Summer with Monica

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In the hotel room their relationship reverses and he becomes assertive, bordering on the forceful. Announces unambiguously what’s about to happen without seeking assent. Fine by me, thinks Monica, the last thing she wants right now is a choice.

Assertively he guides, or perhaps propels – it’s a narrow dividing line – her face down onto the bed. Monica reaches forward, grasps the metal rails and submissively allows her body to be arranged to his requirements. Still almost fully dressed, albeit panties long since pulled down and discarded, bare bottom raised on pillows, shapely legs – in stockings, she can tell he approves — spread wide in intimate surrender.

Monica shivers with pleasure, momentarily recalling the recent sensation of his tongue between her lips — both sets. Back to reality, “I’m going to…” he states calmly, leaning forward to whisper the details while she shivers with anticipation. Ryan kisses her bottom, nobody has done such an intimate thing in years; somehow he divines her desires and knows exactly how to fulfil them. The young man gently caresses Monica’s soft buttocks before slowly sliding a hand between her legs. She moans in response, sensually arching her back, suffused with excitement and lust for his lithe body, the shape all young guys once were.

Ryan abruptly delivers a sharp slap to each bottom cheek. “Keep still,” he cautions as livid handprints appear. The subsequent command to “open your legs gaziantep escort bayan further’, elicits instant compliance, pouting pink lips signalling her readiness to receive him. Monica has already come once this evening, a questing digit pushed firmly into her anus as his tongue teased her clit quickly tipping her over the edge.

Hearing the belt pulled from his trousers Monica tenses, heart beating 19 to the dozen. “I’ll just use the tip,” Ryan had assured her minutes earlier, yet she’s still apprehensive. Monica feels the moisture build between her legs, I never got so wet during sex with my husbands, she recalls ruefully.

Picking up the worn leather with one hand, he presses the other palm into the small of her back, pinning the mature woman to the bed and delivering the first strokes horizontally across centre of her buttocks. The shock makes Monica yelp, the consequence – cumulative and slow burning – hotly suffuses her skin. Monica’s breaths become urgent as she struggles to accommodate this unholy mix of arousal and angst.

Ryan applies the belt more deliberately, a couple of strikes across her lower rump — she’ll be uncomfortably reminded of them when sitting later – two more across the tops of her thighs, way too sore, she wails in protest. Ryan seems instinctively aware of her pain limit, wielding the leather as a catalyst to pleasure, not punishment. He stops, Monica’s bottom burns, pussy positively aching to be filled. Nothing less will suffice, she needs to be penetrated, purposefully and deeply. “I want you inside me, right now,” Monica gasps.

“Kneel up a little,” instructs Ryan and, urgency making her clumsy, she instantly obeys. He enters her easily, pushing Monica back into a prone position. Begins slowly thrusting, squeezing her tender moons as he slides in and out, a sensation so intense she almost orgasms there and then. “Steady,” he cautions – correctly gauging the extend of her lust – “we’ve a way to go yet.”

God this woman has a magnificent arse. Possibly a little fuller than a couple of decades ago but thankfully no lower, Ryan reflects happily, continuing his consummate shafting. Over the preceding weeks he’s become well acquainted with the manifest pleasures of sex with someone older, her confidence and abundant curves combining with a physical generosity to make each encounter memorable. No concerns about contraception, or need to fret about inadvertent lapses of political correctness. He loves the sexy little details of their couplings, little chance any woman of his age would wear nylons, or be able to afford her subtle perfume.

“Free tomorrow evening,” she’ll enquire, raising a quizzical eyebrow, unconcerned if he has other plans. No tantrums about imagined rejection, simply accepting he — like her – has a life and happy to settle on an alternative date. They usually meet twice a week, Ryan supplies the vigour and stamina, his boss, Monica, suggests all manner of sexual fun and games.

He could tell at the interview — knew he was simultaneously being assessed for another unspoken role. Ryan isn’t feigning attraction, fancies her as much as obviously wants him. To be honest the belt thing is a bit of a surprise, he’s never indulged more than playful spanks with partners but hey, it’s actually pretty hot — Ryan’s definitely filing this experience away for future use.

Today’s erotic encounter pretty much defines the relationship, Next time Ryan plans to stretch her rosebud with his eager cock; reckons Monica’s ecstatic reaction to his earlier tentative fingering a clear indication of acquiescence.

They both know this isn’t a permanent arrangement; his job nothing other than a short term expedient to fund travelling. When it ends they’ll be no broken hearts, no recriminations, simply good memories. Within days Monica will be selecting a replacement, perhaps a girl, it’s been a while…

Ryan feels the first tremors of her incipient orgasm, followed by a series of earthy expressions completely at odds with Monica’s professional persona. “Fill me with spunk,” she demands crudely, velvety pussy contracting as she climaxes, milking every drop from him as Ryan too reaches an intense crescendo.

In five minutes he’ll be good to go again, roll Monica over and take her gently this time, whimpering and shuddering to a final release. Keep the boss satisfied; keep earning the cash bonuses, a summer job like no other.

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