Summer Sale Days Ch. 03

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Big Tits

I was lying on the sofa watching the Cubs get their asses handed to them once again. Leading four to two in the ninth and the bull pin offers up a floater to Carlos Beltran, who with two on, sends it over the ivy. The Cardinals add the their division lead and my Cubs float ever lower toward the worst season in twenty years and that, my friends, is a true accomplishment.

Speaking of losers, my doorbell was buzzing and my neighbor had called earlier, promising to bring me some fresh sea trout; he fishes everyday. When I opened the door, my trailer girl pushed her way past me. She stood in the middle of the floor, hands on her hips. “Are you fucking crazy?” she inquired.

“Believed so by many.” I answered.

“Don’t go funny on me.” She demanded. “How many fucking old Dodge trucks do you think there are around here”

I was trying to count on my fingers. “Three I think.”

“Fuck you, I think.” She countered. “Why were you parked on Marina drive last night?”

“Was that the name of the street? Because I have to be honest, I could not see the sign in the dark. I think it’s about time we readdress the street light issue.”

“It’s not funny you fuck. Maybe you don’t approve of what I do. I don’t give a fuck.” She emphasized every syllable of the last sentence. “It is what I do, period. Stay out of my business.” She looked at me as serious as a drop dead gorgeous twenty-year old can.

“Mushroom hunting.” I said

“Fuck you.” She said

“Can’t argue, it does sound a little better that mushroom hinting.” I countered.

A smile came across her face and she was trying desperately to prevent it. “Only a little better?” she asked

“I can tell you have never had a Morel omelet.” Is explained

“No.” she grinned. “I haven’t” she moved near me and hugged me. “I mean it.” She said. “No more following me.” She looked up to me and offered her lips and I took them.

“Next time I bring the dog.” She said and I knew she was serious.

“How did you get out without daddy catching you?” I asked

“Don’t worry about it'” she said.

“Or you’ll get the dog, right?”

“I will if I have to.” She said. “I need your help.” She added.

“Anything to keep the dogs at bay.” I said

“I need you to go with me. You don’t have to do anything, just be there.” She said

“You nee me to carry the groceries or something?” I asked “Wait, didn’t you just tell me to stay out of your business?”

“You do nothing, just walk in with me, set down, say nothing.” She detailed. “I have a new……client….maybe. I’m just not sure so I need to feel safe until I meet them once.”

“I can do safe.” I said.

“Yes, but can you do quiet.” She asked.

“Does this involve you getting undressed? I asked

“It might.” She said

“It’s possible I will moan.” I explained

“Quietly, quiet moaning is allowed.”

“When do we do this?” I asked.

“Right now, I’m late. I had to stop and straighten out my boyfriend”

“Simple task. I shouldn’t have taken you too long. Look I’m straight already.” I said, “Why did he need straightened out?”

“He fucking won’t keep his nose out of my business.” She said

“Maybe you need to find a new boyfriend.” I said

“Be careful what you ask for.” She replied, “Lets go if you’re going.”

When I returned from my bedroom I had added a long tee shirt to my attire and my 32-chrome revolver was clipped to my belt at the small of my back. It wasn’t a location that allowed for a quick draw but I was not a quick draw kind of guy and I figured that if something was to occur it would be directed at her and not me and I would have time to ease it out.

I stopped her at the door and turned her around. “If we are going to be partners a need to know your name.” The look on her face told me that she just realized she had never told me.

“We are not partners.” She said, “You are not partners with Sarah Brooks.”

“This way partner.” I said

Sarah drove, I rode, the air conditioner hummed and her tanned legs grew longer every time she pumped the clutch pedal. She was in a pale blue button front blouse with short sleeves; nicely pressed but totally out of character for her. She wore cream-colored Bermuda shorts with coordinated sandals. No jewelry and no makeup. Her short mousy hair was as neatly styled as possible but it still had this sort of wild fly-a-way look.

We pulled into a suburban address on Oakmont Circle, definitely an upper-class location. The place was large with a four-car garage on the side. There was one garage door open and Sarah pulled the car inside without hesitation. She checked her appearance in the rear view mirror and said, “Lets go.”

The door to the house opened to reveal a woman in her early forties. Her hand reached first for a white switch panel and pushed a button lowering the garage door. Next her hand extended to Sarah. “I expected you would come alone.” She said.

“I’m sorry,” Sarah offered. “This is Chuck. sivas escort I like to feel safe when I meet someone for the first time. I’m sure you understand.”

“I guess.” She said. “Come in, please. We sat in a small cozy room filled with sunlight from a wall of glass. The room was filled with potted plants and antiques and the walls were covered in art. We had drinks and the two of them chatted for nearly an hour. I sat quiet and casually let my eyes hunt for bugs crawling on the leaves.

The conversation was strained because obviously the two had no similar life experiences to share. Sarah finally stood and asked the woman, I over heard her name was Blair, to show her around the house. I accurately guessed that it was her was of saying it was time to move on and where is the bedroom.

Sarah took Blair’s hand as they walked through he house. I followed quietly behind. When they entered the master suite Blair looked at Sarah and asked. “Will he wait for you or should we find him a chair in here?”

Sarah looked at me and answered. “I just recently found out that he likes to watch.”

“Crawl under a Hibiscus bush one time and you’re labeled a peeping Tom for ever.” I said and Sarah gave me a look that said if I spoke again I would endure the wrath of Thor.

I sat in a comfortable armchair next to a table with a lamp and magazines. Well. If I get bored, I thought.

Sarah led Blair to the bed and began to unbutton her blouse. As Blair sat down, Sarah slipped every button slowly through its hole and gradually she pulled it free of the waistband if her shorts and slipped it from her shoulders, letting it flutter to the floor. She stood there in a lace bra that cupped the underside of her small breasts with the tops of her nipples slightly revealed. Blair looked on as she let one hand press lightly between her legs over of her skirt.

Sarah slipped off her shoes and Blair reached for the buttons on her own blouse. Sarah immediately took hold of her hand. “Wait.” She asked. “I would like to do that.” Blair lowered her hands back to her lap. Sarah unbuttoned her shorts, unzipped them and folded them open. Silk bikini panties were visible. She slid them over her hips and stepped out of them one leg at a time, and dropped them.

She stood still and Blair was admiring her amazing body. She pushed her thumbs into the top of her panties and rolled them to mid hip and stopped, then a bit farther. They were in a tight roll directly across her sex. Her bare smooth mound showed clearly. She was teasing Blair and Blair was visibly aroused. She turned to face me. She looked directly at me and leaned forward thrusting her perfect ass toward Blair.

Blair reached for Sarah and Sarah let her take hold of her panties and ease them down and off. But when Clair leaned farther wanting to place a kiss on that sweet rear, Sarah stood and turned back to her. “Just what did you thing you was going to do?” Sarah asked.

Blair was in a trance and didn’t answer. Sarah lifted Blair and began to unbutton her top. She did it slowly and let her fingers rub against Blair’s breasts. She pulled the top off and tossed it aside. Blair had nice full medium sized tits and Sarah cupped them and squeezed them within her soft cotton bra. Sarah reached behind Blair pulling them as close as they had yet been. She leaned in and kissed her host a soft but passionate kiss and pushed her tongue between Blair’s lips. She held the kiss as she released the snaps and pulled the bra over Blair’s shoulders and down her arms. She held it up then let it fall from her fingertips.

Sarah looked down and saw Blair was wearing loafers. “Kick you shoes off.” She instructed. Blair slid off both shoes and let her feet push them out of the way. Sarah slipped two fingers into the waist of Blair’s slacks. She let her fingers slip as far down as possible. She moved them across Blair’s stomach letting them brush the top of per panties. Blair leaned her head on Sarah’s shoulder and closed her eyes; her breathing was erratic.

I’m sure I saw Sarah smile. She slipped free the button of Blair’s slacks and tugged on the zipper. I don’t know if it was the sound or the zipper or feeling Sarah’s hand so near her sex but Blair moaned into Sarah’s neck. Her slacks were eased over her hips and they fell to the carpet. Blair was a true beauty. Slim tan body with a tight rump and erect breasts.

Sarah pushed Blair into a sitting position then knelt and pulled the pants free. She stood and looked at Blair. “You are beautiful.” She said.

Blair was in a trance. She didn’t or couldn’t respond. “Alright then.” Sarah said. “Up on the bed with you.” Blair raised a knee and used her foot to push herself onto the center of the bed. Sarah eased up beside her and was resting on he knees. She let her hands slide over Blair’s shoulders and along her sides, massaging her breasts, caressing her stomach. “Take you panties off for me.” Sarah instructed.

Blair let her hands find the top of them and she tugged them over her hips; she drew her knees near and her panties were free. Sarah took them and brought them to her face. “They’re very wet.” Sarah said and Blair just looked on. “Should I take that as a complement?” Sarah asked. Blair just nodded her agreement. Sarah tossed them over her shoulder.

Sarah moved to between Blair’s legs and her fingers began to caress her inner thighs, slowly traveling from knee to crotch and back again. Each pass caused Blair to move her legs wider until her legs were touching both sides of the bed. Sarah knelt down and kissed her naval. She let her tongue rim it and Blair’s stomach twitched each time.

Blair brought her hand to the top of Sarah’s head and Sarah reached for it and placed it on the bed, then her fingers gently fondled that hand. She looked at Blair and said. “I know how to drive, baby.”

Sarah lowered her mouth to Blair’s sex and placed a kiss right on her protruding clit and Blair bucked her hips and gasped. Sarah sucked on it and her tongue began to flick if rapidly. Blair rolled her hips in small circles and grunted. She gasped for air when Sarah pulled off of her. “No,” she moaned.

“All in good time.” Sarah said. She took Claire’s legs and pushed them to her chest and then apart. She lowered again and ran he tongue from Blair’s clit down between her swollen lips, pausing at her entrance and then she lowered even farther and gently licked Blair’s back door. Blair started humping again and a long low moan left her lips.

Sarah inched back up and her lips opened Blair like a flower and she pushed her tongue into her. She forced it deep and sucked it back and pushed again. Blair was expelling fluid and Sarah’s face was coated. She fucked Blair like that for ten minutes and Blair rode out an amazing orgasm. Sarah all but ignored it and just continued to use her tongue as a dick to fuck this woman.

Blair was wet with sweat and her legs were now motionless on the bed. Sarah withdrew her tongue and turned her attention back to the now erect clit. She lowered her mouth back on it and sucked in into her mouth. She pressed her mouth down on Blair and Blair gasped. “Fuck……Holy…….Shhhhhh…” Blair uttered.

Her legs rose into the air and wrapped around Sarah’s head and she bucked through a climax like I’ve never seen. She had both hands full of Sarah’s hair. Her head was bent forward at a painful angle as she tried to watch what Sarah was doing to her.

Sarah held that clit captive until Blair had finally dropped her head back on the bed. Her legs lost grip and leveled back to her sides. Her fingers were the last to turn loose and when they did Blair just kept running her fingers through Sarah’s hair and then rubbing the back of her head. Finally she was just using a single hand to gently pat her head. “Fuck me.” She said.

Sarah got up and went to the bathroom. Blair turned her head toward me and smiled. When Sarah came out of the bathroom she walked not to the bed but to me. Standing beside me she said. ” So, I suppose you will be incorrigible from now on?”

I looked up and said. “You got me like a Bass on a sharp hook.”

She had a washcloth and a small towel in her hands when she returned to the bed. She moved Blair’s legs apart and placed the warm wet cloth onto her sex. She waited and then used her fingers to slowly slide the cloth over her pussy and along her inner thighs. She passed it over her abdomen and then used the towel to dry her off.

“I suppose it would be very unfair to ask you to do that again?” Blair asked.

“Not if you can multiply by hundred my two.” Sarah said.

“I am very good at math.” Blair said.

Sarah took the towels and tossed them toward the bathroom door. “So much for these.” She leaned in and kissed her on the mouth.

You sure you’re up to this?” Blair asked.

“You sure you are.” Sarah replied. “You just lay her and let your energy return and I am going to go find a beer. Please tell me there’s beer.”

“There is beer.” Blair said

When Sarah returned she had two beers and passed one to me. “Don’t gulp it, I’m going to be a while.”

“Enjoy your work, I always say.”

“What’s wrong funny man? Is that the best you got?” She taunted.

I thought about it. When she turned I said. “You are what you eat.” I saw her ass wiggle.

She moved on to the bed and straddled Blair’s legs. “Where were we.” She said.

Blair laughed. “I was floating in space, I’m not sure where you were.”

Sarah moved up and kissed Blair again. “I was between your legs. Is that where you want me?”

“Can I just keep you there permanently? “

“Now you’re being silly.” Sarah said.

“Sorry.” Blair said

“Don’t’ be sorry.” Sarah said lets just be realistic. “You trust me Blair.”

“Yea, I would say I do.” Blair said.

“Good.” Sarah hooked her right leg and easily rolled her onto her stomach. She pulled two pillows from the bed and with a hand under her waist lifted Blair up and pushed the pillows under her midsection.

She moved the hair away from her neck and kissed it. She started kissing down Blair’s back. “Now you lust relax and let me do this.” She kissed and sucked her waist and lower back. When she reached her hips she made it a point to kiss every inch of her.

Blaire was responding, rocking her hips slightly. She tried to spread her legs but Sarah knees prevented it. “Don’t rush it baby.” She said. “Lets take our time.”

Sarah used her fingers to spread Blair’s ass cheeks. She lowered her mouth, licked her lips, puckered and placed a wet kiss on her anus. Blair moaned again. Sarah used her tongue to trace circles around her brown treasure. Blair tried to make her anus relax. She humped at her lover’s mouth.

Sarah pushed her mouth into Blair and her tongue slipped into her ass. Blair gasped. “Yes.” She said. “Oh, yes.”

Sarah raised her right leg and Blair slid her own wide and out of the way. Sarah raised her left and Blair repeated the move. Sarah began to fuck the woman’s ass with her tongue and Blair was shoving herself onto that wonderful mouth. Sarah brought a middle finger to Blair’s vagina and slowly pushed it into her. Blair whimpered.

Sarah spent the next five minutes fingering her cunt and tonguing her anus and Blaire was riding a wave of pleasure. She was right on the crest of it but she wanted to feel it crash over her. Sarah put her hand on Blair’s tummy and lifted her and dropped her mouth to that sweet protruding clit. When she sucked it into her mouth the wave rolled over Blair. She was rapidly raising and lowering her ass and Sarah struggled to maintain a grip on that clit. Blair cried out and whipped her head from side to side. She wrenched bedding in her fingers and her juice flowed onto Sarah’s tongue.

Blair experienced a number of aftershocks that brought a contraction of her vagina walls and made her hips jerk forward. Each time she did she would pull Sarah off of her clit and she would moan in regret. Sarah would simply lean in and take the clit back into her mouth and allow Blair’s ride continue. “Fuck me.” Blair said.

Sarah finally pulled her face from between Blair’s ass cheeks. She laid her head on Blair’s leg and patted her tight little ass. “Again? You’re kidding, right?”

Sarah went into the bathroom once again. When she returned she again had washcloth and towel and proceeded to clean and dry her client. It had been a very arousing energy draining session for Sarah and her body was aching for release but this was business and her needs would have to wait.

“I what to please you.” Blair said

“That’s not what this is about baby.” Sarah returned. As she caressed Blair’s soft ass she let a finger slip down onto her butt crack.

“It could be.” Blair said.

Sarah was on her knees on the bed and rubbing Blair’s rump.

“Tell you what.” Sarah offered. “I have an idea but I’ll tell you right now.” She hesitated and then turned Blair onto her back. She bent to lower her mouth to Blair’s. They kissed like long time lovers.

“What were you going to tell me?” Blair asked.

“You’re not getting a fucking discount for this.” Sarah said. She swung her leg over Blair’s chest and straddled her facing the foot of the bed. She adjusted herself and then lowered herself onto Blair.

Blair was eager and ready and she shoved her tongue into Sarah. She drew her hand to Sarah’s hips and held her as Sarah began to glide herself over Blair’s mouth.

Sarah let her fingers lower to her sex and she spread her pussy lips wide and Blair worked her mouth along the length of Sarah’s butterflyed lips.

Sarah bent over and pulled Blair’s legs into the air and dropped her mouth onto that sweet muff for the third time today. She kissed it and sucked it and she rocked on Clair’s tongue. She was so aroused her climax was coming as fast as she could ever remember.

When she knew it was imminent she left Blair’s cunt, she sat up and she slipped her hands to the back of Blair’s neck and laced her fingers together. As she rose to her knees she drew Blair’s head up with her. She tugged on Blair and forced her face onto her cunt. Sarah began sliding her pussy across Blair’s lips, riding her tongue. She was pulling at the back if Blair’s neck so hard her head was being forced backwards. She started to cum and juice flooded Blair’s mouth and ran across her face. She floated off into a cloud for minutes.

When she finally realized her ride was ending she looked down at Blair who was in obvious discomfort. She let Blair’s head drop back to the bed and lifted herself off and crawled to the edge of the bed. She sat there with her legs hanging over the edge.

“Mom, What the fuck.” Three heads spun to see a young daughter standing in the doorway. She was holding her schoolbooks. She was wearing the typical rich-girl private school plaid skirt, white blouse, complete with tie and dark blue cotton jacket.

Before anyone could speak. She spun and raced down the hallway. When we heard a door slam and the lock click, we all realized the afternoon had come to an end.

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