Surprise _(1)

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Dirty talk – Sex is dirty
Inessa was waiting late one night for me to show up at her apartment so I could sign some documents. While waiting she got on the computer and started looking at different porn sites and going to different chats. She is getting really horny by the time I arrived. She opened the door and I entered the apartment, I reached over to shake her hand and tell her, I was John Malone. When she reached out to shake my hand, her robe came all the way open, affording me a glance of her almost naked body. She smiled and pulled it closed while I smiled at her. She led me to the living room as she feels my eyes on her. As soon as I started to get to sit down, she asked me if I’d like a drink. ” Well, if you scotch…Yes.” I said. She went into the kitchen and got a beer and came back saying ” Beer, is all she had.”

When she returned to the living room, she made sure the top of her robe is half open so I can see her tits pressed together when she leaned in to give me the bottle. I looked down her blouse and she smiled, letting it open a little more, deliberately, so I would be sure she is doing it on purpose. She thinks I took the hint because after I finished the beer I came into the kitchen where she is sitting at the table, also drinking, and asked where I should put the bottle. ” Just set it on the counter,” She told me, ” Do you want anything else?” ” No, thanks…” I said, still lingering at the kitchen doorway. ” Anything at all?” She asked, standing up. Then she dropped the robe. All she had on is a black bra and a black thong and neither one of them left much to the imagination. At first I just stared at her, as if in shock, but then I came forward and got really close. ” Are you sure this is what you want?” I ask as I cup a breast and lean into her body. She nodded and I kissed her hard. She fell back on the table and I climbed up, grinding into her as I kissed her neck and rubbed her chest and stomach. I unhooked bayan escort gaziantep her bra and start sucking her nipples. Inessa is a hot 23 year old law student, she feels her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She wanted to take my pants off and get my cock out. I unzipped my pants and let my cock spring out. It is a monster cock. Inessa said ” No, please, you’re too big for a small woman like me.” I ignored this. I’m smiling, as I pull her thong down and had a look at her bare pussy before I start rubbing it, spreading her juices all around. Then I lean in and push my big cock head against her slit. She pushes me away, resisting my advances but to no avail. Suddenly I buried my tongue in her small pussy. She let out a moan saying ” Please John, stop, I can’t your to big.”

I took off all my clothes, revealing my full monster cock, fully erect and ready to ravage her. At this point, she is very wet, but still trying to resist the temptation. Inessa tries to hold my cock, but her two hands are too tiny to wrap around my thick cock. I insert just the big head in her pussy, she is screaming in pain, her nails buried in my back. I raised her legs, spreading them wide apart, holding her small butt and slowly push my cock inch by inch into her. She is moaning in pain and pleasure, biting her lips, grunting and gasping for air, still begging me to stop, but her resistance is futile. She finally gives in and lets her inhibitions out. I push my monster cock halfway and rip her pussy apart. She screams and hugs me tightly. We look into each other’s eyes as if whispering to each other. I whisper into her ear, Inessa nods, I lift her hips up with my left hand, placing my right hand over her flat tummy, and buried the rest of my monster cock deep inside her. She screams again in pain and pleasure. We paused in this position for a few minutes letting Inessa get use to my size. Her pussy is stretched to the limit, ripped wide open. I hit way past her untouched areas as my cock is more than twice any man’s size. She is crying, tears running down her face. I kiss her then we french kiss for a few minutes. Moments later, I start thrusting into her, slowly at first. She moans with each thrust begging me to be gentle ” John, you’re too big, you’re ripping me apart…mmmmm.. it hurts…but…mmmmm…ooooh…aahh…mmmmm…it feels sooo good…mmmmm.”

She is clawing my back like a wild cat, she keeps fighting and scratching. My left arm is bleeding where she
has scratched me. Once she almost got one of my eyes. I settled on top of her soft young virgin body. I feel every curve of her hips and thighs, and the feel of her breasts as they press against me. Slowly I slide my cock up between her legs again, which are soft and warm. I thought she was going to continue to resist, but she is ready to accept her fate and my seed. ” No … no, god no,” she whimpers. My face is now pressed against hers, our noses are touching. Her young blue eyes staring straight into mine. I kiss her and run my tongue into her mouth. She didn’t fight that either. Meanwhile, down between her legs, the mating is happening. Her body is squirming and trembling, as my invading cock keeps pushing and pushing. Then, with one hard push, I penetrate her fully. She gives a sharp yelp, the special sound young women always make when they get deflowered. I have heard it many times, but never get tired of it. Her eyes flew open wide and she desperately tries to heave me off. I’m having none of it. I push her back into the bed and thrust harder. I force my way deeper inside her twisting hips, pushing past her .

” Oh Jesus, help me!” she squeals as I drive my shaft home. Inch by inch I force it into her young virgin body, gradually impaling her on my huge manhood. She struggles and thrashes, as I slowly force it in. In a couple seconds my cock has completely disappeared between her thighs. Fuck, she is so tight, but still I’m able to get the whole thing in. I stop for a minute to admire my handiwork. Here is this beautiful young law student, laying in her own bed, impaled on my monster cock. If those friends of hers could see her now. I laugh and begin to thrust in and out of her, and her bed begins to squeak with each thrust. She twists and turns helplessly, an innocent attractive woman twisting on the end of my cock. My good old baby-maker feels great tucked between her young hips, doing what it is designed to do, fucking my seed into her helpless body. With each thrust she pants and squeals, as my cock drills deeper into her defiled body. The slap of my balls and her panting fills the room. Her bed bouncing up and down in time to the fucking. Time is running short, so I increase the pace and begin to fuck her faster and faster after a moment, I feel the final surge grow in my balls and then travel down my long shaft. I can tell that she feels it too, she gasps and her eyes stare directly into mine. “Please … don’t … put … it … in … me,” she pants. Her body squirming and heaving, with my cock embedded inside her. ” No, no…” I exploded.. Like an animal in heat, I claim her.

Ineese gasps and stops struggling. Her eyes got really big and a creamy look fills them. I fire my seed again and again, planting it deep inside her. I thought it would never stop, as I triumphantly mated with my young bitch. I hoisted her butt up as I continue to thrust between her soft warm thighs as fast as I can, just enjoying the sensation, and occasionally squirting a bit of sperm between them. I dismounted. She just lay there in her bed, not saying anything, just whimpering. Her pretty face is now vacant and expressionless. Her young body is limp and her thighs are still parted and smeared with my sperm and her blood. I knew the rest of my sperm is now safely inside her. I feel great, but now is the time to go. I put my victorious cock back in his cage, grab her panties as a trophy, and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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