Summer Accommodation with Nana Ch. 02

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Chapter two of a short story. The disastrous morning after.

As always the characters are over eighteen and please no comments about editing unless you are offering to help.


“Morning Nanna.” As she entered the kitchen, “I hope you didn’t mind me making some toast and tea?”

She looked at the clock, “8am. Morning my dear are you always up this early,” she limped towards me to ruffle my messy hair. “How did you sleep?

“Well I’m not sure really, I think I had a strange dream.”

“Oh what about?”

“Well it’s a bit, well…let’s say embarrassing.”

“Anything to do with this?”

I watched in awe as my lovely Nanna put her hand inside her robe and pulled it out covered with something sticky then dabbed it on my nose.

I went bright red, “Ah it wasn’t a dream then?”

“If it was I’d love to know what this is.”

“Oh my god Nanna, I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“I shouldn’t have done that to you Nanna.”

“I think it was me doing the doing dear, well at the beginning anyway. I’ve never had four orgasm’s in a day before and I had four in a few minutes, damm this hip, I could see us having lots more fun otherwise.”


“No buts, or not in my butt for that matter and no regrets either dear. If you are OK with it I’d love to go again but only if you’re happy to make love to an old lady.”

“I’m not a bum man Nanna…”

“That’s good, Paps liked doing my butt, oo way back, I had all sorts of problems with bleeding and haemorrhoids.”

“Whoa Nanna this is too much, I had one girl who liked it up her bum and I tried it once. Yeah it was tight and a turn on but when I pulled out I was covered in pooh, I wanted to throw up with the smell and the mess. It put me right off anal forever, my one and only was not lovely.”

“Good job you’re a boob man then.”

“Oh yes Nanna that I am and with boobs like yours I can’t wait.” I held both of her hands, “This is surreal Nanna, I can’t believe I’m here talking to you about what sex we will or will not be having. Can I get you some breakfast?”

“Cup of tea would be nice, I never eat before I’m dressed and today I’m hoping that might be later than normal.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well dear, this wants to play again,” Nanna opened her robe and placed her hand over her pussy, “and I reckon this,” she gave the soft bulge in my jeans an unceremonious prod with her forefinger, “will be ready for action as soon as I do this. But first, tea.”

Nanna opened her robe, flasher mac style, and flapped it a couple of times. As predicted my soft bulge started becoming a hard bulge.

I left my seat to make Nanna tea and she promptly filled it, “How do you take your tea Nanna?”

“Not strong and a little milk, just stir it for a few seconds then remove the bag.”

I followed the instructions, added some milk then offered it, “How’s that?”

“A drop more milk please … that’s lovely dear.”

“Did I take your seat?

“No I don’t have a favourite, it really depends where the sun is but today” she giggled “some nice young man warmed this one up for me.”

I replaced the milk in the Frigidaire, put my hand in my jeans to adjust my uncomfortable erection and took the seat opposite.

“Wow Nanna where did you get those nipples from, canlı bahis they are huge.”

“Your Paps has been sucking on them for fifty-three years, I reckon that was the only reason we had six children.”

“How do you mean?”

“He loved to feed from me.”

“With breasts like those I don’t blame him.”

“He kept the milk going for thirty years.”

“What? Wow, thirty?”

“Only stopped because he went on one of his ‘reunions’ for six weeks and I dried up.”

“I don’t know much about that sort of thing I’m afraid. But they must be an inch and a half long.”

“You suck on them and see what happens.”

Well never one to be afraid of doing what I’m told I left my seat, walked around the table, knelt on the floor and took the nearest nipple in my mouth and gently sucked. I felt it stiffen and seemed to get shorter.

“No not like that Dear, really suck.”

A hand pushed against the back of my head in encouragement and I started sucking harder, I felt my mouth filling.

“That’s it dear, harder… much harder.”

A second hand pulled on the back of my head and my mouth was crushed against the white flesh of my Nannas breast.

“That’s better, harder, it won’t come off.”

I was turned on and I guessed Nanna was in an equal state, my fingers probing her pussy found it to be well lubricated and the first touch of her clit made her jump. Her legs parted allowing me to move around a bit more down there and if the noises she was making are anything to go by she was enjoying my fiddling. She really was enjoying it and like the previous evening she went very stiff and shuddered, Nanna moved her hands on my head and basically forced my nose into her breast effectively suffocating me. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever and my struggles to escape only stopped when I passed out and collapsed on the floor, unfortunately Nanna was still holding me tight and followed me down. The sound of her femur snapping, which I didn’t hear, was only usurped by the sound of her loud scream, the tail end of which I was aware of as I regained conscientiousness.

As I came round I could see the very wrong position of her left leg and found the phone to call for assistance, the ambulance was there in no time and they soon pumped her full of morphine to stop her wailing.

Nanna had broken the ball end off her femur, which I was assured by the hospitals nursing staff is a relatively common break for women this age. Luckily I managed to explain the pain she had been suffering and her orthopaedic surgeons hospital notes from another hospital were called for. 4pm I was sitting beside her hospital bed when she woke, Nanna was uncannily calm and subdued. I held her hand

“Hello Nanna, how do you feel?”


“No Nanna, Paps isn’t here yet. We have sent a message for him.”

“What happened?”

I was reluctant to go into too much detail as others could hear, “You slipped off a chair and broke your left hip.”

“More problems then.”

Her hand went limp and I was frightened she had passed out or worse passed away. I called a nurse over who was making an adjacent bed, she soon checked her vital signs and put my mind at rest that she had simply done a very normal thing after a general anaesthetic and fallen asleep. I sat with Nanna for bahis siteleri well over an hour then went to the toilet.

When I returned around 6pm Nanna was sitting up in bed drinking some water, I was still wiping my hands with a paper towel.

“Hello dear.”

“Hello again Nanna, how do you feel?”

“I feel fine, how about you?”


“If I recall you passed out.”

“I’m fine Nanna. Has any one explained what’s happened?

“Only that I broke my hip, I think that was you.”

“Yes I did but I wasn’t sure if you were really awake. You broke the top off your left femur…

“My what?”

“Your femur, your thigh bone.”

Her face went dull, “Oh and that’s my bad hip too.”

“They were going to fit a metal plate but when I explained the pain you were having they got your notes from the other hospital and have replaced your hip, so you should be much better when you’ve healed.”

“No dear, I’m on the waiting list for a replacement and I’m not expecting that this year.”

“Luckily you’ve jumped the Queue Nanna.”

At that point the surgeon came and said the same thing, she was still a little fuzzy from the anaesthetic but seemed to take it all in. The liquid dinner arrived next and she tucked into it healthily as she’d had nothing to eat all day.

By 6:30pm Nanna was feeling painful and tired, the nurses gave her some more painkillers and she dropped into a peaceful sleep.

I returned the following morning with clothes and toiletries, Nanna had just been given a bedbath and took the opportunity to change into one of her own nighties, they are all baby doll style but I’d brought the most discrete selection. I undid the rear ties of the hospital gown, lifted it off then bunched up her nighty and offered it to her head.

“Go on dear.”

“What was that?”

“I need you to do something.”

I moved the nighty away from Nanna and saw she was holding her breasts and pushing them together, her massive dark brown nipples looked amazing being forced forwards and up.

“Please, I know you want to.”

I whispered “No I can’t, not here.”

Nanna gave me a very stern look and gestured downwards with her eyes, I felt compelled to obey and bent down drawing each nipple in turn deeply into my mouth, sucking very hard before releasing it.

“That’s better dear.”

A nurse entered the curtained area as I was pulling the nighty down after dropping it over her arms and head.

“That’s pretty Doris, much better than the hospital gowns. Are you ready for a little walk?”

“But it’s not even twenty-four hours since…”

“I know, it feels too early but we need to get you moving already,” then in a reduced voice, “keep the paper knickers on for now just in case you have a little accident.”

“Oh no dear I don’t have any problems there.”

“A little accident is quite normal after an operation like this Doris.”

Nurse lowered the bed, moved Nannas legs round then I put her slippers and pink quilted robe on. Between us we carefully pulled her to her feet and she hesitantly took a couple of very small steps, almost avoiding putting any weight on her left leg.

“That’s it Doris can you walk to that chair?”

It was about ten feet away. The walk there was heavy and laboured but with bahis şirketleri lots of encouragement from the nurse we made it with Nanna holding fairly tight onto us both.

“Well done Doris, now we need to get you back to the armchair.”

Nannas grip on my arm was getting lighter and by the time we’d got right round the other side of the bed to the chair the nurse had got there before us and arranged a blanket and pillow.

“That was really good Doris, how do you feel?


“How’s the hip?”

“Feels a bit stiff.”

Nurse took Nannas pulse and temperature, wrote things in the notes, made the bed, opened the curtains and left.

I sat with Nanna chatting mostly about the house and where everything is etc for an hour or so then went home. Did a few jobs around the place, not that much needed doing, and returned to hospital after the evening meal. There was no sign of Nanna but the woman in the next bed started chatting and said she had gone to the toilet and how well she was doing.

Nanna returned pushing a Zimmer frame, we chatted till 8:30pm when I was chucked out with all the other visitors. On the way out I spoke with her nurse who said Nanna was making really good progress and the surgeon reckoned she was likely to be released in three or four days, before that they would need to do a home visit to check on suitability. That was Monday evening.

I visited twice a day, the home check was Wednesday morning and the only recommendations were either remove a loose rug or use a non slip underlay and to swap some chairs around so the dining table area was ‘more stable’.

Nanna came home on Thursday afternoon and life continued, I played nurse, chef, waiter etc and the district nurse came every day. Fortunately the holiday work I’d found was very flexible and much of it was done at home on the phone and computer, when I was away Nannas circle of friends kept her busy.

At least twice a day I sucked on her nipples and fondled her pussy and clit, she loved it and frequently said she couldn’t wait to make love again. I did manage to replace the electric motor in the recliner chair which we seemed to put to good use.

Paps was nowhere to be seen, Nanna explained that the reunion was a mixed bunch and when he left the platoon after eighteen years there were a number of younger women. The ‘reunion’ was a held at a hunting lodge in ‘America somewhere’ and described as a bit of a drunken caper so she never really knew what they get up to. As it happens he was away for eight weeks in total and by the time he returned Nanna was up and about, and far more mobile than before. We had been sharing a bed and fucking each others brains out for a month and I suddenly found it quite awkward to be there for the last few days before I returned to university listening to him huff and puff as they fucked in the next room.

If he had been drinking before making love, not that he had a drink problem, he would fall instantly into a deep sleep and Nanna would come to my bed to be satisfied.

In the whole of the time we were together there was not a sign of oral sex or for that matter anything other than vanilla sex, nipple play and ‘manual manipulation’ as Nanna called it but, in all of those she was insatiable.

One of the other lovely things Nanna had shared with me was she had learned to use my Iphone and the first message I saw when I woke on my first morning at university was a selfie picture of Nanna sucking on one nipple and holding the other breast taken on her brand new Iphone.

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