Tabby Kat Ch. 06

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Chapter 6

Friday morning.

Tabitha could hear birds chirping as she woke. Then there was the sound of trees moving as a breeze blew them. Slowly she opened her eyes, then quickly closed them against the nearly blinding light of the sun that she hadn’t seen in four days. She drew a hand to them and rubbed them before she realized that they were no longer tied. After a small gasp, she again opened her eyes, this time more slowly, and took in the sight surrounding her.

She lay on a small cot under a tree with a tarp propped up over her to shield her from the elements if necessary. Nearby was a stump that had a small sack on it and her cell phone. She was unsure of exactly what was going on, other than the fact that her captor had released her.

“Shit,” she said to herself. “He didn’t even fuck me.” Tentatively, she reached for the bag and opened it to find two energy bars, a small foil package containing a wet nap, and a typed note.

“Tabby Kat,” she read. “My love for you made it impossible for me to abuse you by having sex with you. If you had not been a virgin, I might have done so, but your first time should be made special, the way you described it. You mentioned a person who you wanted but was unattainable. I hope that you will try to make him attainable and that he will make your first time very pleasurable and all that you would want it to be.

“If you will look at the ground, you will see that I have used some rocks to point you to the closest road. Tell the person you call that they should drive south on Kennel Road from Santiam highway for about half a mile, then pull off the road. If they then honk their horn, you will hear it, or they can call you to let you know that they have arrived. I hope that you will be able to get back into a normal life easily. You will always be my Tabby Kat, and I will always love you. Charles.”

Her captor was good. She realized that he had done nothing that would reveal his identity to police. The one thing that had any identifying significance was the ring tone of his cell phone that she had heard. Thinking quickly, she reached into her jeans pocket and smiled as she found that he had left everything there. She withdrew the disposable lighter she kept for camping and set fire to the note, making sure that it was completely consumed by the fire and the resulting ash crumbled and spread to the wind. Then she picked up her cell phone, turned it on, and dialed.

Dave sat at the table eating a small bowl of cereal. His nerves were on edge as he waited. He knew that she should be awake by now and figured that she would call their mom, Emily, any minute. She was already in the living room, once again trying to calm her own nerves about her missing daughter. She couldn’t help thinking that she had been taken just over four days ago and they had only heard from her once. The thought again crossed her mind that it was possible that she might not see her alive again, and her eyes filled once more with tears.

Dave heard Emily’s sniffles and wished that he could comfort her with the knowledge that Tabitha would be back today, but knew that that would expose him. He said nothing as he finished his cereal and took the bowl to the sink.

The familiar sound of the theme song from the sitcom “Friends” filled the kitchen. Dave picked up his phone and answered absently. “Hello?”

Emily could hear him through the open door, and thought that one of the people he had helping with fliers was calling for today’s assignment. But her ears picked up and she raced to the kitchen as she heard his next words.

“Tabitha?” he said. It took a lot of effort to remember not to call her Tabby Kat. “Are you okay? He hasn’t hurt you, has he?”

Emily’s heart pounded as she waited while Dave listened. “Alright, sis. I got it. See you in about forty minutes. Be careful. We don’t want to lose you again. Love you, sis.”

“What’d she say?” Emily rushed to get information as Dave hit the button to hang up his phone.

“She’s been released. She found herself alone in a wooded area this morning when she woke up. I’m supposed to drive out to Kennel road and go about half a mile south of Santiam Highway then honk my horn to let her know that I’m there.”

“I’m going with you,” Emily insisted.

“Mom,” he began. “She said that she doesn’t want anyone else there right now. If you go, the police will know that something is up, and she wants things to be done quietly. Just let me go get her and I’ll bring her back here. Once she’s inside the house, we can take care of all the other bullshit that has to be done.”

Emily relented, but was not happy about it. Seven minutes later, Dave looked at her briefly as he opened the door of the house. “I’ll call you once I have her with me and know for sure that she is safe,” he said

Tabitha looked around her. The first priority was to find a place to relieve herself. The fact that there wasn’t any toilet paper to wipe herself with bothered her, but she couldn’t hold out any longer. After moving a little deeper into the woods, she took off her pants and panties, being pendik escort sure that they were not in the way and squatted down releasing her piss. Once that was done she grabbed her pink panties and used them to wipe her pussy then dropped them back on the ground and put her jeans back on. She then picked up the soiled panties and carried them back to the campsite, holding them out away from her.

Back at the campsite Charles had fixed up for her, she dumped the contents of the sack on the stump and placed her panties inside it. The energy bars were the next thing. She used the wet nap to clean her hands then she retrieved and ate the nourishing food. Although she would have liked to have more, they were enough to hold her off till she could have lunch. After burning the wrappings of the used items, she looked up at the tarp.

It wasn’t difficult to figure out how the tarp was tied, and it didn’t take long to lower it from the makeshift poles and the tree. She was beginning to fold it when she heard the familiar sound of the horn of Dave’s van, the “Fuck Mobile.”

She walked to the edge of the woods and saw him sitting in the driver’s seat looking first one way then the other to see where she might come out of the woods. Once he saw her, he quickly opened the door and rushed around to where she stood.

“Are you okay?” he asked as he pulled her into a hug. “Mom’s waiting for me to call and let her know if that fucker hurt you.”

“I’m fine, brother dear. But don’t call her just yet. I need your help. There’s a tarp and a cot back here that were used to keep me off the ground and out of any rain or anything. We need to take care of them and put them in your van before we leave.”

“How did you know where you were at?” Dave asked as they walked back to the campsite. “This place seems a bit remote.”

“He left me a note.”

“The cops will want to see it. Where is it?”

“I burned the damn thing.”

“What? What the fuck did you do that for?”

“Because it and the wet nap and energy bars were the only things that could possibly tie my captor to his real identity. I’ve burned everything except the sack they were in. I’m using it for something else right now. The only other things are the cot and tarp. I’m counting on you to keep everything hidden from the cops. There is no need to go through all the shit just to come up without a fucking clue as to who he is. Besides, I don’t want them to know who the fuck he is.”

They reached the site and busied themselves folding the tarp. “Did he fuck you, sis?”

“No,” she said with a sad look. “That was the plan, I’m sure, but although he took care of my needs, he never put his cock in me. He even was nice enough to eat my pussy yesterday, and he jerked himself off, but he never fucked me. I was really ready for it, too.”

“If that was why he took you, why the hell didn’t he fuck you?”

“That was in his note that he left me. If I wasn’t a virgin, he would have. But because I haven’t been fucked before, he didn’t want my first time to be done with someone who had me tied up and blindfolded.”

“Well, isn’t that just damn nice of the guy. Wait. Did you just say that you’re still a virgin?”

“Yes, Dave. My pussy is still untouched by a cock.”

“What about Simon? I thought you two would have been into it big time.”

“He has never touched me, bro. He’s wanted to recently, but I haven’t let him. I have someone else in mind to take my cherry.”

“I’ve got the cot done. Are you ready to go?” Dave quickly changed the subject.

“Shit. Almost forgot the rocks.” She picked up one of the rocks that had made the arrow and threw it into the woods, then did the same with a second in a slightly different direction. Dave watched as the arrow became nonexistent and the rocks became just part of the landscape somewhere out of sight.

After the cot, tarp and the sack with her panties in it were safely hidden under the bed in the Fuck Mobile and the two siblings seated in the front, Dave called their mother to let her know that they were on their way home. “You better call your friend, Frank,” he said. “He’ll still think I’m the one who did it, but I can’t help that.”

“Who’s Frank,” asked Tabitha after he finally hung up.

“Cop who was on the case of your abduction. He thinks I’m the one who took you.”


“Because you found out about the camera in your room and told Mom to have me take it out. How the hell did you even know about it?”

“I’ve known it was there for quite awhile. You can’t pull anything over on me without me knowing about it. Did you enjoy watching me?”

His worried look was his only answer.

Frank Wilson sat in the driver’s seat of his car and wondered about what to do. He had just hung up his phone from talking with Emily Moore, who told him that her daughter had just been picked up by her son, Dave, and they were on their way back to the house. He was almost certain that it had been Dave that kidnapped her, but he had no proof. He had been home and received the call from Tabitha to come get her. That could have escort pendik been staged, but if it was, then she would have to be in on it and again he would have no proof. He turned to his wife. “I still think he was the one who took her, but I don’t have anything to prove it. Any ideas?” he asked as he started the car.

“Several, but I don’t think that they will help with the case,” she teased putting her hand on his thigh.

“Your bad,” he teased back. “But seriously, if he did this, he could do it again and the outcome might not be the same.”

“Let’s hear her story, sweetheart. Once we hear what she has to say, then if there is nothing that we can do to charge him, we’ll just have to watch and see what happens. He’ll mess up somewhere.”

“On T.V. and in the movies, they always mess up. In real life, that’s not always true. There are a lot of unsolved crimes out there, and some never get solved. No one knows for sure who it was that killed the Bordens, you know.”


“You know. The old nursery rhyme? ‘Lizzie Borden took an axe, give her mother forty whacks, and when she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one.’ That’s based on a true case. But the case itself was never solved. Lizzie Borden faced murder charges and was acquitted. No one else was ever charged. Either she got away with murder, or she was falsely accused and someone else did.”

“I didn’t know that. Anyway, maybe there will be some DNA that can be tested to prove who it was.”

“Not if it was Dave Moore,” he replied. “His DNA will be on her just from picking her up after she called.” He turned in to the driveway of the Moore house. “If it was the son, they probably don’t want to know that anyway.”

“Maybe it’s best that we never discover who it was,” Sarah said.

Dave pulled his van into the drive just after the Wilsons got out of their car. “He’s the cop,” he said to his sister. “He’s going to want to ask you a lot of questions and he’ll want you to make it sound like it was me that took you.”

“Don’t worry, Dave. I won’t tell him anything that will incriminate you. I’ll tell him that you gave me the camera, and he’ll have to back off. No way would you try to hurt me, and I know that, and he will, too, or at least he’ll have to settle for not enough evidence to charge you.” She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Love you, bro.”

An hour later, Frank was far from satisfied with the answers to the questions he had asked as they sat in the kitchen. Tabitha had told him about her stay with her captor, even revealing the fact that he had licked her pussy to a hard orgasm. He was bewildered that the kidnapper hadn’t fucked her, and still had thoughts that he had to be at least someone close, most likely her brother, in his mind, to let her off without taking the chance to get his dick off inside her. Tabitha just shrugged and said that the man had told her that because of the fact that she was still a virgin, he had decided not to fuck her. That brought a look of surprise from her mother, who was the only one Frank Wilson had let sit in on the proceedings, as she had thought that she had at least been fucking Simon.

With no hard evidence, Frank had to leave without making any progress as to who had taken the sexy girl. Emily decided that the next thing to do was to have lunch. She pulled Tabitha into a hug as she rose and then made her way to the stove, pulling her with her. “I don’t want to be away from you for any more than is necessary,” she said. ” Promise me that I won’t lose you again.”

“Someday, Mom, I will have to move away. I mean, after all, I’ll have to make a home of my own with whoever I end up with.”

“So, you and Simon haven’t been fucking each other?” she asked as she opened the refrigerator.

“No. He wouldn’t until I turned eighteen, and then I wouldn’t because I want it to be really special. I like him, but he’s just not the one, you know?”

“I understand, baby. But I’m not sure that it’s right to keep going with him if you’re not going to go anywhere with it.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’m going to set up a date with him tomorrow and let him down as easy as I can. Is it better to ease in to it slowly or just tell him right off, like ripping off a band aid?”

“I’d say get it over with. But some like to try to enjoy one last evening together before telling the other person goodbye.”

“I’ll have to deal with it as I get to it. I’m going to go take a shower while you finish making lunch, Mom.”

Early evening.

The Moore family had spent the day together. After the questioning by Frank and a nice lunch that was the first that any of them had felt like eating, they went to a movie and then to the mall to get some new clothes for Tabitha. Her parents thought that she would need to see someone for counseling, but that could wait until next week. However, Tabitha seemed to be fine and in good spirits. Not even being at the mall bothered her. They went out for dinner before heading home.

Now, Dave sat at his computer looking at video that had been captured pendik escort bayan with the camera in Tabitha’s room. Now that he knew that she knew that he had it, he decided to down load everything to his computer and categorize it. It took a great deal of time as he sorted through the images of his sister rubbing her clit, spreading her legs to let the camera view her pussy or ass, and fondling her tits. As he finished the work, his dick hard as a steel rod, Tabitha entered the room with a perplexed look on her face.

“Fuck,” she exclaimed.

“What’s up, sis?”

“I was in Mom’s room,” she started. “She wanted to talk to me, and she wanted to do it in private. Shit!”

“I take it she told you about how she and Dad have been living most of their married life.”

“Yeah. I kind of guessed that Dad was fucking his secretary, but I never would have guessed that Mom not only knew about it but also encouraged it and had also been with her.”

“How much did she tell you?”

“Let’s see. She told about Dad and Rachel, the Nelsons, Aunt Sue and Uncle Bill, and she told about how you found out about it last Monday. Fuck, that was hot. You actually fucked Mom!?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Not sure that was the thing to do. I enjoyed it at the time, of course, but I sort of wish I hadn’t done it now.”


“Well, it’s hard to explain. I really like someone, but what if she hates me for having done that with Mom?

“So maybe you don’t tell her.”

“No, that doesn’t work. Did Mom tell you about how she and Dad almost broke their marriage?”


“Right,” David said. “No secrets between lovers.” He paused before going on. “Anyway, I guess she told you just about everything. She tell you about the books?”


“You might want to take a look at them sometime to see who all they have been with. Not surprisingly, Dad’s business partner and his wife are in the books. More surprisingly, Mr. Abernathy from school.”

“Shit!” she said. “The fucking science teacher?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “It was before he was married and his wife doesn’t know about it so don’t spread it around.”


“The cop who was handling the case, Frank Wilson, is in Mom’s book, and his wife Sarah is in Dad’s. They’re still working out the problems that occurred with that revelation at the beginning of all this shit.”

“I’m surprised that they let him handle the case.”

“He wasn’t a regular, just a onetime thing. Same goes for his wife. I just hope that he’ll stop trying to get me for the fucking abduction.”

“I gotta tell you, bro. That business with Aunt Sue and Uncle Bill was really something. I’m still feeling horny from that story. Then she told me about you and her on Monday and I thought I’d cum in my panties during that one. Can I ask you a personal question?”

“With all that has been happening recently, and the fact that you already know about the camera, I don’t think anything is off limits.”

“Not even fucking your sister?”


“I’ve wanted to fuck you since I saw you fucking Vanessa like three or four months ago. Once I found that camera, I thought that it might be possible, but I wasn’t sure how you would feel about incest when it actually came to doing it. But then you fucked Mom, so I guess you’re alright with that.”

“Are you sure, sis?”

“You know it will be my first time. I want it to be right, and I’m really ready for it. I like the idea of you being my first. I’m sure that you will make it special for me and not just some frantic fuck to get your cum out of your dick and into my pussy.”

Dave noticeably swallowed as he thought about what he was being asked to do. “I don’t think you realize what you are asking me.”

“What? You think I don’t know what sex is?”

“That’s not what I mean. Tabitha, you need to understand something. I broke up with Vanessa for a reason. She’s nice and all, and she’s good in bed, but I wanted more than just a good fuck. I want more than what she could give, even if she thought she could give me what I wanted. She might have loved me, but I didn’t really love her.”

“What’s that have to do with me?”

“You are the reason I broke up with her. I,” he paused before taking the next step, unsure about how she would react to what he was about to reveal. “I am in love with you. I would love to be your first. In fact, I desire it more than you can imagine. But how do I do that without wanting more? Besides, there is one other thing that you might need to take in to consideration.”

“What’s that?”


“Oh, that reminds me. I made a date with him for tomorrow. The cops still have my car and his isn’t running. Can I borrow your van for that?”


“But, that has nothing to do with what we are discussing. I don’t want Simon to be my first. I want it to be you. He’d fuck it up by not taking into consideration anything about how I feel about fucking and I would come away frustrated and probably still horny without any satisfaction. He wouldn’t make it sweet and tender like I would like to have it, you know? You, on the other hand, I can trust to do it right and be gentle and loving. I feel it in your arms when you hold me that I can always trust you. We’ll deal with the rest of all that afterwards”

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