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It’s Monday and the damn grass needs to be cut. The weather-nerds are saying there’s a 50% chance of rain. Light day at the office… might as well dedicate some time in the morning and get it done before the rains come.

It’s somewhat mindless work, up and back… up and back… up and back. It’s humid… hey, it’s North Carolina… and before long I’m drenched. At one circuit turn I see the garage of the house next door open and the neighbor-lady pulls out to go somewhere. I don’t know her at all, other than the across-the-fence “hey” every now and then. She’s incredibly busy… seemingly never home… always on the go. A cursory wave as she drives away and I continue my chore.

Another couple of circuits and I notice her garage door is up again. She’s pulling back in. Another circuit, then the door’s closed. Hmm… maybe she forgot something or dropped the daughter off and came back.

The rain starts to patter. It feels good against my skin, but the job needs to get finished… I don’t know when I’ll get back to it. The leaf-blower does a suitable job of blowing the clippings down the drive. I go inside and head straight upstairs for the shower.

I love a hot shower. But when my body heat is already high, the shower-water feels best when it’s cool. I step in and revel in the clear, clean water washing the hot, sticky sweat from my skin. Head and hair get drenched and I can almost feel the steam coming off my dome like those football players in the NFL Films. A quick squirt of shampoo and I clench my eyes while I lather up my head.

Then I hear the distinctive “squoop-thock!” that the shower door makes when it opens, followed by the similar “squoop-thud-d-d!” sound as it closes. My mind searches for an answer… maybe one of the dogs is standing against the glass. My arms are over my head, my back is to the shower opening, rinsing the soap from my hair.

An instant later, intermingled with the cool water splashing Bostancı Escort against my chest, I feel the soft run of fingers coming up my rib cage from behind me. Almost immediately I feel the warmth of a woman’s form pushing into my ass, my thighs, the spot behind my back just below the shoulder blades… and the hands keep moving softly, gently, firmly across my chest. I pull my hands down from my hair and find the arms that enfold me.

I follow the arms backward to the elbows, then back further until my hands are caressing the smooth, naked ass that’s spooning into mine. A finger from my right hand travels to the dimple above her butt crack, then pushes down along her ass and dips gently to apply the oh-so-slightest pressure to the anus. A sharp inhale and slight forward recoil – which actually pushes her further into my back – and then a husky giggle and a soft purr of “mmmmmm.”

“Mind if I turn around?,” I ask into the tile before me. Her reply comes from over my right shoulder, punctuated by hot lips, tongue, breath and finally a pinch of skin between teeth. “Only if you’re prepared for what might happen next.”

I begin to pirouette within the arms around me and the hands on my chest. In the midst of the turn the hands and arms begin to drop lower down my torso and I realize she’s dropping to her knees and moving her hands to capture my bobbing cock. Now the cool water is thudding against my back, neck and shoulders. But her hands, mouth, breath, and tongue are putting intense heat against my dick and my balls. My cock is already wet from the shower, but it goes from cool dampness to hot velvet in one slick, soft, smooth move.

She wastes no time. It’s not the frantic piston moves from a porn movie, but a soft and intentional journey into oral bliss. Her hands softly, gently, move from place to place… caressing my ass as the water flows over it… cupping my balls and squeezing gently but firmly enough Erenköy Escort to tell me that she means business… pressing equally against my thighs as she buries my cock deep within her throat. But it’s her mouth… and her tongue… and her lips… and the heavenly motion… the suction… the twisting… oh, my god, I’ve never experienced someone as intent on devouring me as she is at this very moment.

My head pivots back on my neck, seemingly a dead weight… my hands resting on her head as she works her oral magic on me. She knows I don’t have much longer… and she stops just in time and stands up, naked before me. She rests her hands on my shoulders. With what seems like all the strength I can muster I pull my head forward to look for the first time at my unintended accomplice. Her face is inches from mine. Her eyes glitter with a perky, smirky smile, then change to reflect her determination to carry this through to the end.

Her hands come up to capture my jaw and she turns my head slightly to the right while hers tilts slightly to the left. A moment’s pause while our hot breath mingles, and then lips join… tongues dance… teeth clamp softly down against juicy lips. The kiss breaks and she looks intently into my eyes. Her hands guide me downward and I willingly oblige.

I move to her breastbone, then downward still to capture a moist, erect nipple in my mouth. My hand comes up to caress and then squeeze the soft fullness of her breast while my mouth, tongue, and teeth twizzle around the delicate tissues at the tip. She wriggles her lower back and moans softly over the sound of the pounding water.

On my knees now, I reluctantly leave her succulent nipples and my mouth travels down the midline of her abdomen, across the soft, wet curls of her mound and to the rich, pink target that waits for me. She spreads her feet as far apart as the shower floor will allow, giving me as much access as she can to a Göztepe Escort glorious, glistening goal. She didn’t dawdle over me… I don’t delay in bringing her pleasure.

With my fingers, I gently pull back the lips of her pussy. Her arousal is evident… and I harden the end of my tongue and flicker it quickly… quickly… quickly… over the tip of her clit. As softly but as intently as I can, I focus all of my energy on her as she moves ever upward toward ecstasy. Her breathing begins to increase, both in speed and in intensity… her moans begin softly, then increase as the water pounds on my shoulders and splashes against her soft belly. I feel her move to a higher plateau, and while I continue to flicker my tongue over her clit, I take two fingers from my right hand and slide them gently but firmly into her swollen pussy… curling upward to find the soft fleshy mound deep within her womanhood.

She’s climbing faster now… moans and motion signal the obvious. But she can’t help it… “Oh, I’m gonna come… I’m gonna come!”

She started this surprise; now it’s my turn to pay it back: I stand quickly and turn her gently to her left, pushing down on her shoulders so she’s bent over in front of me… hands resting on the tile seat at the rear of the shower. My fingers slide out of the entrance to her pussy, holding the lips apart, while I quickly slip my throbbing cock inside her. The maneuver took only a second or two… and she’s still climbing the hill to orgasm, only this time I’m inside her… sliding softly but intently in and out and in and out of her dripping vagina. The moist fingers of my right hand, still slick with her juices, now continue to twiddle her pulsating clit. My left hand reaches up to capture a nipple and roll it gently between pinching fingers. Her hands fly back to capture my butt cheeks and pull me tighter into her… and the now-taught muscles of her thighs and ass help push her over the edge. And I’m right there with her, shooting hard into her bulging mound.

The moans subside… the water continues to pound against gently relaxing bodies. And I wonder just exactly when I’m gonna need to cut the damn grass again. Hmmm… maybe tomorrow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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