Swimsuit Shopping

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Amy Cooper could hardly keep a straight face as she watched her son. The eighteen-year-old boy, still a senior in high school, stood shivering as he avoided eye contact with the woman. Amy had brought Jamie to the store to shop for a new summer wardrobe. As a graduation gift she planned to bring the boy along on vacation this year, so he needed something appropriate to swim in. Somehow she’d talked him into trying on a Speedo. The skimpy thing was more a banana hammock really. Amy didn’t expect that her son would fill it, after all his father had been such a poorly endowed man, but she’d never thought he’d look quite so pathetic.

The front of the Speedo sagged from Jamie’s body. There was so sign of any support at all. Of course Amy hadn’t been picky about what Speedo she’d picked out. This one was obviously intended for a more endowed man, and the store sold other varieties.

“Well try this one then,” Amy said, as she handed her son a size medium. Jamie glared at the thing. He hated the thought of even putting it on. Truthfully he’d of preferred his usual swim trunks, but his mother had been quite insistent that he be a bit more exotic. Exotic was a word one would hardly use to describe Jamie. At five-foot-one he was one of the shortest guys in his school. His hundred pound frame had made him a long time target for bullying. Between that and his pale, milky skin he hardly seemed suited to the beach let alone something so… revealing. Even still Jamie wasn’t the sort to argue. He’d always been submissive, so he took the thing and stormed back off to do as told.

Five minutes later Jamie stepped back out in a bright red Speedo that seemed just as loose on him as the first. gaziantep escort Amy sighed loudly, now feeling a bit upset with her son. She pushed her finger into the loose waist band and gave it a tug, noticing how much room there was to spare. Amy also noticed two young girls nearby, both about her son’s age, who were snickering at the boy. This was a bit of a high for Amy. The woman had always taken a perverse pleasure in degrading men, even if that man happened to be her own flesh and blood.

Clearing her throat, Amy spoke loudly enough for the girls to hear, “Do you even have a dick in there?”

“M… Mom,” Jamie cried, “I just need a smaller one, that’s all!”

“Obviously, well here then.” Amy yanked another Speedo off the rack. This one was a small. The front bulge was small, looking more like underwear really. She felt certain that her son should be able to fill out at least this much. A few minutes later she found herself disappointed.

Jamie stepped out looking just as miserable as he had the first two times. Amy could hardly believe her eyes. The front was sagging to the point of being nearly flat. There seemed to be no bulge at all. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed that the two young women had gotten closer. They were both blatantly checking Jamie out now. Amy couldn’t pass this up.

The woman pinched the loose fabric of her son’s Speedo and yanked it out, pulling the whole thing a bit away from his body. Jamie cried out, “Mom, cut it out! People will see!”

“See what,” Amy asked. She tugged a bit harder, so now there was at least an inch of open space between the fabric of the Speedo and escort gaziantep his body. From her position Amy couldn’t really see anything, and certainly the girls were too far away to get a good view either. Rather than press the issue, Amy let it snap back into place.

A quick search of a shelf found a child’s size Speedo. It was yellow with a certain cartoon sponge on the butt. Jamie whined at the sight of it, but his mother shooed him on.

Taking far longer to change this time, Jamie stepped out in something tight enough that it dug up the crack of ass and yet still somehow roomy in the front. Amy nearly choked. Did her son really have no dick at all. Now the girls were only a few feet away. Amy thought she recognized them from her son’s school. Both were cute and endowed. Both were very interested in Jamie’s humiliated state.

“It’s very cute on you,” Amy said, plucking at the backside, “Let’s see what these girls think.” Jamie’s eyes widened when he saw the girls. Indeed they were from his school, both shared a math class with him. “Ladies, do you think this suits my son?”

One of the girls, a blonde haired bimbo well known for her loud mouth, grinned from ear to ear as she looked Jamie over. The other was doing a poor job of concealing her camera phone. Jamie knew she was taking photos of him. “He doesn’t seem to quite fill it,” the blonde snickered.

“Well he has an awfully tiny peepee,” Amy said bluntly, “You know when he was born he was diagnosed with a micropenis. I guess that hasn’t changed…”

“Mom,” Jamie cried, “Don’t say that!”

“Awww… Don’t be shy,” the other girl cooed, “Go on, gaziantep escort bayan show us your dinky so we can help your mommy find you something appropriate!”

Amy wasn’t about to wait for her son to relent. She boldly pinched the waist of his Speedo and tugged it down a bit, revealing an inch long stub no thicker than a pencil and as pink as a clitoris. Much to Jamie’s shame, he was erect.

Neither girl could stop laughing. “That’s so cute,” the blonde squealed, “And look, his sac looks like a pimple!”

Jamie’s eyes began to water from shame. “Please mom,” he whined, “Stop!”

Of course Amy wasn’t about to give up now. The woman was having so much fun with her son that she just never wanted to stop. “My little darling only has one testicle in there. Poor thing, he was born with just one.”

This confession naturally sent both girls into hysterics. Jamie’s face turned as pink as his tiny dick. To make matters worse his little dick chose right then to squirt out a tiny droplet of cum straight onto his mother’s hand. This caused all three women to quiet down for a second before resuming their laughter.

“I… I think this is perfect for him,” the blonde stammered between laughs. She held up a string bikini bottom with a patch of cloth only about an inch wide. It was bright pink, and obviously intended for only the most daring of women.

Amy took it and handed it to her, directing him back into the changing room. A minute later Jamie stepped out, his genitals fully covered by the near complete lack of cloth.

“Still looks a bit loose,” the blonde said, “Maybe just try a band-aid?”

Amy nodded, “Yes, that would be perfect. A band-aid to cover his booboo.”

Her joke caused a couple other women who were nearby to join in on the laughter. Now Jamie felt as if he was becoming the joke of the store. Pushed to the edge, the boy’s eyes widened as he felt something slip.

The blonde popped in one last joke. “Cancel that band-aid. I’d go with a diaper instead.”

“Wet clean up!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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