Surreptitious Love Ch. 126

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Chapter 126 — Goodbye Party for Charlie

I didn’t know if Charlie and his aunt Yen hadn’t already consummated their incest quietly, but if not, it was going to happen this week, as he had to leave our quaint little town here in central Vietnam to go back to Saigon to attend university, as online-classes were over. Charlie’s sensual relationship with his aunt had started when, four months ago, she had given him a massage and he ejaculated on her. Legend has it that she jerked him off afterwards, going for seconds, purportedly with her panties down on her thighs and the front of her flimsy leisure dress tucked under her belt. He had fondled her moist perineum and ass during the salacious treatment, but then she had come to her senses and asked my long-term affair Nguyet and me if we couldn’t help Charlie garner some sensual experience outside the family.

That had worked splendidly for about three months, apart from the very first time, when Charlie had flinched upon seeing Mira’s long clit, which looked like a tiny dick when erect. But Mira and Charlie had become pretty tight over time, until she had had to return to the Philippines for medical treatment three weeks back. I felt somewhat melancholic to be losing Charlie now as well, but all members of our small orgy circle knew that we needed a change of pace and rhythm in our debauchery, anyway. Even the most rousing, tantalizing orgies can get stale when there were always the same people involved.

This week, however, we would meet once more with Charlie’s aunt Yen, Nguyet, Thuy, Hoang and Vu, who would bring his girlfriend — my niece-in-law — Giang to say goodbye to Charlie in style. Nguyet had been so kind to phone the thermal springs in advance to see if they were ready to receive guests. Their answer hadn’t been a straight ‘yes’, as they hadn’t hired new staff yet, nor were they prepared to serve food but, at least, they had coffee, soda, and beer. No Prosecco, though, and the lawn hadn’t been mowed yet, they added, but the good people there agreed that we could have one of the Onsen-like private baths for three hours this Thursday. Since it had also been Yen’s birthday on Monday, Charlie would buy a cake, while Nguyet would bring ‘really nice’ — as she had put it — leftovers from the International Women’s Day celebrations at her real-estate office.

Initially, I had assumed that Charlie and Yen would want to consume their incest in a quiet private setting — if they hadn’t done it already — but Yen had eventually agreed to a ribald orgy, as the Onsen was rather large, so the two of them could separate themselves for a bit, while everyone else was distracted. Being outside also meant that we could let completely go and party hard. My niece Giang was the only one who Charlie didn’t know, but I liked the symmetry of having four Jacks and Queens, each, with Charlie being the King or the Ace, at the same time. I wasn’t sure if he knew that his aunt quite fancied Hoang, but since the latter had taught Charlie quite a few tricks, we all felt that he had to be there as well. The only downer was that Hanh, our pretty, petite masseuse had to work, but then, Yen seemed hesitant anyway to have her god-child ‘witness’ the incest between her and Charlie, even though Hanh was blind.

Anyway, we met at the entrance area to the small amusement park that had been built around the hot springs, perhaps four years back. Thuy, Nguyet, and I arrived together on two motorcycles, while Charlie and Yen were already there, sipping coffee. We ordered drinks to take back to the private enclosure with us, and then Hoang arrived. As soon as the staff put the bags on the counter, he grabbed them and the ice, and we sauntered back to the secluded venue for our debauchery. Everyone was dressed like it was a hot summer day, even though it was only 83 degrees or so. I was hoping that Vu and my niece Giang wouldn’t be late, as I hadn’t seen her since Tet.

Of course, it was a bummer that Mira couldn’t be here today; I would ask Charlie later if he had been in touch with her since she had left our quaint town. Mira’s brother in the Philippines was really sick and, as far as I knew, she had a medical issue herself that needed immediate attention, which explained why she had been comparatively lackluster the last two or three weeks before she had left. Perhaps we could videocall her at some point; ideally, before everyone got carried away by their horniness. Or in between two rounds of intercourse. While we were walking in a single file, I noticed how neglected the whole area looked; those Corona measures had dealt quite a few blows to the world but, at least, one could be fairly optimistic that Vietnam would bounce back.

The gate was already open, but the private Onsen actually looked better than I thought it would. Down in the center, the spring was seething and bubbling like it had been for millions of years. A few years back, it had been nicely framed with natural stone; the pool was perhaps 20 feet in diameter. bahis şirketleri Or 25. I couldn’t wait to undress and frolic in the soft warm water. Behind the pool was a bungalow without a proper front wall or door; it just had a dozen of nicely painted dark-cherry boards to semi-separate the bed inside from the outside world. There were also a fridge and a toilet.

I had been here with Thanh before, and another time with her and Nguyet, which had been the day when Nguyet had grabbed the waiter — Hoang — and banged him, before he and Thanh had done it, too. Thanh had known Hoang from her high school days, but since he was two years older, they had never interacted back then. Nowadays, Thanh and handsome spiffy Hoang were a couple, but in her absence, Nguyet kept him for her for the price of occasional intercourse.

Since the majority hadn’t been here yet, they curiously looked around, first. No one would have been able to predict that we would all fuck together multiple times over the course of the next two hours. Hoang, as he used to work here, nonchalantly lit a cigarette but then admired Nguyet, like he couldn’t wait to bang her. When him, Nguyet, Thuy and I went inside the bungalow, petite Thuy took off her jeans right away, like she was already getting ready, but then she helped — only dressed in T-shirt and panties — Nguyet drape the canapés and the other little morsels of food onto two plates, while I lit a ciggie as well, watching Yen and Charlie outside through the horizontal boards. They were billing and cooing and perhaps forging plans for later.

I hadn’t brought my swimming trunks but was wearing — just as Charlie and Hoang — shorts. I loved that Thuy had already relieved herself of her thick jeans and wondered what that was all about. Her panties looked cute, as small and nimble of a woman as she was. Thuy was 32 but could have passed for 19, with her cute freckled face. I asked myself how the others, especially the ladies, would undress: would they just nonchalantly do it, or orchestrate it and somehow turn it into a show? I wasn’t planning on staying dressed for long, as the weather was pleasant and the purpose of our outing clear, but then, everyone had to get used to the unusual situation, even though we all had seen each other naked before.

When Charlie and Yen were moseying closer to the bungalow, Thuy said something to Nguyet, who then reached into her spiffy backpack to pass her a white bikini with red polka-dots. Thinking about where to change, Thuy decided to use the restroom, which I regretted, as I liked women in T-shirt and panties. But then, she’d look cute and ravishing in the bikini as well. Finally, we could see Vu and Giang passing through the gate across the bungalow, and the round was complete. Hoang hollered that Vu should close the gate, and I marveled at my niece, who was sporting the nice, new pair of jeans that she had been wearing on Tet and a white T-shirt that was way too large for her.

Our incest-couple had set up the table and the folding chairs outside in the meantime, and now Yen called us to take a seat. As we had only six chairs, Vu took his ultra-slim girlfriend Giang onto his lap, but it would have been odd if Yen had sat down on Charlie’s thighs or he on hers — as she was taller and close to three decades older than him. Anyway, Hoang instantly grabbed Nguyet, but now Thuy looked at me longingly like she wanted me to reach for her. However, since we had enough chairs now, Thuy eventually settled in next to me, and Yen cut the cake. Thuy looked at me and smiled, as she perhaps had realized that she didn’t need to worry about ending up on every guy’s lap today. Naked.

Vu had brought a thermos with coffee from the reception, but since we only had six cups, we’d have to share them, too. Thuy was the first to state that one mug was enough for her and me, and now Charlie and Yen insisted that the same was true for them. It was kind of funny that the two ‘couples’ who were sitting next to — and not on top of — each other shared their mug. Nguyet placed the plates with the nibbles on the table, but first we clapped and sang Happy Birthday. Yen blushed and thanked us for the cake and the wishes, and then every ‘couple’ received some cake. Everyone pitched in, seamlessly transitioning to the canapés five minutes later. I noticed that Charlie had scraped the obligatory candles that indicate the birthday child’s age. Well, his love Yen was 46 now, which made her — just like me — roughly twice as old as the majority of the people present.

When Hoang was done eating, he offered to get me a beer from the fridge, and we transitioned into the next phase of our debauchery. Fittingly, the sky had opened up a bit, and the sun was shining now. My urge to jump into the pool was growing, but since I wanted to smoke and enjoy my beer, first, I decided to postpone undressing for another 20 minutes. The canapés were also too good to ignore them. When I looked around, Giang grinned at me, perhaps she was remembering the beguiling bahis firmaları hours we had had together 18 months back, when her mother had asked me to spend some time with her. Her family wasn’t convinced that one could trust her power of judgment, and since her mother had caught her masturbating several times, we — including my wife — decided that I should take care of her budding sexuality, before she would throw herself at some young local hero. Sweet and hot as Giang was, it hadn’t taken long for us to quench our thirst.

For now, she was kissing her boyfriend Vu, though, which Yen and Charlie weren’t ready to do in the presence of others. At least, they were holding hands and feeding each other morsels of food, but we all could see that they were eager to get up and find a secluded spot here in the enclosure. Nguyet was wearing her awesome blue microfiber miniskirt, which covered her thighs only half-way down, and her light pastel sweater, under which we could see her bra cups shimmer. Vu was checking her out, while Hoang was fondling her; it looked like we all were ready to grind off the tips of our arousal. Unfortunately, Thuy had put her T-shirt back on, so that we couldn’t admire her substantial boobs. But I was even more fascinated with my niece’s rack; as skinny as she was, her bosom had apparently grown since the last time I had seen her.

The plates with the canapés were empty now, so that Nguyet brought them inside and rinsed them to preempt the ants. Interestingly, she sat down in Charlie’s chair after he had gotten up to pee. When he was back, he remained standing next to Yen and whispered with her, after which they got themselves two of the light brightly-colored mats that were leaning against the bungalow wall and put them down on the unmowed lawn near the outdoor shower in the middle of the compound, perhaps eight or ten yards away. Vu looked challengingly at Nguyet — they had had a six-months-long affair, before he had met Giang. Knowing the three of them, they couldn’t wait to have a little threesome episode right here. The only question was whether Vu or Hoang would bang her first.

Well, it’s about time, I thought to myself. I got up, took the remaining four camping mats, sauntered down towards the pool, and undressed with my back towards the others. I mean, we had to get started somehow. I arranged the mats neatly for the others, who undoubtedly would join me soon. When I turned around, I saw that Yen and Charlie were sitting close to each other over there in the grass; both on one thigh, like Little Mermaids. He was caressing her legs under her skirt, and as they weren’t sitting with the rest anymore, they finally kissed. They had no eyes for us others and didn’t give a damn who would do it with whom. I didn’t either, at this point, but just relinquished myself to the elements. The bubbling warm water was enwrapping my balls and cock when I frolicked and dove down to the spring on the floor. When I came up again, Thuy had joined me and was now sitting on one of the mats. But when I invited her to get into the pool, she giggled and refused, like she was menstruating. Or perhaps she thought the water was too hot or something.

I watched my niece get up and disappear inside the bungalow now. Perhaps she wanted to change into one of those sets of gym wear we had bought together once at the mall, on our third ‘date’. I didn’t think she owned a bathing suit, but her too-large white T-shirt was actually kinda perfect for the pool, too. Anyway, I would find out. I drifted a bit through the pool on my back, with my eyes closed and marveled again how soothing the tepid water felt on my balls. In my mind’s eye, the memories of my afternoon with Nguyet and Thanh were passing, and I wriggled and writhed like an otter dozens of times in the soft source of all life, before I came up again to check the scene. Nguyet was still sitting with Hoang and Vu, who were drinking beer and smoking, while my niece Giang may have felt a bit out of place up there.

Charlie had taken off his shirt in the meantime, and now Yen was caressing his hairless chest. Her simple white blouse was already unbuttoned — and her bra probably already snapped open, the way his hands were moving inside. Nguyet went into the bungalow, but when Giang looked at Thuy and me down here at the pool longingly once more, I waved her to come down. She nodded, but then disappeared, following Nguyet into the log cabin. Hoang and Vu, who were sitting in front of it, were laughing lavishly; they probably had a few stories to share as they didn’t see each other as much as they used to.

I asked Thuy, after she had finally taken off her T-shirt, if she was menstruating, but she only laughed and shook her head. At least, she didn’t seem to mind at all that I could, the way I was standing, in front of her in the water, look straight between her legs. Her little pussy hull was roundish, like Vietnamese fishing boots, which I found cute. I remembered Mira’s elongated slim boat hull in her panties and surmised kaçak bahis siteleri that the fishing vessels in the Philippines must be rather slim and longish.

Giang was walking towards us now, without her jeans. Her long, slender, relatively dark legs looked absolutely awesome. In fact, they reminded me of Mira’s. Man, did she look hot in her T-shirt, which she now wore like a mini-dress. I noticed that she had also taken off her bra, while she had been inside the bungalow, and wondered if she was still wearing panties. Yes, I liked how the ladies had started to slowly relieve themselves of their clothes. Sensing Giang’s young, substantial yet perky breasts, which were definitely larger than the last time I had seen them, brought my blood to boil and added a nice adrenaline rush of desire to the bucolic setting. Yes, now, we were talking.

Checking in with Charlie and Yen at the other end of the compound, I was glad to see her kinda curled up next to him, massaging and sucking his young cock. I watched them for a bit, until Giang had sat down next to Thuy and started to chat with her. As I could see now, Giang’s boat hull in her panties was kinda like a combination between Thuy’s and Mira’s: longish but thicker and more pronounced than the latter’s, which was hot, as Giang was as skinny as our young bisexual Filipina with her long clit. And that there were a few black hairs sticking out from Giang’s light panties was the icing on the proverbial cake.

Nguyet had stepped out of the bungalow, now sporting a dark-blue one-piece bathing suit. She sat down on Vu’s lap again, while Hoang got up and brought me a beer. Perhaps he remembered his days of being a waiter here at the hot springs. The water was still swirling around my balls, but just when I wanted to ask him to pass me one of my cigarettes, he handed me one of his as well as a lighter. While I was watching the two hot damsels in front of me, I discovered a new development in the background: Yen was fumbling her panties out from under her skirt. Oh, what a beautiful and elevating moment that was! She didn’t want to undress fully in the presence of strangers — as an esteemed citizen and employee of the city’s registry office — but just consume her lust for her nephew discreetly. Now naked under her skirt, she decided to blow him a bit more, though; perhaps, Charlie was overexcited today and his cock not yet as stiff as they needed it.

Giang kept looking at me, and so I got out of the water and sat down on the natural stone edge of the pool. I took a few swigs of my beer and lit another ciggie, but this time one of my menthols, which I preferred. I decided to go and piss inside the bungalow but wondered why Nguyet had giggled and shot me an impish smile as I had been passing her. Was there something that had eluded me? In passing, on my way back, I saw that Vu — who was smirking, just like Hoang — had his hand in her lap, and I wondered how long they would be able to hold back. Or were they just waiting for Yen and Charlie to be done? Anyway, I wanted to get back to Thuy and Giang at the pool, so I didn’t pay much attention but was happy to find the two ladies having fun.

Thuy and Giang actually didn’t know each other, but Vietnamese girls usually had no problem striking up a conversation. Perhaps Giang had asked Thuy about her daughter, as she desperately wanted a baby for herself. I sat down on the edge again and sank my feet into the water. When I turned a bit, I saw that — behind Thuy and Giang — Yen was fumbling his dick into her sheath, under her skirt, and started to bob up and down, after she had adjusted everything for perfection. Sure, they could have done it naked, but they probably found it symbolically better that their lewd act was hidden from the public.

No one could see it, but we all knew what was happening under her red-white-and-green skirt, which reminded me of Italy. Or Hungary. No, that thin skirt curtain was a stroke of genius! Was he wearing a condom, perhaps? Probably not. When I looked up at Hoang, Nguyet, and Vu, I saw that they also were watching Yen and Charlie from the corners of their eyes, but among them there was quite some steamy action going on, too: Nguyet was sitting on Hoang’s thighs, while Vu was standing next to her, fondling her boobs, belly, and snatch.

I slid back into the water to see everything better, but then I reached cheekily for one of the ribbons on Thuy’s bikini panties and pulled it open. Giang duplicated my action on the other side, where she was sitting, and giggled, but our little real-estate queen acted completely nonchalant like she hadn’t even noticed, which was really stinking cool. That whole little scene was sooo sexy! Thuy even slid a bit closer to the edge of the pool and propped her upper body on her stretched arms behind and next to her, like she was on the beach. When her phone buzzed, she picked it up, but since I wanted to propel everything forward, I reached for her panty front and folded it down. Her brownish roundish bush and pussy greeted me, while Giang couldn’t help snorting with laughter. I then caressed Thuy’s nimble white thighs for a bit and felt my cock pumping, right when Giang put her hand on Thuy’s light belly to massage the tiny soft portion of fat there.

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