Susan , Steven Call on Me

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A few days after Christmas, I got a call from Susan about what she and her younger brother, Steven, had done while we were out Christmas caroling and, more important, what they had done and seen each other doing at the orgy that followed. Like everybody else, I had enjoyed myself a great deal, even though the cookies had left something to be desired. One of my best memories of that night is eating Susan’s pussy and I smiled when I thought about it.

“George, I can’t help thinking about that night; it was really fun, even the caroling, everything but the stale cookies, but I have been thinking about Steve, and what he was doing.”

“Well, Susan, I didn’t really watch Steve, since he is a big boy but every time I happened to notice him, he seemed to be having a really great time, just like you and I and everyone else there. I think the nicest thing you ever did for him was persuading me to take him to a party and the women he’s been with would think so too.” That was for sure. June is a bisexual but around Steve and his big cock, her straight side predominates, and it certainly did that night. Heidi really enjoyed Steven’s cock in her pussy too, and they cuddled up and slept together after all the sex was over. Melissa had certainly enjoyed her titfuck with Steve and the mouthful of cum he gave her.

“They don’t know any details, except you are his sister, and some of them know he lost his cherry that first time, and I won’t tell them anything else, even if they were to ask, which they won’t. I wouldn’t even tell you about him unless it is something you already know. The cookies were okay if you dunked them in coffee.”

“I know that, but I saw Steve with three different women that night, all the women at the party but me, and I was envious. I didn’t drink coffee”

“Envious? Of your brother?”

“No. Of the three women. I wished I could have been the one with Steve, taking his cock in my mouth or pussy. Maybe even my ass, although I think he might be too big for me there. I saw Heidi and Melissa had his cock partway in their mouths. I bet I could take it in farther, not the whole thing but farther and better than they did. Is that terrible? My own brother!”

“I wouldn’t call it terrible. A little weird, maybe but I can’t really blame you, because Steve is really hung, and if I were a woman, I would want him to fuck me too.”

“It’s not just that. I have been to other places and seen cocks just as big, fucking other women, and I wasn’t envious of them. It’s not just his cock, it’s HIM. I was envious of the other women because it was Steve who was fucking them and giving them a lot of fun, and they were giving him a good time too. Nothing against you and Frank because I had a great time with both of you but I wished I could have gotten it on with my brother. Now do I seem terrible?”

“No. Still just weird. A little weirder maybe. If you want to get it on with your brother, why are you calling me? Did you talk to him about it?”

“Yes. He thinks he might be willing but he is unsure and wants to talk to you about it first. Steve has a lot of trust in you in this kind of thing, and he wants you to reassure him that it’s okay.”

“Well, it is okay with me, but remember that it’s also illegal. Even so, that wouldn’t bother me, since I think it is nobody’s business but yours and his. Do you want to come over here for a threesome?”

“Yes, if tomorrow morning is okay. He also wants to learn how to eat a pussy and he wants you to teach him.”

“You can teach him better than I can. The best way to eat a pussy is the way that gives the woman the most pleasure and every woman is different.”

“I know, but he needs some basic instructions before he reaches that point. He has never done it in his life and he wants to learn from an expert. Is ten o’clock okay?

“Ten o’clock is fine, and thanks for the compliment, and tell your brother thank you too. I still have some king-size condoms here. Tell him to be sure to shave before he comes over too, so you don’t get a whisker burn.”

“Yeah,” she answered, and I could almost see the lustful smile on her face as she thought of how the condoms would be used and where her brother’s face would avoid whisker burning her the next day, “I know. Ten o’clock it is. See you then.”

They were actually a little early the next day and they came into the house with their arms around each other, which is always a good sign. After I shook his hand and hugged and kissed her, we took off our shoes and headed to my bedroom. The orgy after caroling had been in the living/dining room because my bedroom was too small for seven persons, but the queen-sized bed was just the right size for the three of us.

“The first thing,” I told Steven, “is to either undress each other or undress yourselves.” Right after I said that, I started unbuttoning Susan’s shirt. He tried to unfasten her pants but was clumsy, probably never having done it before. Susan reached out and started on my shirt buttons, and we finished at the same time. She turned around so I could illegal bahis pull off her shirt and she removed mine the same way. We embraced and I unhooked her bra and pulled it loose while Steven was still fumbling with her pants.

When they were finally unfastened and he started to pull them off, I stopped him. “Remember; always take off her pants or skirt separately from her panties. That way, you get a chance to fondle her ass and get a good whiff of her pussy.” I pulled off Susan’s pants and stepped back to give her brother a chance to remove her sheer panties. He knelt in front of her, hooked his fingers in the waistband, and pulled them down, caressing the smooth skin of Susan’s ass on the way, just like I had told him. With her panties and pants on the floor, he took a good look at his sister’s blonde pussy, probably the first time he had ever seen it that close, and took a deep smell of it, probably the first time for that too. Susan’s pussy smelled really good, a nice musky aroma but she would smell even better once her juices started flowing.

Our next, and very pleasant task was to cause that to happen. Earlier that morning I had changed the sheets and made the bed with only them because we wouldn’t be needing any more bedcovers than that. Susan, naked, lay on her back and I got on the bed beside her dressed in just my pants. “Take of your shirt and join us,” I told Steve. “Later you’ll have to take off your pants too but you can leave them on for now. Lie on the other side of Susan like I am because the first part of eating her pussy is eating her titties.”

Steve has had instructions from experts, including me, but not only me, and he has no problem following directions. Minus his shirt, he lay next to his sister watching us and listening to us. Some women like a lot of kissing and some like little or none,” I told him, kissing Susan firmly on her lips. “What about you?” I asked her.

“It was nice, but my boobies need your mouth a lot more than my mouth does.”

Somewhat rebuffed, I cupped one hand under her luscious breast that was nearest to me and started licking with broad strokes. “Your sister has big titties and nipples and it’s nice to lick them with broad strokes like I was doing.” Next, I licked the nipple with short darting strokes with the tip of my tongue, and continued for a few seconds. “Sometimes it’s better to lick like that and it depends on what the woman likes.” I looked toward Susan after I said that.

“Personally, I prefer the broad strokes but I like either one a lot more than I like listening to you guys talking about it. By the way, I have two boobies, you know, and there are two of you so … “

Both of us took the very strong hints and I returned to licking the same titty and Steve cupped his hand under the other one and started licking, painting the erect nipple with broad strokes. “Mmmm. That’s better,” Susan murmured. That feels good. That feels double good.” That was probably the first time that Steve had ever licked a nipple because the women he had been with before had wanted to get down to the main event right away. After a few licks of his tongue, he stopped, a big smile creased his face, and he enthusiastically resumed licking Susan’s lovely mound, alternating between broad strokes and quick strokes of his tongue like I had demonstrated.

Susan really loved the double attention and she was already purring as she put her hand on Steve’s shoulder. “I really love that, Little Brother; keep it up. You too George, but I am ready for you to suck me there.”

“Take as much of Susan’s titty into your mouth as you comfortably can, and suck gently. We are not going for hickies here. Then start caressing her nipple with your tongue. I took Susan’s succulent globe into my mouth and did as I had instructed Steven, and the other breast went into his mouth. I couldn’t tell how he was doing until his sister told us.

“Ooo, yes, that feels really good, both of you. Oh, I love that, both my boobies being sucked at once.” Susan was really enjoying it, cooing loudly, almost moaning, as her upper body writhed with pleasure on the bed. When I looked at her pussy, it was already humping into the air and juices were dribbling. Usually, this would indicate that the time had come to move down and start eating Susan’s pussy but I wanted Steve to continue sucking on her titty for a while.

After a few more minutes, while Susan’s pussy got wetter and continued to fuck the air, I told Steve to move down and kneel between her outspread legs because I wanted him to enjoy the aroma and the taste of his sister’s fresh pussy juices. I actually envied Steve because he would be getting his first taste of one of the most delicious things in the world. “First,” I told him, when his face was inches away from the first pussy he would eat, “take a good deep breath and tell me what you think.”

“My God, my own sister’s pussy is one of the best things I have ever smelled. She smelled really good before, when I took her panties off but this is even better. Does she taste as good illegal bahis siteleri as she smells? Do all women smell this good?”

“She tastes even better than she smells, but find out for yourself. Almost all women smell and taste good, if they take care of themselves.”

Steve took a tentative lick, then another, and then he plowed his face into the marvelous pussy in front of him, as I knew he would. When he came up for air, fresh juices smeared all over his face, “Sissy,” he said to Susan, “did you know that your pussy is the most delicious thing in the world.”

“Yes, she does,” I answered, “because I have told her so often enough.” Steve buried his face back in Susan’s pussy to make sure he had gotten all the delicious nectar. When he raised his head again, I told him to move aside and I would show him how to earn a lot more of the juices he already loved so much. “Watch what I am doing,” “and then do the same thing on the other side. Listen to Susan too because the best way to eat a pussy is to give the woman as much pleasure as you can, because that will make it all the more pleasurable for you. The best part is when she cums but try to get and give as much as you can before then.” By this time, Steve’s cock was trying to burst through his pants and, to get comfortable, he finished undressing and was as naked as his sister while he watched me.

From force of habit, I started by licking Susan’s vagina where her fresh juices would have been if her brother hadn’t already devoured them. I was not concerned because, as I had told Steve, his sister would produce more, and I knew the supply was almost infinite, and both of us would be able to enjoy all we wanted. After licking around her love hole, I started licking the space between her inner and outer pussy lips, letting my tongue caress both lips and the small area between them. When I reached the point where the two lips were close together, I probed between them and continued to lick the surfaces of both labia. Very slowly, I progressed along the lips, being sure my tongue repeatedly covered the entire area of Susan’s lips, all the way to their end.

When the inner lip ended by joining the other inner lip to form Susan’s clit hood, I kept my tongue on the outer lip, all the way to its end. She has soft, fine pubic hair so I also licked her mons, enjoying the feel on my tongue. When I had enough of hair, I brought my tongue back to her clit hood and gently caressed her there, causing Susan to fuck her pussy harder into my face and produce more of the fresh juices that I, and now her brother, love so much. Since she was already very turned on, I decided to delay licking her clit until later. From her clit hood, I returned my tongue to Susan’s love hole and enjoyed the same delicious juices as Steven had earlier. Then I pulled back my face to show my eager protégé what was happening.

“See how her pussy is fucking into the air like that? That action, the juices and some other things mean she is really enjoying what we are doing. Now, go and earn some more pussy juice and lick the other side like I did. And, Susan, let him know what he is doing right and what he is doing wrong.”

“What both you guys are doing wrong is treating me like I’m some kind of blow-up sex doll. Okay, Little Brother, let me feel your tongue.”

Steven let her feel his tongue, licking slowly along her pussy lips like I had, all the way to the end of her outer lip like I had. When he hesitated there, Susan took over the instruction. “Okay, now bring your tongue down just a little way. Oo, yeah, right there. Yeah, that’s it. That’s my clit hood; lick me there, gently. Yeah! Yeah! Like that. Little Brother, I think you might be a natural. That feels really good. Really good. Okay, now under there is my clit, move your tongue underneath and just touch me there. Ah! Ah! That’s it. Oh, God, yeah, you got it. My, George, I think he’s got it. Not too much, though. Save some for later.”

“Okay, Steve,” I told him. “Eat your reward; you’ve earned it.”

When Steve pulled his mouth away, his sister’s upper body was writhing on the bed and her pussy was fucking even harder into the air. “I can’t believe it; that tasted even better than the first time,” he enthused, licking his lips to get all the delicious juices.

“I know, it gets better all the time.” I replaced Steven between Susan’s legs and licked all over where he might have missed some of the nectar and found none. Lovers of pussy juice are greedy and don’t like to let any of it go to waste.

“Your sister is almost ready to cum,” I told Steve. I will lick here, on the edges of her sweet love hole, and then you can eat her until she cums.” Very slowly, I probed my tongue into the wet edges, feeling and tasting the drops of nectar dripping onto my tongue, watching to see how close Susan was to cumming. I wanted Steve to finish but I didn’t want that to happen too soon because I also wanted Susan to get every bit of enjoyment she could. She was no longer cooing, just moaning and whimpering, and I could see that canlı bahis siteleri her thighs had rotated out, presenting her pussy completely to my mouth. Susan was ready to cum. After licking all her juices from her pussy, I backed off to give Steve the pleasure of having a woman cum against his mouth the first time he ate a pussy.

“Okay, Steve, get her off. Start by probing your tongue between her hole and her clit. Listen to Susan because she will tell you what to do next.” Steve took my place, his hands around Big Sister’s thighs and her pussy slamming into his face.

“Yes! Yes! Just like that, Little Bro. Now, suck my clit. My Clit! I wanna cum. Suck my clit!”

“Suck her clit into your mouth and suck on it and let your tongue massage the sides and top, just like you were sucking her titty and nipple a while ago. Keep it up until she starts to cum, and then hold on and keep doing it some more,” I told Steve, but it was up to Susan to tell him if he was doing it right. Apparently, he was.

“Ooo, yeah! Yeah, like that. Ooo, that’s good; keep doing that. Make me cum, Little Bro.” Steve kept his mouth tightly against Susan’s pussy while her ass bounced up and down on the bed, seemingly trying to wrap herself around his face. Oh! Oh! I’m cumming! I’m cumming,” she cried out ecstatically and her legs squeezed Steven’s head, her heels dug into his back and her pussy kept jamming into his face.

Unlike a lot of women, Susan doesn’t grab with her hands the head of the person eating her pussy when she is cumming. She squeezes the other person’s head with her legs and leverages herself with her heels while she pounds her pussy into his or her face and she keeps doing the same thing until she climaxes. After satisfying myself that Steve could hold on, I went to the bathroom and got a wet washcloth and, after wiping off my own face, I brought a clean one out for Steve to use.

Just as I arrived, Susan climaxed, her back arching and her pussy pounding into Steve’s face for the last time. After her orgasm, she totally relaxed on the bed, her legs no longer squeezing Steve’s head. Unsure of what to do next, he kept his mouth in place and continued sucking on his sister’s clit. Not that I blame him because it is a really fun thing to suck on.

“She’s had her climax,” I told Steve. “Back off and eat some of her juices but leave enough in her hole for lubrication because I think she will want to fuck you next and you will need all you can get with your big rod.”

Steve looked up, a big smile and a coating of pussy juice on his face. “That was terrific! I LOVE eating pussy!” Before he said anything else, he bent back and licked the juices from Susan’s pussy lips, crotch, thighs and everywhere else he saw it but he left enough in her pussy for lubrication. When he was through, I handed him the washcloth and he wiped off his face.

“There is a certain etiquette involved in eating a pussy. Wipe off your face because the woman will probably want to kiss and NOT in a sisterly manner.”

“That was great, George. Do you think I can eat Melissa’s pussy some time? She has a pussy, er, almost as nice as Susan’s,” Steve asked, realizing mid-sentence what he had better say, if he knew what was good for him.

“That was great, Little Brother. You are a fast learner and George is a good teacher,” Susan said, smiling at Steven’s near faux pas. “I’ll bet your cock is nice and hard now, and I’ll bet we can think of something fun to do about that, can’t we? Let’s wait until I catch my breath, though.” Steven’s cock was, of course, stiff and ready and it had been since he had first smelled his sister’s marvelous pussy because the smell of a pussy, either wet or musky dry, is the greatest aphrodisiac in the world for men. I handed him the condom and he put it on and we both waited until Susan was ready.

It didn’t take long because Susan had been looking forward to this moment since our Christmas caroling party. “Do you want to get on top, Sissy,” Steve asked. Although she is no great fan for being on top, Susan decided, because of the size of her brother’s cock and his relative lack of experience, that things would go better if she got on top.

“I think I’d better get on top THIS time.” Susan emphasized “this”, apparently believing she and her brother might establish a long-term sexual relationship.

Steve lay on his back, his cock sticking up into the air like a telephone pole. Susan knelt straddling him, marveling when she couldn’t wrap her hand around it. “Remind me, Steve, not to call you ‘Little Brother’ anymore.” She rose high into the air, almost standing up, her juices running down her legs or dripping from her pussy onto her brother’s crotch. Steven held the base of his tool and Susan slipped the tip of it into her pussy and started to lower herself, stopping after a few inches had penetrated her.

With a big smile on her face, Susan exclaimed, “My God, my brother’s cock is not only long, it’s really thick.” Her smile got even bigger and she added “And it really feels great.” She lowered herself a little more, until about half of Steven’s cock had penetrated her pussy, and started pumping herself up and down, taking a little more of the shaft into herself with every stroke, until the entire length was imbedded in her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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