Sweet Teen Ballbuster Ch. 01

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My niece Kim was a strange girl. She was hardly model material in the looks department, but all the same she had a certain ‘something.’ Call it the ‘girl-next-door’ look, or ‘plain but pretty’ – but whatever it was, she had a strange hold over me.

Since she’d switched high schools to one in my area, she’d taken to visiting me regular on her way home. It’s hard to forget that first day she knocked on my door, all of eighteen and ‘all grown up’. My eyes nearly popped out when I answered, the figure on the other side of the door cut quite a picture….

Shoulder-length honey blond hair, parted in the centre. Not styled, but natural. Straight hair with a slight wave through it, enough to be cute at least. Blue eyes sparkled at me, adorned by some light green eye-shadow. Her eyebrows were plucked for a more grown-up look. Rouge lipstick painted on the sweetest little mouth a man could behold. Kim was the kind of girl who made you just want to grab her and kiss her passionately.

“Hi Uncle Will,” she said – before I could say anything.

“Well, hi…err…Kim? – you’ve ch-ch-changed! ” I stammered, feeling like a fool for saying it.

“Oh, I know, I’m eighteen now Uncle Will – you haven’t seen me in some time, have you?”

“Errr… no, I haven’t,” was my dumbass reply.

“Well, you better come in seeing as you came all this way…” I said, beckoning her in.

Once seated with a cup of coffee each, Kim explained all about her move to a new school and the reasons behind it.

“Let’s get this right Kim, you were expelled for bad behaviour?” I couldn’t believe what she’d just told me.

“Well, it wasn’t all that serious, just making out with the janitor at lunchtime,” she answered, quite matter-of-factly.

I inhaled my breath sharply in response, unable to find an answer. I didn’t know whether gaziantep escort to show her the door or to scold her or pretend such behaviour was alright. Maybe the younger generation had there own values and this could just be a passing phase she was going through.

“You see Uncle Will,” she continued, touching my hand at the same time, “I’ve always liked older men!”

I nearly choked on my coffee, as some of it splattered on my shirt and I spilled the rest of the contents of the cup down my jeans. On my crotch to be precise, much to my embarrassment.

“Oh Uncle Will, look what I’ve made you do!” exclaimed Kim, squirming with delight.

In no time was was over at the sink and soaping up a cloth to clean me up. It was then I got a real good look at the woman she’d become. Beautiful tanned legs appeared above her knee length stripey socks and then disappeared again beneath her plaid mini-skirt. As she reached over the sink her short skirt rode up to reveal the lacy trim of her white cotton panties, which were hanging a little loose from her ass. Just loose enough to drive a grown man crazy.

That wasn’t all neither. Her white school blouse was a see-through affair and the little straps of her bra were plain for all to see. As she spun around again ready to go to work, I noticed how much she’d developed at the front. Her breasts were kind of medium and perky, but she made up for that by the way she walked. Her shoulders were pushed back a little, making the most of her peachy bosom. Her tits were a perfect shape alright, like two ripe little pears just waiting to be plucked.

Before I could even argue, Kim was in at my crotch and wiping away the coffee stains with vigorous rubs. I couldn’t help but notice the mischievous little grin on her face while she did this, seeing how red-faced I escort was by this time.

“Please Kim, it’s alright,” I protested. “No problem Uncle Will,” she said, stepping back to admire her handiwork. “No problem at all,” she kind of whispered under her breath, gazing at the bulge in my pants for what seemed like an eternity…

As she stood there transfixed, her grip on the cloth got much tighter, until she squeezed so much the soap suds ran out of it. The soapy water ran up and over her fingers, then down her blouse before landing on her skirt. It looked so much like a load of freshly shot cum. I knew it and she knew it as well, as she looked down at the mess and her gaze moved upwards to stare right at me. As her innocent blue eyes burned through me, her wicked little smile just screamed ‘I know you’re dying to f**k my brains out!’ She wasn’t wrong…

You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife, such was the sexual tension hanging in the air. “Oh dear, now I’ve made a mess too!” she shrugged. Slowly she reached all the way down to the hem of her skirt and lifted it up, pretending all the while to examine it.

In the meantime, I had a close-up view of the front of her panties. They were so skimpy that her pussy hair was visible, just protruding above the lacy trim at the top. It was shaved either side of a centre line, a sweet honey blond colour to match the hair on her head. The smooth skin of her belly was sun tanned too, making her panties all the whiter. Her creamy thighs were smoother than glass. Kim had the kind of legs a men yearned to bury his head between and only surface for air again when survival called.

Right in the centre of all this beauty, her pubic bone stood out a little and made her underwear cling to her perfect feminine shape. My cock sprang to attention as escort bayan she rubbed at her skirt, the material falling up and down with her work – giving me quick on and off flashes of her cotton clad pussy. I watched with my jaw hanging open in suspended animation, hypnotised by her innocent beauty.

One thing I’d always noticed about little girls, they just loved to give the boys flashes of their underwear, wherever and whenever they could. It seemed like a habit that they never grew out of. It was habit I was grateful for over the years, as I didn’t mind a bit of teasing – as long as some pleasing came after.

That left me in a predicament with Kim. As well as being my sister’s daughter, these mild flirtations could be put down to her being at ‘that age’ – the age when girls wanted to get a reaction from men. I always thought that most teen teasers would run a mile at the sight of a hard cock, they just did the teasing to test out their limits and reassure themselves that they were pretty or desirable to men.

These were the thoughts running through my head which snapped me back into reality. Kim finished cleaning up and let her skirt fall back again. She checked to see if I was impressed by her display, and I smiled at her approvingly. After we chatted for some time about her schoolwork, pop music, ex-boyfriends and her homelife, it was time for her to go.

“Well, it was nice seeing you again Kim,” I said on the doorstep.

“Don’t worry Uncle Will, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me soon!” she answered, as she skipped her way down the garden path. She turned around to wave at the gate and gave me a huge smile, before disappearing round the hedge and out of sight.

I closed the door and went back inside, somewhat bemused. I checked myself in the hallway mirror. I was relieved to see my forty-something face still looking back at me, as my cock felt about twenty years younger.

“What a sweet young lady my niece turned out to be!” I thought, returning to my favourite book. Knowing the ways and whims of youth, I didn’t seriously expect to see her again.

To be continued…

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