Stress relief with Sasha

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When Sasha was 16 she got her first job at the library reshelving books. She stood at 5’3 with perky B cup breasts and a nice round bottom. She loved to take her time shelving the bottom shelves so that the men could watch her bend over. When shelving the top rows she would stretch so that her shirts rode up and revealed her flat, caramel colored tummy. She was shelving one day when Jeremy walked up.

“Excuse me, could you help me find a book. It’s supposed to e here but i don’t see it.”

“Let me check my cart”

Sasha could feel his hazel eyes staring at her as she walked away. He stood about 5’7 with honey colored skin and a muscular build. Sasha figured him to be about 20.

“Wow, heavy reading,” she said holding up his book.

“Yeah, I need it for school”

“Ok. Well don’t study too hard.”

“Yeah whatever.”

“Hey. You don’t have to be rude. I didn’t have to help you”

“It’s your job.”

“No it’s not. I don’t have to help anyone. I only have to shelve books.”

“Look. I’m stressed out and I don’t need to be arguing with you.”

“Whatever asshole. Anyway if you’re so stressed I can help you relieve some of it. Come jogging with me…that is if you promise to be a good boy. I’m out in the park every morning at 6. See you tomorrow.”

Sasha didn’t expect to see him again so she was shocked to see him on a bench on the jogging path 2 weeks later.

“Hey you,” she said stopping in front of him. “How’d your paper go?”

“Look, I just came to apologize, I was wrong and you were only trying to help me.”

“It’s of. Things happen. I’ve gotta go finish my laps. Come run with me.”

“I’m not a runner. Halkalı Escort I’m a weight lifter”

“I’ll take it slow” and with a wink she ran off.

“Hey wait,” he said running after her.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Sasha. Don’t forget to breathe while you run. What’s yours?”

“I’m Jeremy.”

“Look Jeremy. I’ve gotta get ready for class myself. Can I see your phone for a sec.?”

Sasha programmed her number into his phone and gave it back to him.

“Call me tonight and we can grab a coffee and talk. Later”

At 5 that evening Sasha found herself strolling around campus with Jeremy, a 20 year old prelaw student. She could feel him eying her hungrily. She knew it would be foolish to expect a relationship and quite frankly she didn’t want one.

“How about you show me your dorm room.”

Five minutes later she had him on his bed with his hands roaming her body. They kissed each other greedily ripping each others’ clothes off. He bit into her shoulder as she ran her fingeers all over his broad back. Sucking on her perky nipples, he rolled her onto her back. Jeremy slowly licked a trail down to her hot wet waxed pussy. He licked and sucked her into oblivion as he slipped 2 fingers in and out of her til she came. While still shaking in ecstacy, Sasha felt him enter her. His big cock was at least 9 inches and very thick. he had to force his thickness into her tight opening. She reached down to help him by spreading her pussy with her fingers. Feeling how wet she was shocked and excited her. Jeremy took her hand and licked her juices from her fingers. Seeing this excited her even more and she plunged her tongue into his mouth Escort Bayan to see what she tasted like.

After coming again, Sasha climbed on top and rode him fast and hard struggling to master his piece. She pulled it out and sucked some of her juices off of him, pleased with her taste. Jeremy forced her to stand and fucked her hard from behind. She reached down and played with her clit as he massaged her breasts. She leaned back and kissed him full on and he pulled away to explore her neck, ears, and shoulders. When it was clear she was enjoying herself to no end, he took 2 fingers and after wetting them in her mouth slid them deep in her ass. Sasha had never experienced this before and felt chills running down her spine..

“What are you doing to me?”

“Shh. Trust me. I want to make you cum again.”

He pulled his cock out of her and forced her into a 69 position. She loved sucking him. She kissed it and rubbed it all over her face lightly massaging his balls.Meanwhile, Jeremy now had 3 fingers in her ass while he ate her pussy. He held onto he hips as she came again and slid his tongue in her to catch all of heer juices. Forcing her back to her knees he spread her ass cheeks and spit in the hole. She was nervous because she’d never done anything like this before and she knew what was about to happen. He eased into her inch by inch giving her time to adjust to him until finally his balls were slapping against her. He started getting fingers full of her pussy juice and feeding them to her.

Sasha felt tears running down her face. she felt so dirty but she loved it and eery couple of minutes she came again. In his final act, he pulled his istanbul Escort cock out of her ass, removed the condom and made her swallow every drop of his cum.

After resting a few minutes, he ws hard again. she didn’t think that she could handle any more but soon he was fucking her again. he was hard at work when his roommate walked in. He was about 6’2 athletic build and shoulder length dreads with a chocolate complexion. He was sexy as hell but she was embarrassed to meet him while in such a compromising position. She struggled to cover herself and thought that Jeremy would stop but he kept going. His roommate grew hard watching the shame on her face. he pulled out his cock and started stroking it. the sight of it made her mouth water and she wanted to suck it and told Jeremy so.

“Hey Chris, she wants to suck your dick”

“You only have to tell me once.”

Chris was even bigger than Jeremy and she had to force her mouth open enough to take him in. She came twice while being fucked from both ends before they traded places. While Chris was still in her pussy, Jeremy pulled from her mouth and entered her ass. Sasha was so aroused that she could barely handle it. She begged them to stop and Chris pulled out but Jeremy spun her around to a handstand and continued to pund her ass. Chris jacked off on her face, forcing some into her mouth. he had the most delicious cum she had ever tasted.Then Jeremy pulled out, spread her cheeks and shot cum at her ass.

Sasha couldn’t believe what she’d done. She got up and ran from the room, dressing as she went. Later that night, Jeremy called.

“Thanks for the stress relief.”

“I hate you. I can’t believe what you made me do.”

“I didn’t make you do anything. Call me when you get over yourself and you’re ready to do this again.”

Please post comments and let me know if you want me to post a part 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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