Stepmom and Hung Son

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I recently had an exciting experience while home on vacation from college that I thought people might like to read about.

I am a fairly average male in my sophomore year in college. I’m 6’1″, 185, with light brown hair, and in pretty good shape from playing club sports. My mom and dad got divorced when I was still in high school, and my dad remarried only a year later, to his secretary if you can believe it. My dad’s new wife Lynn was younger than my mom, but she still seemed like a mature, older woman to me. She was blonde with a nice figure, thin with a nice ass and smallish boobs, and I thought she was attractive when she moved in with us in my senior year. I developed a bit of a crush on her as she got more comfortable around the house and stared wearing slightly revealing clothing. Lynn became a hot fantasy for me to think of as I masturbated in my room. As I stroked my cock I would think of the different outfits she would wear, and how she would bend over and how nice her ass would look. And I’d think of her sexy tits which were only about a B-Cup, but they had large nipples that were puffy and stuck out and up and were often visible in her flimsy tops.

I had just gotten home from college for vacation the night before and I woke up feeling hungry and was looking forward to a good breakfast. I jumped out of bed and started down the hall to the kitchen. As I passed my dad’s room I saw that the door was slightly ajar so I thought I would say good morning. As I started to push the door open more I was taken aback by a bit of a shocking site. My dad and my stepmom Lynn were having sex right there on the bed as I looked through the slightly opened door! I was stunned by the sight in front of me and could hardly move. I slowly took in the scene in front of me and saw Lynn lying on her back with her legs straight and stuck up in the air like a V while my dad was on top of her and moving his hips in and out as he fucked her. I looked down between Lynn’s legs and saw that her pussy mound had a patch of dark curly pubic hair even though she was blonde, and her puffy vagina lips were being spread apart by my dad’s massive hard penis. I knew my dad was fairly big because I had seen him naked in the shower or using the restroom over the years, but I had never seen his penis fully erect and I was stunned to see his full size. My dad’s cock must have been nine inches long and was very thick as he drove his shaft into Lynn’s hairy wet vagina. As my dad pounded his cock into her, Lynn’s pointy tits bounced up and down, the puffy nipple cones on the end of her tits swinging back and forth. It was a really erotic scene, but I finally got a hold of myself and slowly backed out of the room. It was just then that I noticed I had developed a fully erect hardon watching my dad fuck my stepmom.

I went back to my bedroom and into my bathroom locking the door behind me. I stripped my t-shirt and shorts off as my big hard cock sprang out. I began to stroke my thick penis shaft as I thought about seeing my stepmom getting her hot pussy fucked. As I thought of her pointy, puffy titties bouncing as my dad fucked his huge cock into her hairy wet fuck hole it was too much and I began to release thick hot jets of cum out of my big cockhead. I moaned as I pumped my hard dick and shot my hot jizz load into the toilet.

I decided to take a shower and try to calm down after that experience, even though it was very hot. After my shower güvenilir bahis I put on a pair of shorts and a polo shirt and headed back to the kitchen.

When I got to the kitchen Lynn was there buttering some toast. I cleared my throat a little and said good morning. Lynn said good morning as she set the toast on the table. She said for me to help myself as my dad had to go into the office for the day and she would just be picking up a little. Lynn was wearing the type of simple, sexy garment she often did, a one-piece light yellow terrycloth jumpsuit that was a tube top with shorts on the bottom. The tube top made Lynn’s conical tits stick out and show off her big nipples. The bottom part was like snug fitting short shorts. As I thought back to what I had seen that morning I admired her body while she began picking up around the living room.

After I had some toast I went to sit in the living room and read the paper as Lynn picked up. She came to the coffee table and bent over to pick up the old magazines and newspapers that were lying next to it. As Lynn bent over I glanced between her legs at her nice ass and as she bent over her ass cheeks pushed out a little under the terry cloth, and her prominent vagina mound was barely covered by the light terry cloth material and her panties, and as she bent farther her puffy pussy lips began to spread out and show the edges a little and some of her dark pubic hair became visible. I was aroused to say the least to see my stepmom bending over and my penis began to stir in my shorts. As Lynn continued to work I began to get a big noticeable bulge in my pants. It looked like Lynn glanced right between my legs once and looked at my cock bulge, then she turned and bent over again showing that full vagina mound and hot ass.

My stepmother came by the table again and as she passed in front of me she seemed to slip and she lost her balance and ended up sitting right on my lap. I instinctively reached to grab and catch her as she fell back and my hands landed on her firm braless tits as I held onto her. As she sat down on me, her full mature vagina mound landed right on my thick cock bulge and I am sure she must have felt it. I removed my hands from her breasts as she caught her balance still sitting on my lap in her short shorts.

“Oh my I always wondered if you were as big as your dad, and it feels like you are.”

I was stunned to hear Lynn say this as her pussy lips were sitting right on top my growing cock shaft.

“Umm, I’m not sure, but, uh, he sure is lucky to have a hot wife like you.”

Lynn moved her hips and ground her ass and pussy into my quickly hardening penis.

“I thought you were always taking peeks at my ass and tits…is this what you wanted to see…?”

Lynn stood up and as she bent over she grabbed the side of the crotch of her shorts and panties and pulled them aside to expose her hairy, meaty, mature vagina lips and pussy hole and her puckered ass hole. She reached back with the other hand and spread her swollen pussy lips open to reveal her moist pink inner vagina and her growing clitoris starting to push out from under its hood.

“Oh yes Lynn, that is what I wanted to see, your pussy looks so hot.” I stammered.

She turned around and stood up and pulled her tube top down as her firm pointy tits bounced into full view. Her little pointy tits had big puffy nipples that stood up a little at the end and türkçe bahis looked so pert and inviting.

“Fuck, you look good.” I said as I stared at the tits I had jacked off to so many times in my fantasies. “Fuck Lynn, I used to see you getting ready for work and you would be in panties and a bra with your hair done and your makeup on. Sometimes the panties would be a little see-through and I could see your pubic hair bush showing. And sometimes the bras would let your nipples show through. I thought about you as I jacked my cock off.”

“Mmm. I thought you were looking. And I always wondered how big that cock of yours was, knowing how big your father’s dick is, I knew you had to be big. And from that bulge in your crotch it looks like your cock and balls are as big as your dad’s. It turned me on to think I was making your cock get big and hard from seeing my tits and ass as I dressed in the morning. Now I want to see how big your penis is.”

Lynn kneeled down and unzipped my shorts and allowed my thick growing cock to spring out into the open. As Lynn’s hand found the base of my cock shaft and gripped it, I began to grow to my full size and thickness. My penis hardened into its long, thick 8 ½ inch length as the veins that run along the shaft began to throb and show themselves. My bulbous penis head pumped into its full well defined size on the end of my stalk, the long piss slit on the end showing a little moisture beginning to escape.

I reached down and opened my shorts more to let my big cum filled balls release and come into view as Lynn began to masturbate her hand up and down my hard throbbing cock shaft.

“Oh your penis is almost as big as your father’s big hard cock. But it looks like your mushroom cockhead is a little bigger than your dad’s is. I can barely fit your dad’s big penis head into my wet vagina as it is…I don’t know how my hairy pussy hole is going to be able to take your huge cock knob into it, let alone my mouth.”

As she leaned forward and began to force the head of my dong into her mouth I reached out and began to feel her tits and nipples. I massaged my stepmom’s tits and felt her puffy nipples as she sucked my engorged cock and jacked her small feminine hand up and down my rigid cock shaft.

I picked Lynn’s torso up and pulled onto the couch next to me and pushed her down spreading her married legs apart as she pulled the terrycloth fabric and her white cotton panties aside again. I leaned down and started to lick that stepmommy pussy like it was nectar. I licked all around her pink snatch and then began to suck on her hard clit button sticking up. She cupped her tits as I sucked on her hard clit and she arched her back as her first orgasm washed over her body.

“Oh fuck yes! Mmmmmm yes!” She moaned as she came. “Oh fuck I want that big young stepson cock in my pussy now Ken. Fuck me with a big cock like your father does.”

I moved her back into the position she was in to start, with her leaning over the coffee table, ass in the air and tits hanging down swinging. I stood up and pulled down my pants letting my big 8 ½ inch cock fully free from its confinement in my pants. Lynn reached back and grasped my cock shaft and rubbed it. I pulled her jumpsuit down and completely off of her legs letting her pointy tits and hairy pussy mound be fully exposed.

“Spread your cunt open like you do for my dad to fuck you Lynn.” I said as I gripped my engorged güvenilir bahis siteleri penis shaft and stroked it to make it even harder. Seeing my stepmom naked in front of me with her hairy pussy being spread open and her little tits naked was so hot it made my cock feel harder than it had ever been before, it was so full and the skin on my cockhead was stretched tight like a hard drum.

“Damn baby your cock looks so fucking sexy, it looks like it is as long as your dad’s nine incher now, with the cockhead even bigger and fatter than his. And your penis is more veiny and more well defined than his which makes it look so sexy and makes my pussy wet and ache for it to fuck me.”

I stepped up to Lynn’s ass and placed my large penis head on her swollen open vagina lips, the overhanging glans on each side of my penis head extending farther than her cunt hole opening on each side. It was such a beautiful sight to see my huge penis knob laying against the lips of my stepmom’s sexy cunt hole. As my dad’s wife moaned, I began to wipe my penis knob up and down along her vaginal slit and across her hardened clit to start to lubricate the head of my dick with her pussy juices to help let my cockhead slide into her fuck hole.

“God damn fuck me with that big cock meat honey!” Lynn said as I started to push my penis into her vagina. Oh god it felt so good and hot and wet inside my stepmom’s vagina as I pushed my big thick penis into her pussy. I reached around and started to play with my stepmom’s tits as I fucked her vagina hole. Her pointy tits felt so good in my hands like I dreamed they would when I was jacking off in my room.

“Oh shit Lynn, your cunt feels so fucking good on my dick. And I love playing with your firm perky tits.”

I leaned down as I drove my cock into her wet hairy mom cunt and whispered into her ear: “How does my cock feel in your cunt compared to my dad’s? Does my penis feel as big inside you as his does?”

“Your cock feels just as big fucking me baby, but, mmm, oh, your penis knob feels bigger inside my fuck hole baby, and your prick shaft feels harder with my pussy lips wrapped tight around it. You are stretching my pussy open more than your dad’s fuck tool does. And I am getting wetter for your dick, I, mmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I looked down at my thick veiny wet cock shaft sticking into my stepmom’s soaking cunt hole as she had an orgasm all over my penis. I was drunk with lust as I banged her vagina and pulled her titties as she moaned and came. I was so hot and horny for her as I felt my big round balls begin to tighten and my big cumload start to rise up my long penis shaft.

I pushed my stepmom down more so her ass was sticking up provocatively in the air as I continued to pump fuck her vagina slit. Her swollen pussy lips were stretched tight around the meaty cylinder of my sexual organ as I pushed deep into her molten core. As I felt my orgasm start deep in my testicles I pulled my engorged meaty cock out of my stepmom’s swollen wet vagina, the lips left gaping open as my bulbous cock knob pulled out of her private sex hole. With one hand on her ass cheek, spreading her ass and cunt open, my other hand gripped my porno size cock and stroked as the first thick white rope of cum shot out of my piss slit and splashed against my stepmother’s wet hairy vagina and her puckered ass hole, the next two spurts of jizz flying onto her back and ass cheeks, and the last two shots of semen hitting the backs of her thighs.

“That was so good baby, I knew it would be hot with you.” Lynn purred.

As I shook the last drops of cum out of my dick, I smiled and said we would have to try it again sometime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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