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Bbc Cuckold

This is my second posted story. Read this one or the other and please let me know what you think. I’m interested in hearing from other writers… and cute college girls. Enjoy!

It was a Wednesday and Marie had come over to my place to study. We were in a political science class together and had only known each other a few weeks. I met her after I had skipped a class and wanted to find out what I had missed. So, being the smart guy I am, I asked the cute girl sitting a few seats down from me. When she started to tell me, I moved down and sat beside her. We chatted for a few minutes before class and I looked her up and down as casually as I could. She had really curly chestnut hair that fell in swirls down across her face as she talked. Dark brown eyes regarded me calmly from behind her small stylish glasses. She was very tan for March, but it made her skin glow warmly. She was sitting, but I could tell she was about 5’6” with a nice athletic frame and on this soft southern spring day, this lovely girl was wearing a short denim skirt, cute sandals, and a light orange shirt that stretched across her curvy breasts. I thanked her for the information and introduced myself. She told me her name was Marie.

Anyway, we started sitting next to each other and had some nice conversations before and after classes. It was fun to debate issues with her sharp mind and I found her to be quite clever in a very sarcastic way. She always smiled at me, even when she disagreed with my opinions. Once or twice, we went out for a cup of coffee or met up at the library to study. I found her more and more attractive as the weeks passed and was always touching her or flirting with her. Then on Monday, while we were sitting in class, she took my hand and put it on her thigh, just below her short shorts. I grinned and stroked her smooth skin while I took notes. As soon as class was over, we bolted out the door together and went straight to her place for several hours of wild, hot sex.

Back to Wednesday; the exam was next Friday, but we had decided to go ahead and do a little prep work. She came over and kicked off her flip-flops as soon as she walked in the door. Marie was dressed down today, but it was still an alluring outfit: little blue athletic shorts with “TIGERS” written across the rear in orange and a simple white tank top (wifebeater is the technical term). I knew it would be difficult to concentrate while she lounged around in that cute little costume. Somehow we managed to spend several hours going over our notes and highlighting important ideas in the textbook. The coffee table, couches, and floor were soon covered with papers displaying her neat, girlish handwriting and my terrible, illegible scrawl. By midnight, I was brain-fried and decided it was time to put the books away and hang out.

We were just relaxing on my couch. I was sitting up in the corner with my feet up on the coffee table. Marie was lying down with her head in my lap; her long, curly hair draped over my legs, my hand slowly running through it. Watching TV, we laughed and chatted, glad we weren’t talking about political theory anymore.

I slid my hand down from her hair and began to stroke her earlobe with my thumb and softly trace random shapes on her neck. I knew she was very sensitive there and I could hear her start to breathe faster. She shifted her body and put her arms up, putting her hands behind her head. I looked down and saw a sly grin on her face as I felt her hands start to tickle my thighs. I smiled too and walked my fingers down her neck and across her chest. I playfully pinched one of her nipples through her shirt, making it stand up.

“Mmmmmm…” she moaned and pushed her body back against me. I closed my hand over her breast and massaged it gently. Moving from one to the other, I teased and squeezed them, the feel of them under my hand turning me on. I dropped my other hand to caress her face and she licked my fingertip as I ran one over her lips. We kept up this playful petting for several minutes. I loved the look of her reclined body and the smell of the fruity body lotion that made her feel so smooth.

She stretched against me and slowly sat up. Marie removed her glasses and put them on the coffee table before Göztepe Escort crawling into my lap. She straddled me, her inner thighs hugging my hips and her feet tucked up under me. I could feel her press her hips down against my body and my cock began to throb between us. She grinned and bit her lip, her face hovering just inches in front of mine.

I slid my hands up from her smooth thighs, over her ass, and up her back. My fingernails tickled her skin as I pushed my hands under her top. I stroked and massaged the tight muscles in her back as she leaned forward and put her arms around my neck. I sat back, trying to act cool as she continued to grind her cotton-clad pussy against my hard shaft. She was shivering slightly as her body moved slowly up and down in my arms. Damn, Marie looked so good like that. Her face was a little flushed, making her freckles stand out. Those gorgeous eyes looked a little glazed as she concentrated on the feeling of our bodies pressed together. She bit her lower lip and tilted her head so that our foreheads touched, her curls framing our faces. We moved together for a moment; looking at each other, our hands absentmindedly exploring each other. Then she pressed her face to my cheek and breathed hot air against my neck.

Moving things up a notch, I turned my lips to suck on her earlobe and kiss down her delicate neck. At the same time I scratched down her neck with my teeth, I lowered my hands back down to cup and squeeze the firm globes of her ass. She gasped and pressed our bodies tighter together, her breasts flattened against my chest.

I could feel the heat of her passion through my jeans as she bounced and pushed herself on me faster and harder. Her nipples were hard under her tank and she dug her fingernails into my shoulders. I kept licking and sucking on her neck and earlobe, occasionally catching her lips as she trashed her head from side to side. Her hair tickled my cheek as she thrust her tongue into my mouth for a wild and passionate kiss. She sucked on my bottom lip and scratched her nails down my neck. Our mouths opened and closed rhythmically, our lips sliding against each other and our tongues wrestled and conquered new ground.

Moving my hands around her body, under her shirt, I took her breasts in my hands and squeezed them, pinching her nipples as she rode my lap. Marie broke the kiss and leaned back at little from me. She quickly reached down and jerked her tank top over her head and tossed it aside. It fluttered through the air like a flag of surrender and landed by her flips-flops. Her tits jiggled and swayed and I was again reminded that they were much bigger than they appeared in her shirt. She put her hands over mine as I massaged her big breasts, squeezing and rubbing them. With a sparkle in her eyes and a flush in her face, she put her left hand behind my head and cupped her right breast with her right hand. Pulling my face down and lifting her tit, she guided her nipple right to my lips. She watched, soft moans of desire escaping her open mouth, as I licked and sucked on her nipples. I kissed the soft flesh of her breasts and swirled the tip of my tongue around her hardened nipples. Moving her hands and my lips, she led my mouth to the points of her desire, pressing my face against her chest, all the while, she was riding the growing bulge in my jeans.

Marie was driving me out of my mind. She was on top and controlling the pace. Not that I minded at all, but I wanted to let her know that I wasn’t completely conquered. I slid my hands down her back and started massaging her firm ass. Reaching under her, my fingertips went between her thighs and started rubbing her pussy. I remember thinking that she was going to have to borrow some shorts from me, because she was already too wet for her g-string and shorts to hide. She moaned again as my fingertips pressed into the wet spot, fiddling with her swollen lips and clit.

She dropped her hands to my wrists and tried to pull them away as she gasped and shook in my arms. I persisted and kept teasing her, making her moan and spasm. Her hair waved and whipped about as she tossed her head from side to side. Throwing her body against me, she whimpered and slowly calmed as I abated my İstanbul Escort teasing of her warm, wet pussy through her cute “Tigers” shorts.

Marie put her hands on my shoulders and pushed away, sliding to the floor between my legs. She wouldn’t look up at me as she rested her head in my lap for a moment. I ran my hands through her curls and was worried that I had upset her.

Apparently I hadn’t, because once she caught her breath, her hands opened my belt and slid down the zipper of my jeans. I lifted my hips for her when she reached up to the top of my jeans and pulled them, along with boxers, right down my legs and off.

My hard cock stuck straight up in the air in front of her. Marie pushed my knees apart and scooted up into the space between my thighs. I quickly took off my own shirt and settled back to watch her. I couldn’t help but gasp as her small smooth hand closed around the base of my shaft. She focused her total attention on my cock and seemed so interested in the way it felt as she slowly moved her fist up and down my throbbing shaft. Her left hand snuck up between my thighs and started rubbing my balls, making me moan and thrust my hips up in the air. Marie grinned and squeezed the head of my dick, sending a small stream of precum bubbling out. Her small pink tongue darted out of her mouth and she flicked it across my smooth cockhead. It seemed so erotic and sexy to watch this cute college coed paint my shaft with her tongue. Her saliva mixed with my precum and made it nice and slick. She quickened the pace of her stroking and I increased the volume of my moaning.

With another one of those naughty grins, Marie dipped her head down and took my cock in her mouth. She closed her lips around the shaft and pushed her mouth down as far as she could. I stroked her hair and watched her mouth slowly take my cock deeper, inch by inch. She moved her head back up and let it pop out of her mouth.

“MMMMmmmmmm, you’ve got such a nice cock. I love giving you head,” she whispered sexily as she held my hard cock in her hand and let the wet tip brush against her cheek. She massaged the tip with her delicate fingers and started to make long licks from the base up. It felt very good, but the real prize was watching her do it. I remember every detail: her red-painted fingernails on her slender fingers, the wetness of her lips catching the dim light and glistening, and the electric gleam in her eyes as she took my shaft into her mouth.

If it was possible, I got even harder when Marie raised herself up on her knees and pushed her breasts against me. With a firm grip on my cock, she slid it into her cleavage. Slowly, she moved her body up and down, letting my rigid dick slide between her swaying breasts. A long streak of precum and saliva coated the inside curves of her tits as I tried to thrust my dick up against them.

“You’re gonna love this…,” Marie teased. Then she lowered her mouth and tightened her lips around the head of my throbbing cock, while she took her tits in her hands and pressed them in to enclose my shaft. I could feel the soft warm flesh of her tits from my balls to halfway up my cock, where her lips moved slowly up and down. Wet slurping sounds got louder and louder as she took me deeper into her mouth.

“Uhhhhh… Ohhhhhh… yessssss,” was about all I could mutter as this cute twenty year old gave me the best blowjob of my life. She went at it with all the energy and lust of the horniest of sluts. The pressure building was undeniable.

My eyes were locked on her while she bounced her tits against my cock and sucked on the head. When she swirled her tongue around the tip, it sent shivers through my body. My fingers danced across her nipples and stroked her hair. I was seconds away from exploding and she knew it.

“MMMmmmm, like that?? I know you do. You didn’t think I could be such a wild horny slut, did you?” She teased and smiled up at me, while keeping the pace of her breasts sliding up and down my shaft. The swollen, purple head of my cock played peek-a-boo, occasionally brushing against her chin. I couldn’t take anymore.

“Ohhh, Marie, I’m gonna cum,” I moaned through grinding teeth.

“Yessssss, baby. Cum for your slut,” she giggled Anadolu Yakası Escort as she dropped her breasts away and grabbed my cock roughly in her tiny hand. Aiming it at her mouth, she pumped the slick shaft up and down. Her other hand cupped my balls and just when Marie flicked her tongue against my cockhead, I exploded.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” I gasped as I came like a geyser. I wish I could have kept my eyes open to see the first spray of hot cum spurt onto her tongue and against her lips. Her hand kept stroking me as she jerked me off into her open mouth. I came and came. My thick cream flooded her mouth, coated her lips, and trickled down her chin. She tried to catch it all, but some dripped down onto her heaving breasts. My body shook and shivered and she slowed her handjob as the last of my cum ran down my shaft.

“Mmmmmmmm, that was good,” Marie giggled and licked her lips. She gave me another adorable smile before lowering her lips and tongue to clean my tingling cock. She stroked and licked my semi-hard cock for a minute, giving me a chance to catch my breath.

The sparkles eventually faded from my vision and I looked down to see her resting her head against my left hip, her face turned to watch her fingers tease my tender cock. She blew cool air over it and I chuckled as her curly hair tickled my thighs.

Hearing my chuckle, she looked up at me and grinned.

“Well, my snack was delicious,” she said, licking her lips suggestively, “but I hope you’re hungry, too.”

Marie giggled and stood up in front of me. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and turned around. Damn, Marie knew just how to perform for me. Bending over slightly, she pushed her shorts down slowly, revealing the top of her ass inch by inch. The orange letters spelling “Tigers” disappeared in the folds of her blue shorts and the soft tan of her skin went unbroken as she exposed her gorgeous cheeks. Wiggling a little and moving her feet a little wider, she dragged the shorts and thong down her legs until they puddled around her feet. Looking over her shoulder at me, still wearing that naughty grin, she reached back and gave her right asscheek a little slap.

“Like that, don’tcha?” she giggled. She shook her ass a little more and gave me a nice little show as she kicked away her shorts. “Well, if you like my ass, you’re gonna love this,” she said and turned on her toes to face me.

That’s when I found myself at eyelevel with her glistening, wet pussy. I don’t know how I got so lucky to find this girl. I could tell she loved standing in front of me nude, teasing me with her sexy body. Her hands moved up and down her body, cupping her breasts. Winking at me, she lifted them up a little so she could lower her tongue and lick away the cum that had landed there. Dropping them, they bounced and jiggled and I already felt my cock hardening for round two.

Marie’s hands then slid down her belly and over her hips. Standing with her feet slightly apart, she brushed her fingertips through her trimmed hair and against her wet lips. She moaned slightly as she began to rub her warm slit.

I slid forward on the couch and pulled her close to me. I closed my lips around a nipple and teased it while my hands massaged her ass. Kissing down her belly, she moaned louder when I started licking her inner thighs.

Moving with grace and urgency, Marie pushed me back against the couch so I was sitting up. She then stepped up onto the seat and put a cute bare foot on either side of my body. In this position, she stood over me, her knees against my shoulders. She ran her fingers through my hair and tilted my face back to look up at her.

“Pleeeaseeee,” she moaned and then lowered her hips towards me. I watched with eager lips as her pussy spread and hovered down to my mouth. She put one hand flat on the wall behind me for balance and used the other to hold my head still. My hands grabbed her supple ass and helped guide that sweet pussy to my waiting tongue. When it was close enough, I flicked the tip of my tongue against her wet lips. Pressing my face against her, I pushed my tongue inside her and licked her up and down slowly. She moved her body slowly, rolling her hips and grinding her pussy down against me. My tongue and lips served her pleasure as she had served mine. Her soft girly voice got deeper and she moaned and gasped as I ate her delicious slit.

“More… more… more,” she begged sweetly. So, should I give her more? Tell me what you think.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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