Susan from Philly Pt. 06

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The sexy times with Susan continue.

The phone rang at 6 am. I had a 7 am breakfast meeting with a potential client and had to get up. Susan was laying on the bed, sheets down past her chest. She did not even move when I got up.

I get showered and dressed. Another Senior Director is picking me up at 6:30 at the hotel. Moving to the bed, I look down at Susan sleeping. Leaning over, I begin to suck on one of her tits. After a few seconds she begins to stir. She slowly realizes where she is and what is happening.

Breaking away from her tit I say, “I have to go. What is your schedule for today?”

She responds sleepily, “I am taking the day off and will be here when you get back. When are you going to be back?”

“Around 10, we are having breakfast and then presenting the proposal to them. David is picking me up and will bring me back.”

“See you at 10 then.”

I tweaked her tit, kissed her and left.

The breakfast and the meeting went well and I was dropped back at the hotel about 10:15. I was not scheduled to fly back home until tomorrow morning, so I was getting one more night with Susan.

When I entered the room, Susan was in the bathroom. She was standing naked at the sink putting her makeup on.

“How did the meeting go?” she asked.

“It went well, I think we convinced them to engage us.”

“Good. I had an interesting phone call a little while ago.”


“I called one of my seniors, Julie, to review some work with her,” Susan said. “She was in my office early this morning looking for a file and saw my bra on the floor behind my desk by the window and that the window looked smudged.”

“What is she going to do?” I asked.

Susan said, “Don’t worry, we are very close friends. She put the bra in my drawers and closed my blinds. She is good. She thought it was funny, wants to do it sometime in the office too and told us to have fun today.”


“You need to change clothes,” she said. “We are going out today.”

“Sounds fun.”

Susan returned to finishing her makeup as I stripped out of my suit. Pulling my underwear down I walk up behind her and place my semi-hard cock in her ass crack and reach around to grab her tits as I bite her neck. She purrs and rubs her ass against my cock. Turning around, she grabs my cock and begins kissing me. She slowly strokes my cock as it grows hard in her hand.

Breaking the kiss she whispers, “Get dressed, but don’t wear any underwear.”

I look at her and give her a pout.

“We have plenty of time to play, I want to get somewhere before it gets too crowded Bostancı Escort for lunch. Besides I am kinda sore from you fucking me on my desk last night.”

“It was one of the wildest fucks I have had,” I answered.

“Me too,” she replied. “I got wet just thinking about it this morning in the shower. I had your cum stuck all over my inner legs and pussy.”

“Did you finger yourself in the shower?”

“Yes,’ she said sheepishly.

“Did you cum?”

She just nodded yes.

“To bad I missed that.”

I stepped out of the bathroom and got dressed in jeans, a button down shirt and as instructed no underwear. Susan walked to the closet and pulled a spaghetti strap flowered sundress out. She slipped it on without putting a bra on. It fell to mid-thigh on her legs. As she bent over to put her sandals on, I could clearly see her ass and part of her pussy. She then called for valet to bring her car around. Grabbing her purse, she headed for the door.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked.

“You going commando too?” I replied.

“Yes, only fair since you are.”

I grinned and headed for the door, “works for me.”

The elevator had several people on it so we had no grabbing and squeezing as we went down to the lobby. Her car was being pulled up as we exited the hotel. Susan got into the driver’s seat and spun her legs around to get into the car. Judging by the look on the valet’s face, I think he got a good show.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Geno’s for a world famous Philadelphia Cheesesteak Sandwich.”

“I’ve heard of them. Can’t wait to try one.”

As she drove I watched as her dress slowly inched up. I could see the top of her thighs, her pussy barely covered by her dress. Just thinking about her naked under her dress was making my cock stir. She was clearly teasing me as she moved in her seat. Twice as we drove she flashed her right tit out of her dress at me. When I reached over to touch her she lightly slapped my hand and laughed.

By the time we arrived, her teasing was having an effect on her too. Her nipples were clearly poking thru her dress. She was enjoying showing off and was clearly flashing people as she got out of the car. Maybe fucking in the window last night had lit a new desire in her.

We ordered our sandwiches, with extra whiz and as advertised they were outstanding. As we ate Susan told me we were playing tourist this afternoon. After eating and teasing a few of the customers by crossing and recrossing her legs as she sat at the table, we headed back into the central part of town. Toured Independence Erenköy Escort Hall, the Liberty Bell and the Museum of the American Revolution. It was great seeing where America began.

All afternoon we had been teasing and flirting with each other. It was building up a great sexual tension between us. Touching, kissing and dirty comments became the rule of the day.

About 4 pm we wandered back to the garage to retrieve the car. As we were walking up to the car Susan tossed me the keys and asked me to drive. Not quite sure what she was up to I took the keys, opened the doors and got in the driver’s seat. We were in the upper part of the garage with not a lot of cars around. As I got settled in Susan reached over, grabbed my hand and placed it on her upper thigh.

“Feel how wet I am.” she said. “Going around with no panties and flashing people has got me really horny.”

Her inner thighs were soaked. Susan spread her legs further apart and pulled her dress up. I reached her pussy with my fingers, parted her lips and inserted two fingers into her pussy as far as they would go. She gasped and I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers. She was humping my fingers and was clearly turned on. I moved my hand to bring my thumb over her clit so I could rub it while fingering her. Susan took a quick glance around us and then pulled the straps off of her shoulders letting the dress fall from her tits. With her dress pulled up and the top down, she was basically naked in the seat. Taking her right hand she grabbed mine pushing it faster into her pussy while her left hand grabbed her tits.

She was wildly humping my hand. Her breath was becoming labored. Suddenly her head snapped back into the head rest as her pussy clamped down on my hand as her body shook as her orgasm washed over her. Juices flowed from her pussy and onto my hand. After a bit, her pussy released its grip on my fingers and she slumped in the seat.

“Thank you, I needed that. I have been so horny all afternoon from knowing everyone could see my pussy and ass. I really needed to cum.”

Watching her get off like that had my cock straining against my jeans. Pulling my hand back, I licked her sweet juices. I unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out and began to slowly stroke it. Susan watched me stroke for about a minute and then leaned over placing her hot mouth over the tip of it moving her tongue over the slit.

She was gently sucking the tip when she suddenly sat up, unbuckled my pants and pulled them down to my knees completely exposing my cock and balls. Reaching over me she pulled the lever that let the seat Göztepe Escort lay back almost flat.

Sliding down, she takes my cock in her mouth and slides all the way down it till her nose is pushed into my pelvis while she cupped and squeezed my balls. I could feel my cock sliding into her throat as she bobbed up and down on my cock.

She gave my balls a really hard squeeze and then moved her hand to her pussy to get her fingers wet. Moving her hand back to my crotch, she spread my legs a bit further and began to rub a finger against my asshole. Pushing her head down to deep throat me again she shoved a finger into my ass, sliding it up to curve her finger and push against my prostate. My cock twitched in her mouth and I moaned in pleasure as she massaged my prostate and sucked my cock. She had clearly done this before.

I could hear all sorts of activity in the garage, but could not see around us. Not that it mattered, with my cock down her throat and her finger in my ass I could not focus on anything else. Her mouth and finger were really working on me. I grabbed her head and started fucking her face, ramming my cock as far as I could into her mouth and throat.

Soon I could feel my orgasm building. My cock swelled in her throat and sensing I was about to cum, she pushed her finger harder against my prostate. That sent me over the edge. My first two shots were right down her throat. I pulled my cock out of her throat and pumped the rest of my load into her mouth. It was an intense orgasm as she pushed on my prostate. I felt like I would not quit cumming.

Eventually my cock quit pumping cum into her mouth. Pulling her finger from my ass she moved her head up to mine and began kissing me with her cum filled mouth. Our tongues swirled the cum around until she broke off the kiss and swallowed what was left in her mouth and rolled over to the passenger seat. I swallowed my share and reached down to pull my pants up. I had not started the car and with the windows up it had gotten hot in the car and we were both wet with sweat.

“Let’s get out of her before I do something else crazy,” she said.

I nodded and started the car. Susan was trying to get herself straightened up as I moved thru the garage. Her hair was a mess and her makeup had started to run during the face fucking. She was using the vanity mirror to clean up when we pulled up to the exit booth. Susan had not quite gotten her dress pulled back up and her left tit was hanging out. I could tell the parking attendant was enjoying the show as he took his time to process my payment.

Exiting the garage I asked, “Where to?”

“Back to the hotel,” she said giving me directions. That was when she noticed that her tit was hanging out of her dress. She blushed and pushed it back into her dress as we drove back to the hotel for our last night together.

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