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I stand out here in our outdoor shower thinkin’ ’bout my daddy’s lips on me. He a good lover. I still remembers the feel of his big hands as they rubbed all over my body. I was just finished up with my schoolin’, being 18 an’ all when Daddy an’ me started bein’ nasty together. I just can feel the rough calluses on his hands from all the hard work he do to put food on the table for mama an’ me.

Mama a cripple woman. She got bit on her leg by a cottonmouth when we was at the pond ’bout five summers ago. When it happened. We was skinny-dippin’, durin’ a picnic, mama, an’ me, when that big ole black snake come just a slitherin’ through the water. Mama screamed somethin’ fierce an’ Daddy come a runnin’. By time he gets to mama, her leg was gettin’ all big. he tore his good shirt off an’ tied it to her leg real tight. Then he picked her up an’ ran to our truck to take her into town to the hospital.

I guess it took too long to get Mama to that hospital, ’cause when Daddy come back, he said the doctor had to go cut off my mama’s leg, that it was gangrene. So, Daddy an’ I prayed that she be ok after havin’ her leg cut off.

It took a long time for Mama to come back home an’ Daddy was getting restless. We didn’t have enough money for him to keep going to the city everyday to that hospital to see Mama. He had to work out this ways, for the lumberyard. But when Daddy came home, he was so tired. I’d get him a beer an’ some food an’ we have dinner together.

One Sunday, Daddy come out to the shower where I was. He saw me washin’ my woman parts real good an’ I guess he got all excited about it, since he ain’t seen Mama’s stuff in a while. I ain’t even knowed he was looking’ at my puss ’til he told me that I missed a spot. He like to have scared the hell outta me. güvenilir bahis When I looked up at him, he was stan’in’ there with his dry towel off an’ ‘cross a branch. He opened the door an’ got in the shower with me. His manhood was standin’ just as big an’ long an’ thick! The viens was just popped out an’ it looked like it hurt him.

“I said, you missed a spot, Sugar,” Daddy said again.

“Where I miss, Daddy?” I asked an’ he put his hands on my titties an’ pinched the nipples.

“Right here, Sugar, an’ down here too,” he said as he slid one hand down lower ’til he was cuppin’ my puss.

Now, I know dog gone well that I ain’t missed no places to be cleaned an’ certainly not down there. My mama taught me right how to clean up down there. But my daddy was just a rubbin’ an’ a rubbin’. I knew it was wrong to be getting felt up like that by my own daddy, but I just couldn’t help it. The inside of my puss started to hurt something’ awful. Even with all the water on us an’ all, I could feel myself getting slick down there.

“Now, Sugar, I know you’s gonna let your daddy help to get you cleaned up right, ain’t ya?” he said, rubbin’ me ‘tween my legs, an’ now he had his other hand on my butt, slidin’ it ‘tween my cheeks.

I said, “Daddy, you can help me. I think I is just plain clumbsy when it come to my puss. “

“I thinks you is, Sugar. I thinks I needs to look a little closer at that little puss down there, only to see where you be needing attention at,” he said as he got down on one knee an’ put one of my legs on his shoulder, speading my puss wide open in front of him.

“Well, I say, Sugar, your puss need mo’ cleanin’ than I thought The bestest way to clean a puss like this is to get all the little places that no washin’ rag türkçe bahis can reach. ” Daddy told me while he played with that nice place on my puss that was makin’ me weak.

“Go ‘head an’ do it, Daddy, I need’s to know how to make sure my puss gets cleaned right proper. ” An’ then, I got my chance to know what be makin’ Mama holler when she in the house an’ done sent me outside when I was a young’un. Oh, my daddy just put his mouth on my achin’ puss an’ I was in Heaven. I felt his tongue just slippin’ and slidin’ in an’ outta me, ticklin’ my drippin’ puss just right. Daddy started to moan an’ humm while he had his tongue inside me. Felt just like he was tryin’ to suck my insides out through my puss. I loved the way his big nose kept on rubbin’ that nice place that was startin’ to swell.

“Oh, Daddy, that what you done to Mama?” I asked him while I’s out of breath an’ ’bout to pass out ’cause it just felt so good. He just hummed a yes and kept on lickin’ me. Then he took that swole up part in his mouth. Lordy have mercy, I seen stars ‘fore my eyes. I grabbed my daddy’s head to keep from fallin’ on my rump an’ losin’ that good feelin’ he was givin’ me.

I feels him put a finger up in me an’ bring it in an’ out, like his tongue was donin’. Then, like thunder an’ lightning’, I started shakin’ an’ I couldn’t hardly breathe no more. I starts to grind my puss up ‘gainst my daddy’s mouth. He thought it was ok, ’cause he grabbed my rump with his big hands an’ pulls me so I stays right tight up ‘gianst him. Now, I sees why mama was happy when I comes back in the house.

Just when I thought it was all over, Daddy stands up an’ picks me up with him. My legs was ’round his waist an’ he was holdin’ my puss open from ‘hind me. Then I feels somthin’ just a rubbin güvenilir bahis siteleri ‘gainst my puss. Felt like a finger first, but Daddy’s fingers was holdin’ my puss open. Then, that finger turned out to be more that a finger. It was my daddy’s thing. He put up in me an’ I holds on to my daddy for fear of fallin’. I liked how it felt, I’s all full when he did that.

“HMMM, Daddy, you thing feels mighty fine…Uh, uh, uh, yes sir, real fine, ooh Daddy. ” I said whiles I slides up an’ down an’ grinds my puss on that long pole of his. I’s glad I sneaked the dry corn from Mama’s kitchen. That felt good, but Daddy’s thing was better ‘side my achin’ puss.

We was just a slappin’ our privates together an’ it was feelin’ so good. I smelled us doin’ it an’ it was so strong. My tittie’s was slappin’ ‘gainst my chest an’ I just could see sweat pourin’ from Daddy’s face. I never thought I could do such nasty stuff with my daddy an’ have a good ole time doin’ it. I looks down ‘tween our bodies an’ I could see my daddy’s thing go in an’ out my puss an’ it was looking’ so nasty to me. I loves it.

Then, Daddy starts to hollerin’ an’ goin’ on an’ I feels his thing start to move like it was a pushin an’ then I feels him shoot is stuff all over my insides. It felt all hot an’ sticky ‘tween us, getting’ all in the hair on our privates. Daddy kept on pushin’ his thing in me ’til it got soft. Then he let me down.

“Daddy, ” I says to him. “That how I’s ‘posed to get my puss clean every day?” Daddy looked down at me an’ smiles at me with his one tooth missin’ in the front.

“Yea, Sugar. You wants you daddy to clean you up real good, you just give me a holler,” he told me whiles he was rubbin’ his now floppy thing ‘gainst my belly an’ it was getting’ big again.

“Daddy, you want’s me to clean your thing for you? I do it for you. “

Then Daddy turns the water off an’ opens the door. “We’s gonna go on the porch an’ finish this up, Sugar. This water getting’ awful cold. “

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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