Summer Awakening Ch. 01

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Summer Awakening Ch. 01

My name is Mark, I’m 19 years old and I was a late bloomer, not only physically, but socially as well. I was always quiet and disliked being the center of attention. Though I’d become somewhat better with social interaction, this had not changed much as I entered college. Being a late bloomer I wasn’t confident with my body and, having little knowledge of the human body, I was not familiar with my ‘gifts’. To compound my social ineptitude I was raised in a very religious household and there was equal amounts of shame to go with it.

This may be the reason for some of my less ‘normal’ sexual interests, but I’ll leave that up to the professionals to decide. None of these interests were quick to develop but seemed to build on one another until it seemed that I required more and more atypical fantasies to get me off.

My first year at college had started out fairly straightforward, I was drowning in school work and focused on keeping afloat rather than taking part in the myriad social opportunities. However, the summer leading up to that first year of college was much more interesting and had left me with much to contemplate in my down time, mostly when I found myself laying in bed at night.

It had all started innocently enough, my cousin had recently moved to town to attend the same college and she had taken up residence in the college dorm a few months early so that she could pick up some extra school credits and found herself with a lot of spare time, and even more freedom. Given that she was new in town she looked for me to provide her with some company while she got her feet under her. Our time was typically spent at local coffee shops or pubs where I sat quietly as she prattled on about some new social cause that she was intensely interested in.

A little bit about my cousin. Sarah is also 19 years old, though a few months older than me, and is average, by my estimation, which just so happened to be the type of woman that I’ve always been attracted to. She was around 5’7″ tall, wore an average amount of make-up, had medium length brown hair, an athletic build from her time spent playing soccer, very muscular legs, and medium breasts, which to my uneducated glances appeared to be a B cup.

The latest cause she was interested in wasn’t particularly engaging to me that day, yet I appeared to be listening intently, though I’d drifted off thinking about nothing in particular.

“Mark, what do you think of the intersectionality of CIS gender women and the plight of POC LGBT women?” Sarah asked.

I had no idea what she was talking about. “Umm, it seems a little unfair to me,” I rambled hoping that I had faked it well enough.

“You’re not even interested, are you?” Damnit, I was caught.

“It’s not that I’m not interested, Sar, it’s just that…” I trailed off.

“Ok, Ok. I get it, I can be a little intense about all of these causes.” I raised an eyebrow. “Ok, I get a lot intense. What do you want to talk about?” She asked.

The thing was that I didn’t have anything I wanted to talk about, sometimes it was just nice to sit quietly with another person across from you as opposed to sitting by yourself.

Sarah abruptly switched track, “So, have you gone on any dates lately? You never talk about your romantic life.”

“I don’t have much of one to talk about,” I offered. “I work a lot, I’m training for a marathon, I watch soccer. I’m a busy guy.”

“Busy may be a true statement,” she said. “But it sounds boring. We need to go out together and hit a party. Some of the people in my classes are going to small pre-party and then out to the pub after. Do you think you’d be interested in that?”

I didn’t have any witty come back to that, it was true. Left to my own devices I would just sit at home every weekend. I wasn’t social enough to go out on my own and illegal bahis most of my buddies had taken off to their schools already. I was fine just whittling away the rest of the summer before my own semester started.

“Dude, you keep doing that, you just drift off aimlessly staring into the distance.” She seemed somewhat annoyed. “Or at my chest.” She smirked as she said that.

That comment got my attention and I turned red. I hadn’t noticed initially that I was staring at her chest but I had definitely caught myself a couple of times. “But I, I…sorry,” I stammered, embarrassed.

“I’m just bugging you,” she said. “So what do you say? You’ll come to the party with me?”

I conceded the point rather than continue with the current line of conversation. “Just text me the details later and I’ll join you.” We finished our drinks rather quietly and went home.

The party was on the coming Saturday night and was at one of her classmate’s apartment. I had spent the preceding days dreading my decision and was hoping for a miracle that she would cancel. It wasn’t that I didn’t like going to parties, it was that I had already determined in my mind what the crowd was going to be like, and unfortunately it was exactly as I expected it to be given the classes that Sarah was taking. I had steeled my nerves for some very intense opinions, however, despite some interspersed conversation they had mostly left their studies at the door.

The party started well enough, Sarah introduced me around and made sure that I was welcomed by her friends. As the party progressed we were all doing rounds of shots and eventually ended up at the local pub. A local band was playing and we all took up at the bar and had more shots and drinks. Surprisingly I was hitting it off with many of the women and was feeling quite chuffed with myself. After closing time we all headed back to one of her friend’s houses and continued to drink and dance. Around 4am I was starting to drop off and went to search for Sarah to see if she wanted to get a cab home with me.

After wandering around the house for a while I was ready to give up when I heard someone in one of the rooms enjoying themselves and in my drunken state decided to have a quick peek. As I opened the door one of the guys in her class was standing with his side to me with his hands on his hips and a hot looking brunette with her mouth on his cock. It was hard to see in the dark but he wasn’t very large and she was taking all of his cock into her mouth with ease, taking him all the way until her mouth was against his pubic mound. She was clearly good at what she was doing because he was moaning like crazy. Just as he looked like he was about to cum she pulled him all the way out of her mouth and slowly stroked him while laughing. She slowly put his cock head back in her mouth and he threw his head back in pleasure.

Normally I would have just walked on and giving them their privacy but I found myself frozen in place and my hand had moved to my groin and I was slowly rubbing my cock through my jeans. I was transfixed on the scene unfolding before me and hadn’t noticed that the girl had turned her head and was looking at me while she licked his cock from the base to the tip and then sucked the whole thing into her throat once more. The guy started thrusting his hips and I could tell he was close. Apparently so did the girl because she locked her mouth around him and started milking him for all she was worth. It was at this time that I noticed she was looking me right in the eyes as she got ready to take his cum in her mouth. She locked eyes with me and smiled slightly, and it was then that I suddenly realized it was Sarah deep throating this luck fella, just as she started swallowing his cum. I couldn’t look away and my cock felt harder than it ever had. I was disoriented and I slowly backed away from the door just illegal bahis siteleri as she wiped her mouth and thanked him.

I walked away shaking my head. I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen and I was very confused by the fact that my cock was still rock hard and sticking out from my pants. As I stumbled through the house looking for the door I felt a hand gently on my shoulder. I turned around to find Sarah standing in front of me, “Hey cous’, where are you heading?” She asked with a sly grin on her face as she looked down at the bulge in my pants.

I was dumbfounded and I just stared at her with my mouth hanging open and stammered “Uhhhh, uhhh….I was…uhh…just looking to see if you wanted to grab a cab home together.”

She continued looking at me with a grin on her face and stated, “You stared for quite a long time, I’m guessing that you’ve never had a blowjob before.”

I continued staring with my mouth open.

“I’m going to help you out cousin,” She said, “Come with me.” With that she led me back into the party. There were people lounging around on the furniture, some fooling around openly. Sarah looked around the room finally laying eyes on her target. She walked up to a petit Korean girl, leaned in, and whispered something to her. The girl giggled and nodded and got up.

She was stunning! She looked to be around 5’1″ tall, had light brown skin, large brown eyes, dark black hair, a button nose, and pert breasts. Her best asset was by far the thing she had been sitting on. I stared open mouthed, quickly I shut my mouth and mentally told myself I would have to work on that. Shirley was wearing a yellow tank top, and those frilly, lacey shorts that look like a crocheted table cover.

Sarah walked up to me with a smirk and in a sing song voice said, “Mark, this is Shirley. Shirley, this is Mark.”

Shirley smiled at me, grabbed my hand, and winked. “Hi Mark,” she said, “I hear from your cousin that this is going to be the best night of your life.” With that she led me down the hall to one of the empty rooms. I looked back to thank my cousin but to my surprise she was following us down the hallway.

When we got to the room Shirley grabbed me by the hand and pushed me onto the bed and slowly got onto her knees in front of me. I looked over expecting to see Sarah leaving the room but she had pulled up a chair beside the bed. Sarah smiled at me, “Go on Mark, enjoy yourself.”

Shirley was pulling her hair into a ponytail and licking her lips. She got up on her knees and placed her hands on my thighs and slowly started running her hands up towards my groin. Looking me in the eyes she said, “Just lay back and enjoy yourself Mark and don’t worry about anything that happens.”

With that she ran her hands up to my groin and slowly started rubbing my cock through my pants. As my cock started to grow she got a huge smile on her face and turned to my cousin and said, “Wow, your cousin seems to be a grower. He’s going to make some happy girls once he figures things out.”

She continued to rub my groin and slowly undid my belt and buttons and started to pull my zipper down. She slowly reached her hand into my jeans and gently started to squeeze my cock. With her free hand she started to tug at my jeans and I lifted my butt off the bed so that she could pull them down. As my jeans slid down my thighs my hard cock jumped and stood straight up at attention. Shirley finished pulling my pants off my feet and sat back up on her knees smiling.

“Wow Mark,” Shirley cooed, “That thing is even more impressive than I expected.” Shirley worked her way back up my thighs, caressing me slowly. She reached her hands into my boxers and lightly dragged her nails across my inner thighs and across my balls. I shivered. “Ooooh, Sarah, I think he likes it,” Shirley said as she smiled at my cousin.

I glanced canlı bahis siteleri over and my cousin was sitting quietly, looking intently at my cock.

I looked down at Shirley and she smiled as she took my cock out of the top of my boxers as she pulled them down my thighs. She held my hard cock in her hand as she marvelled at it. She leaned forward, placed a gentle kiss on the tip of my cock, and then slowly licked my cock from the base all the way up to the tip and then circled the head with her tongue. I was in heaven. She licked my cock again in reverse and when she got to the bottom she popped one of my balls into her mouth, and all the while she was circling her hand around my shaft. I was beyond myself and just laid back and enjoyed the sensations enveloping my cock.

Curious, I rolled my head to the side and looked at Sarah. To my surprise she was reclined in the chair and her hand was in her pants. She noticed my surprise and winked and turned her head back to my cock.

With my attention back on my cock I looked at Shirley. Her mouth looked so sexy with my balls in it, as she alternated from one to the other.

She released my balls from her mouth and once again licked all the way from the base to the tip. This time she slowly took the head of my cock in her mouth and worked her tongue around the head. After doing this a few times she took the head out of her mouth and licked the urethra.

The sensations were driving me mad. Next she slowly spit on my cock and started rotating her hand in a circular motion around my cock. As she did this she slowly took the head of my cock back in her mouth and started working her way down my shaft. It was a sight to behold, her mouth was stretched painfully around my cock but she only doubled down and kept going. In fact, she kept going all the way until I felt the head of my cock press against the back of her throat where she gagged. She slowly worked her way back off my cock until just the tip was in her mouth and then she started all over again.

Being my first blow job I didn’t last long and I felt my balls starting to well up with cum. Apparently Shirley noticed this as well because she changed up her tactic to take only a couple inches of my cock in her mouth but she was bouncing up and down on those couple of inches like an absolute mad person. I couldn’t stand it any further, blurted out incoherently, “OMGIMGONNACUM.” I bucked my hips up and shot my load into her mouth. I watched intently as she swallowed all of my cum. Shirley smiled, wiped her mouth, and gently kissed the head of my now deflating cock.

I hadn’t noticed that I had tensed up and was resting on my elbows. I flopped back, panting. I looked to my side at my cousin. Sarah just smiled and winked at me as she sucked on one of her fingers. The night was catching up to me and it was all too much and I passed out cold.

When I woke up in the morning with a start it took me a few moments to figure out where I was. I looked over and the chair was empty, but Shirley was curled up in a ball on the other side of the bed. As I stirred she noticed and smiled at me. “Good morning big boy,” she winked. “How are you feeling?”

I smiled a goofy smile, I didn’t know how to respond properly. I thanked her for an amazing experience and left to go find Sarah. As I wandered the house I found her in the living room wrapped up in a blanket in a chair.

I reached out and shook her shoulder gently. She gingerly opened her eyes and squinted at me. “Hey Mark,” she said. “What are you doing up so early?” I glanced at my watch, it was a little after 8am. “Sorry, Sarah, I’ve always been an early riser, even if I party the night before. Do you want to share a cab and head back to your dorm?”

Sarah smiled at me and stretched back in the chair, which gave me an amazing look at her breasts. She got up, hooked her arm into mine, gave me a peck on the cheek, and off we tiptoed through the maze of passed out college students and into the world. We got to the door and Sarah stopped and looked at me. “We’re going to have a fun summer, little cousin.”

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