Study Break

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Another, long hard day studying, books and notes strewn across the floor. Vanessa and Steve sit across from one another, both looking downward at the work they must memorize before the working week begins once more. Feeling thirsty, Steve stands and walks into the kitchen, ready to pour two glasses of cool water for his lover and himself. Standing at the sink he looks out at the greenery of Brisbane, steam gently rising from cars, as the sun bakes there glossy surfaces. Slinking back into the room he looks out from the doorway. Eyes slowly following the line of Vanessa’s tanned and toned thighs , up from her heels, to her knees, the strong muscles of her legs held firm by the tight skirt wrapped around her. He admires her slightly exposed stomach, and melts as he sees her hair flowing down over her left shoulder and down the front of her open shirt.

Chewing gently at the end of her pen, reclining on the floor, her eyes rise up from the text and look across at her man. She sees his gaze at her, and the glasses in his hand, then notices the slight bulge forming beneath his shorts. Her eyes widening as Steve places the drinks down on the table and walks towards her. “This time”, he thinks, “it’s my turn to have some fun.” Leaning down he drops his right arms to the carpet, the rough surface sliding against the back of his hand as it slips underneath Vanessa’s legs, filling the nook of her knees. His other arm sweeping behind her back, he lift her up, into the air, holding her against his chest. Vanessa looks into the green of his eyes, wraps her arms up over his head and drops them down around his neck. Gently and effortlessly she leans up to kiss at his bottom lip, her lips smooth and soft as they press against his, the moisture transferring between them as she is held in his arms.

Lovingly, Steve starts to carry Vanessa down the short hallway and into her room. Looking into her eyes, seeing the depth of the brown, lost within it, he lowers her to the soft comfort of the mattress, the springs shifting ever so slightly. There gaze locked on one another, he leans down once more and tilts his head just so as to push gently into her lips, his tongue gently sliding into her mouth, finding Vanessa’s tongue, both moving together, there lips moving with each others, slippery and soft. Moving himself over, Steve finds himself wrapped in-between Vanessa’s incredible legs, supporting himself up above her and kissing delicately. Kneeling up, Steve looks back down at his lovely girl and slides his hand up over her stomach.

Lying on her back, Vanessa feels the cotton move up against her skin, his hands tracing over her stomach and up, in-between Bostancı Escort her breasts. His hands slide higher, around her neck before moving down again, brushing over her breasts as his fingers undo the buttons, one at a time. With each button the shirt opening more and more, the buttons replaced with his lips as they press down against her chest, down past her breast and over her stomach. In one smooth motion he opens her shirt fully, exposing her bare breasts to the soft light filtering through the blinds and down onto her smooth, curved body. As Vanessa starts to unbutton his shirt, starting at the bottom, Steve leans down again, hovering over her, kissing gently, his hand folded through her hair. Feeling his shirt pulled away he lowers himself slightly, his bare chest hovering gently on her breasts, only her hard nipples making contact with the skin.

Feeling the sensation Vanessa lets out a small sharp breath, and leans up kissing harder and pushing her breast up against her lover. Kneeling up again, his arms lifting Vanessa with him, he slides their shirts off and throws them aside. Reaching over the bed side Steve lifts the soft handcuffs from the floor and holds them up for Vanessa to see. Lifting her hands up above her head, Vanessa kisses Steve deeply as she lowers her back onto the covers once more, her wrist finding the warmth of the bed head. Gently cuffing her to the bed Steve kisses more deeply, there tongues pushing into each other, her breasts hard up against the texture of his skin, stimulating her and causing short sharp breaths as they kiss.

Sliding his chest down her body, down past her breast, and over her stomach, he slides her skirt and undies off in one smooth action, kissing at her thighs as they too are exposed to the soft light around them. Shifting off the bed, his feet touching down on the plush carpet, he raises two silk ribbons into the light, and starts to tie one around each of Vanessa’s angular ankles, fastening her to the bed, leaving her completely helpless as her man begins to pleasure her. Sliding his shorts down his legs Vanessa sees, as they hit the carpet, his hard cock is exposed. Sliding back onto the bed Steve starts to kiss once again at her bottom lips, this time biting gently at it, the rough texture of his teeth against her lip making Vanessa melt. His lips tracing down her neck, his teeth nibbling at the muscle, following the contours up to her earlobes where his teeth bite down and gnaw gently at them. At the same time his leg swings over her body, and he sits up on top of her. Looking back down at his helpless girl, he slides his warm smooth hands up her body and across her sides. Kadıköy Escort His hands flowing up and around her breasts, feeling their firm flesh in his hands, yet avoiding the nipples, Vanessa moving against the cuffs and ties, desperate for more. As his hands circle around the top of her breasts once more they slide down and cup them firmly. With this his lips come down, mouth opened wide as they surround her nipple, his tongue reaching out and licking at the nipple as his lips close, sucking gently before his teeth bite ever so lightly at them, hard between his teeth. As Vanessa moans gently, lying against the soft covers, he moves his hands and his lips away from her breasts. Pointing his tongue, he traces it down her body, over her stomach, kneeling between her thighs. His hands press against the warmth of her inner thighs and push them apart slowly, as his tongue traces down over her pubic bone.

As Vanessa lies there Steve lifts his head back up away from her. Knowing how wet her pussy is, and how much she wants more stimulation, he dips his head down and keeps his tongue soft and wide as he licks all the way up her tight pussy, tasting her juices as they flow onto his tongue and past his lips. Vanessa feels the dulled stimulation as his tongue glides slippery over her hood, applying just a tiny amount of pressure to her clit, yet causing her to moan gently. Pulling back once more Steve unties her legs, then slowly undoes the cuffs, his teasing over.

Sitting away from Vanessa on the other side of the bed, his hard cock in front of him, he waits as Vanessa starts to move toward him. He raises his hand though, stopping her from moving further. A slightly confused look on her face, Vanessa soon realizes what is happening, as Steve takes his hard member in his hand and starts to gently stimulate himself. Noticing that he is playing another little teasing game, pushing there self control to the limit, Vanessa starts to do the same, reclining against the pillow and starting to gently flick at her clit with her middle finger feeling it slide wetly, the radiated heat rising from her pussy. Both across from one another, watching each other intensely, becoming more and more excited as they listen to one another moan, and their expressions changing.

It soon get too much for either of them and they must have the other. They both stop and move toward each other, crawling across the covers, Steve rolls onto his back, Vanessa crawling over him. Leaning up he grasps at her arse and pulls her down onto his face, his nose pushing inside her as his tongue darts out in search of her clit. In a 69 position Vanessa sees Steve’ hard Göztepe Escort cock pointing into the air in front of her. Feeling the jolt of stimulation through her as his tongue starts to flick feverishly against her clit, Vanessa grips his cock in both hands. Long, tight strokes around him, she leans her mouth down and starts to lap wetly against the head, soft and moist, her tongue swirling around the head, causing him to moan deeply into her as his tongue flicks faster and faster. As her tongue circles around the head she takes him into her mouth, both hands still stroking, sucking at him, and feeling as he bulges. Feeling the incredible sensation as Vanessa stimulates him, Steve plunges his tongue depply into her pussy, licking all around her tight walls. Licking up her lips, back to her engorged clit, he slides two fingers up deep inside Vanessa’s pussy, finding the front wall where they make slow shuddering, rythmic cirlces. He pushes hard up into her as his tongue tickles the spot gaining speed as she starts to moan. Lifting her mouth from his cock Vanessa takes a sharp breath and moans loudly as her hips grind down onto his tongue. Speeding as fast as he can as he hears Vanessa take a final deep and sharp breath before she reaches climax, her rotates his fingers within her. Pusshing into him, Vanessa moans deeply as she comes, her juices flowing down into Steve’ mouth as his tongue flicks faster, causing the orgasmic sensation to shudder through her again, trembling above him, hot juices running down his throat as his pushing his tongue into her pussy, tasting her eagerly.

Lifting her hips from his face, Vanessa turns around, her legs either side of Steve, kneeling up high above him as his cock aims directly upward at her wet moistness. So close to coming he is desperate to be in side her. Slowly she lowers herself down on top of him, feeling the pressure as he fills her tight pussy entirely, sliding deep up within her before she reaches its base. With his hands on her hips lifting her softly, Vanessa rises up to head and slides back down him sharply, rotating as he enters her. She gains speed quickly, pumping harder and harder, feeling him shudder beneath her, hearing him moan loudly. In one sharp movement, leaning forward and pushing her breasts into his chest, she pumps down on top of him, his cock penetrating deeply as he lets his breath out in a loud, deep moan, arms wrapped around her, holding her hard against him as he explodes within her, shuddering and pulsating inside her hot moist walls. She is so tight, and he feels his cock throbbing inside her, his come squirting back down his hard shaft from her tight lips.

They roll onto there sides, wrapped in each others arms. With Vanessa’s legs wrapped around him, Steve remains inside her. They lie there naked, looking into one another’s eyes and enjoying this moment of intimacy, as close as they can ever be to one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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