Strangers on a Train

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This was Ginger’s first time on a train (not counting subways) and her first time in Europe. She had arrived in Germany just a week ago, flying in from her home in Atlanta, Georgia. She had booked this trip on the spur of the moment late one night after finishing the latest Nicholas Sparks novel. She needed this getaway from work. From home. From the anniversary of a bad memory. A year ago she had ended a relationship with her boyfriend of almost two years, Danny. She had come to the depressing realization that Danny was not the romantic, caring and loving partner that he had portrayed himself to be when they met. The final straw was discovering that Danny had been trying to rekindle a romance with one of his ex-girlfriends. It had ended in a tense confrontation with Ginger demanding he return his key to her apartment and to forget her phone number and address because she never wanted to talk to him again.

A year had passed and Ginger had tried dating but she was negative and unwilling to commit and she knew it. Every guy she met she immediately assumed he was acting and she quickly imagined a month down the road and him no longer opening doors for her, no longer sending her cute text messages, no longer trying to be a partner. And with that scene playing in her head she always rejected anyone who showed interest in her. She missed having someone to share little things with. She missed having someone notice the little things about her that she took pride in. She missed human touch. She missed a man’s caress. She missed sex. She missed sex a LOT.

So one late night as she watched the Travel channel and finished off a pint of ice cream, she decided she was going to go away for a vacation. She booted up her laptop, clicked over to a European travel site and booked a train excursion on a luxury train that went from Munich, Germany to Paris, France and the back again with stops in between and time at both ends. She thought about asking her girlfriend Tabitha to go with, but decided she needed the alone time. She had landed in Munich on a Friday evening and arrived at the train station to find a beautiful old-world train waiting on the platform. Once aboard she was delighted with the real wood paneling, brass and velveteen appointments throughout the train. It was like stepping back in time when train travel was luxurious and exclusive. Her cabin was beautiful, lush fabrics, parquet paneling, and a lovely view out the window, traveling at a civil pace. The bed folded up into a very comfortable bench when not being used for sleeping. She loved everything about the train and her cabin and her trip so far except that she was feeling lonely and on those lovely nights as she looked out her window and felt the steady but subtle rumble of the train on the tracks, she longed to have a man touch her like she was having to touch herself.

She had gone to Paris, stayed over for a day but found the romantic nature of the city only made her melancholy having no one with who to share it. So as soon as the train was departing she had gotten back aboard for the return trip to Munich. Many others decided to stay over longer and would wait for the train to return in a week to pick them up and return them to Munich. And there were also many who boarded the train for their first time in Paris who would take the same trip but in the reverse order, Paris to Munich and back to Paris. Ginger sat in the lounge car at one of the little tables facing the boarding platform and sipped on a Grey Goose martini. She was wearing her favorite little blue dress that her friend Tabitha said she should wear any time she wanted every man in a three block diameter to be drawn to her like a sex magnet. Ginger had to admit it revealed her 36D breasts nicely and fell over her shapely hips perfectly, terminating several inches above her knees. She was wearing a great pair of five-inch black, strappy heels she had bought in Paris. She loved how they made her calves look and went perfectly with her authentic French pedicure she had treated herself to.

She knew she looked sexy. She knew the men in the lounge were stealing glances at her. She knew that she could drop the slightest hint and any of them would share her table and her cabin with her. She didn’t care. She was too preoccupied with shutting out the idea of a man. Which is why she didn’t notice him right away as he entered the lounge car.

Kurt had boarded the train in Paris. He found his way to his cabin, stowed his luggage and changed into a pair of black slacks and a white button up oxford. He put on his black wingtips, looked in the mirror, tousled his dark brown hair a bit and said, “Good riddance to Paris. You need a drink.” He made his way to the lounge car and found a seat at the small bar just as the train gently lurched as it departed the platform.

He ordered a Bourbon, double and neat and looked into the mirror behind the bar tender. He saw that he needed to shave. He saw that he looked like he needed to sleep. And he saw an amazingly gorgeous sandy-blond sitting at a table alone behind him wearing a blue dress and sexy heels that caused ataşehir escort bayan his pulse to pick up involuntarily. He could not resist and he turned around on the bar stool so he could see her directly. She was incredible. She sat there with her legs crossed, sipping on a martini. Minimal make-up, hair naturally wavy and down to the middle of her back. He wasn’t sure what it was about her, but he felt his manhood reacting and his mind was starting to conjure up what she would look like without that lovely dress. He was about to get up from his stool when she stood, finished off her drink, turned and walked out of the car. Kurt watched her hips sway and licked his lips as he watched her calves react to the tall heels. He contemplated following her. Then decided it was not the right time.

Then decided it was. He got up, paid for his drink and walked out of the car to follow her.

Ginger hadn’t noticed him when he came in the car. She hadn’t noticed him until he turned on his stool to ogle her. She at first felt irritated that another stupid guy was looking at her and thinking things that she would never in a million years give them the chance to carry out. Then she looked at him in the reflection of her window and he had an expression on his face that she liked. He was not smiling, that could be so creepy and she always hated it. But his face looked happy. He looked like he wasn’t just looking at her, but like he was trying to send her a telepathic thought, he was so focused. She felt something stir in her and she instantly was uncomfortable with it. So she did what she always did, she decided to leave. She knew he would not follow her. He had just arrived in the lounge and soon it would be full of beautiful women for him to pick from. And she had no doubt that he could have his pick from them. He was built well and stood at probably just a bit over six feet tall. He needed to shave, but she still found him very attractive.

She was thinking about what his chest might look like as she walked down the corridor to her cabin. She realized she was getting excited thinking about him. By the time she reached her cabin she was very horny. She opened the pocket door to her cabin, pulled it to and immediately sat down on her bench. She propped one leg up on the corner of her little table and opened her other leg wide. She reached up and started feeling her breast through the thin material of her dress, having worn no bra she immediately felt her large hard nipple and she pinched it between two fingers and closed her eyes, moaning. With her other hand she reached down between her legs and pulled her wet panties to the side and without hesitation pushed her lovely long middle finger into her tight little wet vagina. She thought of the man in the lounge car and imagined her finger was his tongue, pushing in and out of her. She rocked her hips and slipped her ring finger in beside her middle finger. She lay her palm on her clit and massaged it as she slowly moved her two fingers in and out of her pussy. She massaged her breast more roughly, tugging at her nipple. She imagined the man sucking her nipple and biting it. She was moaning loudly and gasping. In fact she was so loud that she had not heard Kurt when he had knocked on her not-fully-closed door. Nor had she heard him clear his throat to get her attention. Nor had she heard him walk in and close the door behind him. She was nearing orgasm when she opened her eyes to see him – the man she had seen in the lounge car, the man she was fantasizing about as she masturbated – standing there with his eyes shielded by one hand, the other stretched out and holding her purse.

She nearly leapt off the bench. She almost fell but the man caught her and she felt his strong hands grab her and steady her. “What are you doing in my cabin!” she demanded after getting herself settled and standing straight and as far from him as the small cabin’s confines would allow.

Kurt looked it and was embarrassed. “You left your purse in the lounge car and I was bringing it back to you,” he said. “I came to your cabin door and it was open. I knocked and called out but you sounded like something might be wrong so I came in to help.”

Ginger swallowed. Her pulse was racing. “How long were you standing there? How much did you see?”

Kurt wasn’t sure what to say. He had come in and watched her for only a minute. He was uncomfortable. He was upset that he had upset her. “I’m sorry,” he began. “I saw quite a bit.”

Ginger had a torrent of emotions flooding her right then. Oddly though one of them was NOT anger. She said nothing for a moment and thought about the situation. At the end of the moment she realized she had this man that she lusted for standing in front of her and the ice was clearly broken. She was horny. And she noticed by the front of his trousers that he liked what he had seen. She made a decision.

“Will you help me finish?” she asked him.

Kurt swallowed. Was she asking him what he thought she was? “Finish?” he asked.

“I need to cum so bad,” she said honestly and tried to keep her escort kadıköy want and emotion out of the tone of her voice.

Kurt made his decision quickly. “It would be my pleasure,” he answered.

“There are rules,” she said. “I don’t want to have sex, I just want you to touch me. Do you understand?”

“Sure,” Kurt said. “So I should just keep myself in my pants.”

“No!” she answered too quickly and forcefully for her own liking. “I want you to play with yourself while I watch and play with myself. And I want you to touch my breasts. I just don’t want you to enter me.”

Kurt was a bit taken aback by this very frank talk. But he was hardly going to refuse her rules. To answer he loosed his belt, unzipped and slipped off his trousers and walked over to the bench in his boxers.

Ginger reached out and hooked her thumbs on the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down. “You don’t need these,” she said as she watched his cock spring up just inches from her face as she slid his underwear down.

Kurt stepped out of his boxers and then sat down beside her. “My name is Kurt,” he said, not sure what else to say.

“I’m Ginger,” she told him. “And I want to take your shirt off.” She began unbuttoning his shirt and to her great pleasure, Kurt unzipped her dress as she did so. She felt his warmth as he leaned close to wrap his arms around her, getting access to her zipper. He smelled good. Like a man. He unzipped to the small of her back and she stood to let the dress fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and then sat down facing him, one leg on the floor, the other up and against the back of the bench.

Kurt reached out and touched her hard nipple, the one she had been playing with. She gasped lightly and pushed his shirt off of his other shoulder. He pulled his hand away and took off his shirt. Ginger immediately ran her long fingers through the hair on his chest and watched as he cupped her breast in one hand and slipped his other around the shaft of his very hard dick. She watched him jack his cock slowly while she moved her hand down to her hot, wet crotch and pushed her two fingers back inside. They were both breathing harder. She was watching Kurt stroke his cock and he was watching her finger herself. He was feeling her big breast, pinching the erect nipple. She was pawing his chest.

She was mesmerized by the sight of his cock and his stroking. She was feeling herself contract around her fingers. She was thinking of what his cock must feel like. She wanted it. She reached down from his chest and moved his hand away, replacing it with hers. She stroked it, felt the wetness of his pre-cum at the tip. She used it as lube as she stroked his dick harder. She looked up into his eyes. He was staring at her face. His cock felt so good in her hand. She wanted something else.

She leaned back and opened her legs wide. She pulled him as she did and he had to raise up to follow her. She leaned her back against the wall of the cabin and kept pulling him until he had to stand on his knees on the bench, between her legs. She pulled until his cock was just a couple of inches from her pussy, then stopped.

“I want to use your cock to masturbate,” she told him looking into his eyes. “Don’t try to push into me. Just let me use your cock.” She paused, then added, “Please.”

Kurt felt his cock throbbing in her pretty hand. “Use me,” he told her.

She moaned and he leaned closer. She grabbed his cock and pushed his swollen head over her hard clit and dragged it up and down across and through her soaking wet lips. She was moaning loudly and slowly moving her hips but trying to be careful not to move them too much and cause his cock to penetrate her. Kurt for his part was fighting the urge to thrust his hips and get his cock inside her warm pussy. It was extremely difficult and it was driving him crazy.

Ginger looked down as she manipulated this sexy man’s hard penis, fucking herself with it like she did with her dildo. He was so hard. And he was so good looking. And he was giving himself to her, allowing her to do whatever she wanted. She knew he wanted to be inside of her, but he was following her rules. The thought was making her more crazy. She started moving her hips more vigorously, feeling herself getting close to an orgasm. She felt the head of his cock push inside of her and she pulled back. Kurt groaned. He had felt the warmth for a second. Ginger saw what that did to him. She saw how much he wanted her. She saw him fighting it. She saw him holding doors open for her. She saw him sending her sexy little text messages during the day. She felt his hands on her body and she saw him as hers. She looked into his eyes, “Kurt,” she said.

He moaned in response. He could not talk.

“I want more,” she told him. “But there are rules.”

Kurt heard her. Some part of his mind registered the words. But he was having a hard time focusing. Between trying to remain standing and avoiding penetrating this beautiful woman while she rubbed his hard cock all over her wet pussy, and stare at and fondle the most beautiful breasts bostancı escort he had ever seen . . . Kurt was nearly in a trance. But he pulled himself together, so to speak, and looked into her eyes. She had stopped moving his cock and had it poised right at the entrance to her sweet sex. She was staring up at him, waiting for his response. He saw her breasts heaving up and down putting her excitement on full display. He knew she wanted him as strongly as he wanted her. And he wanted her so strongly that he would do anything she wanted.

“Whatever you ask for,” Kurt answered, “I will do.”

“Mmmmm,” Ginger never knew spoken words could make her moan. “I want you to know that the rules are subject to change without notice,” she said as she started slowly jacking his dick.

It was Kurt’s turn to moan, feeling her hand work the end of his straining dick. Maintaining eye contact with her he said, “You are my queen and I am your slave.”

Ginger nearly gasped. How did she get this lucky? She decided right then that she was going to do everything she could to make sure this man never forgot her or this evening.

“Finish undressing,” she told him but did not take her hand from around his cock. Kurt managed despite being held in place, taking off his wingtips and socks and sliding them in front of the door. Once he was standing before her completely naked, she reached over to her small bag and retrieved a digital camera, never breaking eye contact and continuing to lightly handle Kurt’s dick.

“Get down on your knees and lick my pussy,” she said softly, the deliberateness of the command and the command itself surprising her, but Kurt did not seem fazed. She had never been in this position, telling a man what to do and it was exciting her furiously.

Kurt had never had a woman tell him what to do like this. But he had never met a woman that stirred him like Ginger. Without even thinking about it, he got to his knees, Ginger finally releasing his cock, but not gently. She gripped it and he had to pull it from her grasp. She grinned and he cocked an eyebrow at her. She tilted her hip upward and inched to the edge of the bench to give him easy and full access. When Kurt lowered his head she splayed her knees apart as wide as she could manage. She watched as he opened his mouth and moved it to just a half an inch from her swollen pussy lips. She watched him as he looked up into her eyes. She felt the warmth of his breath. She bit her lip then raised her camera, flicked it to burst mode and snapped several pictures of Kurt’s mouth poised above her sex.

“Get your mouth on my pussy right now,” she ordered. And Kurt immediately obliged. Opening his mouth wide he placed her entire pussy in his mouth, his upper lip atop her hard clit, his lower lip pressed against her taint. “Oh yes,” she cooed. “Put your hand on your dick and keep it hard,” she told him. “Now eat my cunt, Kurt.”

Kurt reached down with his left hand and grasped his dick, slowly and lightly giving it attention. But it wasn’t really necessary. There was no way he was going to lose his hard. However, his queen had ordered it, so he complied. He saw her lean to the side to watch him comply and then snap several pictures of him obeying her. This was uncharted territory. And he was beyond excited.

Once he had his mouth covering her pussy, Kurt began very, very lightly licking up and down her swollen lips. Starting at the bottom, up over the edge of left lip, over her clit and down the right lip, circling the mouth of her sex. He felt her quiver slightly and heard her breath catch each time his tongue tripped over her erect clit.

Ginger was entranced by what Kurt was doing to her. She started taking pictures of the scene. She reached pinched and stretched her nipple with her other hand, snapping pictures of that as well. She realized she had started moving her hips in a circular motion in time with Kurt’s licking. She was feeling an orgasm building and needed it released.

“Oh my god,” she said much louder than she expected, “stick your tongue in me and fucking make me cum!”

Kurt immediately shoved his tongue inside, parting her lips and widening his tongue to touch the sides of her as he inserted it. He felt Ginger’s body shake. He felt her moan and heard it. She was cumming and Kurt had to take his hand off his cock to keep from cumming in response.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed. The orgasm wracking her body from her toes to the top of her head. “Kurt, I am cumming! Tongue fuck your queen! Suck up my juices!” She had no idea where this talk was coming from, she felt possessed by ecstasy.

Kurt reached up and took the camera form her hand and began snapping pictures wildly of the scene as Ginger shook and came. Wave after wave she came. Kurt continued to fuck her in and out with his tongue and suck her pussy in his mouth as he did so. His top lip pressed down firmly atop her clit he was massaging it while his bottom lip rubbed that sweet spot between her anus and the start of her slit. He was moving his lips in a motion that was slightly opening and closing them while he sucked. All the while driving his tongue in and out of her like a wide, wet, flat cock. He stole a glance up at her. Her sexy body quivering. Her eyes closing and opening. Her hands kneading her big, hard nipples and fondling her breasts frantically.

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