Suzie and Dave and… Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This story follows directly on from Chapter 01 which detailed Suzie’s encounter with her older neighbour Linda. Again, we tell the story from Suzie’s perspective.

After Linda had left, I quickly tidied up. I looked at the damp patches on the sheets and thought about washing them but decided against it. Likewise I decided not to take a shower, merely slipping a short, strappy sundress over my naked body. The thought of my husband ravishing me while I still smelt of Linda was a real turn on.

I went downstairs and started to prepare the vegetables for stir fry we were having that evening. I had only just finished when in walked Dave.

“Hello dear” he said, putting his arm round me and kissing me. He hesitated as he inhaled the tell tale aroma. “Have you been at it this afternoon?”

“Mmm” I mumbled, nodding my head and looking sheepish.

“Who with? The milkman, the window cleaner, some randomer you picked up in the supermarket?”

“No, none of those. It was Linda from next door.”

“Linda! Bloody Hell! So while I’ve been slaving away at the office earning an honest crust, my slut of a wife has been lezzing it up with our next door neighbour?”

“Yes, that’s escort bayan bursa about it” I said, “that’s what you get when you marry a horny, slutty bitch who can’t say no.”

“Well, if you can’t say no,” he said, pushing me down onto the sofa and causing my dress to ride up exposing my lack of underwear. He knelt down, bringing his head to my pussy.

“You dirty bitch!” said Dave, “You havent even washed the cum off.” Having feigned disgust, he buried his head between my thighs and began licking the mixture of dried cum and fresh juice from my newly aroused pussy.

As Dave continued to stimulate me orally, I gave him chapter and verse on my steamy session with Linda. The combination of dirty talk and Dave’s tongue rapidly brought me towards my climax and before long I came hard, covering his face with my juices. He continued to lap up my juices as I came down from my orgasm, before moving up, giving me a sloppy kiss from his cum covered lips and slipping his engorged cock into my wet pussy.

Dave freed my tits from the dress and began roughly kneading them and pinching my nipples as he roughly pounded away ramming his cock up to my cervix.

All the while he was bursa sinirsiz eskort telling me what a dirty slut I was, a bitch and a whore. I agreed with him and asked him to fuck me even harder. The combination of rough animalistic fucking and dirty talk had both of us building rapidly towards orgasm and before long we both came. Dave pulled out and put his cock, wet from both our juices, to my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked him clean. Lying there in post orgasmic bliss with my tits hanging out of my dress which was pulled up to my waist and a cock in my mouth, I looked a real slag. I spotted my phone on the coffee table and asked Dave to take a snap of me in this state.

He duly obliged and I sent the picture to Linda with the message ‘2 orgasms and counting x.’

A short while later, she replied ‘Lucky bitch! You deserve it x p.s. nice cock’

‘That cock is all yours tomorrow night’, I replied.

By this time, Dave was getting hard again and he laid me on the floor, lifted my legs in the air and pushed his cock against my rosebud and buried himself balls deep in my rectum. I felt the initial sharp pain which quickly gave way to the overwhelming escort bayan pleasure of having a massive cock filling my arse. He held himself still for a moment, then slowly withdrew until only the tip lay in my sphincter. Then he brutally rammed himself back into me. For about 10 strokes he repeated the slow withdrawal and rapid entry before picking up the pace as fucking me hard. As he pounded me, I felt another orgasm building and before long I squirted soaking his belly and mine with ejaculate. I dipped my fingers in the sticky mess and made a show of sucking them as he continued his abuse of my arsehole. ‘Where do you want me to cum’ said Dave as his climax approached.

‘Deep in my arse, then I’ll suck it clean like a dirty whore’, I replied.

I felt his body tense as he pushed himself deep into my back passage, before feeling the gush of liquid deep inside my bowel which triggered yet another orgasm for me.

Dave stood up and I got on my knees in front of him took his softening cock into my mouth and sucked him clean.

‘I really need to pee’ said Dave.

‘OK’, I said opening my mouth and holding the tip of his cock on my bottom lip. He shot a jet of warm piss down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could and then he pissed all over me, showering my hair and soaking my tits.

Dave took a photo of me in this bedraggled state kneeling in a pool of piss and sent it to Linda.

‘OMFG’ she replied. ‘I love you x’ ‘Please don’t wear him out before tomorrow though.’

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