Table for Two Ch. 09

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Stephanie stirred, her alarm with Avril Lavigne’s recent song blaring in the room, like every morning, just coming from the wrong direction. Emily made an annoyed growl in response, making Stephanie try to grab the phone blindly. The sun was just rising and the room was already lit well enough, but Stephanie didn’t plan on opening her sleepy eyes just yet. She fumbled around for the source of the noise on the nightstand between their beds. After she finally managed to turn off the alarm, she put the phone away, stretched and yawned deeply, just before laying back in the bed, whimpering and wishing for just a few more minutes of sweet unconsciousness.

The room quiet again, she could hear Emily’s regular breathing to her right. Neither of the girls was a morning person and Stephanie didn’t have enough willpower to bring her hazy mind to pay any attention to her sister or think about how they came to be in the same bed. Somehow, sleeping together like this felt even more natural than with any of her boyfriends. Her instincts told her to cuddle up to the girl, knowing she’d feel completely safe and loved.

But today was school. A couple of moments later, she reluctantly sat up, eyes closed. Just a blind creature with messy hair. Slowly sliding left, she stood up and headed to the toilet, mostly by touch.

Afterwards, wide awake, she slipped back into their room, the air inside heavy and stale. Emily was laying on her side, facing the door, wrapped in the sheet all the way up to her neck, her shoulder length dark brown hair just as messy as her sister’s, spilling over her shoulders and onto the pillow. Breathing regularly, she seemed to be sleeping deeply. The sleepy teenager was a bit envious of her sister. As much as she’d like to take their morning trip together, Emily’s school schedule for the day probably started later than Stephanie’s she couldn’t blame the 20 year old for using every sweet minute of that extra time. Stephanie would have done the same in her place.

She walked over to the windows, opening one and taking a deep breath of fresh air. It was going to be a beautiful day.

Her visit to the toilet, as much as the fresh breeze reminded Stephanie she spent the night without her panties. She picked up the black garment from the floor next to Emily’s bed and her sister’s floral shorts too, like it was the most casual thing in the world. After collecting her other clothes and school stuff, Stephanie quietly left the room and entered the shower.

Washing away the night’s sweat, she wondered if what they did was for the best.

Her doubts about her feelings were as strong as ever. She didn’t mean to actually do it with Emily yesterday, but somehow it happened anyway. She didn’t feel forced, or seduced and she had no regrets, but it would still probably stay a unique, if positive, experience. The teen wouldn’t even call it sex, like she’d have in an actual relationship, with a boy. It felt natural at that time, but as Emily said herself, they weren’t in a romantic relationship.

This didn’t make Emily, or even what they did, any less important. Just different. This wasn’t sex, this wasn’t incest, like you hear in the news. There was nothing bad about what happened between them. The poet in Stephanie came up with flowery descriptions, their actions being an expression of ‘our playful spirit’, ‘our care for each other’ and ‘the connection with each other’.

With them being closer than to anyone else in their lives and being young and incredibly horny, their actions just happened to take an intimate form. And it just happened to end in a beautiful orgasm, for the both of them. An orgasm doesn’t mean love, it doesn’t even mean sex. Of course it wasn’t just the orgasm, a better one than Stephanie ever remembered having, it was the whole experience of connecting with Emily, physically and emotionally. It felt natural and right when she carefully brushed the teen’s hair, but it was just as natural and loving when she kissed Stephanie’s intimates. Now she wasn’t so sure she wanted the experience to stay unique.

When walking out, Stephanie didn’t want to wake her sister, but she couldn’t help stealing a secret look at her relaxed form. Instinctively, she leaned in to kiss the sleeping girl’s cheek, but stopped herself just short of touching her. Feeling Emily’s familiar scent, she pulled away, shaking her head.

‘It’s Emily. What the hell am I doing?’ the teen wondered as she quickly left the apartment.

It was a beautiful summer day, at least that’s how it seemed to the teenager, gazing out of the classroom window.

Stephanie sighed. The Thursday dragged on, even slower than usual, one class to the next. Everything happening around her seemed so unimportant now. Not her grades, not her friends, or their problems. All of that was just noise. Her thoughts kept creeping back to Emily.

Their weird date at the club was definitely an eye opener, and now she almost couldn’t distinguish Emily and the girl she met there. Stephanie tried to hold on to that memory, even gaziantep escort bayan if the thought of what actually happened was still unbelievable and it was being mixed with their more recent encounters.

It was still all so strange though. Stephanie would never even think of doing that with Emily. She just didn’t see her like that. If anyone suggested such a thing, the teen would label them a disgusting pervert. If Sam didn’t make a mistake, the sisters would never find out how amazing it feels doing it together.

The club was just the start though. It was the next weeks that made her heart flutter, both with hope and fear. The thought of her sister’s attempted suicide still made Stephanie shiver. They made up and Emily forgave her sister for her harsh reaction, but it still hurt Stephanie just to think of that night. She swore to herself, as soon as she gets home, she’ll shower her sister with hugs and kisses. No explanations.

‘E-mi-ly,’ she spelled out in her mind. Even those letters now seemed to have something special.

Was this just a teenage crush? Stephanie made that mistake before. But the two of them had so much more. This was still Emily.

They spent almost all of their lives together and knew each other better than anyone else. And now, Stephanie was learning to see her sister in other ways too. Emily was just beautiful and amazing in all ways, as a lover and as a woman. Stephanie was Emily’s sister and she was the only person in the world that could ever say that about themselves. That had to mean something.

Was this even possible? Was she falling for Emily? Was this just some realization of the girl’s worth as a sister, or something entirely else? All her feelings and desires mixed together in a mess, leaving Stephanie as baffled as ever.

But at all times there was this underlying feeling of tingly happiness. She sighed with a smile.

“Oh Stephanie, my darling, I love you so much!” a girl’s theatrical voice said from her right.

She looked around to see her classmate Jackie looking at her, puckering her lips and making kissing noises.

“W-what?” Steph stammered, looking at the heavy set brown haired girl.

Jackie and Stephanie often chatted during breaks, did projects and homework together. She was the closest thing to a friend Stephanie had in her class, even if she was annoying and a bit of a know-it-all. Somehow, Stephanie always clicked more with older girls, like Sam. And, of course, Emily.

“Oh don’t act so innocent,” Jackie smiled, slapping Stephanie’s shoulder and stepping closer, “I know that look. You’re in love, head over heels.”

“Me? Nah,” Stephanie tried to hide her status, but the warm butterflies inside still made her smile.

“Yeah, see? I know that smile,” Jackie continued, “I bet you’re spelling out his name in your mind and fawning about how awesome he is.”

“Well, maybe,” Stephanie admitted with a smile, “But maybe that’s because it’s true.”

Was her excitement about her sister just a crush? But Emily really was awesome, even if it took Stephanie her whole life to notice. Maybe it was because she always looked up to her older sister and she thought she wouldn’t want a brat like Stephanie as part of her life.

Now that felt like it was changing. Emily said she liked to be close to her, she chose to spend time with the annoying teen.

Stephanie had to smile so much now, she covered her face with her hands to hide it.

“Oh boy,” Jackie grinned, “You’ve got it bad. I’ve never seen you crushing so badly. So who is it?”

“Sure, I’ll tell you and by lunch the whole school will know,” Stephanie shook her head.

She kind of wanted to say it. But how could she?

“So you don’t trust me? Good old Jackie?”

“No I don’t,” Stephanie stuck out her tongue jokingly.

“Fine, just watch out that you don’t get taken advantage of, or get hurt.”

“That’s not going to happen, that’s what’s so amazing about it,” Stephanie had to giggle now. This wasn’t just some random person, an asshole guy looking to get laid. Stephanie trusted her sister fully. More than anyone in the world.

“Anyway, enjoy it while it lasts, cause it won’t. I’m telling you, you’ve got it bad.”

“You’re just jealous!” Stephanie had to frown. How dare she talk bad about Emily, “You don’t understand it at all.”

“I do and that’s the problem,” Jackie continued, “Cause it’s you who can’t see things clearly now.”

Walking past the small store on their street, Stephanie stopped to look at her reflection in the windows one last time.

After a whole day’s deliberation, whatever she really felt, she decided she wanted to be with her sister, no matter what anyone said. Even if she was crushing on her and was vulnerable, she felt entirely safe.

She needed a new, grown-up style to go along with her outlook on life, so on the way from school she stopped at a hair salon and had her brown hair cut short and styled in an elegant bob cut. Ending just below escort bayan gaziantep her chin, her dark brown hair was now a bit shorter than Emily’s. The front was styled into side swept bangs, almost covering her right eye. She’d use a clip to keep it in place when necessary, but right now she wanted to be looking her best.

‘Even dad is going to notice this one,’ she thought as she turned her head, appreciating her new haircut. She loved her new look – mature and seductive, but still playful.

She was so hyped, she immediately texted Emily.

‘Got a surprise for u when I come home!’

A few minutes later, outside the hair salon, she received Emily’s enthusiastic reply.

‘Cant wait!!’

Stephanie read the text, the warm butterflies fluttering stronger than ever.

Quickly Stephanie hopped up the stairs in their apartment house and opened the front door. She was a bit uneasy after damn Jackie’s dire prediction. Her new look helped her regain confidence though and now she was eager to show it to Emily.

“I’m home!” she said, entering the main hall, then walking through the living room.

“Hi, Steph,” dad was sitting in his place on the couch, watching TV. He had the day off, but this meant he would be going away for the night. A rush of excitement came over Stephanie when she realized she and Emily would have the apartment alone for themselves. Anything could happen.

He didn’t notice her hair, she wanted Emily to see first anyway. She was strangely calm once she walked through their apartment door. She entered their room and prepared for another rush once she saw Emily. Her sister was standing next to her table, looking for something in her bag.

The rest of Stephanie’s anxiety evaporated as soon as she looked at the 20 year old, but so did the twisted knot in her stomach.

“Hi Em,” she started, as she stood next to the door.

“Hi Steph,” Emily replied casually.

Stephanie gathered her strength, walked next to Emily and waited until her sister turned around. Maybe Emily’s smile would bring back the warmth she felt when she thought of her in the school.

Emily noticed from the corner of her eye and looked up.

“Well hello there,” she smiled warmly when she saw the hair.

Stephanie smiled back. The warmth wasn’t there.

“It’s the surprise. How do I look?” she asked, turning around for her sister to see, “Do you like it?”

“Sure, looks good,” Emily said, nodding gently, then turning to her bag again.

Now Stephanie was starting to get frustrated. Earlier she tried to deny her feelings, but they were definitely there. At school she was definitely falling for her, crushing and idolizing Emily, the perfect woman. And she still wanted to fall in love, to be swept off her feet. But now actually standing next to her, she saw her sister. She was still awesome, but while Stephanie felt many things for the girl in front of her, there was no desire to be a couple or do romantic things like holding hands or kissing.

She tried to force herself to act like she would with a crush. Maybe the warm feelings would come back.

“Thank you,” Stephanie thanked Emily for complimenting her hair, then stood closer, “I did it for you.”

Emily stopped for a second, then continued browsing through her bag.

The younger sister stepped behind the 20 year old, turned her head and gently touched her cheek on the older girl’s back. Her free flowing hair against her face, she took in Emily’s gentle spicy scent. A hint of warmth there, but this was still just cuddling with her sister. Sensual, relaxing and even with a bit of twisted eroticism, but not romantic.

It felt wrong but she had to try. Stephanie forced a moan saying, “You smell so nice.”

Again, Emily stopped moving for a second and Stephanie asked, “Looking for something?”

“Yeah, my compact,” Emily replied as she continued moving, “You seen it?”

Stephanie smiled. She still borrowed big sister’s stuff, just like always. She reached into the backpack in her hand, and found it right away. She held the small silver item out for Emily to see.

“You should have asked,” Emily said as she took the compact.

“Sorry,” Stephanie said as she closed her eyes, rubbing her cheek along Emily’s back.

“Steph, please,” Emily said as she shook Stephanie’s head off her, “Not now.”

Stephanie looked at her from behind, slightly hurt. Romance or not, she didn’t like to be pushed away.

“Actually,” Emily turned around, “I’ve been thinking.”

“Uh oh,” Stephanie said half-jokingly.

Her sister scoffed with a grin, then continued, “I know yesterday was pretty good-“

“Understatement of the century,” Stephanie interrupted with a grin. Romance may have been out, but playful teasing fit right into their relationship.

“OK, more than good,” Emily continued, “But it still doesn’t change anything between us, right?”

“Sure,” Stephanie shrugged, “We said no commitment.”

“So gaziantep escort blogu what’s all this,” Emily gestured at Stephanie’s hair, “You said you did it for me, now you tell me I smell nice. Doesn’t that feel weird to you?”

“Yeah, it kind of does,” the teen had to admit.

“So why do you do it?”

“An experiment?” she smiled. When Emily gave her a puzzled look, Stephanie continued, “I wanted to see if I feel something else for you. Like something romantic.”

“Really?” Emily was surprised, “That’s a bit- Steph, you didn’t fall in love with me yesterday, right?”

Even the though seemed absurd.

Stephanie shook her head, smiling, “I was just horny. Like a lot.”

Emily chuckled, averting her eyes shyly, “Me too. I really needed it, thank you.”

Stephanie laughed happily. It was strange how natural talking like this with Emily felt, “You don’t have to thank me for that.”

After a quiet moment, Stephanie continued.

“But you almost did it,” when Emily looked up, she went on, “I actually felt a bit like falling for you earlier today. That’s how I came up with all of this,” Stephanie gestured around her hair.

Emily lifted her eyebrows.

“Don’t freak out. It’s pretty much gone now. I don’t know what it was.”

“That’s a shame,” Emily smiled, surprising the younger sister.

“You want me to fall for you?” the teen smiled and lifted her eyebrows.

“In a selfish way, sure,” Emily grinned and shrugged, “Who doesn’t like to be desired?”

“You want me to ‘desire’ you?”, Stephanie chuckled, emphasizing one word.

“At least someone would,” the 20 year old replied.

“Aww,” Stephanie cooed, “Now you really make me want to do that.”

“A pity crush?” the older sister smiled but shook her head.

“Plenty of people would desire you, if you gave them a chance,” Stephanie suggested.

“And if I gave someone a chance… you wouldn’t mind?” Emily said slowly.

The idea behind the question was almost absurd. Why would it bother Stephanie? Or was Emily talking about giving her own sister a chance? That’s not what the teen had in mind, but it was still a weirdly tantalizing notion. In any case, Stephanie wouldn’t object to Emily expressing her desire in any way.

“No,” the teen replied, “why would I mind that?”

“What if it worked out?” Emily asked, looking directly at Stephanie.

Now her heart was beating fast. She never expected her older sister to seriously come on to her and despite the tantalizing forbidden feeling, she was pretty sure she didn’t want this. Playing around with Emily was weird enough, Stephanie’s arousal got the best of her back then. But more than that was never on the table. This must be a misunderstanding. Just play it safe.

“Well if it worked out, then you’d have someone to be happy with, right?”

“And you’d support that?”

“Why not? Em, what are you on about?” Stephanie couldn’t hold it in.

Emily looked at her cellphone.

“Shit, I’m going to be late,” she swore.

“For what?” Stephanie asked, frustrated.

“I’m going out with Stephen Moris, tonight,” Emily admitted.

Stephanie was both relieved and disappointed. She didn’t really know him but Sam obviously thought he was a good match for Emily when she tried to set up their original date. And she usually had an eye for these things. There was a good chance her sister might fall for him. What about Stephanie then? She was only Emily’s sister. Of course a boyfriend would be more important.

“We’re just going out,” Emily tried to console her, packing things into her purse, “I probably won’t even like him.”

Stephanie’s inner turmoil was probably showing. Only now she noticed Emily was wearing makeup and the same little black dress she wore when she ‘met’ her sister. She was so self centered she didn’t pay attention to Emily at all.

“It’s cool,” Stephanie swallowed as she sat down on the end of her bed, “I’m glad you’re going to meet him. That’s how it should be. That’s good.”

“I just need to be sure,” Emily added apologetically.

“You know he’s not going to be as good as me,” Stephanie grinned, then chastised herself for it, “Sorry, that was dumb.”

To her surprised Emily chuckled, “Maybe he won’t, but give the guy a chance.”

Stephanie smiled, “OK, but he better treat my sister right, or he’ll have to deal with me.”

Emily nodded, “I have to run, see you later.”

Stephanie smiled sadly, “Be safe.”

The next day, Stephanie was sitting at the mall, idly watching the people walking by, a babbling Jackie keeping her company. Her friend kept going on about another boy-love anime she watched last night, but Stephanie was in no mood to participate. Jackie was always so excited when she talked about that stuff, but today the teen barely managed to nod from time to time.

Ever since Emily left for her date, her thoughts of the girl were tainted by the fear of abandonment. Her sister barely said anything about the date afterwards and Stephanie didn’t want to pry.

She felt like talking to her sister, going out and having fun together. Even making love again if that’s what Emily wanted.

“I’m probably really boring aren’t I?” Jackie asked with a grin.

“No, sorry Jackie, I’m just not in the mood to talk,” Stephanie said, staring blankly in front of her.

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