Sweet Cherie Ch. 01

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EDITED BY: Miriam Belle


Author’s Note: “When this story first posted, a lot people wondered if it was based on any truth… well, I do have an attractive cousin and I’d be lying if I said I never wondered what could have been… and both the kids mentioned here are 18, just turned 18 or over 18…”


The hardest thing in life sometimes is staying away from the things you can’t have, or rather, the things you shouldn’t have. For Jack Sear, this was a debate he had waged since he had been nineteen years old. He still remembered the day everything had started for him, the day he had first noticed Cherie. She was only a year younger than him, and they had gotten along so well growing up that the only word that could accurately describe them was “inseparable.” Jack had been something of a rock for her, a steady hand to balance out the turmoil of her home life. Her parents always fought, and Cherie seemed to be in the middle of every argument. Cherie, in turn, had been a companion always accepting of Jack and true when others weren’t.

They had always been friends, but it was this one day that changed all that forever.

So whenever the family get-togethers happened, always in the last week of July when it was hot enough to fry eggs on his Uncle Albert’s head, they would usually go off and talk while the other kids played tag. They had enjoyed playing together, engaging in the usual trappings of youthful sports whenever they could, but there was a certain elusive quality to their conversations, a special meaning that went beyond what either of them could really verbalize as they grew up. The maturity of their relationship, the respect and affection they shared for each other was far beyond their level of understanding. To most adults, it was a common occurrence in most healthy intimate relationships. While neither one of them could explain what they felt to anyone else, on the concept of they were perfectly clear.

Their close relationship worried his mother sometimes, her fears about propriety and virginity perhaps well founded in this modern age. And until that hot, humid day in July, when Michael had turned nineteen only a week prior, she’d had nothing to worry about. Sure, they spent a lot of time together, and sure they just sat and talked a lot, but they were far too young to know anything else but friendship and the boundaries of their family. After all, they were only children and more importantly, they were cousins.

If no other comfort could be found, the safety of family ties eased any fears she might have had about Jack and Cherie.

The sun beat down mercilessly and cast a fiery illumination over the green foliage and grass that framed and floored the large city park. The late afternoon shadows had started creeping their way across the landscape as the barbeque grills sizzled and smoked. Jack loved walking by the grills when his grandfather was cooking. Only grandpa could flame the meat to perfection, and the smell was enough to entice every living thing in town to come out and take notice.

It seemed everyone had showed up that day, and while he was happy to see everyone, he was really truly only interested in seeing Cherie. They had immediately partnered up for the traditional game of Jungle Warfare, a ritual amongst the kids of the Sear families. Armed with two fully loaded and wicked looking water guns, they waited in the bushes on the outskirts of the park.

“Did you paint these?” Cherie asked, admiring the sleek black water gun.

“Yeah,” Jack grinned proudly, “The bright colors make it too easy for the others to spot us. And, I like to feel like I actually have a gun.”

“Sweet,” she smiled. Jack couldn’t help but look at her as they waited for the first unsuspecting dope to come looking for them. He couldn’t help but her look her over, her athletic frame enticing his eyes so innocently and yet so undeniably. Her denim shorts hugged her petite frame, and Jack felt familiar warmth in his stomach. It was a wild, rebellious horniness that had stayed with him from the onset of puberty until now in his 18th year.

She looked at Jack, catching him gawking at her. “See anything you like?” she asked sarcastically.

“No,” Jack stammered, almost losing the grip on his gun, “I just, uh, realized that maybe we’re getting too old for water gun fights.”

She cocked her head quizzically. “Right.”

“Really,” he said.

“I’m eighteen, Jack,” she said, her eyes moving back to the bushes, “I know I have a set of tits and an ass. Don’t be embarrassed.”

“I’m not embarrassed,” he smiled uneasily as his cock began to swell. He felt a strong shudder of guilt as he realized this stiffy was coming on because of his own cousin.

“Liar,” she said, “You were picturing me naked.”

Jack’s jaw dropped. He had never heard her talk like this before, and as much as it shocked him, it was also arousing him. “What?”

“Bare ass naked?” she offered.

“Bare ass?” he repeated, shifting his weight as he tried to allow room for his now impossibly hard cock.

“You okay, Jack?”

He shrugged, still canlı bahis in shock. “Yeah…”

“Is this embarrassing you?”

“No,” he lied, still both oddly fascinated and shocked, “I just never talked with a relative this way.”

“Shit, Jack,” she laughed and put a hand on his thigh, “It’s not like we’re having sex or anything.”

The word sex rung out in his virgin ears like a fire alarm as he tried to compose himself long enough to keep from passing out. He wondered if she was just shooting the breeze with him, the subject just happening to sex, or if it was something more. The way she had talk about them not having sex had been laced with a hidden meaning, he was sure of it. As he considered this, he must have let his eyes wander off, because Cherie slapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey, you awake?”

“Yeah,” he chuckled nervously.

Cherie looked at him for a moment, and then smiled a little. She sat her water gun down and leaned against the tree, sitting on her haunches. She was quiet for a moment as the wind wafted by, carrying the smell of almost ready steaks and burgers from the picnic area. She then said, “Jack, have you ever seen a girl’s tits before?”

“Excuse me?”

“Tits? You ever seen them before?”

“Yes,” he said incredulously.

“Outside of your Dad’s Playboys.”

“No,” he replied incredulously. 18 years old and still a virgin. He wanted to die.

Without any warning, Cherie pulled the straps down over her shoulders and slid her suit down. Jack sat there, dumbfounded as he looked at his cousin’s breasts, generously large, milky and smooth. Her nipples were a light pink, the areolas a warm, silky bloom perfectly centered on each breast.

“Okay,” Jack managed, his head feeling dizzy.

She frowned a little, and then took his trembling hand and placed it on her right breast. Jack couldn’t look at her, his face on fire from the blood racing through his veins. It felt so soft, so perfectly smooth. Jack felt his erection ready to rip through his pants as he felt her up.

“What do you think?” she asked with a smile so suggestive it could have made his brain boil.

“I think I-” he stopped in mid-sentence as he felt a familiar and all too powerful sensation building up in his groin. His heart froze as he realized what was about to happen, and jerked his hand back. He grasped the tree, dizzy even before the orgasm came to fruition. Cherie leaned back, her face concerned as she pulled her bathing suit back up. The cum exploded out of his dick and filled his underwear.

“Oh shit,” he groaned, looking down at his crotch. “Ah fuck.”

Cherie regarded him with an amused half-smile. “Wow, you okay?”

“Uh-huh,” he managed as the orgasm subsided. He felt the hot, sticky semen dripping and running everywhere in his briefs.

“Did you just-“

“Shut up,” he looked at her, “Not a word.”

“Oh my God you did,” she covered her mouth with her hands.

“Shit, this is so fucking embarrassing.”

“No no,” she said apologetically, “It’s my fault. I’m sorry.”

“What the fuck am I going to do?”

Cherie’s looked around for a minute, checking to see if anyone was coming. In the bushes to her left, she heard voices and knew they would be found soon.

“I got it,” she said.


“Make a run for the pond and jump in,” she suggested as she picked up her water gun, “Then you can let things, uh, wash away. Get what I’m saying?”

Jack heard twigs snapping under several approaching feet, his heart beating so loud it almost drowned the world out.. A wet spot and started to form on his crotch. “I got no choice.”

“Okay, let’s book,” she said, helping him up.

“It’s a secret, okay?” he said firmly as he grabbed her arm, more pleading than anything else.

Cherie nodded solemnly. “A secret.”

“You’re not weirded out, right?”

“Hey Cuz,” smiled broadly, doing her best hillbilly imitation, “We keeps it all the family.”

“Shit,” he laughed and then on her word, bolted through the woods and once he made it to the pond, took a head first dive into the water. The plan worked, and no one was the wiser when he showed up with wet clothes. Cherie lied and said he had fallen in when he slipped on a rock during the water gun fight. The rest of the afternoon, neither of them said a word about what had happened. During the dinner, they exchanged a few knowing looks to each other, and Jack was left contemplating the complex nature of his relationship with his cousin.


When Cherie and her family moved that fall, Jack was heartbroken. They tried to stay in touch, but after awhile things just faded away. The summer get-togethers became a memory as people went their own ways, living their lives and moving on. Jack finished high school, destined for college that next year. In the year that followed the incident, he had lost his virginity and became quite an item with the girls. Still, he remembered that day in the woods, and the first time he had ever felt a breast. Despite the girls he had dated in his senior year, and then the flings he had that following summer and into his freshman bahis siteleri year at college, nothing ever was really as exciting as that one touch. It became his deep dark passion, Cherie being the object of masturbation sessions and countless erotic fantasies. He tried to picture her as she would look now, at the age of twenty.

He often wondered if he was a freak, a pervert for wanting his own cousin as badly as he did. But he couldn’t help it, and he let himself be engaged by this clearly taboo and forbidden lusting. When he received a card in the mail just a day after his twenty-first birthday and found a picture of Cherie inside, he almost fell over. Jack memorized every line of her perfect face, her slightly lopsided smile and bronze hair. It seemed her breasts had gone to accomplish amazing things in life, as the stretched fabric of the blouse she wore in the picture seemed to indicate.

He read the short message inside, which said:

“Happy Birthday Jack,

Been a long time, and miss you much. Will be in town visiting your mom and dad next weekend. Please see me. Need to talk to you, Cuz. By the way, been jumping in any ponds lately? –Love, Cherie.”

The fact that she even remembered what had happened back then made him almost giddy, and he knew he had to go home for that weekend. Fortunately, it was only an hour drive to get home from the campus, and his foot was made of pure lead. He called his folks and let them know he would be coming that weekend, and ditched his date. He couldn’t even remember the girl’s name as he focused on seeing Cherie again.

Part of his brain kept yelling at him, berating him for even considering what he hoped to initiate with Cherie. It was wrong, and he knew it. If he needed to get his rocks off, he knew there were plenty of women around for that, and more often than not he had used them as a way of relieving the sexual frustration incurred from fantasies of his cousin. They never knew it, and if they had known he was imagining his cousin naked and writhing underneath him he was sure he wouldn’t have had as much as sex as he did.

Jack knew if was ever going to be free of his undying curiosity about her, then he would have to do something about it.

Around eight on that Saturday night, he showed up at his parent’s house. Cherie answered the door.

“Hey Jack,” she smiled warmly, giving him a hug as her large breasts pressed against him. Jack relished every moment, and kept his embrace around her for as long as he could.

“Hey Cuz,” he replied, inhaling her perfume and feeling dizzy from euphoria, “You look fantastic!”

“Your mom and dad are still in the city buying groceries,” she said, breaking the hug. He noticed that her nipples were erect making two perfect points on the two perfect curves of her bust.

“Well that’s good,” Jack said, his cock feeling suddenly too big for his pants.

“My God you’ve grown…You working out?”

“Only when I have to,” he said, “Just for appearances.”

“I’m glad you made it back to see me,” she smiled, “But I thought maybe you wouldn’t come.”

“Why would I miss this? We haven’t seen each other in forever.”

“About two years… I just figured you might a have a hot date tonight.”

“I did, but I canceled.”


“Seriously. I can always make time for you.”

“Sure,” she nodded, but the look in her eye suggested something else.

“You doubt me?”

“No,” she smiled as she sat down on the couch, “I just don’t think that good looking men like you spend their evenings hanging out at home with their cousins unless they have a good reason.”

Jack sat beside her, grabbing the remote and turning on the T.V. “I have a real good reason for being here.”

Cherie turned a little, her back against the arm of the couch. “And that would be?”


“You shit head, come on. Fess up,” she slapped him on the shoulder, and then let her hand rest there for a little bit. Her touch was electrifying as Jack pretended to be channel surfing, his cock secretly beginning to stand to attention.

“You could always guess.”

“I hate guessing.”

“Who doesn’t?”

“Then why do it?”

“Because it’s fun to see you writhe underneath,” he paused for a moment, unsure of how bold to be as he tried to read her expression, “the promise of something juicy.”

Cherie looked at him for a moment, her lips curling into one of her trademark half-smiles. Her left brow rose up and she said, “Well, it’s fun to writhe in a lot of different ways, now isn’t it?”

“Always,” he said, his mouth feeling dry as the memory of feeling her breast that hot, July day came back, “Oh look, the football game.”

Cherie sat there for a moment, and then said, “Are you a betting man, Jack?”

Jack gave her sideways glance, “Yeah, I’d say so.”

“Okay then,” she said, and took a deep breath, “You play for keeps?”

“Depends on the bet.”

“Smart man,” she smiled and moved closer to him, her legs now touching his.

“Don’t let that fool you.”

“Okay,” she said, looking at him intently. Jack could only stare bahis şirketleri back, lost in her eyes. “Here’s what we’ll do. The Packers are my team, so you’re stuck with Dallas.”

“Nice,” Jack groaned.

“For every touchdown Dallas makes, I lose an article of clothing.”

Jack’s jaw fell open, and he dropped the remote. “Seriously?”

“Seriously,” she smiled.

“And for every touchdown Green Bay makes, you lose something. Got it?”

“You do know we’re related, right?”

Cherie shrugged a little. “Yeah, and your point?”

Jack felt a furious blush in his cheeks. “No point…”

“Do you remember that day in the woods?”

“How could I forget?”

“You didn’t seem to mind so much then.”

“And I don’t mind now, Cherie,” Jack said, committing to the act of incest wholeheartedly. “Okay, what’s the bet?”

“The bet is this,” she smiled confidentially, “I’ll bet you that we can get naked, completely naked on the touchdowns before your parents get home. Whoever gets naked first has to perform oral sex on the other.”

He paused for a moment. “Okay.”

“And then when we finally get naked and the loser pays up, no matter what, I’m going to fuck the hell out of you,” she said casually.

Jack tried to hide his excitement, but failed miserably. “Okay!”

“Down boy,” she said confidently, “The game has just begun.”

Although Jack was a Green Bay man himself, he was rooting for Dallas with all his heart as he watched the game. He figured betrayal of one’s home team in the interest of sex with a goddess would be forgiven in the Halls of the Game. Dallas scored the first touchdown, and Jack could only look smugly at Cherie as the Dallas fans went crazy on the television screen. As the cheerleaders bounced and celebrated, Cherie shrugged and hauled off her blue top. Jack watched in utter amazement as she bunched the fabric of her shirt up in her hands, lifted her arms up over her head and revealed her bra. It was lacy and transparent, giving him a tantalizing view of her nipples and a generous look at her cleavage.

Jack smiled weakly, his cock a slab of granite in his trousers as he gawked at her.

“You okay?” she asked innocently.

“Never been better,” he managed, trying to return his eyes to the screen.

Sitting next to him on the couch was a beautiful girl with huge tits; the most round perfect breasts he had ever seen, lounging in her bra. Jack suddenly found himself realizing that maybe she had planned this a long time ago, that maybe she had been interested all along, and maybe if he had only been this bold earlier, they could have been together already. But on the other hand, she was so worth the wait.

“Ha!” she laughed and clapped her hands, her breasts jiggling ever so slightly in her bra as she turned and pointed at him. “Lose the pants, stud.”

“Wait a minute,” Jack laughed, “We get to choose which clothes come off first?”

“Yeah, didn’t you know?” she smiled broadly at him.

“No,” he rolled his eyes mockingly as he stood up and unzipped his jeans. He was aware of the massive erection contained just behind the zipper, and he told himself that if she were really planning on a night of sex with him, then this would be the test. Jack pulled his jeans down and kicked off his shoes. Cherie looked at his bulge, her eyes a little wide and a cocky smile on her face. His cock strained against the blue briefs he wore, every vein and valley in his shaft, the thick round curve of his head and the length of his shaft showing through the flimsy fabric.

“Nice, Jack,” she nodded approvingly, her eyes devouring him.

Football was the last thing on their minds as they waited for the next touchdown. The anticipation was almost unbearable as they plodded through commercial breaks and the commentary of the men in the booth.

“Go Packers!” she yelled as Green Bay scored another. Jack lost his socks, and thanked God they missed the field goal. He wasn’t quite ready yet to show himself to her. What if he was too small for her? The thought of sex with her being shot down by a small penis was a terrible one. He was seven and a half inches long, but what if she had gotten used to guys with eights and nines? She was so beautiful and sexy; she had to have had other men before her…

Dallas scored and Cherie lost her pants. Jack watched like a hawk as she wriggled out of the skintight jeans, her ass so perfect that he thought maybe scientists could use it to calibrate their instruments. To Jack’s amazement, he realized that she wasn’t wearing panties. She stood in front of him for a minute, her clean-shaven pussy glistening in the low light from the end table lamps. She looked at him knowingly and said, “I don’t know if I can wait, Jack….”

“I know what you mean,” he tried to breath, and found his heart had jumped into his throat, beating like some primitive caveman’s drum.

“Here,” she offered her hand to him and stood him up. Cherie slowly unbuttoned his shirt as he pulled her bra straps down. She unhooked it and let her breasts hang free. History almost repeated itself as Jack nearly blew his load right there as he marveled at them. Her nipples were like rocks, pointing at him from the soft, pink flesh of her areolas. They were so much bigger than they had been a few years ago, and yet their beauty had remained the same.

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