Straight Boy Makes Money

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Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.

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The Seed is Planted

“So, what are your plans this weekend?” Harvey asked his girlfriend whilst on the phone to her.

“Not sure, I think we are going out on Friday night.” Daisy told him.

Daisy went to university a few months ago, which Harvey was so proud of her for doing, but he missed her and although he tried to hide it, he got jealous knowing she was out drinking a lot and he worried about other guys around her.

“Sounds like fun.” Harvey bluntly replied.

“When are you next coming to visit me?” She asked, picking up on his bad mood about her enjoying herself.

“I’m not sure, maybe next weekend?” Harvey asked.

“Maybe, I am performing next Saturday.” Daisy replied having joined the cheerleading team, which just made it even harder for them to meet up. Harvey worked a Monday – Friday job so only his weekends were free, but Daisy had cheerleading most weekends.

“Oh okay, just let me know.” He replied annoyed.

“I should get going, I love you.” Daisy said, getting tired of Harvey always being in a bad mood with her.

“I love you too.” Harvey replied and they both put the phone down.

Lying back on his bed, Harvey was annoyed, what made it worse was how horny he was. Before going to university, Daisy and Harvey were having sex constantly. He’s only been able to see her once since going to university and he was definitely missing it.

Harvey worked hard at the gym and knew he had a good, toned body. He wasn’t the tallest, but he loved how much Daisy almost drooled over his abs. But right now he wasn’t getting any attention at all.

For a few weeks he has been contemplating going to online chat rooms to get his fix, except he always considered that as cheating. But tonight, his mind was changed. Annoyed by how much fun Daisy was having without him and in need of relief Harvey decided to find a chat room and find a woman he can talk dirty with.

It’s only online chatting, completely anonymous, no harm in that. He thought.

After flicking through a few, Harvey went onto one called Adult18+. Signing in as a guest, all he had to put was his age, 19 and sex, male.

Within a few minutes he had 5 messages pop up. The first two read.

“Hey boy, are you horny for some older cock?”

“I’d love to suck on that young dick right now!”

Harvey quickly deleted these, the rest were similar, except for the last that just said.

“Hey, how are you?”

Harvey saw that it was a male so he exited it. Looking through everyone online there must have been only a handful of females on there.

When suddenly another message came up.

“Hi there, what are you up to?”

It was from another male, but Harvey was getting frustrated and replied back.

“Is this a gay chat room? It’s only men!”

The person replied back.

“No but it is mainly just men, not too many women come onto here. Are you not into men at all?”

Harvey typed back.

“Nope, only women.”

Harvey was in complete shock at the next message off this man.

“I like straight boys. If you’re looking to make some money I’ll pay for photos and videos.”

Harvey read the message a few times, not expecting this at all! Although for a moment he thought he could make some easy money, he realised how stupid that idea was! This could be someone trying to scam him or hack him somehow. There were a million reasons to not do it, so he replied back.

“No. Sorry.” And then blocked him.

For the next half hour Harvey messaged a few of the women on there and got no reply. Deleting every man that messaged him, eventually he gave up and went off the app.

Well, that was a shit experiment. He thought.

Instead, he did as he normally does and started watching lesbian porn instead. After another thirty minutes of watching, Harvey came and cleaned himself up before getting into bed.

The next morning Harvey got up and started to get ready for work. He shared an apartment with his friend Tom who had stayed out last night.

That day at work, Harvey flicked on his phone looking for other chat rooms. Then the request off that stranger came into his head.

Could I make money for photos and videos online?

Harvey knew that people did this sort of thing online and made a lot of money. He could just do some wanking videos or something, even if it just gets him a little bit of money and he knows he loves to get compliments on his body. He would just never show his face and only show his dick, even if only a few people did it he could still earn a bit of money and have a little fun. Then with the money he get’s he could spend it on taking Daisy out and hopefully get their relationship back to where it was.

When he was finally home, Harvey had dinner with his roommate. Then Tom said he was going to his mums for the night and Harvey went to his bedroom and went back onto the chatroom.

Luckily Bostancı Escort for him, he saw the user that messaged him about paying for videos. Harvey messaged him.

“Hey, I am open to sending photos and videos. But I want it on a secure platform so I know you aren’t dodgy.”

The man replied back almost instantly.

“That is fair, I understand that you can never be too careful. Have you heard of the app NoodMe?”

“No I’ve not.” Harvey replied.

“Download it. Tell me when you have.” He replied.

Harvey found the app on his phone and downloaded it. It only took a few minutes until it popped up that it was done.

Asking him to fill in the profile, Harvey chose a fake name so that no one could ever know it was him and then filled in the details.

Account Name: Str8John

Age: 19

Height: 5 foot 9

Body type: Toned

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Then it asked if he was a Watcher or a Player. Harvey thought it was worded strangely but he clicked Player. Then it loaded him to write a little in his bio. Wanting to keep it vague but have enough to get a few followers he wrote.

“Straight guy here, looking to show a little of myself for anyone that is interested. I am toned, 5inch cock and up for a lot of fun!”

Then it asked him to upload a profile photo. Harvey knew there was no way he was putting his face on there, he also didn’t want his body there for anyone to see just in case anyone recognised him. So he just put a photo of his hard cock.

After that, he had to verify that he was real. It required Harvey to take a picture of his face and holding a piece of paper that had written on it, “NoodMe” and then his user name.

As soon as he read that Harvey knew this was the end of the experiment. He had no intention of letting a photo of his face and that being uploaded anywhere. Just before clicking cancel he saw a little bit of writing at the bottom.

“This photo is to verify yourself as real and will only be saved on the NoodMe profile, but law no one else will be able to view this.”

Putting Harvey at ease, he thought, Fuck it And did the photo.

It took an hour to be accepted but soon he had a notification to say he was verified.

He messaged the man back on the chatroom.

“Got it.”

“Good, send me a friend request. MrGTop” He repled.

Harvey searched the name and saw his profile come up. Clicking on him his profile read.

Name: MrGTop

Age: 56

Height: 6 foot 3

Body Type: Muscular

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Then his bio read:

I am an older top. I enjoy young men that I can bend to my will and who will do everything I ask. Obey and you will be rewarded.

Harvey was a little shocked by the bio, although he saw that he was verified so he decided to add him. As soon as it was accepted Harvey received a message.

MrGTop: Hi John.

Str8John: Hi.

MrGTop: Send me a video link.

Harvey had a look on how to send it, still getting used to the set up of this app. But he wanted to make sure he was going to get money for this.

Str8John: How do I know you will send me the money?”

MrGTop: When you send the link it will ask how much you want to charge. Put it at £20 for an hour and I will pay it. The money goes to your NoodMe account which you can draw into your actual bank.

Harvey went to send the video link and saw where it asked how much to charge. Putting in £20, Harvey sent the link.

As he was waiting, he held it phone so that it was only showing his crotch, making sure to not get anything personal in the background.

Then it popped up, “connected.” Then he could hear the voice of the man he was on video to, something that he wasn’t expecting.

“Good boy, why are you still dressed?” He asked, his voice low and dominant.

Harvey couldn’t speak, he was panicking, what if this person recognised his voice? Instead, he silently moved one hand to unbutton his jeans, as he did the man spoke again.

“Talk now!”

Instead, Harvey pulled up the chat box and messaged him, making sure to keep the camera on his crotch.

“I don’t want you to hear my voice.”

Then he heard the man’s voice again.

“Go onto your settings, you can distort your voice slightly. Make it higher pitched so you sound like a little boy.”

Harvey easily found this setting and then it gave him the option to hear his new, distorted voice. It was only slightly more high pitched but it was no longer obviously his voice.

Back on the video, Harvey finally spoke.


“Good boy, now get undressed.” The man said.

“Okay.” Harvey whispered, sticking his phone onto a cabinet as he stood up, only his stomach and down to his knees were in view.

“You will address me as Sir.” He said.

“Y-yes sir.” Harvey replied as he slowly got undressed.

Not long after, Harvey stood completely naked on camera, not quiet believing he was doing this. Although, his cock was rock Ümraniye Escort hard.

“Good boy, you have a great body.” The manly voice said.

Just hearing that send a little shiver of pleasure through Harvey’s body. Surprising himself with being so turned on by this.

“Now, wank that hard cock for me.” He ordered.

“Yes sir.” Harvey replied, gripping onto his hard cock he slowly moved his hand back and forth. A moment of wanking later a loud ring came onto his phone and he saw a message pop up.

“MrGTop has sent you £5.”

“That was your reward for following instructions.” He said in his deep voice.

“Thank you sir.” Harvey said, amazed at how easily he has just made £25!

“Rub one finger along your head, spread your precum around for me boy.” Sir ordered.

Harvey did as he was told, slowly moving his fingertip around the head of his cock. Feeling his precum spreading around and sending pleasure through his body.

“Now lick it clean.” Sir ordered.

This was too far, Harvey replied back nervously.

“No, sorry I’m not into that.”

“Disappointing, what if I sent you another £10 for it?” Sir asked.

Harvey was definitely tempted, but the idea of tasting his own precum outweighed that argument so he replied.

“No sir, I’m sorry.”

“Okay, get back to spreading that precum over your hard cock.” Sir ordered.

Harvey did as he asked, his hand was now soaked in his precum as he started to wank his cock a little faster.

“So, you’ve never thought about being with a man?” Sir asked.

“No, I haven’t sir.” Harvey replied.

“You just like having older men getting off looking at your sexy body?” Sir asked.

“I… I just wanted the money.” Harvey replied honestly as he kept wanking his dripping cock.

“Interesting.” Sir replied.

Harvey kept wanking his cock, something about knowing someone is watching him seemed to turn him on more and he was letting out quiet moans. That was when he could hear the deep moaning of the man watching him, clearly wanking as well.

“Tell me about yourself.” Sir ordered.

Harvey was hesitant to tell him anything too detailed, as he carried on wanking he told him.

“I work as an Admin and I have a girlfriend.”

“Oh, does she know what you are up to?” He asked back.

“No she doesn’t, she is at university.” Harvey told him.

“So she is off having fun whilst you are being a little slut for an older man?” Sir asked.

Harvey was shocked at that, not only was he surprised to be called a slut, but his body reacted in what can only be described as delight.

“Well boy? Do you like being a little cam slut for me?” Sir asked.

Harvey stayed quiet, not wanting to join in further in this dirty talk. He had hoped it would just be silently wanking and he would get some money. But then another bell rang and he saw that another £5 was put into his account.

“Tell me now!” Sir ordered.

“Yes sir, I like it.” Harvey replied, thinking this was the easiest money he has ever gotten.

“I wonder if your girlfriend is being a slut like you right now.” Sir said.

Harvey definitely did not like this, he was upset enough about not seeing Daisy and he didn’t want the thought of her being with other men in his head. When Harvey didn’t reply, the man spoke again.

“But that doesn’t matter now, right now you are doing what I tell you.”

“Yes sir.” Harvey said, happy to change the subject.

“Sit down and spread your legs.” Sir ordered.

Harvey did as he was told, sitting on his bed but making sure his face was out of the shot. He spread his legs and kept his hand slowly wanking his cock.

“Mmm good boy, now spread that precum around those smooth balls.” Sir ordered.

Harvey rubbed his finger over his cock head again, making sure to get it soaking wet before slowly tracing his shaved balls all over. Sending sparks through his body as he tickled them.

I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying myself! Harvey thought.

“Now back to wanking slut!” Sir ordered.

There it was again, being called a slut. Harvey didn’t know why but he let out a little moan at the word and started to wank his cock faster.

“Good boy, do you want to cum for me?” Sir asked.

“Yes.” Harvey moaned back quietly.

“I want you to cover yourself in cum, all over those hard abs for me.” Sir moaned back, clearly enjoying the video.

“Yes sir.” Harvey moaned.

He leant back slightly, his chin was just in the shot and he made sure not to go any further. Then he closed his eyes and kept wanking. Although all he could hear was the loud moans coming from this older man, Harvey pictured Daisy, or the lesbian porn he had watched the other day. His orgasm building up more and more.

“That’s it slut, cum for me. Cover yourself in your young cum like a good boy.” The man ordered.

“Fuuuckkk.” Harvey whispered when his body shook and he felt load after load of cum firing out of his hard cock, landing straight onto his chest and abs.

His Anadolu Yakası Escort body was shaking all over as this amazing orgasm wrecked through him.

“Good boooyyyyyy.” The man moaned who was clearly cumming as well.

Harvey kept squeezing his cock, getting every last drop of cum out as his orgasm was slowly dying down. His hand was covered in cum and his light head was slowly going.

“Now lick it all clean.” The man ordered.

Now that he had cum, Harvey’s senses returned and he knew this had gone too far. Without saying anything he stood up and turned off the camera and left the app.

I can’t believe I just did that! I just wanked on camera for a man! Havey thought. Going to the bathroom he cleaned all of the cum off of him.

Then something unexpected happened, getting back to his room he looked at his phone and saw a notification from NoodMe, MrGTop had sent him another £10 with a message saying.

“Good job, but don’t you ever leave me again like that.”

Harvey closed the app. His head was confused about what he had just done but he just accepted that he made a bit of money, with no intention of every doing it again.


Pushed a Little Further

Harvey went to work as normal the next day, when he woke up he took the money from his NoodMe app and then deleted it. Vowing to never use it again.

He went to work as normal and didn’t give it a second thought.

It was later that night when Harvey got home, Tom wasn’t back yet and he decided to call Daisy.

“Hey hun, how’re you?” He asked.

“Yeah good, sorry I can’t chat long.” She replied with a distracted laugh, clearly busy.

“What are you doing?” Harvey asked her, annoyed that he can never have her full attention.

“Just having a little party, how was your day?” She asked although her voice was clearly not that fussed.

“It was good, I just miss you.” Harvey told her.

“I miss you too but I have to get going. Speak to you soon.” She said and then put the phone down.

What the fuck?! Harvey was raging. He barely gets any time with her now and she hangs up on him like this! He was growing more and more tired of the way she was treating him.

She was having a party, what if other men were there? What if she was cheating on me? How do I know what she is doing?!

Not being able to think about anything other than Daisy potentially cheating on him, Harvey went to the gym to work out his frustration.

When he got home he was a sweaty mess. Eating his dinner with Tom, he hoped into the shower and finally got into bed.

Trying to distract himself further, Harvey put in his headphones in and started to watch some lesbian porn. Except it wasn’t distracting him enough, he was watching the videos but he could still only think of Daisy.

He was able to force an orgasm out, but it was no good. Cleaning himself up, Harvey tried to go to sleep which was hard through his annoyance.

Harvey eventually got to sleep, although it was in the early hours of the morning. Thankfully it was Saturday and he had no plans so he could have a lie in.

When he got up, he played on the PlayStation with Tom for a few hours before he went out with his girlfriend for the day.

As soon as he was alone, Harvey’s thoughts went back to Daisy. Needing to find a way to distract himself, his thoughts went back to the NoodMe app.

Without giving him time to second guess himself, he redownloaded the app and logged back in.

He noticed two things. First was a message from MrGTop and second, he had a friend request from a profile called “ProfessorMike”

Accepting the request first and then reading his message. MrGTop had said.

“Let me know when you next want to make some money. I have some ideas.”

Harvey typed him a message back.

“Hi sir. Are you free? I need some distraction and some money.”

After 20 minutes, Harvey didn’t have a reply. Then he got a message from ProfessorMike.

“Hi there John. I like the look of your profile, do you have discussions with men?”

Although Harvey still had no intention of having long conversation with men, if he could get distracted and make some money he replied back.

“Hi ProfessorMike. I am straight, but I am happy to help please men.”

Before he got a reply, MrGTop sent him a message.

MrGTop: I am not free until tonight. But I have a task for you if you are interested. I will pay of course.

Str8John: Sounds interesting, what is it?

MrGTop: I will send you £20. I want a video of you completely naked, at your window with your legs spread, facing the window as you wank and cum.

Harvey was taken back by this, he had heard of people being interested in public sex acts but it wasn’t something he was interested in. However, he was on the second floor of their apartment building and looking out, there wasn’t many people around.

Deciding that he would do it, Harvey replied.

Str8John: Okay.

MrGTop: Okay, the money will get sent to the app now but it wont transfer to your account until I have the video and have approved it.

Harvey did think he could take the money and not make the video, but I suppose this was to keep this MrGTop from getting ripped off as well. So he replied.

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