Strip Hearts Ep. 02 Ch. 03

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“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

Alysha exclaimed as she picked up the Queen of Spades on the fourth hand of this 5th round. She had just had a massive orgasm via Michael and the magic wand, all while being tied up, and was sitting at 26 points. Picking up the Queen of Spades brought her to 39, which meant that one more point and she was going to have to strip again. And sure enough, two hands later, she picks up 3 hearts cards to bring her to 42 points. That white tank top was going to go, and Rachel was also going to strip as she was shadowing Alysha this round.

Michael thanked the card gods, whoever they might be.

With Krystle sitting at 19 points, and Donna at 14, it’s still possible for both of them to strip. Jenny would be ‘safe’ this round as she was on 46 points with only 10 points of hearts left to play.

As the round concluded, Donna picked up 5 points, which brought her to 19. Jenny picked up 1 and Krystle picked up 4. That meant at the end of Round 5, Alysha and Krystle would be both be stripping at 42 points and 23 points respectively, and of course Rachel for shadowing Alysha, while Donna sat fully dressed at 19 points and Jenny at 46.

“I guess I’ll go first…as per the ‘new rules’.” Krystle got up and picked up the tablet. She selected “normal strip”, which was the option for a ‘normal’ round from the dare rounds earlier, and tapped the screen. The words unscrambled to reveal… ‘Winner’.

This would be Jenny.

“So I get to return the favour…” Jenny smiled as she got up.

“Hey take it easy… this is a normal round.”

Jenny moved behind Krystle and put her hands on her waist.

“Top or bottom?”


Jenny licked Krystle’s ear and stuck her tongue in it, causing pleasurable sensations for Krystle, before moving both her hands up to Krystle’s ample tits. She caressed and fondled them, before lifting her aqua tank top as Krystle stretched her arms up. The tank top got caught at the bottom of her breasts, as Jenny had to adjust before peeling it over Krystle’s head, revealing a black bikini top that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Both of them gazed at Michael as Jenny continued to fondle Krystle’s breasts and kissing her neck.

They eventually turned to face each other and lip locked, before breaking the kiss and walking back to their seats.

Michael just kinda sighed.

“I guess you… or rather we are up next.” Rachel said to Alysha. “Would you do the honors?”

Alysha smiled and shook her head and went to get the tablet.

Tapping it, the screen revealed “Self.”

Michael was a little disappointed, but hey they can’t all be like the previous rounds.

Alysha breathed a slight sigh of relief. At least she’ll have more time to recover. She thought about doing a little strip tease, but decided to conserve her energy. So she just got up, stood in the middle of the den and took her white tank top off, revealing a simple white bra that was struggling to hold her massive tits in. Making sure Michael got an eyeful, she adjusted them a little and held a pose with both hands on her hips. She let him roam her body with his eyes for a few moments before moving to sit back down.

Fuck those tits look juicy… Michael couldn’t wait to get his hands on them again.

Rachel got up next. She had been merely witnessing the other women this whole time, as well as Michael, and part of her couldn’t wait to get in on the action. This wasn’t a bad start.

She thought about just removing her entire pink dress, but decided to keep to the four pieces of clothing rule and tease Michael just the same. The music in the background had basically been striptease music all along, and she thought why not make the most of it. She swayed and gyrated her hips to the music, and the women cheered and hollered. She moved sexily towards Michael, touching herself in all the right places in the process, while swaying all the parts that drove men wild. But she stayed out of Michael’s reach, instead turning her back towards him and pushing her ass out at him. When he tried to reach out to grab it, she teasingly moved away.

Continuing to dance and gyrate to the music, she turned and began to peel the dress off her shoulders, she unzipped the back of it halfway down, and as she pulled her dress down to reveal her pink bra-encased tits, she pushed them together for Michael to get an eyeful.

Goddamn if he didn’t want to just grab her and fuck her brains out right there and then. She had done this a couple of times before, and he had not been able to resist.

This time, he didn’t have a choice.

Rachel decided not to tease his man for too much longer and so stopped dancing.

“That’s the top bit off. Let’s see if the rest will come off.”

She leaned forward to peck him on the lips. Michael didn’t know what to say or feel. Rachel didn’t give him a chance.

“Next round ladies!”

Rachel was shadowing Krystle this round, and Anadolu Yakası Escort after the first rounds of basically nothing happening, it seemed like Rachel was going to get a back to back when Krystle picked up the Queen of Spades and 5 hearts cards. That would give her 18 points for the round, bringing her from 23 to 41. Alysha picked up 4 points to go from 42 to 46, while Jenny also picked up 4 points to go from 46 to 50. That left Donna still fully dressed, after 6 rounds, at 19 points.

“What the fuck Donna… the rest of us are all going to be down to our undies, and you’re still fully dressed. You’re missing out on the fun.” Krystle teased her.

“Or maybe I’m just better than all of you.”

“Oooohhhh shots fired!” Jenny chimed in as they all laughed.

“You know I love you all… but I’m going to beat you all, and right now you’re going to strip.”

Krystle could only laugh in response. “We’ll see about that. Where’s that tablet…”

Tapping the tablet, the screen revealed… ‘Mike’.

Yes! I get to feel Krystle up again…

Krystle stood in the middle of the den, one hand on her side in a sexy posture as Michael walked towards her.

“So top or bottom?”

Krystle had on her black bikini, but of course still had her denim shorts on. She shot him a mocking dirty look.

“Top it is!”

“Fuck off!”

They all laughed.

Michael moved behind Krystle, put his hands on her shoulders and slowly moved down the sides of her arms. He then moved his hands underneath them towards her side boob, and Krystle moved her arms slightly to let him. She let out a sigh as he grabbed and caressed her gorgeous tits. She flinched a little as Michael lightly pinched her nipples through the fabric of her bikini. He then moved both hands down to her denim shorts, which he unbuttoned and unzipped and then pulled down. Krystle wondered if he was going to do the same to her as he did to Jenny when he took off her shorts, but he didn’t, opting to keep on hand on her tits as the other pulled her shorts down. She helped him as his left hand stayed on her tits and his right went to cup her pussy. She knew that he probably wasn’t going to try and get her off, so she steadied her breathing and reduced the anticipation.

Sure enough, after fondling her tits and her pussy a little bit more, he moved both hands around to cup her ass, before going for a final squeeze of her tits and moving back. He gave her ass a light slap to which she yelped softly as she turned around to give him a mock dirty look before going to sit down.

Rachel got up and moved towards Michael. Her dress was already half falling down, and as they embraced each other, their lips locked passionately. Rachel could sense the pent up sex energy within Michael, and tried her best to not jump him and fuck him silly in front of everyone. As they made out in front of the four women, Michael’s hands roamed Rachel’s body, before moving into the same position he was in with Krystle as he stood behind her. He groped her breasts, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground, and this time grinding his boner against her ass while touching her pussy with his right hand and fondling her tits with his left.

He decided to slow things down; he wanted to last at least another dare round… or two. Rachel sensed it, and she regained her composure too. She turned around, pecked him on the lips before turning back to the women. “Alright girls… what is it… round 7? Let’s see if we can get Donna to lose maybe ONE piece of clothing tonight eh.”

The women laughed.

At the start of round 7, the scores were – Jenny 50, Alsyha 46, Krystle 41 and Donna 19.

Donna initially thought that it was inevitable that she was going to strip, but with the way things are going, you never know. However just like any card game, your luck can turn very quickly. As the cards were dealt, Donna knew her luck had run out as she groaned inwardly at her cards. It was a smatterings of nothing and everything, and she would surely be stripping this round. As the cards were passed, the three cards passed to her made it even worse. She had the Queen of Spades and only one other spades card.

Michael looked around the room. All the women were in their undies except Donna. Rachel had on matching pink lacey bra and panties. Jenny’s was a simple grey but thin cotton bra and thong. Krystle had a black bikini which was barely covering her tits and a matching black bikini bottom. Alysha had on simple white bra with her boobs spilling out and matching panties.

As he walked behind Donna, she was going to hide her tablet from him but decided that it might give things away, so she tried to appear as confident as possible. Michael saw her cards as play began and inwardly rubbed his hands with glee.

Yes… It’s about time I get to see Ms. Nerdy strip!

As play continued into the 4th hand, hearts was finally broken. Donna picked up 2 points Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan immediately.

“Oh thank you for joining us Miss Donna. Looks like we’ll get to see some flesh after all.” Jenny remarked playfully.

Donna kept quiet and pretended to ignore her.

Two more hands, and Donna picked up more points, this time 3. Her remaining cards didn’t look good. Jenn picked up 3 points in between, but try as she did, Donna had no choice but to pick up all of the remaining points including the Queen of Spades. This meant that Donna was going to go from 19 points to 42, losing two pieces of clothing in one go.

“Well DEFINITELY welcome to the club!” Krystle remarked.

“Yeah… we were getting lonely here sitting in our undies.” Alysha laughed. She hadn’t said much as she was still pretty flustered the last couple of rounds from her massive orgasm earlier, but it looked like she had recovered.

At the end of round 7, the scores were Jenny 53, Alysha 46, Krystle 41 and of course Donna jumping two strip levels to 42 points.

She could suddenly hear her heart pounding in her head. It wasn’t quite spinning, but she had, for 6 rounds not have to strip at all. Michael had laid his hands on all the other women and even brought Alysha to an incredible orgasm, but now was the real deal for her. This was the culmination of her agreeing to play this game. This was what ‘being wild’ and ‘doing something crazy’ felt like. The buzz from the alcohol had kinda worn off, and she thought that perhaps she needed another drink or 5.

Come on Donna he’s just taking your clothes off and probably fooling around with you a little. You’ve done that with plenty of guys… 2 years ago! Ok that’s besides the point. Michael seems like a nice guy… Who wants to make me cum hard!


She snapped out it.

“Are you ok?” Rachel was genuinely concerned.

Donna smiled and took a deep breath.

“Let’s do this.”

She moved up to the middle, and even though she was standing in the middle of the den somewhat awkwardly with her arms around her mid-section, she gave Michael a reassuring nod and smile.

He looked over at Rachel, who also smiled and nodded at him. She mouthed ‘happy birthday’.

Michael stood up and walked towards Donna. She had her eyes fixed on him until he came close to her, to which she then looked down. As Michael came face to face with her, he decided to set her at ease; he could feel her tenseness even without touching her. He put a finger under her chin and lifted her head to look at him. They made eye contact, and as he leaned down to kiss him, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her body relaxed as Michael kissed her, but tensed up slightly again when he brought his hands down to her ass. As he grabbed her behind with both hands, Donna moaned into his mouth. He continued kissing, and then necking her as he fumbled around to take her skirt off. He finally found the zipper at the side and proceeded to pull it down, letting the skirt drop to the floor.

He then leaned back a little and she opened her eyes. Looking into them, he moved his arms to her waist, giving her a chance to get ready, before moving his hands to her breasts. She moaned softly again as he caressed her tits, massaging them softly.

A man was kissing and touching her for the first time in 2 years, and it felt good. After fondling her for a few moments, he began to undo her black sweater / blouse buttons slowly, savouring the moment. He finally undid all her buttons, revealing a black lace bra. He cupped her tits again, giving them a gentle squeeze before sliding the sweater blouse off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor.

He then stepped back, admiring her standing there half awkwardly in her matching black lace undies, and smiled.

“See… that wasn’t so bad.”

Donna returned the smile. Her whole body had relaxed, and while she thought she was doing well, things can of course turn around in a heartbeat. It seems like Michael had done a fantastic job in breaking the ice. Her heart started pounding again, but this time for a different reason. She was excited of what might be ahead.

Michael then turned around, and found Rachel’s gaze, who shot him a nod and a “I’m ok babe…” look. He mouthed “thank you’ as Rachel smiled.

“Alright. Dare round next!” Michael announced probably a little bit too gleefully as the women laughed and groaned at the same time as Donna took her seat amongst all the half naked bevvy of beautiful women in their undies.

While Michael was excited that this was the second dare round, he knew well that it could also be the last. Not only that, a quick score check didn’t look too promising.

Jenn 53, Alysha 46, Donna 42 and Krystle 41.

That meant that at best, only two of them would participate in the dare. Rachel was shadowing Jenn this round, so the best case scenario would be for either Jenny or Escort Anadolu Yakası Alysha to get the Queen of Spades. If either Donna or Krystle got it, then chances are only either of them will be doing a dare. In fact, if either of them got it, there’s a possibility that no one would be doing a dare.

Fuck. That would really suck.

The cards had been dealt and passed by now, and Michael noticed that Donna had the Queen of Spades with 3 other spades cards. Things weren’t looking good. Alysha had fantastic cards, so she can basically be written off losing. Krystle had a decent hand as well and if she played smart, she wouldn’t pick up more than 2-3 hearts cards.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. After hearts was broken, Krystle picked up 2 points and didn’t look to be in a position to pick up anymore. Jenny picked up 2 very quickly. That brings her up to 55 points. And then lo and behold, Donna picks up the Queen of Spades, which brings her to 55 points as well. With 9 points left to play, it looks like only either Jenny or Donna will be doing a dare. Mike hoped it would be Jenny, so Rachel can get in on the action as well. Otherwise it’ll just be Donna. She picked up 3 more points, and it was evident that Donna would most likely be picking up the final 6 points.

Alas, that’s exactly what happened, down to the very last hand where Donna picked up the final points to bring her to 61 and be the first to show some real flesh tonight.

Donna’s heart pounded, but it was a different kind of nerves from before. It felt like the ice had been broken, and she liked Michael’s touch… her rush seems to be coming more from the heat between her legs now.

Rachel was slightly worried about Donna, but that dissipated when Donna confidently got off her seat, adjusted her panties as well as her boobs and walked towards the middle of the den without hesitation. She picked up the tablet and tapped ‘who’ first.

“Doesn’t matter if I tap who first right? I’d like to see who’ll be the one who gets me off before seeing how.” She grinned. The others kind of just look at each other, relieved in a way that Donna sounded like she was past her initial nerves.

‘Mike’ was displayed from the unscrambled words.

Donna shot him a lusty smile.

She then selected ‘what’, tapped the screen and ‘handcuffed behind back’ came up. That sent another pang of excitement up her nether regions, and definitely through Michael’s as well. Finally, ‘how’ revealed ‘the bunny’.

She put the tablet down and stood there sexily waiting for Michael to make his move. The other women turned towards him, and for a moment he stood there dumbfounded just enjoying the view. He quickly realized that Donna was ready for him, so he moved over to the box and looked for ‘the bunny’. Rachel had marked each of the toys so it was easier to find. There was one really big box in there that must’ve been 20 inches long. It looked more like a gun case. He was tempted to open it, but decided to just go for ‘the bunny’.

Opening the box and picking up the small, fist sized toy with a little hook at the end, he examined it and within a few seconds determined how it worked. It was battery operated and didn’t look to be as powerful as the Magic Wand, but the way it was built looked like it could create maximum stimulation.

He picked up the handcuffs as well and walked up to Donna, holding them and “the bunny” in his left hand. Her eyes darted momentarily to the objects in his hand, before fixing her gaze on him. He stopped and stood about a foot and a half from her, trying to decide how he’s going to pleasure this beautiful be-spectacled blonde.

Donna maintained eye contact the whole time. Michael could see that the previous round had somehow flipped the switch and turned off her inhibitions. A slight smile formed on the end of her lips as she whispered just loud enough for only him to hear.

“Give it to me. Make me cum.”

Michael’s dick twitched. He moved his hand momentarily to adjust it. He was totally not expecting to see that fire in her eyes, not especially after that last round.

Was that… a challenge?

He met her stare.

So it is. Challenge accepted.

“Unhook your bra… but don’t take it off.”

Donna, still maintaining eye contact, complied. She reached back to unhook her bra and left it hanging on her shoulders, waiting for Michael’s next instructions. He moved forward and with one hand touched the side of her face, tracing her neck and to her shoulder before sliding her left strap off her left shoulder, causing her nipple to peak out a little. All this time Donna stayed perfectly still and continued to look Michael in the eye, even as his gaze shifted to her breasts. Her other bra strap slid off her right shoulder easily, and with a gentle tug downwards, her gorgeous tits were revealed in all their glory.

Donna took a deep breath and stood up straight, pushing her chest out slightly. Michael stepped back slightly as he threw her bra to the floor, taking a moment to enjoy the incredible view.

I DEFINITELY watch too much porn, because right now I can say that her tits look identical to GDP e239 – Grace Sward or whatever her name was. Much better than Brooke Banner’s tits I reckon, even though she does look like her. Time to make her scream…

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