Swim Coach and Friend Seduce Coed

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I’m a college swim coach, 39, with short black hair, 5’4″ 120 lbs. After our great winning season I had a party and invited all the girls on the swim team After the party my girlfriend Katie, who is 36, blonde and in very good shape, said that she would help me clean up. I said don’t take it all on yourself; ask one of the girls to help.

Well,she said, “there’s this cute girl who keeps gazing at me who would make a great volunteer”

“You are soooo bad,” I replied, “as long as we get this mess cleaned up before next week I don’t care who helps.”

Most of our guest were exiting when I noticed that Mandy and Katie were doing more gabbing than cleaning up. So I went outside and told them I had this great bottle of wine we could open if this all gets cleaned up by nightfall.

As I got closer, I noticed what Katie was noticing, which was that Mandy was very beautiful, with long dark hair and piercing blue eyes. Our eyes met and her smile melted me.

“That would be great Ms. Smythe, and afterward, maybe we could take a dip in your hot tub!”

I couldn’t wait to see her out of her skirt and top. She had very generous chest with very pert nipples. Her 19 year old body was so tight and firm. I had never noticed her at practice and assumed she was one of new freshman girls or a tranfer student. After cleaning up in the kitchen I came out to find Katie and Mandy already changing.

I joined them and we all hopped into the hot tub bursa escort bayan in our bikinis.

We proceeded to converse about the season when I noticed that Mandy seemed a little distracted. It was then that I noticed that Katie had her foot between Mandy’s thighs. As we chatted she had surreptitiously slid her foot there and Mandy was letting her tease her thru her bikini bottoms. I pretended not to notice from this point to see how far this would go. After a while Katie invited her to sit closer because “this jet here feels so good against my lower back, here…try it…”

When the bubbles parted slightly I could see that Katie had slipped down Mandy’s bottoms and was very delicately exploring our young friend’s vaginal petals with her fingers, making sure, or so she thought, that I didn’t notice.

“Well,” I finally announced, “this is my house and if anyone is going to have any fun, I want to play too…”

They both looked stunned.

With that I slid over and reached down to find my girlfriend’s hand fully feeling Mandy’s sweet mound.

“I see….you sure this is ok mandy? Katie’s not pressuring you is she?”

Mandy nodded no, saying “I’ve never been with a girl before, but I’ve often fantasized about it. I guess if I’m enjoying this I should at least not stop what feels so natural. Are the two of you lovers?”

“Yes,” said Katie, “we’ve lived together for about a year and we both find you absolutely bursa anal yapan escort adorable.”

With that I tugged down her bottoms completely and proceeded to move into kiss her.

She parted her lips slightly and I darted my tongue between them. She accepted my tongue lovingly and darted her own out to explore my very willing mouth.

Katie wanted a turn kissing this pretty young girl. Katie’s lips moved to Mandy’s open lips and Mandy let her kiss her very deeply also. I loved watching my lover enjoy this sweet young coed. Their lips were now locked and instead of jealousy all I could feel was excitement and anticipation of what I would do to her next. I reached behind her to undo her top…she stopped me and suggested we should get more privacy.

I agreed and we grabbed some towels and proceeding upstairs to my master bedroom. I peaked between her legs and noticed her trimmed pussy hair exposed very pouty lips.

I locked the door and we arranged ourselves with her in the middle of the bed.

I removed my top and bottoms and Katie did the same. Our nude moist bodies were cooled by the air outside the tub and all our nipples were quite hard.

Katie then said to Mandy, “you have to most gorgeous breasts i’ve seen on a girl your age.”

Mandy replied, “will you two promise me that this will be our secret, I have a fiance who’s in politics and if it got bursa rus escort out that I was bi it would be scandalous”

“No problem” we said, “as long as you let us suckle those perfect breasts. She nodded vigorously, as we descended on her gorgeous body.

I took the left one and Katie the right. Mandy’s moans filled the room as our tongues ran circles around her pouty aerolas. We teased them then each began suckling them hungrily. Mandy loved it hold us tightly against her and beginning to moan louder and louder.

After a few succulent minutes we slid down her body and spread her firm thighs wide apart. Our fingers spreading her now moistened petals. Her pink inner folds now explosed to our curious tongues.

We could barely stop ourselves as we each took turns nibbling her clitty until it was visibly throbbing. Finally, she begged us to let her cum. I dove in and slid my tongue deep inside her cunny, exploring her pink center. I wiggled my tongue in deep, devouring her now flooding juices. Then I moved out and took her clitty between my lips and tongue lashed it. I watched as Katie held her as her body began convulsing with delight. As she came she screamed for more. Katie could take no more and moved up to straddle her adorable face, slowly sliding her own pussy to her for her enjoyment. Mandy closed her legs when she could take no more. I moved next to them to pinch Katie’s nipples as she rode our adorable new friend.

Katie’s pussy pressed down tight as Mandy pushed her tongue inside.

Then with a gentle moan, Katie trembled letting a sweet stream of juices into Mandy’s hungry mouth, cumming as hard as I’ve ever seen her cum.

Katie collapsed on top of us and we all giggled and held each other tight, all falling into a deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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