Strangers on a Train

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Amelia took a seat on an almost deserted train, she looked around her. There was a couple a few seats away, too deep within each others mouths to notice her. A man with his head stuck in a paper across the aisle from her and a woman looking into a compact mirror tidying her hair a few seats in front of her. She tried to decide who her next victim would be. Which would best enjoy what she had to offer. The couple looked far too into each other for her to join their party and the gentleman looked as old as her father. The woman though, hmmm. She had merit, but she thought she’d wait until the next stop to see if anyone else gets aboard that really fits her criteria.

Five minutes later the train pulled in at the next station and she spied her next victim, a tall handsome man, she put him in his early to mid twenties, he had dark brown, almost black hair and wore a high quality suit.

“Time to initiate stage one” she thought to herself and walked over to him dropping her handkerchief just behind where he was sat. She bent over to pick it up, letting her short skirt ride up and show him her perfect rounded ass cheeks. The fact she wasn’t wearing underwear left him breathless, and the fact that she had a virbrator strapped to her really excited him. She could already see the erection he so desperately tried to hide.

“Like what you see?” she asked as she turned around to face him.

“Oh yeah,” he said panting as she walked over and sat on his lap. “Want a closer more private look?”

All şişli escort the poor guy could do was nod as she dragged him off toward the privacy of the train toilet. Stage One was complete, onto Stage Two.

“Now I said closer look, not closer touch, you can watch me all you want but you can’t touch me, or yourself got that?”

He nodded as she started to rock the vibrator in and out of her pussy before bringing it out and running it under his nose.

“Like the smell of that baby?” He nodded then moved his head to try and lick the vibrator, he just wanted a little taste of what this woman wass like.

“Oh not yet baby, we’ll be in here for quite a while, you’ll have your taste of my pussy in due time.” She grabbed her purse and handed it to him. “You get to chose what I do next for you.”

The stranger just couldn’t believe his luck, a beautiful sensual young woman seducing him. He peered into her bag and pulled out some anal beads, wrapping them around his hand.

“Oh those are fun.. put some lube on my ass and I will insert them all for you,”

His eyes were out on stalks but he did as he was asked, not wanting to disappoint her. He just couldn’t believe it as she took one bead after another up her ass. The first went in so easily, but as they got bigger she had to struggle to make them enter her.

“Don’t worry baby, they’ll all fit, I’ve fit bigger things than these into my ass before, I love taking things in the ass. Maybe you’ll get lucky today. How would like escort bayan merter to feel your prick inside my hot asshole huh?”

“Right now I want to bury it in your dripping cunt and tease you with those beads,” he replied, straining against his pants.

“No, no, no,” she replied and dipped her hand in his pants, “Hmmm, not bad. I’d say about 8 inches.”

“Not bad?” he winked. “Come on baby let me show you just how big I am. Let me stick the hard thick cock so deep in your wet gorgeous pussy.”

“Not yet cowboy before you get to stick your cock in me, you get to stick your tongue and another one of my toys in me and get me off.”

He grinned and and looked in her bag once more, pondering over what to get this time. He looked up at her and back in the bag wondering if he was seeing things. [i]’Would she really use these in public? Why would she carry these with her?'[/i] He thought to himself?

“I see you found my nipple clamps,” she giggled. “That little box attached to the wires control the amount of current it puts through to them, these are my favourite.”

“Oh we’ll have to be used” he grinned attaching each clamp to her erect nipples turning them up to the level one for the moment. Then he dug back into her purse of wonders looking for one more thing for her before engaging on her assult.

He slipped the finger vibe on his little finger and pushed it to her cilt, it drummed rhythmically against her and she started moaning.

“Eat me, oh God istanbul escort bayan I need to feel your mouth on me your tongue inside me” she moaned loudly. She was sure everyone in the train heard her and she couldn’t have cared less, actually the thought of it just made her even hotter. “Make me cum for you baby, make me cum so hard for you.”

He pulled away from her and took his dick out of his pants, rolling a condom over the tip and down the side and plunged into her,

“Oh God, that’s it, right there, ohhh baby scratch that itch for me boy, deeper, to the left, right there!” She called out as she felt her orgasm nearing. “Oh God harder, pound me harder, all of you in me” she held onto the floor, pushing her hips onto his cock, riding him hard and fast. “Oh God!” she screamed out as she started to squirt her juices all over him.

He kept pounding away on her tight pussy until he was ready to climax.

“Are you ready beautiful?”

“Put that vibe back on my clit” she ordered and he obliged. “Turn it up to max power,”

He did as asked and pushed back into as far as he could, rocking them both into oblivion.

She cleaned herself up, gathered her toys and put them back in her bag. “Well thank you that was fun.”

He watched her walk out of the bathroom and back to her seat on the train as if nothing happened. He followed her out and took a seat opposite her. She already had her head stuck in a book and looked nothing like the vamp she had just portray. She looked up and smiled at him before putting the book in a different, larger bag. he wondered what secrets she kept in there. She winked at him as the train pulled into the next station. She got up leaving the train and her panties on the seat as a reminder to him of what had happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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