Swingers ceremony by Julie

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We have been friends with Mike & Pam for several years and have often swapped partners – same room fun and even separate room fun but when we were arranging a meet last time they suggested a swingers ceremony that they had been through with another couple and thought we might like it.
We had been looking at some time together during the week between Christmas and the New Year but eventually we had to settle for the first weekend in the New Year. We were both filled with excitement at the prospect of our time together

Pam booked 2 rooms at the Premier inn on Saturday evening as the beds there are quite large and will accommodate 2 couples without a fuss.
We booked rooms, which were across the corridor from each other so we could be close but not next to each other

We travelled separately but arrived together had a meal and checked in

Pam had asked us to bring dressing gowns and for me to bring a pair of panties and for me to masturbate in them in the morning. I thought this was strange but the reason for it became apparent later on I was also asked to bring a pair of matching hold up stockings. She asked us not to have sex from midnight on Thursday and for Steve not to masturbate himself from that time either. She said that they would promise to do the same. – Seemed a strange request but we complied. Since Wednesday evening was New Years Eve there was no way that I wasn’t going to get screwed stupid that evening. We did end up finishing sex about 2am

I had shaved Steve the day before we went which was quite difficult as holding his cock and shaving him got him hard and then we had to try and get the cock ring back on. Like you said earlier it isn’t easy with me around so I had to go out of the room to let him calm down and fit it. I had immac’d or rather VEET’ed the few hairs that were showing after the Brazilian back in April so I was silky smooth and just showered it off. Can’t understand why they changed the name from Immac to Veet, Steve is a bit of a one for acronyms and he said IMMAC stood for It Makes Muff Access a Cinch He now says Veet stands for Vaginal Entrance Easily Tasted or Taken) He says Julie stands for Just Undress Lick In Entrance – he’s so funny. I sat for a while and tried to make one up for Steve, which ended up as Suck Tits Enter Vagina Easily, which seems to work for him at least!!
I had toyed with the idea of letting Steve shave me but thought the temptation to have sex would be too great. God he is so randy these days. I know I Had the Brazilian but some hair seems to keep growing through

We had been in our room about 20 minutes, got our wash things out of the case, not that we had brought a lot of clothes with us!

My mobile rang and Pam asked us to come over, we went over and she explained what was about to happen and we went back Anadolu Yakası Escort to our room to prepare.

Steve was to strip off completely and I was to be naked except for the panties and stockings

We slipped our dressing gowns on, Steve had taken his Viagra tablet as we had the meal so he was fully charged, I thought with the cock ring he wouldn’t need the tablet but he said he wanted to make sure he was kept hard all the time. We remembered the key! Really important that as we didn’t want to have to explain at receptions why we were Both out of the room in our dressing gowns!! And went across the corridor and the door was ajar. Steve had a small bag with his shirt and trousers shoes and socks in so if they went out for a meal he had something to dress in

Pam had explained that she was going to be the registrar for my “wedding ” to Mike

Both Steve & I went into the bathroom and disrobed and I took hold of Steve’s arm as we came out just like a bride with her father.

Pam was standing there in a pair of black panties and black hold up stockings and holding a little black book just like a wedding registrar. I was in white panties & white hold ups

Steve walked me to the foot of the bed where Mike was stood and Pam was facing us.

Mike was naked but I could only see his back
I noticed Pam’s breasts how firm they looked and mine were a bit saggy.

Pam then said
“Who gives this woman to this man”

Steve said, “I do”

Steve passed my hand across to Mike and Mike took it

Then Pam said to Steve
“Say these words after me
I give this woman
to your husband
for their mutual satisfaction
I give consent to their adultery
I permit Mike to
stroke & suck her
Massage & masturbate her
Fondle Feel and fuck my wife in any position of their mutual choice
I permit him,
with her consent
to use any hole for their mutual pleasure
I permit my wife to stroke, suck
Massage & masturbate him
until he is completely satisfied
I will never refer to this evening in any future discussions or arguments for I have agreed to her adultery with your husband

Then she said to me
I Julie
Take you Mike
To be my bed mate for this coming night
I promise
that I will give myself totally to you
I will not feign headaches
I will not have a mood
I will not compare you to my husband
I will use the word NO
if there is any activity that you are participating in
that I am uncomfortable with
and I expect you to stop immediately

Then Pam took hold of my hand and placed it on Mikes cock and said
I give you my husband
I consent to your adultery with him
I permit him to have sexual activity with you
I will not refer to this night in any future conversations or Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan arguments with him for I agree to your adultery with my husband.

Then Pam told Steve to remove my panties and that Mike could kiss the Bride.
Mike slipped my knickers off and held them in his hand and gave them a bit of a sniff

I was still holding Mike’s cock and his hand went between my legs and started to stroke my shaven haven

Then Pam took my panties from Steve and placed them over Mike’s face with the crotch right over his nose and Said

Now smell your bride

Mike just stood there smelling me and his fingers were exploring me

Pam Said Now it is time to exchange bodily fluids

She then instructed me to Kneel down and for Steve to position my head so I had to take Mikes cock in my mouth.
I knelt and Pam took hold of Mike’s cock and Steve told me to open my mouth and directed my mouth towards Mike’s eager cock and as it slipped it into my mouth I started to suck on it gently.

After a few moments Pam stopped me
I don’t want him to come yet she said

She said to me “Please sit on the bed and lay back”

I did as I was told

Pam instructed Steve to kneel over my head and then Pam lifted my legs up and gave them to Steve
My legs were wide open and up in the air with Steve cock & sac right over my face
Pam then said to me
Take your husbands cock in your hands

Then she instructed Mike to perform oral sex on me while I was laid there with Steve holding my legs in the air and wide open and me stroking Steve’s cock & sac

Steve Told me later that Pam had gone behind Mike and must have got hold of his tackle and said
I want this back in working order

She then instructed Mike to stop sucking me.

Then she told Steve to slip my legs under his arms so they were held up and that Mike was going to penetrate me.

Steve moved down my body so he was over my tummy and with my legs now well up and behind him he opened my pussy lips and Pam guided Mikes cock into me.

Mike gave a few thrusts and them Pam instructed him to withdraw

Steve gently passed my legs back to Pam and I sat up and kissed Mike on the lips tasting my own juices already on his face.

Now said Pam you are fully initiated with my husband

Then Pam gave me the book she had been reading from and her and Mike went into the bathroom and we repeated the process with me being the registrar for Steve & Pam

Once I had finished the “wedding ” for Steve & Pam Pam told me & Mike to put our dressing gowns on and to leave the room and go to our room.
Mike picked up a bag of clothes and off we went

Mike led me out of the room and I gave him the key to the bedroom. He opened the door and I entered Escort Anadolu Yakası the room.

Mike closed the door and came towards me. He undid my dressing gown and undid his and then took me in his arms and kissed me straight on the lips. I could taste myself on his lips.
He pulled me close to him and I could feel his erection pressing into my tummy. I slipped my hand between us and straightened it up and it pointed straight up my tummy. That allowed him to hold me closer and I responded to him and held him close as we kissed passionately.
He led me across to the bed where he sat me down, opened my legs and said
I really enjoyed your taste and smell as I kissed you in the room there and I want to kiss you again and bring you pleasure before I enter you

I want to finish off sucking you.

He put a pillow under my head and laid me back on the bed.
He was kneeling on the floor
He lifted my legs over his shoulders and I just lay there and let him suck me till I orgasm-ed.

As I started to orgasm the pleasure was so intense. I cried out and tried to move his head away from me but he took hold of my hands and pinned them to the bed. And continued to suck and tongue me. I was in so much pleasure that I thought my head was going to burst.

Once I had come I wanted him inside me and he stood up still with my legs over his shoulders and now my feet were in the air. I could see the wetness on his mouth and he directed his cock towards my juicy place and inserted himself in me. Several thrusts and I could feel his juice entering me in bursts. I realised now why the man had not to masturbate as there was so much juice coming from Mike – I cold feel it running down my bottom

Sorry he said that was a bit quick and I climbed up the bed so I could lie down properly I asked him if he had kept to their part of the bargain not to have sex.

He said that they had sex on New Years Eve and that he had not had an orgasm since then. He did admit that he had masturbated himself but not gone all the way so that his balls would be full for me. With the amount of stuff I felt had entered me and what I could feel running out of me I thought he must have emptied the lot in me

I told him to lie down and I took him in my mouth and just sucked his bare cock till the next lot shot into my mouth. Then I came back up with it all dribbling out of my mouth

We laid and stroked each other, his cock didn’t seem to get any smaller and I asked him if he had taken anything – he said he had taken a Viagra tablet and I said Steve took one of those as well
After a brief interval he rolled on top of me and gave me a good shagging and then went and sucked me off

It was now about 7pm and we got dressed and went for something to eat. I felt really naughty and just slipped a dress on with no bra no panties.

When we were on our way back to the room Mike’s hands were all over me stroking my arse and caressing my breasts and as we got to the top of the stairs he said could I fuck your arse when we get back?

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