Swati, New at Office Ch. 01

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My name is Swati and I stay at Delhi. I am 24 year old and work for a small software company. I have small body, I am about 5 inch in height and have a figure to die for. In proper clothes, I always get a lot of stares from men. I was looking out for jobs, being a fresher nobody wanted to hire me. I have been trying since around 3 months without any success. One day I came to know about the vacancy in my current company and after the interview process, I got selected. Pay was also decent, as I stayed alone in Delhi and my parents were staying in UP state.

I report to project manager, Vijay. My job started well and my boss was very much supporting right from project brief to baby steps. He was actually not leaving any stone untouched so that I get well with my knowledge and understand the practical concepts. He is a man in his twenties and single. He is an average looking guy.

Since I stay alone and don’t have anything else at home, I used to spare extra hours in office to learn and grow faster. It was one of those days when I was working on some project and working for late hours. Everybody in the office had left except my boss who was working on his laptop in his cabin. I needed to clarify some doubt, so I knocked the door and he asked to come inside.

Vijay – Yes Swati tell me, you are still in office

Me – Yes I was working on this project and had some doubts

He clarified the doubts and I was about to go back to my desk when Vijay asked me:

Vijay – You may do this tomorrow and go home. It’s not so urgent that you need to work extra hours for this

Me – That’s fine, I will leave in 10 minutes. Thanks for asking

Vijay – Ok, you finish this and I will drop you home

Me – No that’s fine sir, I will manage

Vijay – No worries, I also stay nearby bahçeşehir escort and it’s on the way

I finished the work and we leave the office. We get into his car.

Vijay – So, Swati what do you do when not in office?

Me – Nothing special, just routine laundry, cleaning house and cook for myself

Vijay – So you will go home, cook and then eat now

Me – Yes

Vijay – Ok let me treat you to the nearby restaurant so you today

Me – That’s fine sir, I will manage

Vijay – Don’t bother, I also need to eat out anyhow. You may just join me

I agreed and we went to a nearby restaurant.

Vijay – What will you take in drinks?

Me – I will have Vodka

Vijay called the waiter and called for Whisky for him and Vodka for me. We kept chatting about work for around 15 minutes while drinking. We had the refilled also asked. I was feeling quite good with him.

Vijay – Ok Swati, do you have a boy friend?

Me – No sir, what about you?

Vijay – No I too don’t have

Me – Why, you are such a handsome guy, you may have many offers

Vijay – No I don’t have any, do you want to be the first one?

Me – I was taken by surprise and was not expecting him to ask me this. However, I agreed to be his girl friend.

We had dinner and he dropped me home and said thanks for accepting the offer. I giggled. He said that he will collect me to office next day. At home, I was felling quite good and actually wanted to explore my relation with Vijay. I dressed up with special attention and got ready. He came at morning and we were back to office. Day at office was quite same and he didn’t bring any change in the manner we work at office. After everyone had left, Vijay called bakırköy escort me in.

Vijay – What is your plan for the evening?

Me – I don’t have any plan

Vijay – Ok, then join me for a dinner and dance

Me – I will need to change

Vijay – Sure, we may stop at your home and then go

Me – Sure

We get into my home, I offered him water and asked him to watch TV while I took a shower and got ready. I put up a nice top and jeans. I ensured that all my curves are visible through the fabric I put-up and came out.

Vijay – You are looking quite sexy especially that top, oh wait the jeans looks quite better too

Me – Thanks (giggling), shall we leave?

We leave and he took me to a quite good restaurant.

Vijay – What will you like in drinks?

Me – I will have Vodka. He called for Whisky and Vodka for me. We started drinking while talking for some-time. We had 3 drinks and it was just beginning. I was feeling very good with him. He was a silent listener and was paying attention to my talks. He was taking some liberties and touching my hands, to which I didn’t object.

Vijay – Would you like to dance?

Me – Sure

We both went to the dance floor and it was darker there. There were 5-6 couples dancing on slow music. We started dancing. He was quite good at dance. He had me on his chest while his hand was exploring my back. He keeps moving his hand down and started pushing myself onto him. It was quite romantic and I was felling a strange wetness between legs. We danced for some time and left after that.

Vijay – Let’s go to my home and continue our party

Me – Are you sure? I mean we are already drunk?

Vijay – Yes I am sure, I can host my new girl friend

Me başakşehir escort – Ok, let’s go

We went to his house, it was a good built house in nice colony. He didn’t have Vodka at his home, so we started drinking whisky. I was feeling good and he started kissing me on lips. I responded and soon our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. We kissed for good time and then broke.

We again were enjoying our drinks, this time he was more courageous after kiss and moved next to me and kissed on neck and started feeling by breasts. I too was enjoying the sensation. We went to his bedroom and continued our kissing. After sometime, Vijay pulled my top off and I was in my bra and jeans. My jeans was next to go and he too took off his clothes. I started moving my hands over his cock, it was huge, must be 7-8 inches in height and thick.

He was playing with my breasts very gently over the bra and then without bra. He sucked my nipples for some time and took off my panties.

Vijay – Are you virgin?

Me – No, I had it with my ex-boy friend

He started pushing his cock into my wet pussy lips and started fucking me slowly. It was a nice experience and he picked up the pace. I was enjoying every second of our sex. He was sucking my nipples too while fucking me. After sometime,

I came loudly and he too came into my pussy soon.

We laid there relaxing our breath and playing with each other’s bodies.

Me – You were really great and this was the best orgasm of my life

Vijay – You too were amazing, I would like to have more such moments

Me – Me too

We slept nude that day and fucked thrice that day. Next day, during the office hours:

Vijay – Swati, I have a proposal, why don’t we live-in together, that way I will have you with me for more time and we can enjoy each other’s company.

Me – I will need to think about it

Vijay – Oh come-on, you can manage the stuff right

Me – Ok, I will move-in with you from this weekend

I moved with Vijay next Sunday, until Sunday also I was spending more time at his home fucking his brains out. We enjoyed each other’s bodies very well.

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