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This is a sequel to “The Audition” ver 2 – you really should read that story before reading this one.


Myles was thankful it was a warm, sunny day as he arrived at the complex for the second time. John had told him they were shooting his first scene outdoors and he knew that come shine or not, the schedule is the schedule and they would shoot irrespective of the comfort of the actors. He had watched plenty of porn in his life and often noted goosebumps on the actors – he wasn’t scared of the cold, just wasn’t keen for it to be on his first time out.

His cock was already getting interested as he got out of his car – he had come by bus last time and found himself incredibly uncomfortable on the way home so he had braved the smog and traffic today – and walked towards John’s office, his backpack over one shoulder. He had no idea where anything was in this place apart from the office / screen test studio where he had shot his load three times in quick succession only three days before, so he planned to ask directions from John’s assistant.

There was no reply to his knock so he tried the door, and finding it open he put his head inside and saw no-one there. Both the outer office and John’s suite were deserted. With an inner sigh Myles turned around and resigned himself to start searching. John had told him he had an appointment with “Hair” for two hours before he was due to start shooting, but he had also told him *not* to shave – anything – so he was under no illusions that the film set would be the only place he’d be dropping his pants.

He set off along a corridor, looking for signboards. Not many of those in this place, which he found a bit odd for a sound stage… he had wandered around, taking a couple of random turns, when suddenly he saw someone familiar turn out of a side corridor about 15 yards ahead of him and head off in the same direction he was walking. His heart lifted at the sight of her but she hadn’t seen him so he surprised her by catching up and speaking in her ear.

“Colleen – I almost didn’t recognise you with clothes on.” He hoped he didn’t sound as desperate as he suddenly felt. He hadn’t realised how much he had missed her in the three days since the two of them had screwed each others’ brains out.

She jumped slightly but spun on her heel the moment he spoke to her, a big smile already lighting up her face. Was she as happy to see him as he was to see her? She certainly displayed an uncomplicated joy at seeing him, and came right up close to him.

Once again uncertain about protocol, Myles stood a bit woodenly and just grinned at her. “Nice to see you again!” he said, trying to keep it safe.

“Oh, bullshit!” she said, throwing her arms around him and planting a big happy kiss on his mouth. “Nice to see you, hah. Is that any way to greet someone you’ve fucked twice? Give me a proper greeting you paluka!”

Myles’ mood was lifting by the second although he was self-conscious about having their sexual status announced in a busy corridor. “Oh, what I meant was, fantastic to see you again, you have no idea how great it is to see you again, I’m overjoyed to see you again!” he was grinning into her eyes from about 9 inches away now, all the while holding her in a firm hug, and she was returning everything as good as she got. In fact…

“Oh I can feel how happy you are! Wicked!” she laughed. “So what are you doing here, back for your first shoot?”

“Yes,” he replied, “my call time isn’t for about three hours though, I have an appointment at hair first – John told me not to shave so I guess they will be showing me how to do it properly…”

Colleen’s grin just got wider. “I’ve just had an idea. Three hours you say? What time are you due at Hair?”

“Umm – not for nearly an hour, I made sure I was in plenty of time, I wasn’t sure how the traffic would work out.”

“Come with me.” She took his hand and started off back in the direction he had been coming from.

“Where are going?” Myles was uncertain, but this girl had an infectious confidence so he wasn’t all that worried.

“Trust me, I’m a doctor. OK, kidding, trust me I’m a pornstar!” she turned a corner and Myles saw they were back at John’s office. She pushed open the door and together they entered.

“There’s no-one here -” he started to say, but she was already locking the door behind them. “Oh,” he said.

“I know,” she picked up the assistant’s phone and dialled a 3-digit extension. “Hi – Hair – I’m calling on behalf of Myles – er,” she looked a question at him.

“Brooks” he filled in for her.

“Brooks. Appointment for – that would be – yes thanks, cancel it please? – Thanks hun – OK then? Sure? Thanks – ok will do – sure – bye.”

Myles just looked at her. He had given up asking questions, but he was a little apprehensive that the director he was supposed to be working with in less than three hours would be annoyed if he arrived on set with long fluffy pubes. He just opened his arms in a “what now?” çekmeköy escort gesture and smiled at the beautiful, lithe, sexy babe standing grinning back at him.

“John’s not here for the rest of the day. He’s totally cool with me using his place when business takes him elsewhere, and I want to show you something. Plus I want something from you, so since we have the time and the place for both let’s use the opportunity!”

“You’re the boss. God, you know it was only three days ago that I saw you” – he coughed and started blushing when he heard himself say that, he had certainly a lot more than “seen” her, so he quickly carried on talking to cover his embarrassment – “and I was completely taken at how beautiful you are, but just now realised how much I was looking forward to seeing you again.” He had let his hands come to rest on her waist and their eyes were searching each others’, both smiling like they had been friends for years.

Colleen didn’t say anything, just kissed him on the tip of his nose and led him by the hand through to John’s office. There they found the curtain open, the bed freshly made and inviting. “Take your clothes off and come with me”, she instructed as she put down her bag on the floor and disappeared into the bathroom.

“I could get used to this,” he thought as he started to unbutton his shirt. Actually he *was* getting used to it, because just three days ago he would have started asking questions. Already he was just obeying some of the most outrageous instructions – well, they’d have been considered outrageous by his mother, God rest her soul.

He was stark naked when she appeared from the bathroom – also as naked as the day she was born – carrying a towel and something else small and metallic. In one heartbeat his cock was starting to twitch upwards but Colleen just put the stuff down on the bed and ushered him, mock-impatiently, him back into the bathroom. “Shower,” she instructed and led by example. Her matter-of-fact tone hadn’t served to put him off, and the proximity of her very sexy naked body had quite the reverse effect, even if she was having none of the leisurely intimacy that they had enjoyed the last time they showered together. The last two times. He was almost completely erect.

“I trust you, and I know you are going to tell me – eventually – what’s going on, but the suspense is killing me!” Myles said as they were towelling off after a fairly sort but quite hot shower. His cock still wasn’t showing any sign of getting less interested, but Colleen just smiled enigmatically again and led him back to the bedroom where she steered him onto the bed. She spread the towel and instructed him to sit on the edge of the bed, where she pulled out a small low stool and sat on it, facing him, her head almost at the level of his crotch. He could see now that the other thing she had brought from the bathroom was a pair of tweezers. “Uh-oh,” he said, as it all began to make sense. “Isn’t that going to hurt? I mean hell – pulling hair out by the roots…” he was starting to get *really* apprehensive and his erection was shrivelling rapidly.

“Don’t be such a girl. It’s nowhere near as sore as people make out. In fact anyone who says it’s painful to pull hair out with tweezers hasn’t actually done it. Or is a complete wuss. Even waxing isn’t *that* painful, and that involves pulling out whole bunches of hair at a time, as well as pulling on the skin too. You said you trusted me, so trust me!”

“Yeh – ok, I do – I just have a poor tolerance for pain so pardon me if I’m not completely relaxed and comfortable about this. What’s wrong with just shaving?”

“Doesn’t do nearly as good a job. Irritates the skin. Causes red bumps and more and worse ingrown hairs. Plus, when it grows back, doesn’t it get itchy as hell?”

“Well – yes, have to admit to the itchiness. I started getting used to it though. Sort of. Well ok, not really!” he laughed. “Actually it’s at that itchy stage right now, I’ve been telling myself if I ignore it I can just make it go away… not very successfully, I might add.”

“Plus, when you shave it grows back in a day. Plucked hair doesn’t show again for weeks. Now sit down, open your legs and try to relax. You are going to get a pleasant surprise. Actually a couple of surprises.”

Even less relaxed than he was pretending to be, Myles parted his legs and watched as Colleen scooted the stool closer and got her face less than a foot from his junk. “Here, hold your nuts like this,” she said, lifting them out of the way. Spreading the first and second fingers of one hand she gently pulled the skin tight underneath, then darted in with the tweezers. Swiftly but without appearing to hurry, she got to work, starting underneath his scrotum and then working her way up the middle. One by one, out came every hair in sight, and a good many he couldn’t even see at all. Much to his amazement, he hardly felt a thing – many slid out cevizli escort without the slightest bit of protest, some hung on tenaciously and a few snapped off at the surface, but mostly they came out after making a bit of a “tent” of the looser skin. The worst he felt at any point was a sort of sharp tickle, rather as if she was lightly pricking him with a straight pin.

“Amazing,” he said as he watched her work, “Is it just because you are so good at it that it’s not painful?”

“No!” she laughed. “I never got any training, if that’s what you mean, I’ve never done this professionally or anything. But I do have a lot of practise doing it to myself.”

“Sheez, isn’t that really hard? Do you use a mirror?” Despite himself he was relaxing and starting to enjoy the attention… and his renewed interest was showing.

“I use a shaving mirror to see right underneath, yeah,” she grinned, “but it’s not hard even without it. I’ve seen men do it without a mirror, just bending over! But it’s obviously easier for girls. No stuff to get in the way.” Her fingers were expertly working their way around all his most intimate areas and she was breathing onto him as she spoke, and he was getting right back to his earlier horniness. Colleen pointedly ignored this, even when his first droplet of pre-cum dripped onto the back of her hand while she worked on the dense concentration of hair around the root of his cock. She had her face really close – to see what she was doing, Myles thought, but after a few minutes he realised she was skilfully brushing her face, hair, and hands ever so gently and ever so occasionally across his shaft – gently teasing him to a throbbing hard-on. Oh hell, he thought, and I’ve got a scene to shoot in two hours – it’ll be all over in about 5 seconds!

In less than thirty minutes she was done. She pushed the stool back a bit and brushed a couple of loose hairs from his scrotum, cocked her head to one side to admire her handiwork. Grinning up into his eyes, “Howzat?” she asked.

Myles grabbed hold of himself, and was amazed at how good it felt. “Wow, wish I had been doing that for years! It’s like one time, I grew a beard, and it felt *soooo* good to take it off again!”

“Yip. Plus, your skin stays much cleaner and you get less blackheads. AND – major plus – no pubes in the bed, on the toilet seat… between my teeth…” There was that smile. His heart started thumping again.

“If you do this every week, it won’t take more than probably 20 minutes, once you get used to it. There are much less hairs to pull out if you keep a regular schedule. And if you do it yourself,” she said coyly, “or get a friend to do it for you, that’s a lot less time than driving to a salon and cheaper than having a wax, AND minimal skin redness. So much better all round.”

“So technical. Girls usually give reasons like ‘I like it’, have you had experience on a debating team?” Myles was teasing her with a straight face. He had decided he was going to give as good as he got. “And one other thing I already noticed is no long pubes under my foreskin – that gets really uncomfortable when you start getting hard in a meeting or while driving…” He couldn’t believe he was having this conversation with an almost complete stranger – a FEMALE stranger – about something that he probably wouldn’t even discuss with his best friend. The porn industry sure turned a lot of things upside down, didn’t it? Well, he told himself, “stranger” is a relative term, and maybe when you have boned a stranger – twice – you can discuss intimate trivia with her.

Colleen grinned, probably reading his thoughts. “I wouldn’t know about that, now would I! Now your actual pube patch is a bit bushy. Hope you trust me with sharp blades,” and she was off to the bathroom again, returning shortly with a small pair of hairdresser’s scissors and a comb. Within a couple more minutes she had given him a decent short-back-and-sides so that the bald section in the middle didn’t look too much like he had a spotlight on his genitals.

“You have to be careful not to have too much of a sharp hairline around your crotch,” she advised, “otherwise it kinda just draws attention to how hairy the rest of you is. So unless you want to go for the twink look – “

“What, completely shaven all over? Good God no, how much work would that involve. I think you’ve done a great job here… thank you, by the way.” He was still rock hard and leaking copiously, but trying to pretend like it wasn’t even slightly uncomfortable or awkward.

She apparently decided to ‘notice’ his arousal at this stage, and using only a fingertip she carefully started spreading the clear fluid all around his mushroom head. “You can do a better, faster job of keeping the pubes and leg hairs at least trimmed if you get yourself a cheap buzz-cutter at the supermarket, just run it around yourself every other week. Right! My turn,” she announced, absently putting the erenköy escort finger in her mouth and licking it off. He was gasping for breath as his phallus twitched erratically, so he took a moment to calm himself down and get back into the moment.

What had she said? Her turn? Oh boy. This was going to be interesting. He had kind of expected there must be a reason for her nakedness, but wasn’t sure she hadn’t had something else on the agenda. Or maybe she did, as well. One thing he was sure of with this girl was that you could never be sure of anything with her. So… she trusted him not to stuff up her perfectly groomed crotch?

She just brushed aside his objections. “Don’t be silly,” she said, “It’s not brain surgery you know. Grab and pull, *just don’t jerk*, and move on to the next one. The roots are sticky, so you have to wipe each damn hair off on the towel, like you saw me doing, otherwise you grab a new hair with one still in the tweezers and it doesn’t work properly and that leads to slippage and more broken-off hairs. Oh and if you find any ingrown hairs let me show you how to open them – I don’t want to bleed. Go.”

Hmm. Throbbing boner and all, he sat on the footstool, his legs under the bed, and moved up so his face was inches from her beautiful pussy. It took quite an effort of will to stretch the skin with one hand and bring up the tweezers, rather than attack with his tongue, but he managed to get started – at her direction, at the outside edge of the pubic hairline, where (she claimed) it would be less important if he made any learning mistakes.

But no learning mistakes – within minutes he picked up the rhythm of the job and was easing the hair out by the roots while Colleen lay back and stared at the ceiling, happily making small talk and working her fingers into his hair. So carefully was Myles concentrating that he almost forgot where he was and what he was working within millimetres of… almost. Her smell was hi-octane woman, he hadn’t lost the boner and he could feel a cool trail of lube running down the length of his erection and down over his newly-smooth balls – while inches from his face an exquisitely pretty pussy was, if his eyed weren’t deceiving him, also getting wet. His hand started shaking and he broke off three hairs in a row.

“Concentrate!” Colleen’s voice broke into his daydream.

“Uh – sorry. Hard to concentrate,” he mumbled.

Her hand cupped his chin, lifted his face to look at her. “So serious!” she ginned. “Just teasing!”

“Yeh, I realise that. I’m… still nervous. I’m totally in awe of you, I’m in a completely foreign environment, doing about three new things here. Be gentle with me?”

“Sweety!” Her smile was the sunniest he had yet experienced. This girl was having an effect on him that he couldn’t define. Shyly he lowered his head again, pulled out the last few hairs.

“All done, I reckon,” he announced. “You want to give your verdict?”

Colleen sat up and bent over as if to look at herself, but instead her hands came down from his head and took his face on either side, pulling him up to kiss her face.

Caught off balance, he had to scramble to get up off the stool. He banged his knee on the underside of the bed but hardly noticed, and in seconds he was holding her shoulders and mashing his mouth against hers, pressing their bodies together, groping her all over, back, buttocks, legs, head, tits, he couldn’t get enough of this minx. His cock was pressed between their bellies, slithering about with his pre-cum for lubrication, and Myles thought his chest would explode, the way his heart was banging against his ribs.

For her part Colleen was every bit as enthusiastic and passionate as he was. Either she was also very easily turned on, or she had also been winding up sexual energy for the last three days because she was dripping wet and flushed, kissing and fondling him as good as she got.

In less than 30 seconds Myles had her on the bed on her back and without so much as a guiding finger was penetrating her. In one smooth, fluid motion they were joined, balls deep, and staring into each others’ eyes. It was the most earth-rocking sensation he had experienced in years. He just held the position without moving, and looked at this incredible woman. Slowly, they both started to smile, a small, Mona Lisa kind of thing, and Myles thought he understood what she had been smiling about when he had met / fucked her before. For him, until then, every sexual encounter had been all about the orgasm, the ejaculation – right now though, it was something else. He had no idea what, exactly, and certainly he was going to shoot so hard into her he’d be surprised if he didn’t rupture her womb or something, but there was something else as well.

But he’d figure that out later, because right now she was moving under him – small, ever so subtle movements that didn’t even involve any joints, just contractions of her cunny, almost like a milking action working its way down his shaft.

No! He was going to pop in seconds. Quickly he withdrew and went down on her. She made a little mewling sound of surprise and loss, made to grasp after him as he backed away from her, but in half a second she must have understood what was happening because there was her smile again, and that languid stretch of her arms over her head.

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