Strike Whilst It’s Hot

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It’s Saturday evening, Chel is about ready for her ladies night out. A petite woman, 5’5″ with an extremely defined alluringly sexy stature. Unsure of the dress code, she puts on her bottle green backless jumpsuit, body locks in and the shimmer from the Lycra material is accentuated by the thickness of her waist line and plump firm buttocks. As she slips her feet into a pair of 6inch red heels, the richness of her beautiful dark skin stands out with a glimmering sheen. She’s about to pick up the door keys from her dressing table… in the background, she hears continuous beeping of a car horn. Chel exclaims, “Shit, that’s early!” and rushes out of the house slightly flustered, yet composed.

Chel struts slowly towards a parked car, number plate registration boldly displaying… “69 Pcock”. Clearly excited, Chel’s footsteps quicken as she gets closer to the convertible silver Merck. A sheepish smirk flashes across her face and she lets out a smile at the driver as she reaches the passenger door. She opens up and greets with, “hey darling, give us a kiss then.”

Sitting in the parked car, was Chel’s girlfriend Elena waiting to pick her on the way to the ladies night. Coming in at 5″8, Elena sports a strong athletic frame but pulls off her femininity with an illustrious sexy hour glass figure. And although she towers Chel significantly, that has never effected the wild sexual chemistry between the two women.

Elena steps out of the car, admiring her woman, silivri escort she walks over to Chel and intertwines their fingers locking firmly together. There is a moment of silence as the two women enjoy a sensual warmth and continue elevating the tension between their fingers. Enticed by Chel’s bright red glossy lipstick, Elena stares longingly and expels a short breath, leans in and plants a slow tender kiss on Chel’s lips. Chel responds by pressing forward into Elena’s breasts, enjoying the dancing movement of their lips sucking deeply on each other’s tongues, licking in sync, moaning at the excitement.

Elena pulls Chel closer into her space, running her hands from Chel’s neck slowly making her way down to her waist, tracking the outline of Chel’s slender figure. The two women are stood outside Chel’s apartment reluctant to enter the car, both infused with lust they yearn to devour each other.

Elena’s hands begin to delve down into Chel’s backless jumpsuit, the moment is too heated, Chel is ruffled and their kissing tapers as they both release the gentle biting grip of their lips. Time is ticking, so the ladies get on their way.

20 minutes into their journey, Elena and Chel exchange the odd kiss, sexy glance here and there, teasing each other at every traffic light stop. As Elena reaches the 4th set of traffic lights, both ladies watch as the pedestrians cross the road. Meanwhile, Elena manages to şirinevler escort unzip the back of Chel’s outfit and slowly slips her fingers into her panties. Chel’s pussy is slightly moist and Elena is turned on… excited at the thought of being caught, the two women look up at each, they give one another a sly nod. With the bottom half of her jumpsuit detached, Chel hoists her legs up onto the dashboard of the car allowing easy access for Elena.

Both ladies are clearly in a naughty mood, Elena has one hand on the steering wheel and uses the other hand to tease Chel’s engorged clit rubbing her pussy slowly then faster, slowly then faster, faster. Chel is dripping wet but Elena continues to pleasure her pussy with hard strokes, she slips a finger into Chel’s pussy and begins to finger fuck her. Chel preens as she gyrates against Elena’s finger motions, she’s aroused, Elena is in a frenzy of domination as she revels in the moment. Stuttering to stop, Elena shakes herself for a moment believing to be ever the stud and ramps up the tension by inserting another finger into Chel’s pussy pushing faster and faster, passionately wanting to make her woman cum. She can’t help it and would never want to stop till there is satisfaction on Chel’s face. She’s loving the chase of Chel’s sexual tension as the endorphins begin to over flow…

Lights turn green and Elena begins to drive off. Overcome with immense pleasure, şişli escort Chel moves her eyes lazily to Elena and exclaims “oh baby, how you gonna do me like that.”

Elena hardly drives more than 5 minutes before pulling over, stopping by a secluded dimly light park. Chel licks her lips and runs her hands over Elena’s supple breasts, huge hard rock nipples screaming out for cool lips and a tongue surprise. Chel cups one of Elena’s breasts into her mouth savouring and licking her areola very slowly in a circular motion. Elena is uneasy, shifts inside her seat quivering at the intensity and warmth of Chel’s tongue… she raises up her skirt, reaches inside her lace nickers and begins to wank herself as Chel continues to pleasure her bosom… the moment fades and with the passenger seat lowered, Elena pushes Chel onto her back.

Relentless in her efforts to satisfy her lady, Elena is exasperated by the sight of sweet pussy and refuses to be dominated so assumes her position and continues fucking Chel’s furiously with her tongue whilst finger fucking her ass… Elena pulls up to Chel and kisses her deeply sharing the taste of her pussy nectar. Pauses for a moment and goes back down to tongue fucking. Chel, panting heavily, becomes increasingly turned on as Elena fucks her whilst whispering dirty notes in her ear. The car windows are completely steamed up and with their every breath, the juicy smell of cunt fills the air… unable to contain the ecstasy, Chel releases her self and gushes.

Suddenly there is an electronic glitch inside the car and the Sat Nav announces… “You have reached your destination”.

The night has only just begun and the ladies continue their delightful session, this time Chel takes her tongue to pounding Elena’s pussy until she cums over and over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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