Swingville USA – A Midwest Fuckfest Ch. 04

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Heather and Gloria came down the stairs holding hands and smiling happily. Heads turned to look at them and the girls were checking them out more carefully than the men. Julia came over and fussed a bit with Heather’s hair to put it back the way she had it and smiled at her and then turned to Gloria.

“Have a nice shower?”

“Oh yes, I feel thoroughly cleaned. My, my, my, but isn’t this little treasure a treat to share a shower with.”

Julia looked at Heather, still smiling, but blushing out her participation in enjoying the wet romp with Gloria. Gloria held Heather’s hand a little tighter and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, before walking into the living room where everyone was mingling. Tracy saw them come in and went over and took Heather’s other hand and got everyone’s attention.

“Everyone, I’d like you to meet our new friend, Heather Donovan.”

Heather saw all the smiling faces looking at her and the chorus of hi and hello from them. Tracy took Heather away from Gloria who was a bit reluctant to let her go, then began introducing her to each person personally. Heather could see the admiration for her looks in their eyes and took a moment to admire each of them in return. Each man was well dressed in a suit and groomed to match, making her feel she was meeting with gentlemen at a society function.

“Heather, this is my husband, Jim. Honey, this is the sweet thing I told you about, Heather Donovan.”

“Tracy’s words don’t do you justice. You are a lovely woman I must say. A great pleasure to meet you Heather.”

“Like wise Jim.”

Jim gave her a kiss on the cheek and smiled, as Tracy led her over to Freddie and Gwen standing with Jared and Carolina.

“Jared, Freddie, Please say hello to Heather. Heather this is Jared and this is Freddie.”

Both of them gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and let her go with Tracy to Bill and Scott in the kitchen getting food on the carts ready to serve.

“Bill, Scott, meet our new guest and member of our community. This is Heather.”

“Hi guys. This is really great. It looks so fabulous and so fancy.”

“Thank you, Heather. I love these dinners and the presentation of it. Tracy told Gloria a bit about you, but you are certainly more than that. Fine looking woman, Heather, a pleasure to meet you.”

“You too, Bill”

“Hi Heather, I’m Scott, welcome to my home and our dinner party, it’s great to have you here. Love to talk, but we have to finish getting the food ready. Love to talk more and get to know you.”

“Yes, thank you. You too, Scott.”

Tracy left the kitchen and into the den where she saw Jim talking with Keenan and Keisha. Tracy made it over to Keenan and Keisha and Heather looked at the tall, black man with a feeling of awe. He was clean shaven, as well as his head, his dark brown skin glowing with healthy vibrancy. His smile was broad and easily worn, as he held his hand out to Heather. The bling was clearly present to attract her eye, but the sight of his body partially exposed by his open jacket, had her eyes following a path from head to waist to take him all in. He was well muscled and the definition was showing through the dress T shirt he was wearing. The light, gold color only added to the contrast of his skin.

Heather audibly sighed as her eyes traveled back up. Tracy held her hand a little tighter

“So this is the lovely, new addition to our community, I’ve heard so much about already. The girls speak the truth, you are definitely a beautiful looking woman. It is a great pleasure to meet you, Heather.”

Keenan took her hand and kissed it softly, looking into her eyes and seeing her become enamored with him. Heather looked at the large hand holding hers, feeling dwarfed in its hold. He held it a moment longer and let it slide slowly from his. Heather felt the tough skin and knew Keenan didn’t live a pampered life. It wasn’t hard to imagine those callouses coming from the numerous workouts it took to get him in the physical form he was in. At five foot five, Heather still had to crane her neck back to look up at him, his height she was guessing to be six foot four. She ran her eyes down his body quickly one more time, before Keisha said hello again.

A quick embrace had Heather taking instant notice of Keisha’s nipples poking into her and had to look. Her sleek, white dress wasn’t disguising the massive protuberances and Keisha smiled and winked at her. Heather looked at her with wonder, knowing her nipples weren’t like that when she had seen her upstairs before her shower with Gloria. A quick flick of her eyes to her nipples, let Keisha know Heather was curious about them.

Tracy had made sure everyone got a chance to meet everyone properly and then called for everyone to come to the table and sit. Heather knew where she was sitting already and took her place at the end by Julia. Once everyone was seated and ready, Bill brought out the serving cart loaded with different platters of food. He took the covers off and let the steamy aroma waft about to gebze escort tempt his friend’s palates. He went around and served out what each person wanted and then himself, before covering the platters again. After he was seated, Scott and Julia rose at each end of the table and saluted their guests, Heather in particular and toasted to a wonderful dinner by Bill and Glo and the help from those who prepared the other things. Everyone returned with a hearty toast and drank, then eating began.

Jared began a conversation about the increase in Swingville and how it was becoming a popular place now. Heather looked at the subtle blending of black and what she thought to be Middle Eastern of some kind. His black hair was short, but tightly curled, giving the black side of him, along with his dark brown eyes that held an intensity in them. His facial features were sharper and more chiseled looking in appearance, making him look more Mediterranean in tone and look. Seeing his wife Carolina, her mix of Oriental and American and loved their blending together.

As she enjoyed the tangy antipasto, she casually looked at everyone talking and took them in. Scott was mentioning his position as a coach at the high school and how many new students were enrolled this year. His former jock years had left him in nice shape and Heather glanced around quickly to notice all the men except Bill were fit and trim. His time as a chef had left him with a soft pudginess around his mid section, but it just seemed to add to his teddy bear like appearance. The table was alive with laughter and chatter about their little place and Heather could see how happy everyone was to be living here.

So far, it was the most idyllic place Heather could imagine. Not taking in all the sexual events that had happened, she felt herself warming to the idea of becoming a member of the community. It wasn’t just a place to live anymore, she was finding it a place to grow and enjoy all that the town had to offer. So much appealed to her to enjoy and the idea of a sexual partner being a woman wasn’t an issue after her recent initiation into Sapphic loving. She could still feel the steady throb of sex in her pussy and wondered what tonight would bring after dinner was over and Tracy took her back to her place.

Dinner was finished and several women cleared away the plates, while Bill and Gloria came out with two trays of dessert. Eyes went wide at the decadent treats and chose the dessert of their choice. The sounds of decadence were heard, as mouths were fulled with the scrumptious delights. No one watched what they ate, or worried about diets and waistlines, as some women shared their dessert with others. Kisses were shared between partners and friends, as the plates were cleared and tummies rubbed in satisfaction.

Julia and Scott wheeled out a cart with tea and coffee urns, as well as cups and saucers and served everyone. The dinner talk continued, segueing from one subject to another, but all of it centered around Swingville. Heather was enjoying it, hearing how her town was thought of and cared about. Despite the freedom of expression of how her new friends showed affection, she loved the atmosphere of everything and how everyone got along. It was a place she was feeling comfortable, more so a feeling of balance within herself. As her left hand lay across her lap, she quietly stole a moment to discreetly touch the Yin Yang tattoo beside her pussy. Something began tingling inside her as she touched it and wondered if she was gaining her balance through it at last. She looked at all the men again and wondered how many knew about her already and what was said. She had never been so exposed to people beforehand the way she was now.

Scott stood and announced dinner over and asked the men to join him in the den for poker and cigars, then Julia rose and asked the women to join her in a sauna and hot tub soak. The men were gentlemanly to their ladies and Freddie was polite to pull back her chair the same time as Carolina’s on his other side. The men kissed their women and a few did to Heather as well, Keenan once again kissing her hand and a promise to see her soon.

She had no idea what he really meant by it, but she took it as the time they got back together after the game. She followed the other women up stairs and began carefully getting out of her outfit again. Most women had nothing on underneath, so they were naked the moment the dress came off. Heather remembered Keisha’s nipples and moved to take a look at them. She saw the flower shaped rings around them and wondered why she had chosen to do that. She went over and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Keisha, can I ask you something? I noticed it earlier and I’ve been dying to know why you have those rings around your nipples. Why did you make them stay swollen like that?”

Keisha smiled and immediately brought her firm mounds into focus and pointed at her nipples.

“Well, for one, they really look hot like that, don’t they?”

“Well, göztepe escort yeah, they do, sort of.”

“I’ll take it that they do then. So the next reason is about me. You know how great your nipples feel when they’re all pumped up, well this keeps them feeling like that the whole time I’m wearing them. Feeling the fabric going over the ends of them is incredible to feel. My pussy is just soaking right now actually.”

Heather stood in disbelief of what Keisha said, trying to understand how that would arouse her like it did to Keisha.

“Doesn’t that hurt after a while, keeping them swollen like that?”

“Of course it would. I can go a couple of hours and then I have to let them have a chance to breathe. Once I do, I just have to play with them for a few minutes and I’ll cum like crazy.”

“You can cum from just doing that?”

“Really sensitive nipples I guess, but yeah, I cum big time from doing that. I was just about to take them off, want to see what I mean?”

“What? Watch you cum from playing with your nipples?”

“Yeah, I’m going to do it anyway, you don’t have to watch if you don’t want to.”

“No, it’s okay. I’d like to see how you cum from just doing that.”

Tracy finished undressing and stood beside Heather, as Keisha started stretching her nipple out and sliding the ring off. She leaned in close and whispered to her.

“If you thought getting a double header was great to have, you should try this. I bet wearing them for an hour would get you just as juicy as anything.”

Heather turned slightly towards her.

“You think?”

Tracy smiled big and patted Heather’s ass then caressed it lovingly. Heather put her arm around Tracy’s waist, as Keisha took the other ring off and lay back on the bed. She let her legs fall open wide, as she began teasing and rolling her fattened black buds. Keisha’s back arched in minutes, straining hard, as she started groaning loudly into an orgasm. Heather watched her pussy closely, as the black lined lips started dilating open when she bore down, then a tiny trickle of creamy white slid out and ran down her ass.

Keisha continued working her nipples even harder and more vigorously, bringing her back up to a state of bliss. Again her back arched hard, as she winced her eyes tight and groaned into another orgasm. She was pinching her nipples hard, rolling them and then she started dilating again. A larger trickle of cream ran out, then began flowing harder, as Keisha worked her nipples over to bring her to a soaring climax.

She collapsed back on the bed and let herself go, softly caressing around her nipples and letting her pussy release her cum. Carolina wasted no time in hesitating, as she took hold of her long, straight, chestnut colored hair in her left hand and spread Keisha’s pussy lips with her other. She tongued her from as far under as she could reach and cleaned away all the cum that drained down. She placed her mouth over Keisha’s deep pink pussy and supped at the juices with her lips and tongue, devouring the creamy lust with great enjoyment.

Heather and Tracy stood watching, Heather shifting a bit as she watched.

“Makes you horny just watching that, doesn’t it?”

Heather turned and whispered in Tracy’s ear.

“I love it. Is that what we look like when we’re doing it?”

Tracy nodded and whispered back.

“We look hotter.”

Heather heard the compliment and pulled Tracy closer in an embrace, as Carolina finished off Keisha’s offerings. Julia started handing out large towels to the women and everyone wrapped them around their bodies, as they left the room and headed for the sauna. They scooted down the stairs and Julia stopped them before heading downstairs. She told them to give the guys a peep show as they passed one at a time fast and hold their towels open. She had to keep them quiet from giggling, as they lined up and got their towels undone. Julia signaled the start and opened her towel, giving a short whistle to the guys immersed in a game. They turned and looked as one after the other, the women scooted by quick enough for a flash view and headed downstairs to the sauna. The guys whistled and cheered them, clapping and slapping the table, until they’d all passed and went down. Scott looked at his buddies around the table.

“Julia said Heather is one very, sexually deprived woman. Between her and Tracy doing her and Bill, didn’t you say Glo and her had some fun in the shower?”

“Yeah. She said Heather was fascinated with her pussy rings. Said she’s a really great kisser too. Got her all wet the first time she did it.”

Scott looked at them again.

“So between them getting to her already, I’d say she’s open to some guy fun too. I bet the girls will have her all primed up for a night of sex with all of us. If I know my Jules, she’s going to want to make sure she is. I heard her saying to Tracy that they might need more lube for the games, so that could only mean one thing, right?”

Keenan halkalı escort slapped his hand on the table and smiled happily, his grin very wide.

“I love those girls. I’m going to have a taste of some virgin pussy.”

The guys laughed and the ones beside him clapped his back. Freddie looked across the table at him and got his attention.

“From what Tracy told me, she can handle a bottle of wine no problem, so you just might have no problem getting in her.”

“That’s okay, Freddie, I’ll let all you guys have a go first. I’ll have no problems feeling some tight pussy wrapped around my cock.”

They all started hazing him about his extremely well hung endowment. The guys knew that even hanging normal, he was bigger than some of them in full erect state. Scott shouted over to him through the laughter.

“Hey, want to stop bragging about your dick and deal?”

“Yes I will and deal myself a winner, because tonight, I feel like a winner.”

“You and your fucking cock.”

“Yes my friend, me and my cock feel like winners tonight. I just saw what I’m getting and she’s a very nice ride. She looks so much like your Tracy, Jim, so if she’s anything like her, I’m going to feel much better than a wine bottle.”

Jared put his hand on his shoulder and looked at him as he dealt the cards.

“Brother, we’ll do our best to get her well primed for you, you have my word.”

The laughter came out and died away, as they picked up their cards and tossed their chips in the middle to ante up. The girls stripped off their towels and sat on them, as Julia got the temperature set and went in. It wasn’t long before the rocks were hot and Julia poured a ladle of water on them. Heather felt the steam hit her and increase the smell of cedar coming from the wood.

The heat had them all getting sweaty, their hair set becoming a mess. After another ladle of water, the steam was melting away make up, getting Julia to dash out and get another small towel.

“Use this one for make up.”

She wiped her face and passed it around, as they all wiped off the make up they had applied so carefully hours ago. Once they all cleared their faces with it, Julia tossed it out and then boldly lay face down over the laps of Tracy, Heather and Gloria.

“Rub me down girls. I need a massage after this week.”

Heather wasn’t sure if she was joking or not, until Tracy began using both her hands over Julia’s back and then Gloria was rubbing her legs. Heather looked at Julia’s firm ass as the area she was left with and began tentatively touching it. At first she went through the motions, but soon found she was enjoying the feel of doing it and put more into her touch. Julia was enjoying it greatly and then Gloria pushed her legs apart and exposed her pussy to Heather clearly.

Heather stared at it and began rubbing again, but avoided going too close to it. As much as she avoided touching her, it did nothing to stop exposing the pink inner flesh, as she rubbed the hard cheeks and pulled it open. Gloria leaned in a little closer and nudged Heather.

“You going to give that pretty thing a rub, or shall I?”

Heather looked at Gloria and then around to Keisha, Gwen and Carolina, then to Tracy and saw they were all waiting to see if she would do it. She looked down at Julia’s pussy and gave a small shrug, as she moved her hands to the middle and began sliding down the crack of her ass and over her mound. Julia felt her touch and let her leg slide off the legs of the others. Heather rubbed it softly, feeling the smooth skin. Gloria watched her, then placed her hand over hers. She pressed it harder, making Heather press against Julia’s mound harder. The lips began splaying open and exposing the juicy flesh inside, holding Heather’s gaze on it.

Gloria used her finger to push Heather’s middle finger deeper between the folds and feel the slick juices. Heather looked at Gloria, seeing what she was making her do and noticed the warm smile on her face, as she enjoyed what she was doing with her. It was just like in the shower, when she took her hand and held it against her own pussy and had them finger her together. Heather loved the feeling of doing that together. Now her finger was deep inside Julia along with Gloria’s and they were stroking her slowly, making her wetter and wetter.

Heather felt the twitches and spasms start, signaling an orgasm approaching. Gloria took her finger out and began rubbing it in circles around Julia’s clit. Heather felt it growing in intensity and felt the urge to make it a good one. She slid her ring finger in and stroked Julia harder, bringing her closer to fulfillment. Gloria turned her head and faced Heather, watching her play with Julia and turned her face towards her. Gloria kissed her passionately and Heather felt the rush of it go through her. They both worked on Julia together as they kissed, then Heather felt the results of what they did on her thigh. Julia’s cries were enough to break them from the kiss, as Julia began bucking her hips against them and groaning loudly.

Heather was enjoying the feel of sliding over the curve of Julia’s ass and into her soaking pussy, as Gloria squeezed and rubbed Julia’s clit to get the last of her orgasm done. They finally stopped and took their hands away, as Julia slid off of them and held herself as she stood up.

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