Summer Hunger

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A difficult check in, a ridiculous delay, and a horrible flight had me rethinking all my vacation plans. When I finally arrived on Providence, the sun had set and all I wanted was another drink and a bed, in that order.

The next morning I woke inside my stunning cabana. White bead board wainscoting anchored lemon yellow walls, reaching for the wood beam vaulted ceiling. Across the room, behind the sheer fluttering curtains, large bay windows beautifully framed the palm trees and hibiscus flowers surrounding my temporary home. I had flung out the sash, and was breathing in the tangy fresh scent of the sea when I heard the knock on the door.

I was certain some handsomely, rugged pirate stood outside ready to claim me. Smiling, I decided I wasn’t one to argue.

“Good Morning, Room service,” the sultry voice told me.

So not a pirate I thought, but his voice was delicious enough to sound like one.

I scrambled into the oversized cotton robe the resort supplied, opened the white pine door and set my eyes on the most fantastic looking non-pirate I have ever seen. I stand 5’5 but he was at least a foot taller with a thick head of inky black hair, dominating gray eyes, and a lusciously full mouth. All this set in a handsomely chiseled face bronzed by the sea winds and the Caribbean sun.

Nope he wasn’t a pirate, just the very image of any woman’s seafaring fantasy.

Stepping behind the door, he coated me with more of that well aged scotch voice as he entered my room.

“Good Morning Ms Henderson, welcome to Far Horizons Resort. I have your breakfast. I’m Luke, the personal assistant assigned to you, during your stay.

“Thank you Luke. But, please call me Kate.”

“Kate it is then. Would you like the tray on the lanai?”

“Umm, yes please.”

I watched this hunk of man take purposeful strides across the room. Along with the nice wide shoulders, his muscular back narrowed to the best ass I have ever seen on a man.

With solid thighs that had my hands itching. Oh yes, I thought to myself, it has been far too long since I have seen anyone, other than myself, naked. I pulled my mind from the gutter, just before Luke bent over, placing the tray on the table. My black eyes widened as his shorts tightened, outlining the muscles in those thighs, and the obvious in-between. My pulse raced and a liquid heat began to curl in my belly. Luke was relaxed, but even still he was rather impressive. Could I handle something that large? The idea boggled the mind.

My imagination headed for sexual overtime and my heart pounded, my womb fluttering. He glanced around, muscles twitching the corner of his mouth. He knew I appreciated the view, so I did little more than smile at the mischievous flash in his eyes.

“If you walk down those steps, along the stones and beyond the roses, you’ll be on the beach.” Luke’s head gestured toward the walkway off the lanai, “That path is accessible only from this room. You share this part of the beach, but only with the two cabanas on either side.”

When Luke turned around to lean against the bamboo rail, a thick brow rose in surprise, taking in my open robe. The heat in the room notched up as eyes skimmed my long legs, over the curve of hips and waist, ending on the swell of my 38 triple D breasts.

Remembering there was nothing more than a silky, royal blue chemise between him and my rich coffee hued skin, I decided to play. Fueled by my active imagination and the sea air, my nipples hardened as I leaned against the lanai doors. One hand clutched behind me, the other teasing the dark brown curls surrounding my face.

“The ocean sounded close, but I was too afraid to go exploring alone.” I walked over to stand beside him at the railing, feeling his eyes follow me all the way. “It would have been nice since the concierge did mention the moon was full last night.”

“Then I am sorry they didn’t tell me you had arrived. It would have been my pleasure to walk you around the grounds. The gardens are in bloom, and the blossoms are beautiful in the moonlight.”

Did Luke’s voice sound strangely rough, or was I just hoping?

“That would have been nice.” Wickedly, I slipped a hand down his arm, feeling his muscles twitch all the way. “A fabulous room, breakfast, and now a personal assistant, this resort has me feeling like royalty.” I admitted laughingly, trying to keep sancaktepe escort some composure.

“Good, we try to pamper and it sounds as if we are succeeding.” He cleared his throat then, hand lingering on my back as he turned toward the rail. “If you are interested, the beach will be empty today. The neighboring cabanas are vacant, so you and your companion will be alone.”

“Actually I am here by myself.” I answered, wheels spinning in my head. Flushed with embarrassment I glanced up, spying the flash of hope briefly covering his face. I covered the flame rising in my cheeks by sniffing the rose blossom on the breakfast tray. “Anyway, I am sure there are plenty of tours available to keep me occupied.”

Luke walked past close enough to feel his hip brush my rear, “There are other singles on island this season. I know you’ll make friends while you’re here.” Stopping at the room door, he turned, “Kate, if you should need anything else, the front desk can page me, or call me from the room phone. The assistant extension is 21089. On the other hand, if you prefer, here is the number to my cell. Feel free to call…at any time.” The hunger in his voice was unmistakable.

“Thank you Luke. I’ll try not to bother you too late at night.”

“Call anytime you need Kate, night or day. It’s no bother.”

“Well…thank you. I’ll remember that.” I stammered as he opened the door.

“Good, I look forward to serving you. Enjoy the beautiful day Kate.”

I fought the tart inside and thought against asking him to join me for breakfast. Instead, I drooled at the back view as he walked into the courtyard.

Closing the door, it felt cool and solid against my face, a rather nice contrast considering the heat raging through me. I shook my head, sending all the naughty images scattering around the room. Never have I had such a strong reaction to any one, let alone a complete stranger. No matter he had the body of a roman god, and I suspected the cock of one to match. Shocked by my thoughts, I trotted off to eat my breakfast.

Lounging on the beach, my libido hit overdrive. Yes, I spent too much time working on my career. I dug around in my brain trying to remember the last time I had sex, I couldn’t. Hell I couldn’t even remember the last time I held anyone’s hand.

So now here I was, alone and horny on the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. What was worse? I was lusting after my assigned, personal assistant Luke. Just how fabulous would his hands feel cupped on my breasts? My nut-sized nipples gave their reply beneath the cloth of my bikini top.

In my fantasy, the warmth of the sun played the part of Luke’s mouth, heating the fabric and my skin. Shyly, I brushed my nails against the tender strain. Living in the dream, phantom teeth sent shivers along my spine to collect and pool between my legs.

A distant splash pulled me from my daydream. It was Luke, and I watched as he wadded slowly through the surf. His eyes, never leaving mine, held all the promise of this morning. Mesmerized, my eyes roamed over his body, from the painted on tee, to the denim shorts hugging his hips. I could almost feel my legs wrapped around that waist, pressing my creaming slit against his dick. I shivered at the thought and laughed as I realized just how badly in need I was.

“Good Afternoon Kate. Good joke?”

“Ah…it was just a personal memory. Have you been looking for me?”

“I was. I finished early and was wondering if you felt up to exploring the island.” His liquid voice had my head nodding before I knew what I was doing.

“Ah, isn’t that against resort rules or something,” I asked, hoping I was terribly wrong.

Storm gray eyes never left my face as his head moved from one shoulder to the other slowly. “If I don’t tell, will you?”

Who would I tell? All I could do was smile.

“Good then you should change. As delicious as you look, that isn’t hiking attire.” He looked at me, tilted his head and winked.

“I guess my bathing suit would do little good in the mountains.” I smiled, my world beginning to spin.

“Oh there is nothing wrong with the suit a pair of shorts and timberlands won’t fix.” He held out a hand, “Come on, I’ll walk you back to the cabana.”

I felt like prey under his voracious stare. I could see the ache raging inside ümraniye escort him, the same ache feeding the hunger deep within me, promising me satisfaction the type of which I had only dreamed.

My breasts swelled more, nipples like stone under his stare. Using my thick curls as a screen, I tried to hide the naked yearning on my face. Bent over to collect my book and beach things, I felt not only the sun at my back, but also his heat rising behind me.

A gently placed hand along my hip stroked my side. This simple touch brought cream flooding between my legs, soaking my crotch. I was on the verge of orgasm just walking on the sand beside him.

“Kate, wait,” he said, the raw arousal in his voice, turned me around.

We stood in the palm tree shadows, him brushing my shoulder with a rose bud. The velvet caress increased the sensitivity of my skin. I needed more. I stepped toward him. My arms wrapped around his neck, his large hands pulled my hips against him, pinning my body to a palm tree. His mouth roamed over my neck and throat, heating his way down my body, while he locked both my wrists overhead.

A low growl rose from his throat, as his tongue claimed my mouth. I moaned, as his free hand stroked the underside of my breast, thumb toying with the hard rock of my nipple. Fingers circled and twisted one swollen nipple, his tongue lapping the other. Luke took his time, enhancing my pleasure, and building the whirlwind.

When I felt his teeth pinch the tight knot through the damp triangle of fabric, I screamed from the pleasure. By the time I registered the ocean air against my skin, Luke had torn the scrap off my breast. Shocked, I gasped when he pulled my nipple into his mouth, my clit throbbing. Wave after wave of heat rolled off him, pummeling me until I felt as if I would burst into flame. Knee wedged between my legs, I rode his thigh, rubbing my suit bottom against my cunt, seeking relief. He moved as if he was already inside my body. As if he knew exactly where I needed his mouth, or his hand, and he made the most of that knowledge.

“Luke. Please I can’t take much more,” I pleaded as my body squirmed against his.

“Oh damn Kate. I didn’t mean to start this here. I am afraid I may not be able to stop.”

“I’m not asking you to stop! I am asking you for more,” I whimpered.

With a feral grin, he placed an arm under my legs, the other around my back and dashed up the path. Just behind the rose hedges, the garden had a small semi private nook. He gently lowered me onto the fallen petals, giving me clear view of the erection straining against his zipper.

“You should be naked Luke, before you hurt yourself and ruin my fun,” I told him, my voice a sexy purr.

“Hmm, beautiful, impatient and bossy aren’t you? What a heady combination you are lady.”

“That I am sir.” I replied with a smile.

A smile that faded slowly with each shirt button he opened. Tossing the unwanted material behind, he moved closer. I tried to reach his zipper, but he pushed my hands away.

“No Kate, wait. I have got to taste you,” his voice hoarse with its demand.

The scent of crushed rose petals filled the air, as he pushed me down. He paused just long enough to untie my swimsuit bottom. Ties in his teeth, fingers restarted the rhythm on my clit that caused my first outburst. Luke’s mouth trailed slowly down my body, hands mercilessly pushing my thighs apart.

He spread me wide, mouth working toward my painfully erect clit. Licking the inside of one leg, he stopped just inches from my pussy. Then my tormentor did the same with my other leg, but this time as he grew near my engorged nub, he blew softly. I practically jumped from the sensation of his warm breath and cooler air.

Spreading me wider still, his tongue swept from my ass up to my clit, where he stopped, to suckle softly. I whimpered as he stretched opened my pussy lips and began to stroke the length of my clit with his thumb. Slowly at first then a bit faster, his mouth never leaving my nub. The rhythm built as he sucked. Thumb moving up and down, a second tongue against me.

“Oh God Luke, I am going to cum,” I cried.

My breathing short, shaking all over, the rockets explode in my brain, his mouth never leaving my clit. When the world regained its axis, I looked down at the imp, tuzla escort resting between my thighs.

“Kate weren’t you going back to the room to change?” he asked, laughing the low masculine laugh of a pleased man.

“I might as well since I have already undressed.” Amused, his tongue trailed heat across my hip, and into my navel. “But I don’t think you’re interested in mountain climbing any longer. Are you?”

“Maybe not, but you I am planning to help you enjoy your vacation.” he murmured into my thigh, excitement flaring anew in his eyes.

“It’s already turning out better than I planned,” I said. “What more could you have in mind Luke?” The look of desire in his eyes told me everything I needed to know.

Without missing a beat, he plucked a handful of roses and carried me back to the sea. Luke eased me back onto the ground, my legs in the surf. The salt water was cool, splashing my naked skin, as my torso lay warming on the beach. The hot sand under my bottom, and his hands on my skin had me drowsy. My eyes closed as he massaged my legs, and my thighs. He stopped, so I opened my eyes and just looked at Luke questioningly. He leaned down and licked my thighs clean then moved on to my pussy. I throbbed anew as I watched Luke wash my body with mouth and tongue, seawater and flower petals.

With mischief in my brown eyes, I fought back, hands busy at his waist. With his zipper opened and shorts lowered, I freed Luke’s swollen member, cupping the base of his heavy erection in my palm. His heat nearly burned my thumb circling his purpled head. I crawled to my knees, tongue teasing the tiny cleft on the back of his penis, gaining a glistening bead of pre-cum. With nothing more than a fractured moan, Luke’s fingers snaked in though my curls. My mouth wrapped around his cock, gently biting the underside of his shaft. His hips flexed slowly, as I licked and sucked his rod. My lips brushed the base of his shaft, my hands grabbing his butt.

I never lost suction while my lips slid over the pulsing erection, a finger teasing his bum. Luke’s hands grabbed my hair, as I eased off his cock, pulling his balls into my mouth. Alternating with licking his shaft, I swirled his balls in my mouth, sucking gently. One at a time, I teased them, before returning to his shaft, to nibble at the throbbing vein on the underside. Then taking his rod inside my mouth as deep as I could, I caressed and fondled Luke. I touched his inner thighs and let my hands roam over the skin of his ass, finger moving deeper into his bottom as I played. All I knew, all I wanted, was to drive him over the edge.

“Your mouth’s so hot,” he groaned as my reward. I swirled my tongue around the head, lapping at the liquid leaking out, a grin of appreciation growing on my face. Luke had just the right combination of sweetness and salt that made me want more.

He began to pull away. A sly smiled crawled along my mouth as I crept over him, planting kisses. I could see tremors just under the surface as my breath brushed his belly. Hand on Luke’s shoulders, I pushed him down and lifted myself over him, the waves crashing over us both. Achingly, I eased my glistening sex down over Luke’s rigid erection, grinding my clit against him, an excruciating pleasure for us both. His hands were free to explore me, stroking hips, breasts and clit.

I leaned back, placed my hands on either side of his thighs, and began to fuck Luke slowly. His moans grew louder, hips moving in time with mine. The cool water bathed us both, lapping at the hot flesh exposed with every stroke. Together we began a slow rhythm, a pulse in and out of my slick hole. Every wave, every movement registered as heat along my skin. Luke pulled at my hips driving his cock deeper into me, his mouth latched onto a nipple. I felt his teeth gently clamp unto the already sensitive skin while his thrusts grew faster and harder. Caught in the vortex of escalating passions, I reached around and clasped his balls in my hand. He suddenly erupted inside me, sending me spiraling into my own orgasm.

It was laughter from further down the beach, which brought us back to reality. My head rested against Luke’s shoulder, heart pounding in time with his. His hand rubbed my back in lazy, slow circles designed to calm.

“Do you still want to see the island Kate?” his words mixed with the laughter I heard bubbling in his chest.

“I would,” I told him. I smiled as I sat up, looking around at our sand covered bodies, “But I think we both need to shower before we go. Shall we try for the cabana again?”

My cunt clenched, around his cock as I felt it spring back to life, the mischievousness bright in his eyes.

“Of course Kate, It would be my pleasure,” was all he said.

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