Stuck Again Ch. 04

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It’s been a couple of days since my wild night with my mom. I still find it difficult to believe we actually had sex. Not just normal sex either, but some wild stuff including anal where not only did I get stuck in her for a little while but I shot a big load of cum in my mom’s ass. At least that’s what I think happened. I was pretty drunk that night and it looks like I might have said and done some shocking stuff. Don’t get me wrong, from what I remember the sex was amazing, it’s just that I fucked my mom. I still can’t believe it, I fucked my mom.

Needless to say it’s been a little weird around the house the last couple of days. Neither of us has quite known what to say to the other. There are stolen glances and smiles and the quick touch, but we really haven’t talked about it. She admitted that night to having thought about having sex with me for quite awhile and it looks like I had been thinking about it too. For being 40 my mom is really hot. She’s tall and slender with a model’s build. She has great tits, that aren’t obnoxiously large, about a full C cup. I think they are perfect and speaking of perfect, that describes her ass. It’s shapely and firm and looks great no matter what she wears. She looks great naked as well. The most bizarre thing is that she was able to take my cock without one complaint of it’s size. It’s like her pussy was made for it. It’s tight, but fits like a glove.

It’s late at night and I’m in bed thinking about her. I’m stroking my big cock as I remember how it felt to be inside her. It’s a warm night and I’m naked as usual under my sheet and I drift off to sleep. I am not sure how long I was sleeping but in my dreamlike state of waking up I feel someone crawl into the bed with me. They snuggle up next to me and after fully waking up I realize it’s my mom. She’s naked and holding on to me. I feel her warm breasts pressed into my chest and her leg is draped over mine and her pussy is rubbing on my thigh.

She whispers in my ear, “I couldn’t take it anymore. I just had to be with you again. I know this is wrong to do this, but I can’t help it. Please forgive me, I love you so much.”

As I roll over to face her I look at the clock and see it’s 3 AM. I kiss her deeply. Certainly not a mother/son kiss, but a kiss of desire. She presses her body to me in response and reaches between us to stroke my huge cock, which has gotten very hard. I break our kiss and work my way down her body. I linger on her tits. They are perfect. I pull on her big nipples, nipping them slightly with my teeth. She whimpers a little at this. I move down kissing her soft belly. As I moved lower she opened her legs to give me access. I have thrown the sheet back and move down lower to her pussy. I inhaled her scent. She smells wonderful. A mixture of her perfume and a woman’s natural scent when she was filled with desire. She had shaved herself. There was a little patch on her mons, but her labia was bare. Her large inner lips were hanging down and starting to swell. I took each one into my mouth and sucked on them. Her hips were moving off the bed as I worked on her. My tongue found it’s way past her lips to her entrance. I swirled it around the opening tasting the juices flowing from there. I stuck it inside her and felt her opening clenching. Finally I moved up to her clit and licked it quickly a couple of times. She jumped a little like she’d been shocked. I placed my lips on it and sucked hard. This sent her over the edge and her hips were bucking off the bed and her thighs clamped on the side of my head. It was a strong orgasm and she finally settled down when I quit pulling on her clit so hard.

I raised up and looked at her. güvenilir bahis She was breathing hard and had her eyes closed with a smile on her face. I wiped my face on the sheet and moved up to lay next to her. She began stroking my cock again and then pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me. Straddling me she rubbed her pussy up and down my stiff shaft finally raising up to line things up. I helped by grabbing my heavy cock and pointing it at her entrance. She was able to get up on her feet to squat down on it and use her weight to force entry. Even though I had been in her pussy a few nights ago it took some effort to get in. She pressed down and after a moment of hesitation my cockhead slid into her as if by magic. She let out the breath she was holding and continued to lower herself on me. More of the shaft went in and she stopped again to rest. Finally she loosened up enough to where most all of me was inside her and I hit bottom.

I knew this was the pussy for me. I would never find another one like it. My mom started to rise up and down on my cock. The grip her cunt walls had on my cock felt so good. She had her hands on my chest and was riding me up and down. Mom would stop when I was all the way in and grind her clit on the base of my shaft before rising back up to where only the head of my cock was in her. A couple of times when she did this I heard her cry out a little and I felt he pussy spasm. She was having quit a few orgasms riding me like this.

She was tired and I was getting close so I held her by the waist and rolled her over to where I was on top and she was underneath me never letting my cock withdraw from her. It was my turn to take the lead and I started to pump with conviction. My cock was slick with her cum and it was still tight in her but I was able to move it in and out easier now. I was raised up on my arms above her while I pounded away. Her arms were around my neck and her legs wrapped around my butt.

“Please Baby, cum in me soon. I want to feel my big strong son shooting inside his mother’s pussy.” She said.

This was so surreal. I was about to cum in my mother’s pussy. It felt so good and so right. I knew I was close. The pressure was building. Was she ready for this, was I? I was past the point of no return. My load was rising up. I stopped and stiffened and then exploded. Rope after rope of my thick cum jetted out of the end of my cock which was pressed as far as it would go inside my mom’s pussy. My big glans acted as a plug and forced my huge load way up inside her well passed her cervix.. I just kept pumping and shooting not caring about anything else. I think she was unprepared for the volume of cum and the strength of my spasms. It caused her to have another big orgasm as her cunt clamped down and milked all the remaining cream out of me. Things finally subsided and I laid on top of her breathing hard and still firmly implanted in her. I didn’t want to crush her so I rolled off to one side and we lay there with limbs intertwined, holding each other. I didn’t make a move to withdraw my cock and I didn’t think she would let me anyway. It was 4:30 AM and I knew she had to go back to her bedroom where my dad was asleep, but I just wanted to hold her and lay here for a moment longer.

It seemed like I had only closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them it was getting light outside. I looked at the clock and it said 7:00 AM. She was still there in bed with me sound asleep and my cock was still inside her. Panic started to set in because I knew my dad was probably already up getting ready for work. He would wonder where she was and might come in my room to ask me.

I shook türkçe bahis her awake and said, “Mom wake up, we fell asleep. It’s 7 and dad’s probably already up. We need to think of something fast.”

She looked around suddenly comprehending our situation and said, “Oh no, what will we do? Listen Brian, you get dressed like you just got up and go in the kitchen and stall your father for a minute. I’ll think of something and then join you. If he asks where I am just say you heard me in the back bedroom.”

I said, “Sounds like a plan, but first we need to get unhooked here. We both looked down at out still joined crotches and laughed a little. I slowly pulled my huge cock out of her. It was almost like her pussy had molded around it and didn’t want to let it go. My cockhead finally popped out and very little of anything oozed out of her. We had made a big mess in my bed so I just wiped my cock off on the sheets and then got dressed. I walked down the hall to the kitchen where I found my dad making coffee.

I said, “Morning Dad.”

He looked up and said, “Oh morning Son. You’re up early. Hey have you seen your Mother this morning? She was already out of bed when I woke up.”

I said, “Well I think I heard her in the back bedroom, but I’m not sure.”

Suddenly Mom appeared in the kitchen wearing a conservative nightgown with a matching robe. She smiled and said, “Morning guys.”

My dad looked at her and said, “When I woke up you weren’t there.”

I thought to myself, “No she wasn’t she was with me and my cock was still inside her after fucking her all night.”

Mom smiled and answered, “No Honey, your snoring was really bad last night and I couldn’t sleep so I decided instead of waking you up I just went to the guest bedroom to get some peace and quiet.”

She smiled at him when she said this and then turned to me and smiled. That was quick thinking on her part. I guess that made sense to my dad.

“Oh OK, I guess I need to get that check out by the doctor huh.” He said.

I made myself a bowl of cereal while my parents did their thing in the kitchen. After I finished my dad was still there getting ready to leave and I had an idea.

“Dad,” I said, “I’ve been thinking. I know I was planning to leave for college in a week or so, but I really have no idea what to major in or what I want to do for the rest of my life. I don’t want to waste you money, so what do you think about me staying here for a semester or two and going to the Community College until I figure things out some more.”

He was quite for a moment then said, “Well son I don’t want you to waste my money either. If you think you would be happier doing that for a year I will be fine with it. Have you talked to your mother about this?”

We both looked at her and she said, “No he hasn’t, but if he wants to stay here for a little while longer I am will be glad. I was going to miss my baby boy anyway.”

She walked up behind me and hugged me around my neck. I had found a way to stay close to her and keep fucking her when we could find the opportunity. She knew that was really my motivation for not going off to college. Dad left for work and that left Mom and me alone. I went into the den and she joined me on the couch sitting close.

“Honey are you sure this is what you want?” She asked.

“Mom,” I said, “I want you. I love you and now that we are lovers I can never go back. Everything had changed. I want to keep doing this with you for as long as I can.”

She leaned over and kissed me and smiled saying, “Brian are you sure you won’t get tired of me? I’m just going to get older. Don’t you want a younger girl?”

“Mom, güvenilir bahis siteleri I’ve tried younger girls. Very few could take my cock. It’s like you are a perfect fit for it. I love you already and that makes you the only one I want to be with. You are at your sexual peak and so am I. We are a match.” I answered.

She hugged me and we kissed awhile. I had to ask her something.

“Mom, you haven’t said anything and I guess I need to know. Are you on any kind of birth control? You can still get pregnant and have a baby right?”

“Yes I can still get pregnant and have a baby, and no I am not on any kind of birth control right now. You father and I rarely make love anymore and when we do I make him use a condom. I think he has a a couple of affairs in the past and basically has lost interest in having sex at least with me. Way back when I tried the pill but the hormones reacted bad for me. I’ve thought about this and since I doubt we would be able to find a condom big enough to fit your cock, plus I hate them anyway, we will just have to be careful. I keep track of my cycle and I know when I am ovulating. Besides, would it really be so bad if we had a baby?”

This kind of shocked me. My mom having my baby would be difficult to explain away. I was only 19, but I knew I would probably give her anything she wanted as long as we could still be together. It was mid morning and she got up off the couch and took my hand and led me to her bedroom and into the master bathroom. There was a big double shower in there and she turned the water on to warm up. She took off her robe and gown and I shed my clothes too. We stepped into the shower letting the warm water wash away all the signs of last nights fuckfest. I took some soap and started washing her front. There were multiple sprays coming at us in there. I washed her breasts. They were beautiful, all wet and shiny. I could see some blue veins running through them just under the skin. I turned her around and washed her back working down to her ass. She leaned forward some and I washed between her legs. I like her pussy shaved and would suggest she get lasered there for permanent removal.

She turned around and started to wash me. My chest and arms then on down to my cock. She stroked it in her soapy hands and it came to life. She turned me around and did my back and butt, reaching underneath to wash and pull on my ball sack which was hanging down low from the hot water. There was a bench seat built into one of the walls of the shower. I sat down on it with my cock sticking up. She turned around and backed toward me. She squatted down as I guided my cock up into her. The wetness from the shower helped me enter her a little easier. I helped her move up and down on my shaft. I sure am glad we has a endless hot water heater. The hot water spraying on us and her hot cunt moving up and down on my cock felt great.

I stood up and bent her over and turned us around. She put her hands on the bench and I plowed her from behind. Ten minutes later I started unloading a huge amount deep inside her again. Each time I came in her it was better then the last time. I pulled out of her and we allowed the water to rinse us off. Huge globs of cum would fall out of her and go down the drain of the shower. They finally stopped and we were clean enough and turned the water off and dried each other. She sat naked in front of the mirror with her hair up in a towel. I hugged her from behind and told her how beautiful she was. I left her alone to do what women do and headed back to my room to get dressed.

I was actually pretty tired and my bed looked inviting. I stripped off the dirty sheets and threw a comforter over the bed. I put a t-shirt and gym shorts on and laid down for a nap. I had no idea where this was leading. My mom, my lover were the same person. As I drifted off to sleep I tried to picture us together forever,

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