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I run a highly successful women’s fashion boutique in Boston. Each summer, I close the store for a week and treat the highest performing girls to a vacation on Nantucket, renting a big house and inviting everyone’s husbands and/or significant others.

During the recent year, a new associate had come to work for me. She was a pretty little blonde, recently graduated from a small upstate college with a design degree, eager to launch her career in the world of high fashion. Karin was a real looker, but honestly not the sharpest tack in the box. She was the typical dopey blonde, making silly mistakes at work, always running her mouth, and often lost in her own little daydream world.

Her saving grace was her supermodel thin body that looked spectacular in our high-end fashion line. She could model our clothes, talk up our products, and drive men customers bonkers with her fantastic figure. Needless to say, she was one of my leading salesgirls.

But my motivation for inviting her along on this little junket was not completely altruistic.

As I mentioned earlier, she talks incessantly, and one of her favorite topics is her boyfriend. I have met Todd on several occasions, and he makes Karin look like a Rhodes scholar. He is tall, maybe 6’3″ and rail thin, a mop of dark hair sitting atop a constant 5 o’clock shadow. He has a perpetual lost expression on his face and though he is a trained engineer, he spends most of his time looking for work or watching soap operas.

I once made the mistake of asking Karin what she saw in this loser, not realizing the Pandora’s box of emotion I would unleash.

“Todd may not look like all that much to you two,” she replied, Jane, my Assistant Store Manager also in on the conversation, “But he has special talents that you wouldn’t believe.”

“Try me,” Jane challenged.

“Well,” Karin began, “Have you ever noticed how big his hands are? And his feet? And his Adams apple?”

“Where are you going with all this?” Jane enquired, but I could plainly see her angle.

“You see,” Karin sighed, “Todd has the biggest, most spectacular wanker.” As she said this a sparkle gleamed in her dark eyes, her hands outstretched, her palms nearly a foot apart as she gave the classic fishermen’s ‘it was this big’ gesture.

“Oh that’s gross,” Jane remarked. “No way it’s that big.”

“Believe me,” Karin whistled, “And damn does he know how to use it.”

“What’s so special about a big penis?” Jane queried.

“Spoken like a deprived woman,” Karin giggled, giving me a knowing wink. “Trust me; try it, you will like it.”

Ever since that conversation, I had been unable to get the picture of Todd’s big dick out of my head. I’m not a nymphomaniac. I’m married to a great guy, a successful lawyer who is drop dead gorgeous, but visions of Todd’s wanker repeatedly invaded my day-to-day life.

When Karin would arrive at work, her hair slightly disheveled and a goofy grin on her face, I immediately pictured Todd’s big dick as the source of that far-off expression. When he met Karin for lunch at the store, I caught myself hiding behind the racks, my eyes glued to his crotch in hopes of sighting evidence of his wicked manhood. Much against my better judgment, I was becoming deeply infatuated with Todd’s infamous dick.

Offline, I had discussed our conversation further with Jane. “So how big do you think his dick really is?”

“I don’t know, Lisa,” she replied, “But aren’t most guys about five or six inches. My husband is about six, and he does alright.”

After a few glasses of wine one night, my curiosity got the better of me, “Paul, exactly how long is your penis?”

“One way to find out,” he chuckled. Emerging from his study with a ruler in hand, he unzipped his trousers, presenting his flaccid tool. “Hard or soft?” he joked.

Dropping to my knees, I took the ruler and measured, “3.5 inches soft,” I announced. “But I think we can do better than that.”

I tend to be pretty conservative about sex; straight missionary stuff in the bedroom with the light out. But the wine and fantasies of Todd’s dick had me feeling amorous. Much to Paul’s surprise, I opened my mouth, inserting his slowly hardening penis. I don’t really like to give blowjobs, usually saving them for special occasions like birthdays or as reward for a nice present, you know like a diamond tennis bracelet or a new car.

“Wow,” Paul exclaimed, “What has come over you?” as I eagerly sucked his weenie.

Silently, I bent to my task with clinical precision, my goal to coax the biggest boner yet from my handsome husband. After several minutes, I withdrew his penis from my mouth and ran the ruler along the topside of his hard erection, “6.5 inches hard,” I proudly concluded.

“What’s this all about?” Paul demanded again.

“Oh nothing honey,” I replied. “One of the girls at work was reading an article in a magazine about penises, and it got us started on the subject.” I lied.

“Well how do I stack up?” he asked.

“Above kartal escort bayan average. Bigger than all my friends,” I lied again.

“So what do I do with this erection now?” he asked wryly.

Taking him by the hand, I led Paul into the bedroom, switching off the lights and pulling a condom from the bedside table before lying back on the bed, “Put this on and make love to me.”

Five minutes later it was over, my thoughts returning to Karin’s boyfriend’s dick. ‘Try it, you’ll like it’ she had said. Indeed, I thought, a mischievous plan taking shape in my head.

That plan was culminating in our annual summer trip to Nantucket. All spring I had been setting the scene. Much against Paul’s wishes, I had repeatedly asked Karin and Todd over to our house for dinner, trying to build a warm friendship. At first, Paul was appalled.

“We don’t have anything in common with these two kids,” he shouted.

But Karin slowly worked her magic on Paul. From what she had said to the girls at the store, I knew she found Paul attractive. She flirted shamelessly with him, laughing at his jokes and taking interest in his sports car collection.

While Paul would take her for a spin in one of his convertibles or show her around his garage, Todd would sit on the couch, drinking beer and watching baseball on TV. Most attempts at conversation were met with stoic grunts; “yea”, “I guess”, “sometimes”, not much of a talker was old Todd.

Unfortunately, he wore very loose clothing, affording almost no opportunity to ogle his reportedly huge package. After several beers, he would stumble toward the toilet to relieve himself. If Paul and Karin were out, I would camp outside the bathroom door, listening to the raging river of pee he unleashed on the bowl, trying to picture the penis capable of such a Niagara Falls like torrent.

Once, after several beers, Todd failed to completely close the bathroom door as he relieved himself. Peering through the open crack, I caught a fleeting glimpse of his private parts in the dressing mirror. My jaw dropped open and I pinched myself; was I hallucinating? Even soft, it was considerably larger that Paul’s erect penis. It hung lewdly from his body, limp and heavy, his foreskin still intact, a mass of wiry hair jutting from his pelvis.

The show was brief as he shook it dry and zipped back up, but visions of his hairy monster brought me to a euphoric orgasm as I later masturbated in my bathroom. I rarely masturbate, considering it dirty and perverted, but thoughts of Todd’s big tool had awakened a primitive sexual desire deep inside me. My self-diddle sessions became more frequent and intense.

As the Nantucket trip neared, I was pleased to see my plan taking shape. Karin and Paul were getting along famously. I could tell he was ecstatic about the attention a cute young fashion model was piling upon him. She was bragging at work about the plans Paul was making to introduce her to several of his clothing designer clients.

Todd and I had fashioned a friendly relationship; I kept the fridge stocked with beer and the TV tuned to ESPN. In return, he had opened up a little to me. I am in my early thirties, maybe 10 years older than Todd. I work out regularly and have a well-toned body. My breasts are a little large by today’s fashion standards, but they are in fine proportion to my curvaceous figure. I have long curly brunette hair, bright green eyes, and big, full lips.

When Todd and Karin came over, I had taken to wearing my bikini around the house, “Oh, I was just out sunning myself,” or “I was working in the garden” my typical excuses.

Karin was so infatuated with Paul and his expensive toys, she didn’t even notice. Todd on the other hand, was clearly appreciative of my wardrobe. As I shuffled around the house, preparing a meal or grabbing Todd a beer, I noticed the furtive glances he shot my direction, often followed by a gentle squeeze of his trousered package or a quick repositioning of his heavy snake.

I knew he and Karin were engaged to be married, and she continued to brag at work about her incredible sex life. My goal was not to break-up the happy couple, just to get a few days alone with Todd’s impressive penis. I wanted to experience what Karin was enjoying and make my own mind up about the benefits of a big dick. My marriage was strong enough to overcome a little indiscretion, especially if I could coax my unwitting husband into a similar sexual faux paus.

As we arrived on the island, six couples in all, Paul had a special surprise for Karin.

“I have a meeting set-up for you with Ralph Lauren when we get back to Boston,” he announced. I hugged Karin, happy to share the joy of her first big break. After all I had instrumented this little offensive, and know I was hoping to bask in its final glory.

“We should spend some time together this week going over some sketches and formulating a game plan for the meeting,” Paul suggested.

Karin escort maltepe leaped into Paul’s arms, hugging him tightly with her lithe young body, “Oh, Paul, how ever can I repay you?”

The look on Todd’s face was priceless; jealousy and rage boiled just under his normally passive expression. I seized the moment, “No worries, Todd. I will keep you company.”

He smiled at me, his aggression quickly replaced with the old ‘who-gives-a-fuck’ demeanor.

I stayed close to Todd, showering him with affection and generally being an excellent host. The attention I lavished on him didn’t go unnoticed. Several times I caught Karin shooting me a nasty look. Based on the sounds of passion emitting from Karin and Todd’s bedroom, adjacent to ours, they had no problems making up each night.

Paul was too full of himself to notice Todd and me. He loved the attention the beautiful young Karin was heaping his direction, spending every waking moment in her company. At night, his over stimulated mind begged for sexual release but I continued to put him off, “Not tonight, dear, I have a splitting headache.”

He was forced to lie in bed, the sounds of non-stop lovemaking shaking the wall behind our bed, his pathetic little boner crying for attention. I felt for Paul, Karin’s moans of ecstasy having an equally arousing affect on my pussy. But if I wanted to satisfy my desires, I needed what Karin was currently enjoying, and abstinence, specifically Paul’s, was another tool I hoarded in my perfect little plan.

The first couple of days were a non-stop party; free flowing booze, great food, beautiful weather, and a dozen happy folks. The crew settled into the carefree beach lifestyle, couples drifting off to do their own thing.

My husband, the consummate professional commandeered the house’s crow’s nest and he and Karin got down to business; both literally and soon, figuratively.

I put on my sexiest little string bikini, yellow and red polka dots, my deeply tanned body accentuating my flat tummy and ample breasts and packed a cooler of beer.

Finding Todd alone on the deck, I offered, “Anybody up for the beach. I’ve got refreshments.”

Like a fish to bait, Todd jumped at the opportunity. Eying Karin watching us from the crow’s nest window, I grabbed Todd’s arm for balance as we walked through the loose sand. As we disappeared behind the nearest dune, I shook my ass provocatively in Karin’s direction, letting her know I still had a little game.

As I set out a blanket and popped a cool beer, Todd took a quick dip in the ocean. Lying on my belly, facing the surf, I watched as his wet body emerged from the water. He was certainly nothing special to look at, his slight beer paunch hanging over his surfer shorts, a hideous farmer’s tan not yet erased by the Nantucket sun. But my eyes were magically drawn to his crotch. The thin wet material clung to his pelvis and thighs, a huge bulge protruding down his left leg, inching toward the bottom hem of his shorts.

The Holy Grail I sighed to myself. That was the weapon of mass destruction that had Karin devoted to this worthless loser. As he waddled toward the beach towel, I felt my mouth go dry and my pussy wet as his package swung back and forth in his loose shorts. He sat on the towel grabbing his cold beer and layback to catch some rays.

With his eyes closed, I garnered the courage to sit up on one elbow and closely study the outline of his massive cock beneath his still dripping shorts. Even soft, it had to be eight inches long I estimated and nearly as thick as the Coors Light can from which I was drinking. As I licked my lips, I caressed my beer can in my open hand, trying to imitate the sensation of his cold, hard cock.

On either side of his reclining penis, two large bumps revealed his impressive balls, hanging well down from the base of his dick. I imagined his sack was oversized and his nuts roamed freely in their sweaty home.

Lost in my lusty imagination, I was startled back to reality, “Uh Lisa,” Todd stammered, “Your, uh, your…”

Shaking my head to clear the vivid image of Todd’s dick that had taken root, I felt my large breasts sway uncontrollably. At the same time, I noticed Todd’s eyes were glued to my chest, his finger pointing as he stammered to get a coherent thought out of his tongue-tied mouth.

“Your top!” he finally exclaimed. “It’s, it’s, it’s, ummmm, falling off.”

Damn, I had undone my bikini strings to get full sun coverage on my exposed back. Mesmerized by the outline of Todd’s penis, I had ignored my loose top when I sat up. Todd was now being treated to a free show of my 34c’s flapping in the cool ocean breeze.

Remaining unfazed by my brazen display, I calmly reached up and removed my entire top, hoping the sight of my bare breasts would keep Todd from asking why I was staring at his crotch.

As I stood up, my boobs now bouncing freely, his dick twitched noticeably beneath his wet suit. Making a beeline for pendik escort the surf, I screamed, “Last one in has to restock the cooler.”

With a head start I easily outraced Todd to the water. We swam in the cool ocean for several minutes, my breasts floating enticingly on the buoyant water, my nipples erect. We roughhoused a little, dunking each other under the sparkling blue tide.

I could see the crow’s nest in the distance over the dunes and saw the sun reflect off the lens of the tower’s telescope through the open window. Perfect, I thought; so what do you think of your husband skinny-dipping with your boss?. Coming up for air, my breasts breaking the surface of the water, I triumphantly shot the finger in Karin’s direction. My taunting was reaching a crescendo. If I knew Karin, and I thought I did, it wasn’t going to take much to drive her over the edge.

“I didn’t mean to shock you with my topless display,” I joked with Todd as we emerged from the water. “I just thought you might enjoy a pair of real breasts,” making an offhand stab at Karin’s less than endowed chest.

I had often watched Todd drooling over my rack. While Karen is very pretty, she is extremely thin. Her A-sized cups don’t offer the same appeal as my big, round firm boobs.

As we headed back up the beach, I planned my next move shrewdly. Slightly trailing behind Todd, I waited until the dunes almost completely obstructed us from the house. I leapt on Todd’s back, my breasts squeezed between my chest and his skinny frame and rode him out of Karin’s view. I let her imagination play the rest of that scene out, her jealousy stewing as she and Paul continued to work on business.

“Thanks for the ride, Todd,” I giggled as he deposited me back on the towel. Sitting on the beach, him standing above me, my eyes were level with his crotch. All the rough housing and semi-nudity were taking a toll on his once flaccid package. His dick had inched further down his leg and his shorts were now tenting noticeably.

Embarrassed, he quickly picked up the cooler, blocking my view. “You won,” he started, “I’ll go get some more beers.”

“I think the fridge is empty,” I lied. “The second refrigerator in the crow’s nest is full of cold beer. Try up there.”

As Todd headed off to cool his jets and witness what I hoped was a triumphant scene back at the house, I lay back on my towel and slowly diddled my dripping snatch. I love when a beautiful plan comes together.

I envisioned Karin, in a fit of rage, had turned from the window after I rode Todd out of view. Jealous and mad, she had doubled her efforts on Paul, his immunity gravely weakened by my withholding sex. I’m sure she was disappointed to find his average little weenie, but revenge and power were her motivating factors, not hot sex. Besides he was fucking hot looking, she was damn lucky to be getting it on with my husband.

Paul on the other hand was living out the middle-aged man’s fantasy. I assumed he would rise to the occasion and perform admirably.

Fifteen minutes later, Todd returned, minus the cooler, a look of despair on his face.

“What happened, love,” I cooed.

He plopped down on the towel, a tear rolling down his face. “You won’t believe it,” he started. “I went up to the crow’s nest to get some beers like you said and I hear all this moaning and groaning behind the door. I peered through the porthole and…”, he trailed off.

“It’s OK sweetie,” I patted his head, putting my arm around his shoulders.

“No its not,” he replied. “Your husband and my fiancée were…well, they were….uhhh, having sex. Well no, not technically sex. Paul was on his back in the hammock and Karin was on top of him, in a 69-like position.”

“Go on, go on,” I coached, euphoric at my plan’s successful progress.

“She was sucking his dick, I guess,” he stammered, “and he had his head buried between her legs. They were thrashing around like two dogs in heat.”

Bravo Paul, I thought. Your tongue tastes my snatch even less often than I perform oral sex on you. I guess you just needed a fresh piece of tuna to whet that appetite.

“Those bastards!” I managed. “What did you do?”, my heart racing, hoping Todd had not found a previously undisplayed killer instinct and broken up the proceedings.

“I, I, I….”, he quivered, “I turned around and left.”

Beautiful, I thought. “Does Karin do this often?”

“I don’t think so,” Todd sniffled, “We have a pretty good sex life. But she has been spending a lot of time with Paul.”

“Well fuck them!” I barked emphatically, changing the tone of my approach. “That bastard Paul has done this before,” I lied.

“What should we do?” Todd asked.

Just the opening I was waiting for. Curled up next to Todd, I reached up and planted a soft, full kiss on his mouth. Taking his head in my hands, I kissed him harder, nibbling down his neck and around to his ear, my tongue tracing a wet path down his chest.

Todd immediately responded, reaching out to cup my exposed breasts, an audible sigh escaping his open mouth. He bent to kiss my tits, softly biting my nipples, sending waves of pleasure through my body. Damn, maybe this guy was more than just a big dick. His mouth sure seemed full of talent.

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