made out, he would suck on her little tongue, which only got him more and more aroused.

After kissing for a while, he lovingly made his way down her body. He tenderly licked her nipples when he got to her little titties. He heard her gasp when his tongue landed on one of her nipples. Her breathing started getting heavier and heavier as he went back and forth from one titty to the other, gingerly suckling on her little nipples before taking the entire mound into his mouth. It was pure bliss for her when she felt him do that for the very first time.

The loving attention that he was giving her body felt wonderful. She was still a bit nervous, but those worries were starting to fade away as she enjoyed how special he was making her feel. She was not only loving what his mouth was doing to her, she was also loving his hands roaming all over her body. She realized that ever since her father left, no other man had ever made her feel so loved. Stephanie closed her eyes and laid her head back as she surrendered her young body to Uncle Peter. She decided that he could do to her whatever he wanted.

Peter was loving every bit of her. As he ran his mouth all over her, he loved how soft her whole body felt. It was as smooth as a baby’s butt. As he gently suckled on her tiny breasts, he ran a finger up her slit. She instantly grabbed his head and squeezed it tightly against her chest. He knew what she was feeling and started sucking harder on her tits as he rubbed his finger harder on her slit, being careful not to fully penetrate her. He was saving that for later.

He continued sucking on her titties while he ran his fingers up and down her pussy. He knew everything he was doing would overwhelm her, but that was exactly what he wanted. He wanted her to have fond memories of the day she lost her virginity. He sucked hard on her little tits as he pressed his fingers against her pussy. When he knew she was close to cumming once again, he sought out her engorged clit and pressed a finger against it, causing her to feel an electric bold run throughout her body. It got her by surprise, not realizing that she could have multiple orgasms. She had started masturbating recently and would stop after cumming once at night. This orgasm felt great, mostly because it was unexpected.

Peter made his way down as she rested, giving her body little kisses as he made his way closer and closer to his target. When he started kissing her tummy, she couldn’t help laughing with his kisses tickling her. He kept making his way south to the juncture between her legs, finding the slit that he had only dreamed of. Her outer lips were glistening from her pussy juices and it looked so beautiful.

He knew this was the moment he had been anticipating from the moment Jasmine had agreed to their deal. He was not sure it would really happen, but now that he was seeing Stephanie’s little pussy he was finding it hard not to simply put his lips on it and have his way with her. He chose to slow down istanbul Escort and make this moment special for Stephanie. He wanted her to have fond memories of the first time someone ate out her pussy. Besides, he wanted to enjoy his time with this sexy little girl.

Stephanie shivered the moment she felt his lips on her inner thighs. Peter chose to tease her, to get her warmed up prior to touching her pussy with his tongue. He kissed and gently sucked on both her times, enjoying as she moved her legs all over the place while expressing how much she was loving what his mouth was doing to her.

“OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!” she repeated over and over as she struggled to breath. She knew what would come next, but she had no idea exactly how good it would feel. She had given herself over to Peter and was enjoying whatever he wanted to do to her. The moment he licked her in the crease between her pussy and her thighs, the intensity grew tenfold and she was so close to cumming once more. Peter made sure to lick both creases, jumping from one side to the other without touching her pussy. He was taking his time, bringing her to the verge of cumming, knowing that she would most likely lose it the moment his tongue landed on her flower.

He kept going back and forth from one side to the other, slowly licking her creases when he suddenly, without warning, landed his mouth on her pussy and ran his tongue over her slit; from the very bottom to the very top. That was all it took for Stephanie to exhale loudly as she felt a tongue on her pussy for the very first time.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” she screamed, totally unaware of what was happening to her. All she knew was that she had never felt anything like this before. A strong wave of pleasure had run from her toes to her head, when all of a sudden she felt his tongue slithering it’s way into her pussy as he pushed in and ran it up, tasting her juices for the first time, fighting the urge to grab his rock hard cock and just fuck her already. Instead, he focused his efforts on slowly making love to her cunt with his mouth and tongue.

Stephanie’s pleasure meter was on high the whole time he licked her pussy, making sure to gently suck on her labia while simultaneously squeezing her titties with his hands. The moment his tongue found her engorged clit, he pulled it out from it’s hiding spot with his tongue and took it into his mouth to suck on it. All the stinulation was too much for her as she again started trembling out of control before she passed out. Peter had heard of women passing out due to intense sexual pleasure, but this was the first time it had happened to someone he was with. As much as he wanted to let her rest, her pussy had erupted and he wanted to drink every ounce of pussy juice coming from her virgin cunt.

The moment had finally arrived. Stephanie opened her eyes to find Peter looking down at her with a lustful look. He had dreamed of this moment long before he and Jasmine had even made their deal. On numerous occasions all three had gone out to the movies or to grab some ice cream and he had felt his cock stirring when she would wear tight clothing that showed off her budding breasts or her cute little butt. He loved when she would wear her short shorts or skirts that showed off her beautiful smooth legs. That whole time he started dreaming of what it would be like to make love to her. Now, he laid between her legs with his stiff cock in hand as he got ready to claim his prize.

He lined up his cock before he slowly started pushing forward, enjoying the feeling of her pussy starting to open up as her lips wrapped themselves around his invading cock. As he started penetrating her, she opened her eyes wide and begged him to stop.

“Stop, Uncle Peter. Please stop!” she exclaimed as her eyes got watery while looking up at him.

His lust for her was too strong and he was unable to stop. They had come too far him to stop now. For Stephanie, the feel of his cock stretching her pussy lips for the first time started hurting. She tried unsuccessfully to push him off as she continued begging for him to stop, but her struggles only aroused him even more.

“Just relax, honey. It only hurts the first time. You’re gonna love how it feels.”

“But, it’s hurting a lot right now!”

The more she struggled, the more Peter was determined to be inside her. She was his fuck toy and he had paid too much for this moment. There was no way he was stopping now. He held her down in place as he pushed himself into her. He looked down at her and saw the tears in her eyes. This only excited him even more, knowing the pain came from his cock deflowering her, proof that she was a true virgin. There was something perversely exciting about knowing his cock was the first one in her young tight pussy. He knew that the best thing for her was for him to take her virginity in one quick push, similar to quickly pulling off a band aid.

Still holding her down, he forced his thick cock deep into her little cunt as he swiftly pushed in. The feeling of her tight cunt as it tightly squeezed his cock was beyond amazing. Never had he ever felt anything so wonderful. It was better than he could ever have imagined.

When he bottomed out, he stayed there for a moment, allowing her unbelievably tight cunt to adjust to his girth. She was tighter than he thought she would be. After a few minutes, he slowly started pulling out a little at a time before he would push back in. She soon realized that the pain that she had felt when he first penetrated her was fading away and it was starting to feel good. Really good.

She started to enjoy the feel of him stretching her tight little cunt with his fat cock. Her soft cries of pain turned into moans and groans of pleasure as he slowly pushed his cock in and out her cunt over and over and over. She had masturbated before, but she had never felt such pleasure. On numerous occasions she had put her ear up to the door while Peter and Jasmin were making love and had heard her mother moaning, but she could never have imagined that it would feel this good.

When Peter looked down to where they were now connected as one, he was amazed at how big his cock looked penetrating her tiny pussy, stretching her open for the first time. Her forbidden pussy felt so tight as it squeezed his cock. He knew she would be tight, but this was beyond anything he could’ve dreamed of.

He started off slow, going in and out as he fucked her. The whole experience felt so surreal to him. He had lusted after this little girl for some time and now here she was in his bed with her legs spread wide open while he fucked her. As he started to fuck her faster, her moans and groans got louder and louder.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm, Huhhhhh, huhhhhhh. You’re making me feel so good, Uncle Peter. Your penis feels so good!”

His cock was hard as he kept fucking her, drilling his cock hard into her, over and over, with her short legs wrapped around his waist as she desperately tried to pull him in. Her words only urged him to keep going. The feeling of a stiff cock in her cunt was new to her and the tingling in her pussy came quick. Her whole body started shaking out of control right before she came. It was the strongest orgasm she ever experienced when she felt a wave of energy suddenly drain from her, causing her to faint once more while cumming.

She had obviously never felt such intense pleasure. When Peter saw her faint, he was too far gone. After all she was his fuck doll, to do with however he pleased. At that very moment, he wanted to fuck her and enjoy her tight cunt. He continued pounding hard into her, feeling a familiar feeling in his nuts as he fucked her hard while she just laid there, dead to the world.

At the moment she opened her eyes, she looked up at him and gave him a beautiful smile as her head rocked back and forth from his pounding. She brought her hands up and around his neck and pulled down to whisper in his ear what she had recently learned from a porn she had watched during a sleep over with one of her friends.

“Cum in me, daddy. My tight little cunt is yours.”

That was too much for Peter. As much as he tried to make it last as long as possible, her words opened up the flood gates as his cum came up his cock and exploded with a powerful force, filling up her young pussy. He could not recall the last time he had cum with such extraordinary pressure. He kept pumping spurt after spurt of his semen towards her little womb. There was so much cum that part of it started leaking out as he continued cumming, keeping his cock in her warm, tight pussy.

Eventually he stopped cumming, but was unwilling to pull out. Her teenage pussy felt invitingly warm that he couldn’t find the strength to pull out. They had maintained eye contact the whole time he came. She had felt spurt after spurt hitting hit her cervix. It felt hot as it shot out, causing her to cum once again while they fucked.

“Wow, Uncle Peter! I could actually feel your sperm coming out. It felt really warm.”

“Did you like it? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he asked, struggling to catch his breath as he spoke.

“No, Uncle Peter. Not at all. It hurt at first, but then it felt like really, really, really good. Can we do it again?”

“Yes, but I gotta ask you, where did you learn how to talk dirty like that? When you told me to cum in you, that just made me loose it.”

“Please don’t tell mom, but I was watching porn at a friends house during a sleep over last week.”

“Wow, someone was being a naughty little girl.”

She gave him a bashful smile as she gently nodded her head. “Just a little bit.”

“Sweetheart, would you like to spend the weekend with me?”

“Can we have sex again and again?”

“I can teach you a whole lot more, honey. Would you like that?”

“Uh huh!” she said as she vigorously nodded her head, looking so cute and innocent with exposed titties while biting her bottom lip.

Peter grabbed his phone and texted Jasmine that she could come back Sunday evening since he would be having fun with his fuck doll all weekend teaching her lots of new things.

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