Summer Camp Ch. 01

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Ashleigh stepped out of her father’s grey Volvo and slammed the door shut. The heavy sun beat down on her. She walked round to the back of the Volvo and opened the trunk.

“Want a hand with that, Ash?” Her father smiled and lifted out the heavy suitcase.

“Thanks Dad,” She smiled back and took the suitcase from him.

“Well, have a great time at camp sweetheart, enjoy yourself, and remember to write.” Her mother blubbed and embraced her in a firm hug.

“I will, don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” Ashleigh promised.

Glancing down at her watch, Ashleigh said her last goodbyes and watched the Volvo drive off until it was out of view. She smiled to herself and started heading toward her cabin.

Letting herself in through the screen door, she set down the heavy case on her bed. She was a little early; no one would be arriving for another half hour. She lifted the catch and started to unpack.

As she was folding some shorts, Ashleigh heard cars starting to pull up on the gravel drive. The rest of her fellow Camp Buddies were arriving, camp was finally starting. Hurriedly, she packed away the last of her things and shoved her case under her bed; she wouldn’t need it for another 8 weeks now.

The sound of tennis shoes on the wooden porch of the cabin could be heard from the open window. The screen door opened and a tall girl walked in.

“Ashleigh!” She cried and dropped her duffel bag. “Oh my God! I can’t believe this summer came round so fast!”

The girl ran up to Ashleigh and wrapped her arms around her. She smelt musky, like perfume and new clothes smell.

“You look so different! Your hair…you cut it! It looks so cool! You’ve changed so much, I hardly recognize you!” The girl held Ashleigh at arms length, looking her over.

“I could say the same bursa escort for you too Claud! You’re so tall!” Ashleigh smiled at her friend.

It was true; Ashleigh had changed a lot since last summer. She’d cut her long black hair to ear length and dyed it a coppery red. Her chubby cheeks had vanished, replaced with slim, defined cheekbones. She had grown at least five inches and finally got the breasts she always wanted. And of course, she was an adult now, eighteen. Last year she was a camper, this year she and Claud were Camp Buddies together. Helping out with the kids and organising activities in the sun and the heat.

As Ashleigh look up and down Claud, she could see how much she had changed as well. Last year, Claud had been pudgy and shorter than Ashleigh. Since then she had shot up and slimmed right down. Her camp shorts clung to her skinny hipbones and her polo shirt unbuttoned to give a tiny peek of her newly gained 32C breasts. Her long silky blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail and slung over one shoulder.

“We have got so much to talk about! What have you been up to?” Claud settled down on her bed while Ashleigh perched on the end.

“Well, you know that guy I was in love with last year? Well, he’s ancient history now. We went on one date and when he kissed me goodbye on my doorstep, he belched right in my face!” Ashleigh giggled.

“Ew! Gross!” Claud made fake sick faces. “My parents’ divorce finally came through and I moved to New York with my mother. The loft is so amazing; you should come over one time. I have my own room and the view from the balcony is unbelievable!”

They sat for some time talking and laughing as the other girls moved into their own cabins all around them. The bell for lunch went and they raced to the canteen, still talking nine bursa escort bayan to the dozen.

“…And I dumped Nathan, he emails me all the time but I just ignore them. Who wants to be with a guy that desperate?” Claud laughed and spooned some soup into her mouth.

“Not me, look, you wanna go swimming in the lake after lunch? It’s a great day, we aren’t gonna get a better one.” Ashleigh finished off her cheese burger and sipped at her 7-Up.

“Yeah, absolutely, I wanna try out my new bikini anyway.” Claud quickly ate the last of her soup as the end of lunch bell sounded.

They walked back to their cabin arm in arm, the chatter never seizing. Ashleigh dug around in her chest of drawers for her old black swimsuit and made to go into the closet to change.

“Hey, Ash? What are you doing? You’re amongst friends, no need to be shy. We’re both the same.” Claud teased and Ashleigh blushed.

She slipped slowly out of her polo shirt and unhooked her bra. She snuck a glance at Claud and her eyes grew wide.

Claud had unhooked her lacy pink bra and was slipping out of her shorts. Her tanned skin looked so soft and inviting. Her firm breast jiggled as she pulled off her panties. A small triangle of honey coloured pubic hair surrounded her pussy. Ashleigh quickly turned away and felt more obvious of her own naked body. She pulled off her panties and hastily slipped into her swimsuit. Claud looked amazingly in her own lime green and black bikini that showed off her flat stomach and boney hips.

“Do you like it?” Claud caught Ashleigh looking. “I got it from Paris when I went with my mother a little while ago. I haven’t had the chance to wear it since though, so camp was like the perfect opportunity. It’s great, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, bursa merkez escort it’s nice.” Ashleigh hugged her arms around her old swimsuit and wrapped a towel around herself.

Walking down to the lake, Claud skipped and joked, chasing after the butterflies, making Ashleigh laugh. But Ashleigh was slightly sidetracked by Claud’s breast bouncing up and down as she skipped along the trail. Her eyes seemed fixed to them, no matter how hard she tried to look away. They were so firm and full, like ripe melons.

They reached the lake and Claud slowly slipped into the water, screeching as the cool liquid hit her skin.

“C-c-c-come on in, A-a-ash! The w-w-water’s great!” Claud shivered and bobbed about.

Ashleigh put down her towel and jumped in. She shook and trod water for a little while to warm up. It didn’t take long before they were both swimming around in the lake and having a great time. Ashleigh sat on a rock down by the waterfall after a while, resting by the fast cascading water.

“What’s up Ash? You’re not wimping out on me, are you?” Claud yelled from the other side of the lake.

Claud grinned and swam over to where Ashleigh was sitting. She floated about in the water, playing with Ashleigh’s toes. Ashleigh was incredibly ticklish and couldn’t help but giggle. But it wasn’t just that. Claud’s touch felt electrifying, every patch of skin she tickled, felt warm and nice. Ashleigh had to push away Claud’s hand. Claud climbed out of the water and sat down with Ashleigh.

She lay an arm around Ashleigh’s shoulders, her hand brushing softly against her skin. Ashleigh quivered but didn’t push her arm away.

“I think we should go back to the cabin, I still have to unpack yet!” Claud said and Ashleigh nodded.

They got to their feet and walked back to the cabin together. Ashleigh felt light headed and strange as they walked back, why was she like this? Claud jogged ahead, her slender legs glistening with the water.

They shut the cabin door behind them and started to get changed. And this time, Ashleigh didn’t even think about changing in the closet.

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