Summer Employment

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This story was inspired by a quaint lingerie boutique nestled in a small rocky mountain town. Its characters are fictitious. But if you are interested in having a look at their web site drop me a line and I would be happy to send it to you.

* * * * *

After nine months of thesis assignments and seemingly unending research, the summer break could not have come soon enough.

Even the two weeks of just letting the mind come to terms with relaxing seemed a chore. So now it was time to work and save up for the next round of schooling.

The advertisement in the newspaper sounded like the perfect opportunity for Jennifer.

Indoors, air conditioned, and off the beaten path as to afford, in her mind the avoidance of an unrelenting convergence of vacation shoppers.

A lingerie store, how hard could it be, welcome the customer, show them to the fittings room, and then ring them up. So simple, it seemed to be on the surface.

But the underlying and so far undiscovered awakening of her sexuality is something that she never seen coming.

It was Monday morning and the faint memory of barhopping with Sarah still lingered. It was an enjoyable evening, a nice dinner and much reminiscing of what each had been up to for the past nine months.

It was the usual scene, smoky and the band was not the best being it was a Sunday night, and crowded with the beginnings of summer tourist traffic. But times being what they are, having to deal with the advances of many men who seemed to be on the hunt for someone to keep them warm that night.

Jennifer is a pretty girl; 5′-5″ 115 lbs. long auburn hair and green eyes that changed with her mood, the gray highlights intensity used as the indicator, and a figure that would make most men and even a few women stop a moment to take a second glance. She never flaunted the fact, and generally just took it all in stride.

The universities curriculum gave her little time to follow the general unpublished courses of extra curricular activity, although that indulgence was enjoyed amongst the majority of the students attending.

Sarah had chosen to pursue a business degree in another state, and Jennifer had decided to attend a university about four hours from home. Both girls had been friends since grade school and to this day still could talk for hours on end about anything, and a lot of times about nothing that seemed in any way important. They enjoyed each other’s company a lot, and could confide in each other completely and without worry.

But now it was time to take responsibility and find something that would help ease the financial burden of attending school fulltime for another year.

Sitting at the table in an empty house with a piece of toast and coffee to tide her over till lunch she scanned the classified section seeing what might be a possible starting point for the days job search.

The normal attire in the morning was a medium length T-shirt and panty, and today was no different. With one leg curled beneath her and the other dangling loosely she leafed through the somewhat limited prospects offered that might interested her. There were plenty of outdoor tourist assistance, and food service jobs. She wanted something that wouldn’t be so much like everything she always remembered of summers past.

As if written in gold ink the advertisement appeared before her eyes.


Full time summer assistant for lingerie boutique.

Must have clean appearance, be loyal,

Punctual and have people skills.


This she thought held possibilities; even if a T-shirt was a favorite for Jennifer she adored the feel of soft satins, silks and chiffons. She even had a few outfits that she had acquired over time, for those special moments when she indulged herself.

Jennifer picked up the phone and called. A pleasant sounding gentleman answered and relayed all of the pertinent information regarding the opening. He explained that his wife was with a customer and he just happened to be handy to pick up the phone. They had started the business, not only for an added income, but a necessity as well, for small mountain towns rarely had selections of quality lingerie. A person’s only hope usually was to see what the local Wal-Mart or Penny’s store carried. He continued to explain that he enjoyed getting his wife nice things to wear, and by opening the store they solved not only their dilemma but also those of the other ladies from town and the surrounding areas. He had asked if 1:30 that afternoon was convenient and Jennifer replied, that it would suit her schedule well.

Jennifer smiled to herself, a smile brought on by the inner confidence she gained from the positive feel of the conversation she had just had. Tipping the toast she dunked it and prepared her mental list of to do’s. The list included all the tasks that she had to conquer prior to her appointment.

First was a shower, shaving the legs, and an overdue trimming of the pubic area. bostancı escort bayan Thinking to herself how she would like to be one-step ahead in preparing for summer tanning. Deciding what to wear was another thing.

“What should I wear? Hmmm, Not to dressy but not to casual either,” she thought to herself. Mentally she decided on a skirt and silk blouse, smart looking yet not overdoing it.

The skirt was a present from Sarah last Christmas, a cute but somewhat shorter than normal black number. The blouse, an emerald green silk that set off her Auburn hair beautifully.

Rising from the breakfast bar she set about to get ready for what she hoped would be a very short job hunt.

The shower sprang to life as the single center control was twisted to the desired temperature. Looking into the mirror Jennifer brushed through her sleep matted hair in preparation. After that she pulled her t-shirt over her head, the movement causing her 34B breasts to lift as her arms were extended overhead.

The soft fullness capped with hardened pink nipples came into view. After tossing the garment into the corner she turned and took a moment to survey the reflection in the mirror before her. Her body was nothing to be ashamed of. Sarah had relayed those same feelings to her numerous times during her ever-popular bouts of low self-esteem regarding her looks.

“It will be fun to try on all the different kinds of lingerie when I have a free moment” she thought. Bending slightly her breasts moved just a bit outward from her chest, as she peeled the panties downward and off. Her breasts were firm and well shaped, she hoped they would stay that way for a long time to come.

Standing upright she saw what definitely needed some immediate maintenance. Her now full bush was going to be just a memory very soon. Stroking her fingers lightly over the abundant growth of soft Auburn mat, her mind drifted for a moment to the fact that her schedule had left her little time for self-indulgences, such as a sex life.

The hectic university schedule may not have permitted such outside activities but her clit remembered quickly as it sprang to attention and sent a pleasant jolt of pleasure to her mind.

As one finger traced slowly and lovingly over the pink bud the other hand sought out a now harder nipple and rolled it between her thumb and finger, pulling now and then as if to remind her of the wondrous sensations that come from a mixture of pleasure, and a bit of pain The combination to this day had remained a mystery to her.

Jennifer could feel the wetness spreading as she continued the playful distraction. Gliding her fingers lower to the tender inner folds of her pussy. Gathering the secretions she lubricated her now engorged clit, and with a slight bit more pressure took her self closer to the edge. Bringing one knee upwards and resting it on the tile counter edge she delved deeper into the warmth that was spreading like a mountain wildfire between her thighs. One finger then two drove past the outer ring of her sex, stroking slowly at first then with a more deliberate assault. Her thumb strumming across the blood engorged clit that yearned for the release it had been craving for so long.

Visions of a fantasy drifted into her thoughts, that of a soft warm tongue caressing her as she stood over it. The tongue was sexless, something she could never fully understand. But in her mind she knew it was a tongue with a purpose, an exquisite feeling.

Bringing the wet fingers up to her lips she sucked the sweet nectar from them. Her moisture always excited her and seemed to add so much, as if it were an aphrodisiac fueling her passions fire.

Never missing a beat her other fingers sought to take the place of the ones she now ran her tongue and lips over. Closer and closer she moved towards the abyss. Sucking her fingers deeper into her mouth, so deep she could feel the tips touching the back of her throat. The sensation was one that always got her mind working overtime with lewd thoughts of what it felt like to have a mans tool there instead.

Very soon she would feel the pent up frustrations leave her, the frustrations of school assignments, non-existent relationships and research deadlines.

Muscles tightening, her fingers a blur as they drove in and out of the moist tunnel. Her body tensed as if frozen. Then the dam burst, a flood of sweet honey poured over her fingertips, some dripping unnoticed to the tiles below.

The almost inaudible moan that escaped her lips coincided with the pleasure she felt at that moment. Her arm jerked as if being shocked randomly, each unplanned contact of her over sensitive sex sending another spark through her.

Slowing her movements and coming back to realty spawned a satisfied smile, spreading as a flower blooms in the spring. A contented sigh followed, the last rite of a truly pleasurable passage of self-satisfaction.

“Hmmmmmm I needed that” Jennifer said aloud.

The ümraniye escort bathroom now bore a similarity to a steam room, as the heated mist from the shower continued to fill the space relentlessly. But the perspiration that decorated her brow was brought on more by the passion rather than the humidity.

Getting back on track seemed easier and more relaxed as Jennifer slid the clear glass doors open. Stepping forward she was greeted by the magical spray, droplets resembling fingers as it explored so much of her blushing skin.

The water was so refreshing a perfect compliment to the already relaxed feeling Jennifer still carried.

Leaning back the water runs through her hair weighting it down and allowing the tips to barely touch the upper swell of her ass. The herbal shampoo smelt wonderful, an apple and honey mixture. Jennifer loved this scent as it stayed with her all day, with an aroma therapeutic effect that soothed away mental stresses. The soap was an oatmeal blend with just the right amount of texture to be used to exfoliate her skin and keep it flawless.

Morning showers are a special time for Jennifer especially at school. It seems like it was the only time when she could be totally alone with her thoughts, dreams and fantasies.

Stretching her body rinsing away the few remaining cares, Jennifer is ready to face just about anything the world has to throw at her.

The towel seems as if it was just brought in from the line on a springtime day, so soft, so clean smelling, everything this morning seems to be falling into place very well. Wrapping a large bath sheet around her body and a bath towel around her hair she retreats to her bedroom to start her preparations.

One foot through the door and already a finger pushes “play” on the CD player’s remote.

An upbeat rhythm ricochets across the room surrounding her, letting her feel the deep bass beat as its pulse emanates from the four corners.

Sitting down at the dressing table she mimics the lyrics using her hairbrush as a make believe microphone. This air type show continues for a few moments before she laughs and gets on with getting ready for the appointment.

Pulling it through her hair it glides effortlessly from top to bottom. Her repeated movements loosen the towel that covers her body. Slipping bit by bit till the loose fabric is barely held in place by her nipples that stand erect and tall. Sensing the impending consequence she playfully shakes her upper body. While watching the reflection in the mirror Jennifer witnesses the towel loosing the battle, and falling behind her.

The victory in the battle of fabric versus modern woman has left her staring at her own beautiful reflection in the mirror. Smiling to herself again she admires the after glow of the shower and of course the relaxing prelude to it.

If only she felt the outgoing confidence with people, like she displayed when alone. Not saying that she was not a confident person, but it always took a bit of time for her to become comfortable enough to open up and just be herself. With the fear of being judged constantly looming over her subconscious. A goal she set for herself upon leaving the University was, to make a more self assured first impression during a first initial meetings.

The antics in the bathroom this morning seemed to be having a residual effect, as a heightened sense of a deeper inner need still had its hold on her.

Jennifer’s mind drifts as the brush slows in its task of making her hair presentable. Turning it over as her eyes close imagining it being the soft caress of a lover. The smoothness glides over her hair and then across from one shoulder to the other. Back and forth it moves in a feathery embrace. The vivid image of seeing herself before the mirror fills her mind. Seeing the zoomed in image, focused on the lovers hands that are exploring her soft skin. Once again the image leaves out a clear definition of the sexual identification of the mystery lover. The brush moves lower in a descending arc. She embraces the continuation of the pleasurable journey, as its course moves lower maneuvering over and between her firm breasts. The soft bristles of the hairbrush teasing her nipples, sliding slowly almost painfully against them.

Her body acting on a primal response code reacts involuntarily. Her engorged nipples become even more sensitive and unknowingly the gap between her knees increases.

Lower still the mystery lovers embrace continues, this time in a vertical move that makes her abdominal muscles tighten as the caress moves to within inches of her sex. Even her mind teases her to new heights, as the fictitious hand moves upwards once more and stops.

“Don’t tease me”, her whispering pleads echo.

“Take me as you wish, please don’t make me wait”.

The brush a symbol of her lover’s power holds its position just below her breasts.

“Please do it, I need to feel you touching me, making me yours to do with escort kartal as you will”. The anxious desire in her voice betrays her.

Jennifer’s subconscious lover still holds fast and does not move.

“Why do you make me beg, is it because you love to hear it, or is it because I want and need to hear it and admit it to myself?”

Leaning back in her chair she spreads her legs wider, wantonly displaying her necessity to be taken.

“Is this what you want to see. Is this the way you want me to ask for it, displayed like a total slut?”

Jennifer’s breathing is fast and shallow, her body yearning for the type of embrace that she has never been brave enough to admit to. The moisture builds as her legs try to spread wider; rolling her hips drives the dilated opening to her pussy upwards, broadcasting the readiness to be impaled by a lover. The inner lips flushed and shining with the coating of natural lubricant.

“Please, O god I cant wait, I will do anything, just take me, take me now, hard and deep, Oh I beg of you, fuck me now please, please!” The voice that fills the room now is a gasping plea for relief.

Unknowingly Jennifer has turned the brush, gripping the bristled end as it stands at the ready, just waiting for the moment her mind totally surrenders her body to what her inner conflicts of right and wrong behavior dictate.

Jennifer’s eyes are still closed tightly, impatiently awaiting the decision of her virtual lover. But now feeling the smooth rounder end of the brush lightly playing over the lips of her sex, and downwards dragging so agonizingly slowly over the tight pink star below, and then upwards once again.

“Yes, yes, whatever you want, fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, just fuck me now please!”

Imagining her lover poised before her, she feels the blunt end of the handle held fast just parting the inner lips of her wet flesh. The scent of her need and desire now reaching into her mind’s core, taking her higher.

The first reaction was to thrust her hips forward driving herself into the lover. But something told her that it was not her choice to decide when the time was right.

Her patience running thin, the desire to be taken growing and growing, knowing that at any minute she would feel her lovers embrace, the embrace that could fulfill her need.

The brush handle began spreading her inner lips apart, the first sensations of the long awaited pleasures of deeper contact makes her stop breathing for a moment, the anticipation levels building to a critical height.

The deep intake of breath being held is pushing her chest out making her breasts stand proudly her nipples poised as if being served. Toes trying to grip the carpet, trying to find leverage for the impending assault of her being.

Quicker than the image appeared it dissolved into and empty nothing. The bedside phone’s coming to life breaks the spell, thus transporting Jennifer back to reality.

A held breath now slowly escapes her lungs, not in the way to show she had achieved the moment she had desired, but more a soft sigh as if watching a dream dissipate into thin air.

Smiling to herself she acknowledges and accepts the parting gracefully.

Turning she rises from her chair, and after a few steps is flopping herself face down over the covers reaching for the receiver and answering it.


“Hi Jennifer, Sarah here, how do you feel this morning?”

“OK, a bit in need of, Oh never mind its nothing.”

“Are you sick or something?”

“No I was just looking for something earlier is all?”

“Well maybe I can help you look later today, maybe we can find what you’re looking for?”

“That’s OK, I will find it eventually. Hey guess what? I have an interview today”.

“Really! How cool, where at?”

“The lingerie store just outside of town, they are looking for a summer sales assistant.”

“That’s awesome, I have driven past there now and then and I did have a chance to stop in once. If you get it think how fun it will be to try things on. They have toys too you know.”

“Toy’s?” Jennifer’s voice relaying the confusion her mind has at that prospect.

“You know novelties, vibrators and dildo’s and such.”

“Oh toy’s” laughing at the utter denseness she had shown.

“Have you ever tried one?” Sarah asks.

“No, have you?”

“Well I have to admit, that things are a bit more liberated where I go to school, and yes I have one.”

“Really, What’s it like?”

“Well I call it my instant date.” Sarah laughs.

“And, god how do I ask this? Does it work? I had to be blunt, really didn’t know any other way.”

“That’s Ok, and yes I have to admit it works.” Sarah replies.

“I don’t know what to say, what gave you the courage to buy it, and where did you get it, how do you choose one?”

Well believe it or not I got it where you are applying to, just before I left for school.”

“You bought it in town! weren’t you worried that someone would know?”

“No I wasn’t to worried. You’ll see the owner’s there are really cool, and never tells a soul about anyone who shops there, in fact she was really helpful in the selection process, I was just honest with her in the fact that I had never used one.”

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