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I found Kristy on line and we were cybersex soul mates for quite awhile, I had seduced her with my words so often that now she begged to meet me in person. I told her if she wanted to see me it would be on my terms so she would have to come to my apartment and be prepared for what ever I wanted, she agreed and we decided to meet that night. I knew from our on line sex that what she really wanted was a strong willed man who would take charge and use her beautiful sexy body totally, introducing her to new worlds of hot perverted SEX.

Time passed very slowly as I waited for my sexual obsession to arrive, I dreamed of Kristy’s sexy body, beautiful smooth legs, short dark hair, wonderful tanned smooth skin, big sexy brown eyes, soft C cup breasts with pretty pink nipples, firm round ass, and the most incredible pussy I had ever wanted my cock in. All I could think about was fucking her lovely hot body then using her in every way a man could use a beautiful woman, these thoughts kept my cock rock hard and throbbing all day.

The knock on my door came like thunder as I sat lost in day dreams of lust for Kristy’s wonderful soft tits and pretty pink pussy, my hard cock and I went to open the door. She stood there in the door way with her suitcase and make-up case, looking a little scared wearing a soft white print dress which clung to her body lightly making her even sexier than I had pictured. The look on her face when we made eye contact was one of surrender to my demands for dominance over her. I was now in complete control of this sexy young woman and I intended to use her incredible body to satisfy all our sexual wants.

While Kristy and I sat on the couch and she told me of her desperate need for me, I thought only of what I was going to do to her hot body. As I lightly stroked her bare crossed leg, she said she wanted me badly and was now ready to give me anything I wanted if only I would be her lover. I pushed my hand far up the outside of her soft smooth thigh and whispered in her ear, “What I want is to fuck your hot cunt and use your body for my pleasure, darling little play toy. Are you ready to submit to me completely? If so I can bring you pleasures like you’ve never known before.” She shook her head yes in very humble way as I began to slowly explore her lush sexy body.

I nibbled lightly on Kristy’s soft neck as my hand fondled her firm breasts thorough the thin material of her dress and soft cups of her bra. I told her, “I haven’t been with a woman for a long time, so I’m going to start making up for lost time right now my little sex slave,” I began to unbutton her dress until it was totally undone from top to bottom. Pulling the dress completely open I sat back and enjoyed the wonderful sight of her hot ready to fuck body covered only by a lacy little white bra and matching bikini panties.

I told Kristy, “You’re in for the most wonderful sex you’ve ever had darling, now it’s time for me strip you naked.” We stood together as I slowly slipped her dress down her tall slender body and kicked it aside. I pulled her warm firm body to me, French kissing her deeply as I reached behind her, unfastened the little white bra, pulled it out from between us and dropped it on the floor without ever breaking our passionate kiss.

The hard on in my pants was becoming unbearable as I reached down between Kristy’s smooth thighs and fondled her smooth shaven little mound covered only by the thin material of her sexy panties. She was becoming turned on, the dampness of the crouch of her little panties betraying the fact that she was responding just as wished. Reaching inside her lacy panties I slipped one finger inside the waiting lips of her cunt while massaging her hard clit with my thumb driving both of us wild with lust.

“It’s time to fuck.” I told Kristy while stripping the last of her clothing down those wonderful smooth legs leaving her beautiful body just like I wanted it totally nude. She spread her legs wide open as I knelt down in front of her; I slipped two fingers inside as my tongue found the rose bud clit of her womanhood. Her body soon began to tremble with passion from the two pronged assault of my fingers inside her wet pussy and the lapping of her hard clit by my tongue.

I soon realized Kristy was nearing an orgasm but I wasn’t ready to let her find release yet so I stopped. “You can’t cum yet darling,” I ordered her. “You’re going to cum with my hard dick buried deep inside your sweet little cunt,” I promised the wildly aroused woman impaled on my hand. Removing my hand from the wetness of her cunt I picked her red hot body up and headed for the bedroom, I intending to fuck her like she had never been fucked before.

As I laid Kristy’s luscious lust filled naked body down on the bed she spread her legs wide open exposing her red hot pussy completely to me. “Please fuck me,” she begged, “I’m so hot I need to cum so bad, my pussy is on fire, PLEASE fuck me Charlie.” I stood looking down at the inviting site of her clean shaven wet pussy, and casino siteleri began slowly undressing as she again begged, “FUCK me PLEASE I’ll do anything, just stick your big cock inside me PLEASE.”.

I moved over to the side bed bringing my throbbing hard shaft near Kristy’s pretty face I told her, “OK my little sex toy, if you want me so bad you’ll have to SUCK my cock first.” She took my sex shaft in her warm hand stroking it as she began licking the precum from the swollen tip. I leaned over to her big inviting breasts so I could suck her rock hard nipples while reaching down to finger fuck her red hot pussy.

Kristy took my entire hard throbbing dick inside her warm mouth using her tongue and lips in an absolutely wonderful way driving me to new heights of lust for her oh so fuckable body. I stopped fingering her cunt and stood up, mauling her big soft tits as I fought for control of myself, not wanting to cum in her sweet mouth but in her hot wet pussy. She wanted to cum so bad she tried to play with her own cunt but I stopped her, grabbing her hands I told her, “You can cum only when I’m ready and not before, understand slave!”

Pulling my incredibly hard cock from Kristy’s deep throat action to keep from exploding, I moved on top of her as she begged and pleaded with me to fuck her and give her relief from the fire that burned inside her flaming hot pussy. Using the last bit of my self control I hovered over her beautiful sexy body, French kissing her soft red lips while squeezing her big tits with both hands and rolling those wonderful hard nipples between my fingers.

“Please fuck me I’ll be yours forever,” Kristy implored me as the head of my throbbing hard cock rested against the entrance of her sex starved pussy. “I’ll be your slave, Charlie, I’ll do ANYTHING, just slam your cock into me, PLEASE,” she begged in a sex crazed voice while pushing her hips up to try and get my cock inside her hungry cunt. She was totally and completely mine now so it was time to do what we both wanted to do so badly, FUCK.

I allowed Kristy to slip my rock hard cock inside her wet and ready to fuck pussy, slowly I began to stroke the full length of my long hard shaft in and out of the incredibly warm feeling cunt which from now on was mine. It took only a few long strokes to bring her to a massive orgasm, her body arching up to me as she exploded with all the lust I had built up in her. I lost all control very quickly cumming violently, pumping a large amount of hot sex juice inside my hot little sex slave.

I laid on top of Kristy’s panting body, my semi hard cock still inside the heaven of her beautiful hot cunt. My hands worked hard on her big tits and nipples, while my tongue roamed inside her warm mouth making my cock soon swell up to full size again. She wrapped her sexy legs around me as I began to fuck her cum filled cunt with hard fast thrusts bringing her to several more wild orgasms, before I pulled out of her.

“I’m gonna fuck your big tits now slut and cum all over you sweet face,” I told my sex slave as I squeezed those soft tits of hers around my hard cock. “Lick the end of my dick,” I ordered her while pinching her hard nipples and fucking my cock savagely in the valley between her tits. She lifted her mouth and used her tongue on the swollen head of my cock as it pocked out from between her sweet melons. My hands mauled her wonderful breasts so hard as I fucked them that she cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain but that just made me squeeze them even harder around my near to exploding dick.

“I’m CUMMMMIN,” I bellowed as a fountain of hot cum sprayed out of my huge hard cock all over Kristy’s pretty face and soft blonde hair, covering her with my hot sex juice. “Lick your lips darling, I want you to taste my cum, you’ll be getting allot of it to eat from now on,” I laughed as she tried to clean her cum soaked face with her tongue.

“God your so great, Charlie, I have never come like that, I guess I’m yours now,” Kristy stated as we lay together exhausted but sexually satisfied.

“You belong to me body and soul, my little sex slave and don’t ever forget it. We shall explore all sorts of hot perverted sex. You’ll be my sex toy, but don’t worry I’ll be sure that you enjoy yourself as much as I do. Now clean yourself up, I’m hungry, so let’s go get something to eat,” I informed my super hot woman.

As Kristy went to the bathroom I dressed and prepared in my mind for the next part of my hot little lady’s sex adventure. Red hot super sexy Kristy was now in my control and I wanted to have some more hot sex with her fabulous lush body, and showing her outstanding figure to all who wanted to look seamed like a great way to start.

I looked thorough her suitcase for something to show off the body in the most provocative way. I selected a pair of what I hoped were tight jeans and the top of a bright yellow bikini, no panties or bra; she wouldn’t be wearing much underwear from now on. She had worn high heels, so they would be fine; canlı casino I love sexy women in heels. Most of the rest of her clothes would be useless but we could but her some new reviling things latter.

I had allot more hot sex waiting for Kristy tonight and I wanted to assert myself as her sexual lord and master now so she wouldn’t have time to change her mind. The first thing to do was to inform my beautiful slave who was the master and also just what my rules for her would be, she was my sex toy now come what may!!!!

When my tall sexy play thing Kristy came out of the bathroom after showering, she had a towel wrapped around her beautiful body hiding it from me. “That won’t do my sweets, covering your body while we’re alone will not be allowed from now on,” I strongly informed her, stripping the towel away. She stood before me wonderfully naked, her large breasts rising and falling delightfully with every breath she took, while her smooth shaven sex mound begged for attention.

“Go and sit on the bed, cross your wonderful legs Indian style, expose yourself completely to me, while I tell you how it will be for you now that you’re with me,” I commanded Kristy, my new play toy. She did as I said, sitting down and spreading her beautiful long legs so wide that her pink pussy lips opened and her wonderful tits and their hard nipples jutted out from her chest. The sight of her totally exposed like that made me want to go over to her and use her body like an animal but I controlled my lust there would be plenty of time for that latter.

“Dose this please you, darling, is my body good enough for you to use for your pleasure?” Kristy teased me as I starred hot eyed at her sexy exposed nude body. “I want to please you, are you going fuck to my pretty little wet pussy now, its stays wet all the time just for you.”

I moved to my turned on little slut and began to toy with her body as I spoke, “Not just yet, they’ll be time for that latter,” I told her as I ran my palm back and forth across her lower body from soft thigh to soft thigh brushing her wet little cunt and excited hard clit as I did so. “There are something’s you must do to please me. I want you to flaunt your sex as much as possible at all times, you will NEVER wear panties under skirts or dresses, you will wear a bra only as a means of enhancing your tits, wearing only half bras or bras with openings for your nipples, I want easy access to your cunt and nipples at all times even in public.”

“My sex zones will be ready for you at all times, but you are making me so horny, is it time to fuck again, Please I want your cock so badly,” Kristy begged as my hand had stopped at her smooth sex mound and was toying with her soft pussy lips and rosebud clit sending shock waves of pleasure into her. Her cunt was now very wet and begged to be used; I knew I would have to fuck her soon for now my cock was hard and throbbing for relief.

“I have a present for you, darling,” I told my sexy Kristy as I removed my hand from her dripping wet little pussy, I reached into the drawer of the night stand and brought out a very special dildo I had bought for her. The pink dildo which a friend of mine makes up only for special customers was 6 inches long with a large thin flap on the back end to keep it in place under a woman’s clothes and it had a very special built in vibrator. The vibrator was not generally for sale because of liability problems was operated by a small remote control that looked like a pager with ten settings from mildly stimulating to instant ecstasy. My friend warned me to be careful with the higher settings because they were so strong.

Kristy eyed her new toy and begged me in uncontrolled lust, “Please put it in me, fuck me with it I’m so hot I NEED something in pussy.” I sat down on the bed next to my wildly excited sex slave and slowly slipped the dildo into her totally soaked pussy making her moan with pleasure. I massaged her erect hard nipples while I did this building the already ragging fire of passion inside her belly to even greater intensity.

“Do you like my little present darling, dose it feel good inside your tight cunt, I can make it feel even better, would you like that?” I asked Kristy. Her only reply was to moan and shake her head yes. “Lay back sweetness and enjoy what’s about to happen, I’m going to please you like you’ve never been pleased before.” She didn’t know it as she stretched out her long lovely body on the bed, but I was going to drive her mad with lust before I was finished with my new toy.

I moved to sit beside the bed and stroke my cock while beginning my sweet torture of my play thing’s wet little pussy, slowly increasing the numbers until then she began claw the sheets as the intense feeling built inside her body.

made her explode in a body shaking orgasm; I went back to

so she could recover a little. She tried say something but I stopped her by quickly going up the scale to

and then after a moment to #8.

Kristy’s kaçak casino body thrashed around on the bed as a second mind shattering orgasm over took her, I held at #8 while she moaned, “Please…stop….God….I’m on fire…please no more.” I reduced back to

letting her again recover, did I dare take her exhausted body back up, yes I had to take her to the limit, I was so turned on I HAD to do it. I wanted to drive her insane with passion, so I went up through the numbers again all the way to #9.

“God….God…It’s….so…I can’t….God…I’m CUMMMING,” sex crazed Kristy panted almost incoherently as she writhed around violently tearing and clawing at her breasts in a fit on uncontrollable passion. I held her there for a moment then released her back to

, she lay panting breathlessly so beautiful and helpless. Knowing I was in complete control her was making me so turned on that I was near to exploding.

“Kristy darling, I must take you even higher, we must find out just how much pleasure you can stand, darling prepare yourself for the ultimate in stimulation,” I whispered softly I her ear while gently massaging her heaving breasts and rock hard nipples. I had to bring her to the max and then we could cum together, in one last earth shaking orgy of lust.

“Please, Charlie I don’t think I can take it, if you make me cum again I’ll pass out, Please no more, it’s too intense, I’ll die, please no more.” Kristy begged me as she lay there, not knowing that I had to take her to 10# and besides no one every died for sex did they. I hesitated then instead of bring the numbers up one at a time I simply pushed

0, dropped the remote and concentrated on the scene in front of me.

Kristy exploded, going wild as the vibrator roared inside her tormented pussy; she thrashed and bucked as the most intense orgasm of her life overrode every nerve in her sex filled body. I watched spell bound as she screamed and rocked, filling the room with cries of pleasure or pain or both. I stood near her head stroking as hard as I could on my cock , taking intense perverted pleasure from her wild gyrations, finally she raised her entire body obscenely off the bed. Only her head and feet touched the bed as she arched her back and thrust her sex mound to the sky, screaming a scream of final passion to me, then as I sprayed her sex contorted face with what seamed like a gallon of cum she passed out.

I turned off the dildo but left it in her and laid down beside her unconscious sweating body, pulling her to me, I took her in my arms and held her close to me. As I rested and wondered if I had gone too far she began wake, moaning softly as consciousness slowly returned to her. I wanted her to wake up so I pushed

and that brought her back real quick.

“Please, Charlie be easy with that thing, you could make I girl lose her mind with it. How the hell dose it work anyway, I thought my pussy would explode that last time what did you do to me,” Kristy asked me as she stretched her beautiful body next to me. I pushed

and she began to squirm around a little as the toy was beginning to arouse her sex tunnel once again.

“It works on ultrasonic; my friend makes them but can’t sell them publicly because they’re to strong. That last time I hit full power without building you up first,” I told my little sex toy woman as I pushed
. Kristy’s body was now reacting to the increased stimulation, her nipples were hard and her legs were trembling.

“Please, Charlie not again, my poor body can’t take much more, its on fire now,” Kristy pleaded to me while rubbing her hard nipples and her throbbing clit above the dildo. I leaned over and kissed her running my tongue deep into her mouth as I pushed .

“Baby I want to feel what you’re feeling, I’m gonna fuck you up the ass while I fry your cunt with my little toy,” I said to the incredibly turned on nude woman writhing around on the bed next to me. She was so fucking turned on that anything I said was all right with her, so she quickly pulled herself up on all fours and spread her ass cheeks for me. My cock was now almost fully hard again and well lubricated with my own cum from jacking off earlier, Now it was time for me to fuck sex toy’s sweet little ass hole.

“Please baby put your hard cock in my tight little ass, this thing is driving me nuts, fuck me I need it so bad!!” Kristy begged me as she offered her unfucked asshole for my pleasure. I rubbed the swollen head of my hard cock around the rim of her back door, and then pushed it slowly into the wonderfully tight orifice while increasing the setting to . Your body was reacting to the dildo as I worked all my huge sex meat into you oh so tight ass, her ass was so small that it hurt my cock but I couldn’t stop until I had ALL of it in her…

“Oh God, you’re hurting me please stop,” she moaned as my long hard cock was now buried to the balls inside her tender ass. I could feel the vibrator working and it was driving ME crazy, the thin wall of meat between my cock and the incredible sex machine let it work its magic on both of us. I pushed

as I began to stroke her from behind grabbing her soft hips with my big hands, pumping her back and forth of my throbbing cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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