Straight Invaded Pt. 01

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I was a 52-year-old happily married father when my world turned upside down in an instant. My wife and I had been planning a vacation for several months with my 17-year-old daughter. We were going to spend 16 days with her parents in the Bahamas, fishing, skiing and hanging on the beach. We were leaving on Friday evening returning 2 weeks later, on Sunday. It was going to be the longest vacation I had ever taken. I am a National Sales Manager for a large company and was never willing to take that many days away from work. It was the summer before my daughter’s senior year and may be the last chance for a long vacation together.

I was in the office early on Friday to wrap things up before leaving, when a friend of mine from our largest customer called and told me his management team was no longer happy with our service and were ready to shift 100% of their business to our competitor. After much groveling and assuring him we valued them as a customer, he shared some information regarding what he thought it would take to turn things around. They felt our Account Manager was taking them for granted and they could see a significant cost savings with our competition.

I convinced them to give us one week to come in with a new plan to retain the business, increase our service and reduce costs. There was no way to get more time, so I would have to skip the vacation. I was able to convince my wife to go without me with the promise I would join them in exactly 1 week and finish out the vacation with them.

I arranged for my management team to come in Saturday afternoon to begin the recovery plan for our number one customer. My plan was to have a draft done by Tuesday to review and finalize on Wednesday. We would have dinner with our customer Thursday night and deliver the pitch on Friday morning. I would jump on the plane Friday evening and catch up with the family and have 8 days together. I got home Friday evening, dropped my family at the airport and returned to a quiet empty house.

It had been a really long day and I just wanted to relax and get a good night’s sleep. I grabbed a beer and a microwave dinner; my head was spinning with the day’s events. I had to fire my account manager since his largest account was not willing to work with him any longer. He had worked for me for 7 years, had a wife and 3 kids. It was the hardest thing I think I had ever done. I realized I would need more than beer, so I got out the bottle of high end tequila I had brought back from a business trip to Mexico.

Four shots later I was still too wound up to even think about sleep. I found my wife’s old Ambien prescription, took one and dusted off the Jet tub in the bathroom. The Jacuzzi tub would surely relax me. I made it about as hot as I could stand it, turned on the jets and climbed in. The jets on my neck were great, and I could feel the tension leaving my body. I turned my body to let the jets work their magic on other parts of my body. After a few moments the hot stream rushed over my cock, causing it to stir, bringing back memories of my teen years.

My parents bought a hot tub and put it in our basement. Whenever I was home alone I would get naked in the hot tub and let the jets pulse the sweet spot on the head of my cock until I blew my wad in the hot tub. It was the closest thing to a blow job I ever got at 15 years old. I would have some of the strongest orgasms of my life (at that time), as those magic jets brought me off without having to do the work myself.

Here I am 37 years later about to do it again. I snapped out of it and told myself I did not need to masturbate any more, I am 52 years old dammit! I laid back and relaxed with my dick pointing up at me, I closed my eyes and drifted off. Sometime later I woke up, the water, noticeably cooler and it was completely dark outside. I climbed out of the tub and dried off. (my dick still half hard). I was feeling better and thought, I can get some sleep and be productive tomorrow. I really believed, for the first time, we could save this customer. I looked at my naked body in the mirror thinking, I looked damned good for my age. I gripped my cock, shook it at my reflection and did a Tim the tool man grunt. Thinking I got this!

I dropped my towel, strutted naked into my dark bedroom, when my heart stopped as I glanced a silhouette of a man in the bedroom doorway. Suddenly the silence was shattered as he yelled, “Freeze!”

I stopped, swaying, trying not to faint from shock. I stammered, “P,P,Please, take whatever you want…just don’t hur…”

He yelled louder, “Sit your ass on the bed and don’t move…Don’t speak and maybe you will get out of this alive!”

While he spoke 2 more men stepped in the doorway behind him. As I sat down on the edge of the bed, I tried to subtly get a look at them, but it was difficult in the darkness. I could see the first one had what looked like black jeans, a long sleeved black T-shirt, and a dark ski mask. I noticed the others were wearing hoodies and baggy pants, and probably had masks also. As I was trying Betturkey to sneak a look, he lunged toward me, he raised his arm up quickly and brought it down with lightning speed. I could not tell what was in his hand as there was a sudden shot of pain across my back, as the snap of a belt shattered the silence.

He growled, “If you want to live, sit there, stare at the floor, don’t move, don’t speak!” As he shoved the belt against my cheek, he added, “Nod if you understand.”

I nodded obediently. I was sitting with my hands clenched between my legs, looking straight down at my lap. I was shaking uncontrollably as I noticed my penis had retracted like a turtle head pulled into its shell.

The belt was shoved into the side of my head as he repeated, “I said, don’t move!”

As I began to breathe deeply, trying to stop shaking, and think about a plan to get free, he began sigh and rock back and forth nervously. I thought about trying to talk to him and see if I could calm him down, but my back was still reeling from the lashing with the belt. I did not want to take a chance at angering him. He sighed heavily, and I detected motion again as the sting of the belt exploded on my cheek and temple. I let out a half grunt and half scream, as I brought my hand up to the area of pain.

“Well, Hell!” He exclaimed. “What the fuck are we going to do with you? This place was supposed to be empty tonight!”

He grabbed the person to his right and pushed him forward until he stood a couple of feet in front of me. I could see his feet as I stared at the floor. I dared not look up.

The leader spoke again, “Number 3 will stay with you while number 2 and I get the stuff and load up the car. If you move he will whip you. If you speak he will tase you.” The darkness was shattered, by the spark of a taser.

He continued, “Nod if you understand.”

I nodded sheepishly. The other 2 turned and left the room. I sat there trying not to move for so long it began to hurt. My body guard was shuffling nervously the entire time. I thought about trying to talk but did not want to experience a taser. I slowly tried to tilt me head up to see if eye contact might help. Thwack! Pain shot across my back again.

He commanded, “Lay face down on the bed. And I mean face down!”

I turned around quickly and lay face down, arms at my side, legs together. I lay there not sure what to do, hoping to God that the belt did not bite me again. Thwack! The belt snapped across my ass cheeks!

“You have been warned for the last time!” Thwack! Thwack!, Thwack!

I clenched with each hit. Tears leaked from my eyes. I lay with my face buried in the bed spread, naked defenseless, cold and afraid. The tears continued as I lay there motionless for what seemed like eternity.

I could hear the other 2 enter the room. I could see the light turn on. They shuffled around, and I could hear them whispering, but could not make it out.

Finally, the leader spoke up “Sit on the edge of the bed, look at the floor and do not move, do not speak!”

He continued as I sat up and looked at the floor. “We have a way that you can get out of this alive. If you do exactly as we command, without hesitation, without speaking, unless we tell you to, we have a plan that gives us insurance that you do not go to the police or even tell anyone we were here. If you do not follow orders, you will be punished. Nod if you understand.”

I nodded and stared at the floor. He moved in front of me. His hand rubbed up the back of my head, clutched a handful of my hair, pulling my head back until I looked into his eyes through his ski mask. His smile was like something from a horror movie. He rotated my head to the side. I could see the other thug in a grey hoodie and baggy sweats holding our video camera. He rotated my head to the other side and I could see the man that had been guarding me standing there, also in a mask, hoodie and sweats. His sweats had a tent in front from his half hard cock. His smile was downright devious.

The color left my face and my cock shriveled even more as reality hit home. I had to get out of this. I gently shook my head. He pulled me up to stand me up and look me in the eye.

He snarled as he spoke, “You fucked this night up so there is only one way for you to make it right. You were not supposed to be here. Not only do you show up, but you show up naked and get number 3 all excited. So, you are going to star in a little movie tonight…”

I could not help myself and cut in, “I have money! Please, I am not gay. I promise I will not tell!”

He yanked my head back and spun me around until I was facing the boner guy. Boner, punched me in the stomach. The air left my lungs as I doubled over. Before I knew what was happening, the leader pulled me down and lay me over his lap. He grabbed the back of my neck and shoved my head toward the floor. The belt cracked over my screaming ass over and over, the pain was intense.

Crying like a baby, I pleaded, “Ok! Please Betturkey Giriş stop!”

At least 10 lashes later, my ass on fire, he pulled my head up and grunted into my ear. “We own you cocksucker! Say it!”

Needing the pain to stop, I shouted, “You own me!”

As quickly as it began, he relaxed stood me up and sat me on the bed. He gently stroked the top of my head and smiled.

“Now you understand,” he said smirking at me.

He moved his hand to my cheek, knelt in front of me and brought his face so close our noses briefly touched.

He continued in a calm voice,” As I said, you are going to star in a little movie. You will do exactly as you are told and with much enthusiasm. You will service number 3 in any way he wants. If at any point he is not convinced you are enjoying being his bitch, the party is over, and we will leave no witnesses. He gripped the back of my neck again. If that happens, number 3 leaves unsatisfied. We know how to get in to your little palace. After your funeral, we may need to come back, so your lovely wife and daughter can service him!”

The rage and fear were too much, I began to cry, I lowered my head in submission and nodded.

He took in a deep breath and continued his orders with a smile of conquest, “OK, here is how it is going to go. Number 2 is the cameraman. When I say action, you will drop to your knees on floor, look up at number 3 and repeat the following lines.”

“I am a cocksucker. I have always been a cocksucker. I want to service your cock until you cum in my mouth.”

“Then you will help take his cock out for him and fulfill your destiny as a cock sucker. You will service him in any way he commands like you love it. When he is satisfied we will take the movie with us. If the police are in any way contacted, we will know, and copies of the movie will show up in every mail box in the neighborhood and in the mail to every member of you company board of directors. Look at number 3, nod, and give him a big smile if you understand”

I looked at the leader pleadingly. He just smiled and tilted his head toward number 3. Looking down, I could see his hard on was full on through his sweats. I just told myself to recall the great blowjobs I had seen in porn movies over the years. I would imagine being on the receiving end and get through this. As I noticed the wet spot at the peak of number 3’s tent, I put on a smile, looked him in the eyes (through his mask) and nodded my understanding.

His grin grew huge as he stepped back a couple steps eyeing me up. I had almost forgotten I was completely naked. My cock was still completely retracted.

Suddenly I was startled back to reality with the shout of “Action!”

As the cameraman zoomed out to get me into view, I froze for a second and then slid off the bed onto my knees. His wet spot was bigger. He was rocking his hips waving his tent from side to side. I crawled over until the wet tent was inches from my face. I could smell his pre-cum through the sweats. Oh no…what were my lines…

I looked up at him and began in a stronger voice than I imagined, ” I am a cocksucker. I was born a cocksucker. Please feed me that beautiful cock until you cum in my mouth!”

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the camera taking it all in. His breathing was heavy as he drooled down at me. He thrust his head toward the straining sweat pants in front of me and let out a grunt. In my mind I told myself it was my cock being serviced.

I reached up and grabbed the waistband of his sweats. His stomach was firm as I slid them slowly down. I had to pull them way out to clear his 8-inch rod. His underwear, came with it. I was face to face with the head of his hard cock. I remembered that my fantasy blowjob always had me completely naked below the waist, so I worked his sweats and underwear down to the floor. He willingly stepped out of his clothes.

As I worked my way back up I rubbed my hands gently up his muscular but smooth inner thighs. He sighed and squirmed as I slowly caressed my way up. My wife hardly ever licks my balls even though she knows I love when she does.

I inched my mouth closer to his balls letting my hot breath touch them first, caressing his thighs as close to his cock as I could get without touching. As my mouth got closer I could feel the heat from his sack. I noticed it was shaved! I looked up at him because the sexiest thing my wife had ever done was look up at me while working my balls with her tongue.

He was going crazy as I reached my tongue slowly out looking him in the eyes as I gently traced his hot balls with my tongue. His cock was at full attention waving as he wiggled longingly. His balls were so warm I was amazed. I stuck it out as far as I could, wiggled my tongue back and forth gently lifting his balls as my nose nuzzled against the base of his cock. I took a deep breath and could smell his manhood. I gently gripped the base of his cock. It was like gripping the hottest firmest banana, I ever felt. I continued to lick every inch of his nuts, wiggling my head back and forth, picking up speed and squeezing his hot dick firmly at the base. I was purposely not working the sensitive tip.

I heard the camera man pant, “Fuck he is a natural cock sucker. I am gonna blow just watching.”

I slowly pulled my head away keeping the grip on his steaming hard on. I looked at his pulsating dick head. It had a huge glob of pre-cum sitting on the tip. As I tilted the head toward me it began to drip off, I stuck out my tongue to catch it and brought it up to meet the underside of his cock head. It tasted sweeter than I imagined. As I rubbed his cock head back and forth across my outstretched tongue, the taste and the scent started a stirring in my cock that I could hardly believe. It was almost like honey. His cock was hot and hard like granite, but the skin was so smooth. I kept teasing it with my tongue. It was like every nerve in my body was electrified. My heart was racing, my breathing growing more rapid. My cock was coming to full attention. I could not wait another second to take him in my mouth.

As I backup to plunge it in, he pulled me violently by the hair and drug me to the bed. He was trying to throw me on the bed by my hair. I threw myself on the bed to lessen the pain. He forced me on my back and pulled me by the hair until my head hung over the edge of the bed. The camera man zoomed in on my boner, which was fading fast with the pain in my scalp.

He stepped forward and straddled my head. His shaved balls hanging down 3 inches below his cock. He lowered them to my lips as I kissed his left one and then his right. I brought my hand up and gently worked his hot nuts into my gaping mouth. I gently swirled my tongue around and around. He moaned and stood up as his balls popped like a champagne cork from my mouth. He lowered himself back down and began to grind his balls over my face, forcing my nose into his ass.

I gasped for a breath and got a nasty whiff of his asshole. After several minutes the smell was beginning grow on me. I was licking his balls, nose in his ass. He reached down and grabbed the back of my head, gyrated his hips pressing my eager tongue against his balls harder, forcing my nose into his ass. He pressed his thighs into my shoulder forcing my face and tongue against his asshole and balls. Then he stood up took a step back gripped his cock, lowered it toward my face. I could see more pre-cum starting to ooze. I stuck my tongue out, eagerly waiting for the sweet nectar.

“Beg for it cock sucker!” he ordered.

“Please let me suck your cock,” I whined. I was stretching my head toward his cock. I could feel my own hard on waving in the wind as I writhed toward his throbbing dick. I was so hard my cock was a full inch of my stomach as I lay on my back, extending my tongue toward his waiting cock. My neck was staining as he kept his meat just out of reach and my head hung off the bed. “Please cum in my mouth”, I pleaded as the camera zoomed in on my hungry face. He rubbed the head on my lips and pulled it away again.

“Are you ready to deep throat me cock sucker?” he growled.

“Yes please feed me your cum. I want it all!” I yelled.

He stepped up and shoved his head in my mouth. It was hard and yet the softest skin in the world. He bent down and spread his legs, so he could get low enough to throat fuck me. My head bent impossibly back his cock pushed into my throat. I struggle to relax my throat, so I would not gag. I got the feel of his rhythm and managed to suck in quick breathes of air between strokes. I could taste his cum when he pulled out before shoving back in. His balls were contracting as he was ready to blow. Again, he pulled out and stopped! I looked up at him wondering why he stopped so close.

He stepped to the side, bent forward and grabbed my leg inside the Knee, spun me around so my legs overhung the bed. I tried to sit up and he shoved me back down on the bed. As he stepped forward I unknowingly opened my legs wide, so he could step closer, surrendering my cock to him. My dick was throbbing and pointing right at me as l looked down toward him. He knelt and leaned in toward my aching dick.

I could feel his breath as his tongue slowly tickled my balls. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back and raised my hips to rub my sack on his hot tongue. He let off and then ran his tongue up my shaft, painfully slowly. As he rounded the head, he took my tool in his mouth. He ran my cock in his mouth until his lips hit my balls again. I moaned and pushed myself forward, knowing I would shoot in 3 or 4 thrusts. But after 2 times he pulled off and stood up!

He stood there as I raised my hips as high as I could, hoping he would relieve me. He did not. He leaned forward placing a hand on either side of my chest and slowly moved himself over me. As his face got close enough to mine to feel his breath on my face, he pushed up away from me, leaned on his right hand and took his left hand down to my raging hard on. He put his hand around both of our cocks. He began to pump his hips rubbing his cock against mine. I sighed, “Oh fuck please don’t stop. I need to cum so bad!” That was his queue to stop of course, leaving me to writhe and beg.

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