Stepsucker Ch. 02

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the sequel to the story “Stepsucker”, which can also be found here on Literotica. It would help the experience to start with the first story, but if necessary, I’m sure this one can stand on its own. This story is fiction, and all characters are over eighteen.


Melissa was back.

My beautiful stepsister had decided to drop out of college, and to move back home with her father and my mother. She could have moved in with her mom, who had a much bigger house, but it seemed that she had something else in mind. Even though I was over eighteen, I was still living at home as well, not having enough money from my cashier job to get a place of my own. When I heard that Melissa was coming back to the house, I decided that I was in no hurry to leave.

I hadn’t spoken much to Melissa since the time she went down on me in the basement, my first and only blowjob. It had been the single best experience of my life, and whenever I thought about it, I would become as hard as a rock. Melissa seemed to be amused by my increased infatuation with her. I used to secretly stare at her whenever I could, but after that incredible night, she would give me plenty of great opportunities; walking around the house in only a towel or swimsuit, and sometimes leaving the door open when she got dressed.

I think she was getting a little bit of a thrill from trying to get me out of my shell. She was the only girl who hadn’t been turned off by my shyness. It was as if she could sense the strong sexual animal that was striving to burst out of me. And she should know, because quite a bit of that animal had burst all over her face.

I had never worked up the nerve to make another move on Melissa, though I couldn’t help feeling that that was exactly what she wanted me to do. She could have easily gotten things started by herself, but no, Melissa didn’t want the power, she wanted to be controlled. It had to be true. She could have had any guy in the world. The problem was, none of them provided the challenge of “corrupting” her little stepbrother.

More than anything, I just wanted to pull out my cock, grab Melissa by the hair, and plunge myself into her throat. If I could work up the courage, my stepsister would probably give me access to that heavenly mouth whenever I wanted. That was the way she was. If only I could work up my confidence. If only I could be sure that I hadn’t been misreading the signals. If only…

And then something happened. It was early in the afternoon, and my parents were going to be at work for hours. I had the day off, and was watching T.V. with Mark, Melissa’s biological brother. I felt butterflies whirling inside of me as Melissa came in through the front door, and to my surprise, she wasn’t alone. Amy Farland, my stepsister’s best friend from high school, came walking into my living room. She had been at the house plenty of times a few years ago, but like Melissa, Amy was even hotter in her twenties than she was in her teens.

Both girls had obviously been at the beach, because they were only wearing bikinis. I’ll always believe that Melissa had the perfect body, but Amy was damn sure close. Amy was shaped like an hourglass. Where Melissa was toned and perky, Amy was soft-looking and voluptuous.

“Hi boys,” Amy said, flashing an adorable smile.

“Mark,” Melissa said, sounding somewhat surprised. “I didn’t know you were going to be here.”

“Yeah,” Mark said, stealing a noticeable glance at Amy. “Nothing better to do at home.”

Melissa exchanged an almost annoyed look with Amy, but her friend only shrugged. Melissa bit her lower lip, and finally said, “I think Mom is looking for you Mark.”

“What are you talking about?” he said.

“She called me on my cell, and asked me if I knew where you were,” Melissa said. “She told me to tell you that she needs help with something.”

“Help with what?” Mark said.

“What the hell do I care?” Melissa said. “Just go home.”

“Oh, I get it,” Mark said. “You two are having some guys come over here.”

“Fuck off, would you?” Melissa said.

“Fine, whatever,” Mark said. He turned to me, and continued, “I guess you’ll have to hide in the basement for a couple hours. Unless you wanna go over to my house?”

I almost said “yes” until I saw the expressions Melissa and Amy were wearing. They were looking right at me, and though I couldn’t be sure, I thought that Melissa had winked. My heart skipped a beat, canlı bahis and my cock nearly leapt up with glee. Even the possibility that something was about to happen made me feel like my head was spinning. I hoped to God that I wasn’t imagining things.

“No thanks,” I told him.

“Suit yourself,” Mark said. “I’ll talk to you later.”

Melissa, Amy, and I watched as Mark got up and left. The three of us stood there in awkward silence for a few seconds, until Amy said, “Melissa, did you want to use the shower first? I can wait in your room until you’re done.”

“Don’t be silly,” Melissa said. “Our parents have a huge shower.” Laughing, she continued, “If you promise not to try anything, there’s plenty of room for two.”

Both of them giggled, and started to walk toward the staircase. Amy went right on up, but my stepsister hesitated. Flashing a mischievous grin, Melissa said, “You know, there’s also plenty of room for three.”

Without another word, Melissa scurried upstairs, leaving me wide-eyed and slack-jawed. I couldn’t believe that it was happening again! It really was! Not only was my gorgeous stepsister offering me an open invitation, but she had brought her best friend along. My knees were shaking, and my cock was already throbbing with anticipation. It was just too good to be true!

So why was I hesitating? I could hear the shower starting upstairs, but I still hadn’t moved. Before it felt like butterflies were fluttering inside of me. Now they felt like eagles. My heart was beating a mile a minute, and even though it was a little chilly, I was sweating profusely.

“You can do this,” I whispered to myself. “You’ll never forgive yourself if you don’t.”

Concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other, I began the trek up the stairs. I was so nervous that I was shivering the entire way. It would have been a different situation if it was only Melissa again, but with Amy in the mix, there was more pressure this time than there was the first.

After what felt like an hour, I finally reached the top of the steps. The door to the bathroom was only a few feet away, and the door was half open, steam from the shower seeping into the hallway. I could hear Melissa and Amy giggling and whispering from within.

Suddenly, Melissa called out, “If you’re just going to stand out there, we’ll have to get started without you.”

That was all I needed to hear. It was as if Melissa’s reassuring tease was filling me with enough confidence to continue. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip by. Not only was I going in there, but I was going to get as much enjoyment from it as I could. Holding back would be stupid. I couldn’t count on a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity coming a third time.

I walked into the bathroom, and closed the door behind me. If possible, I got even harder at the sight that greeted me. Melissa wasn’t lying about getting started without me. The glass door of the shower was wide open. Amy and my stepsister were already kissing, running their hands up and down each other’s bodies. Melissa looked as perfect naked as I remembered, and Amy made me think that a centerfold had jumped right out of a magazine. The water was cascading off of their nude forms, dripping all over their amazing bodies.

I approached the shower, kicking off my shoes, and pulling off my socks as I went. Melissa and Amy stopped kissing just as I took off my shirt. I froze at their sudden attention, wondering if I had done something wrong. The two of them were standing in all their naked glory, staring holes into me. I wasn’t sure what to do next.

“Well,” Amy said, pointing at my jeans. “We’re waiting.”

Letting out a long breath, I started to unzip my pants. Melissa and Amy watched with full attention as I removed the last of my clothing, freeing my massive erection. My cock came bouncing out when I dropped my boxers, and the two wet goddesses smiled with approval. Their eyes flashed with hunger as they pulled me into the shower.

Amy immediately started kissing my lips, slipping her tongue into my mouth, and Melissa began working on my neck. It was like instantly stepping into heaven. With my left hand I massaged Amy’s tremendous breasts, and used my right hand to finger Melissa’s pussy. I pushed all thoughts of doubt and insecurity to the back of my mind, deciding to throw caution to the wind.

I wrapped my arms around both of them, and pulled them close. I tilted my head, and the girls bahis siteleri moaned as I took turns licking and sucking on their nipples. As my mouth worked at their tits, my hands roamed all over the rest of them. I let out an appreciative grunt when they returned the favor, smoothly brushing their fingers over my manhood. Their pussies were already slick and wet, and it wasn’t from the shower water.

“You told me he was shy,” Amy said, panting heavily.

Melissa chuckled, and said, “I guess I’m having an affect on him.”

I pulled them even closer, and silenced them with a long deep kiss, all of our lips coming together at the same time. All thoughts of being timid had vanished. I put my left hand on the back of Amy’s head, and my right hand on the back of Melissa’s. I gently pushed them to their knees, bringing them face to face with my waiting cock.

It was obvious what I wanted, and they were more than happy to oblige. They brought their lips to either side of my cock, tenderly kissing their way up and down my shaft. I almost let my eyes roll back in ecstasy, but decided that this was too good of a show to miss. Two of my childhood crushes, and the most popular girls in town, were on their knees, ready and willing to do anything I wanted.

They slid their lips to the top of my dick, and slapped it repeatedly against their tongues. They put the head of my penis between their mouths, and started to passionately kiss one another. I groaned loudly as I humped back and forth within their smacking lips.

I took hold of Amy’s hair, and directed my cock into her mouth. My bulging hard-on dipped itself into her warm sucking embrace, and Melissa turned her attention to my balls. Amy’s hands were rubbing against my stomach and up to my chest, while Melissa’s hands rubbed my thighs and my ass.

I pulled myself away from Amy, and gave Melissa her turn to suck. Neither of them missed a beat as Melissa bobbed her head on my dick, and Amy juggled my testicles with her roving tongue. They continued to giggle and moan with delight as they shared my pulsating member. I was amazed at how long I was able to last during my first blowjob, and was intent on lasting longer for the second.

I gave a light tug to Melissa’s hair, removing myself from her mouth. I took a few seconds to calm the buildup of my climax. After I felt comfortable with continuing, I grabbed the back of Amy’s head, and drove my cock into her anxious mouth. She sucked vigorously, and gazed deep into my eyes as I pumped her face. Melissa seemed to be turned on by the way I was taking charge, using her hands to help push Amy’s head farther down my shaft. Like I thought she had done earlier, Melissa gave me a wink.

My dick popped out of Amy’s mouth, and she started to gasp for breath and laugh at the same time. If these girls liked to be dominated, I wasn’t going to let them down. I plunged my cock into Melissa’s face, and gave her the same treatment. She sucked on me like a vacuum, taking me even deeper than Amy had managed to. Neither had taken the entirety of my shaft, but I was saving that for the finale.

Melissa tried to devour my cock for nearly a minute before Amy teased, “Stop hogging that lollipop you whore!” We all chuckled as Melissa released my cock from her silky soft lips. “It’s my turn for a taste!”

“Both of you can have a turn,” I said, stroking Amy’s cheek. I lifted my cock, and gently fisted it as the two girls gobbled away at my balls. It felt incredible to have them making out with my sack as I took the opportunity to calm my orgasm again. They looked up at me and batted their eyes innocently, awaiting my next move. I thought that my first blowjob had been amazing, but this one was on a whole new level.

“You girls ready to take it all?” I said.

Melissa nodded obediently and let her jaw hang open, while Amy grinned sheepishly, and said, “I’ll try.”

I went to Melissa first, knowing that she wouldn’t let me down. She sucked eagerly as I started to feed her my cock, just like I had done the first time. I put one hand on the back of her head, and the other beneath her chin. Amy watched in awe as Melissa engulfed the entirety of my manhood. My entire body was tingling with pleasure, a warm sensation running through me. I fucked my stepsister’s face with a steady rhythm, maintaining eye contact throughout. I could see that she was enjoying it as well. I now knew that she loved sucking me, and would do it whenever I so bahis şirketleri much as asked. She devoured my cock with the intensity of a true slut, but also with the love of a sister.

I had to pull away to stop myself from cumming. After all, Amy was waiting on her knees as well, hoping to satisfy a craving of her own. When I gazed down into her eyes, I didn’t see the wanton enthusiasm that Melissa had, I saw a timid, yet curious, hesitation. That turned me on more still, because if she didn’t think she could deepthroat me on her own, I would have a lot of fun helping her.

I gripped Amy’s head like I had Melissa’s, and invaded her mouth with my raging hard-on. I moaned with excitement as I pushed my cock down her wet sloppy throat. Her eyes bulged, and she started to gag when she had taken only half of my cock. She laughed again as she caught her breath, so I decided to make her take it a bit more seriously. With a swift thrust, my cock slid past the halfway point, and she choked for a second time. Instead of giving up, she opened her lips as wide as she could, inviting another plunge. Again and again I drove my dick into her drooling mouth, forcing my way deeper and deeper.

I grunted happily as I finally felt Amy’s chin bouncing against my balls. I fucked her throat wildly, feeling a strong sense of power rushing through me. Her eyes filled with tears, but she continued sucking me like a pro. When I drove my cock as far as it could get, I held her head in place, enjoying the fact that I was owning this beautiful girl’s throat.

“That a girl,” Melissa said, urging her friend like a cheerleader.

“Now lick my balls,” I told her.

Amy sputtered slightly as she slid out her tongue, and flicked it against my scrotum. Both of these perfect women had taken me completely and utterly, and now, I was going to give them what they had earned.

“Are you two ready?” I said, freeing my cock from Amy’s heavenly mouth.

They tilted their heads upward, showing me their excited, smiling faces. I considered letting them finish me with their hands, but decided that I wanted to do the aiming myself. I jerked my cock to a quick and tremendous climax, unleashing the biggest load I could remember seeing. The first shot splashed right on Amy’s forehead, and the second exploded into Melissa’s cheek. I went back and forth, trying to paint a money shot masterpiece on both of their faces.

One stream of cum launched over Amy’s head, and streaked into her hair. Another blast forced Melissa to close her left eye. Jet after jet of thick white cum went flying all over both gorgeous women. The geysers of sperm coated their faces, dripped down their chins, and fell to their breasts. Neither would stop giggling and gasping as I plastered them with the last vestiges of my orgasm.

“Oh my god!” Amy said. “You completely covered us!”

Wiping the cum from her eye, Melissa said, “They must’ve felt really fucking good.”

Like the first time Melissa had blown me, I could only grunt my approval. Amy proceeded to clean the cum and saliva that remained on my shaft, and Melissa delivered a series of gentle kisses to my balls.

“How does it taste?” I said.

Amy licked a glob of cum off of Melissa’s cheek, and in turn, Melissa licked a few splatters of semen from Amy’s tits. Then they started to kiss each other, dripping pools of sperm from mouth to mouth.

The little amount of cum that escaped their thirst fell to the shower floor. I rubbed my cock, and watched the semen as it swirled down the drain. I let out a long sigh, and leaned against the wall. As I looked down at their exquisite faces and bodies, covered with layers of my seed, I couldn’t remember ever feeling like more of a man. My stepsister and her best friend had just given me the greatest blowjob a guy could ask for, and best of all, whether they knew it or not, they were about to do it again.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I had gotten a lot of great feedback for the first “Stepsucker” story, and would like to thank everyone for their comments. I wrote the story sometime last year, and received steady feedback for several months. Eventually, the feedback seemed to disappear, but earlier today I got another one that finally inspired me to do a sequel that I never intended to write. The guy said that “Stepsucker” was his favorite story on Literotica, and he has been waiting for almost a year to see if I would write more. Anyway, I decided to fulfill his flattering request. Feel free to leave feedback to this sequel as well. If the response is good enough, who knows? Maybe this will become a trilogy next year (but hopefully sooner this time). Thanks for reading.


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