Swim Team Ch. 06

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For a moment when she woke up the next morning Dana was confused. She was alone in her bed. Had the previous night been just a wild, intense dream? From the aching of her head she knew that her drinking hadn’t been a dream. It had all seemed so real, but where was Mike? Had he been so freaked out when he sobered up and woke up beside his mom that he ran out of the apartment?

Dana’s fears were quickly put aside when she heard a rattling noise from the kitchen. She felt a little better knowing that at least he hadn’t run out of the apartment in shock about what they had done. She tried to figure out what he was doing from the noises she heard. She debated if she should go to him and worried things would be awkward between them.

These concerns were quickly put aside when the door to the bedroom slowly opened. “Good morning,” Mike said as he entered the room, still completely naked and carrying a tray with breakfast and some coffee.

“My hero,” Dana joked as he set the tray down and gave her some coffee. They both took long drinks of the strong coffee and ate some food.

Finally, Mike said, “I figured if you were feeling like me you could use some coffee this morning.” They laughed about how much they had to drink the night before and Mike teased her that she might not be as good about knowing how to drink without getting a hangover as she thought.

The moment and conversation struck Dana as a little odd. They talked about everything that happened the previous night except the most obvious thing. Despite the fact that they were both still completely naked in bed together neither one had yet mentioned their fuck.

At one point there was a long pause in their conversation and Dana couldn’t wait any longer. “Mike,” she finally said with a tone that let him know she was serious. “Are you OK with this? With what happened? I mean…” She planned to go on and tell him that if he was feeling weird or uncomfortable that it could just be a one night thing and didn’t have to mean anything. She planned to tell him that the most important thing to her was their relationship as mother and son and she didn’t want anything to affect that. She planned to say a lot of things but he interrupted her.

“Yes,” Mike simply replied. Dana looked at him with her mouth still hanging open. She was surprised by the quickness and certainly of his answer.

“Mom,” he said a little nervously, “what I said last night was true. I’ve been thinking about you, about this, for a long time.”

“Really?” she asked excitedly.

“I guess it all started when I started swimming in high school. You were so cool to hang out with, not like a mom but more like a friend. There were times when I would see you in your suit and…” His voice trailed off and he didn’t need to finish because Dana knew exactly what he meant.

“At first it really confused and bothered me,” he admitted. “For a long time I thought I was a freak. I don’t know, maybe I am.”

“Oh Mike,” she comforted, “there is nothing wrong with feelings. You can’t control how you feel or who makes you feel things. You can only control how you act on those feelings.” She set her drink down and took Mike’s coffee out of his hand before also setting it down.

“I think we are both well adjusted adults,” she said. “And I think that whatever we want to do in the privacy of our own home is fine.” Dana couldn’t believe that she was saying this to her son. How could she so calmly and easily be trying to convince her son that it was OK for them to keep fucking? She knew it didn’t make sense and probably wasn’t “right”, but she also knew she wanted it desperately.

“Really?” Mike asked hopefully. His expression made her think he was afraid she would tell him this must stop when she woke up this morning.

She rolled toward him and lay down on him letting her tits press against his chest. She could already feel her desire growing rapidly and she immediately knew she wanted to show him she was very serious about what she said.

“Yes,” she replied lustily just before she leaned down to give him a deeply passionate kiss. She crawled over him so she was straddling his soft cock and teasingly kissed and licked him all over his face and neck. She felt his cock immediately begin to stir and grow.

When her lips were near his ear she seductively whispered, “I want to fuck you as often as I can.” Mike groaned wildly. His cock jumped and very quickly became rock hard. Dana quickly and gracefully spun around so they were again in the 69 position and she drew his hard cock into her mouth. Mike hungrily licked and fucked her with his tongue as she slowly and teasingly played with his cock. Unlike the previous night she didn’t want him to cum like this. She had another plan in mind.

Once her pussy was nice and wet from the sexy combination of his saliva and her juices she crawled off his face and again spun around. She straddled his waist and slowly lowered her pussy toward the tip of his cock as she held his cock steady. She slipped just his güvenilir bahis tip inside her pussy and then stopped.

Mike groaned in wild lust at being so close to fucking her and not knowing why she stopped. She couldn’t resist a little more teasing before she finally fucked him. “Do you want to fuck mommy?” she asked.

“Yes,” Mike groaned wildly.

Dana slipped a little more of his cock inside her pussy and asked, “Do you want mommy to fuck you like this all the time?”

Mike again groaned wildly and Dana finally lowered herself down on him completely so his cock was fully inside her. She thought to herself that now it was time to show Mike the pleasures of fucking a truly experienced woman. She knew Gina was a good fuck and probably was equally as good with men, but she also knew that even Gina wasn’t nearly as skilled as her at the art of fucking.

Dana slowly rode Mike’s cock taking her time to tease him both with her movements and with periodic squeezing from the walls of her pussy. She gazed down excitedly at him as he gasped and writhed in pleasure under her. Knowing she could give her son such intense pleasure made her feel nasty, horny, and very, very sexy.

“Did you dream of me fucking you like this?” she groaned. Ordinarily she wasn’t this vocal during sex, but something about being with Mike made her want to talk about how nasty it was for them to be fucking.

“God, yes,” Mike moaned.

Dana continued her slow, teasing fuck for a long time. She loved fucking like this because she could most easily control her lover from this position. Whenever she sensed Mike approaching the limit of his control she paused or changed her teasing to allow him to regain himself.

Dana periodically teased her own clit to amplify her pleasure as their fuck continued. She wanted to cum first and experience her full orgasm with Mike’s rock hard cock completely buried inside her pussy. As she felt her orgasm nearing she changed the tempo and rhythm of their fuck to focus on her pleasure.

She shifted her hips from side to side while keeping him all the way inside her. Her fingers tickled and teased her clit as she closed her eyes and savored the moment. She let out a wild moan and her eyes flew open when she felt Mike’s fingers on her hard nipples. Mike toyed with and teased her nipples between his fingers. This was the final piece of teasing that she needed to trigger her orgasm.

She came with a long, loud groan as her pussy burst into wild spasms. She loved having Mike’s cock fully inside her as she came and wildly rode him all through her orgasm.

When she finished cumming she crawled off him and lay down beside him on her back. She loved riding her lover until she came, but once she came she wanted nothing more than to lay back and let her lover unleash all of his pent up lust with a wild fuck until he filled her with cum.

Mike knew right away what she wanted and quickly moved between her legs. He drove his cock deeply inside her and they both let out long, excited moans. Dana could tell Mike was already close to cumming and he fucked her hard and fast.

Dana moaned as the mattress creaked and bounced against the wall. She wondered if her neighbors were home and could hear them. The idea that they would never guess who she was fucking made her wildly horny.

“Do you want my cum?” Mike gasped between wild thrusts.

“Ooooo yes,” she moaned. “Mommy wants to feel your cum. I want my baby to fuck me hard.” Mike was clearly very turned on by this talking and fucked her even harder and faster. She knew it was only a matter of moments before he came.

She was about to start talking nasty again, but just as she opened her mouth Mike groaned and started cumming wildly. The intensity of his orgasm was deeply satisfying and Dana savored the wild sensation of his cum shooting inside her.

After Mike finished cumming he collapsed beside her and they held each other tenderly. “I love you so much,” Dana said to him.

“This is so amazing,” Mike replied. Dana knew exactly what he meant. She had never felt anything this deeply intense and moving before. She knew it was supposed to be wrong but that only made it feel more right.

They lingered in bed holding each other and dozing happily for a while longer. It was already dinnertime and they hadn’t yet even gotten out of bed. Finally, Mike said he could use a shower and slowly got up. Dana stared at his beautiful bare ass go down the hall and considered following him.

The idea of his hard, soapy body pressed against hers and of fucking him in the shower was very exciting, but she decided that was something that could wait for a different time. For now she was content to lie in bed and bask in what had happened.

She could only smile at the amazing, unbelievable chain of events that had just led to the realization of her fantasy of having Mike as a lover. Besides that, the sensations of actually fucking him were far beyond anything she had even dreamed possible. She couldn’t türkçe bahis wait to see what other pleasures their incestuous relationship would bring.

Later that night as they relaxed in the living room the phone rang. It was Gina calling for Mike. Shortly after she came over to hang out with Mike.

Dana tried to give them some privacy but she enjoyed listening as Mike told Gina about his previous night out. It made Dana’s pussy wet hearing him talk about the night even though he never said a word about what had really happened once they got to the pool. According to his story they stumbled home from the bar and that was the end of the night.

Dana felt a little disappointed later that night when she was tired and ready for bed and Gina was still hanging out. Dana had hoped to spend the night with Mike and resume their fucking. Finally, when she was too tired to stay awake any longer Dana said goodnight and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. As she brushed her hair and teeth she wished that Gina would leave so they could be alone.

That was when it occurred to her. She was jealous of her son’s girlfriend. This thought seemed to snap her out of her funk about Gina’s presence. She laughed at herself and thought about how silly she was acting. She felt like a schoolgirl who was jealous of any other girl that even looked at her boyfriend. Surely, even though her most intimate fantasy had now come true, she couldn’t expect Mike to stop seeing his girlfriend and become her “steady” lover. No matter how amazing their incestuous affair was she knew she couldn’t expect it to be more than a brief, intense affair.

Dana slipped into her pajamas and got in bed. She almost immediately dozed off. She didn’t stay asleep for long, however. All day she had been steadily drinking water to combat her thirst. This often happened after a long night of drinking and she would have a nearly unquenchable desire for water the following day.

She woke up a while later not really sure of how long she had been asleep. Her mouth was dry and she reached for the glass of water she usually kept on her bedside table. Tonight, however, as she had pondered her jealousy of Mike and Gina she had forgotten to fill her glass.

She got out of bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom. The lights were out in the living room and the apartment seemed quiet. Dana filled her glass and started to head back to her bedroom when her curiosity got the better of her.

Her mind wandered to her son. She had the wicked idea that maybe she would check in on him like she did when he was younger. Tonight, however, instead of just checking on him and returning to her bed, she would slip under the covers with him and they would spend the rest of the night fucking.

Dana set her glass on the kitchen table and quietly moved to Mike’s bedroom. When she reached Mike’s door she pushed it open slowly and stopped in shock. She immediately stepped back into the hallway and peered around the corner at the sight of Mike and Gina fucking on his bed.

Her stomach knotted in excitement and a mix of emotions washed over her. She again felt a flash of jealousy as she watched Gina suck Mike’s cock. Then, as Gina moved onto her hands and knees and Mike moved behind her, Dana pushed her jealousy aside and felt that emotion replaced by an intense lust. She remained frozen as she watched Mike wildly fuck Gina.

Without thinking Dana’s hand slipped under her shirt and quickly found her pussy. She remained hidden in the hallway playing with her pussy as she stared at Mike fucking Gina. After a while they moved and Mike fucked her in the missionary position. Dana marveled at her son’s recovery speed. They had fucked long and hard the previous night and then again this afternoon, but Mike was already rock hard and ready to fuck again.

Dana was so excited by her spying and by the sight before her that she came fairly quickly. As she came she leaned against the wall for support and concentrated to keep quiet.

After she finished cumming she took another long gaze at the sight of Mike fucking Gina. She was still incredibly excited, but now that she had cum she felt a little guilty at so blatantly spying on them. She finally pulled her eyes away from the two lovers and walked quietly back toward her bedroom.

She only made it a few steps before she heard Gina’s excited moan of pleasure as she came. Dana froze in her tracks and felt a shiver run down her spine straight to her pussy. She stood silently for several more minutes until she heard Mike’s stifled moan of lust as he came.

Dana hurried back to her room and slipped under her covers. Her hands immediately moved to her pussy and she again played with herself as she thought about the two lovers in the other room. Now that she knew what Mike’s cock felt like it was much easier for her to create a vivid, wildly exciting three-way fantasy. She imagined she had joined Mike and Gina and the three of them engaged in a wild fuck that left them all completely spent güvenilir bahis siteleri and exhausted. She let out a soft moan as she came.

Dana slept late into the next morning but she still woke well before Mike and Gina. She took a leisurely shower and relaxed on the couch reading the newspaper before the other two finally appeared from Mike’s bedroom.

Mike was dressed only in an old pair of shorts and from the way his cock looked through the thin material Dana guessed he didn’t have any underwear on. She tried not to stare before she pulled her eyes away to look at Gina. Gina was wearing one of Mike’s shirts and looked sexy as hell as she smiled at Dana and said good morning.

Dana tried to act like this was just any other morning, but her insides were in a knot. She decided that keeping busy would be best and offered to make breakfast for them. She cooked a big meal and the three of them quickly finished the whole thing.

As they ate Dana was surprised at how things, at least on the surface, appeared normal. Their conversation was the same as on seemingly any other day and to an outside observer this might look like a mom and her two kids or a mom and her son and his girlfriend simply having breakfast.

Inside, however, Dana was a tangle of emotions and questions. The two people at the table with her were both her lovers and people who she felt deeply passionate about and very connected to. She knew Mike already knew about her and Gina and she wondered what Gina would think if she knew about her and Mike.

Sure, they had talked dirty about Dana fucking her son, but talk was very different from action. Dana knew that what might seem a little kinky and exciting to talk about might be thought of as weird or perverted in real life. This was especially true for something as taboo as a mother fucking her son.

Dana wondered if she should tell Gina. She ultimately decided that if the time was right she would do it. Bearing her soul and telling Mike her secret about him had lifted a great weight from her and she didn’t want to carry around secrets like that again. She knew that the very nature of her relationship with Mike meant they had to keep it a secret, but Gina had already fucked them both separately and so it seemed it might be strange, in some odd way, to not tell her.

After breakfast Gina and Mike made plans to meet later in the library to study and then Gina left. It was nearing the end of the school year and so finals were just around the corner. Mike and Gina had been on a lot of study dates recently and Dana knew they would have many more before the end of finals.

After Gina left Mike went out for a run and then took a long shower. Dana cleaned up the apartment and relaxed with a good book. When Mike left to meet Gina Dana decided a good workout would loosen her up and help her think. She thought about returning to the pool and swimming a few laps, but the fresh memories of fucking Mike in the pool would surely be too distracting. Instead she went to the gym for some work with the weights and the treadmill.

Dana and Mike really didn’t get a chance to talk much for the rest of the day as Mike busied himself with his studies. They had a quick dinner together but Dana didn’t get a chance to talk with Mike about all that she had on her mind.

That opportunity came up a few nights later when Mike returned from classes. He happily said he was feeling good about his studies and thought he needed a night without thinking about classes to just relax and have fun. Dana assumed Mike was going to call Gina or his other friends but instead he asked her if she had any plans.

“I do now,” Dana answered with a smile. They talked about maybe going out and partying again, but Mike did have classes the next day so instead they decided to just keep things close to home. Dana gave Mike money for take out food and he rented a couple of movies at the video store.

His choices in movies were typically guy, both had lots of action and explosions, and Dana teased him about his choices. He teasingly offered to go back and get something with lots of break ups, crying, and pretty scenery. She playfully tossed a pillow at him as they laughed heartily.

Moments like this did Dana’s mind good. These were exactly the types of fun, playful exchanges that were normal for the two of them and now, even though they had crossed that most taboo line and fucked each other, they were able to pick up with their “normal” life very comfortably.

They ate during the first part of the first movie and sat close together on the couch for the rest. When that movie ended Dana got up to get them some drinks as Mike changed DVDs. When the second movie started Dana leaned close against Mike and rested her hand on his thigh. This was exactly how she would act if she were sitting on the couch with her lover and she felt an excited thrill to be like this with Mike. She grew even more excited a few minutes into the movie when Mike put his arm around her shoulder.

In contrast to her enjoyment of their position, Dana hated the second movie. It was barely halfway through when she commented that she didn’t like it. Mike agreed with her that he wasn’t enjoying the movie, but still neither of them moved at all.

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