Take Me On A Sea Cruise!

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Kurt was listening to her and he was shocked. “You want me to go on a cruise ship with you for two weeks and we have to pretend that I’m your lover. How and the holy hell…can we pull that off, mom?” he asked looking at one of the most beautiful women in the world and wicked thoughts filled his dirty mind. ‘I could make out with her, feel her up and get her sexy ass turned on…you never know!’ he thought, looking up her six foot body and her long, stocking covered legs and his cock grew.

Helen smiled when she heard Kurt and reached to caress his leg. “I ran my mouth at the country club, about going on a cruise with a hot, young guy and all the fun I was going to have. Well, this bitch I hate, looked it up and booked a cabin one floor up from mine!” she paused to put out her puffy and very sexy lower, lip and batted her beautiful green eyes at him. She kept her eye shadow dark and always wore black eye liner. “Come on, I know you like sneaking a feel, grabbing my ass and rubbing your boner on me every chance you get.” Helen said and caressed a little higher on her sons leg.

Kurt was lost in a sexy dream of screwing his gorgeous mom and going on the cruise with her. “She will know mom and it will make it worse!” he laughed, as mom pushed her long, blonde hair behind her ears and slowly crossed her long legs, giving Kurt a glimpse of her upper thighs, the tops of her sheer stockings and teasing him all she could.

“Oh come on and try,” she cooed and leaned towards him, letting her blouse fall open and giving him a nice view of her B cup breasts. Helen was light complected and her skin was milky white. Her nipples and areolas were light pink, always hard and this wacky idea of hers was making them very hard.

He took her hands and held them. “We can try, but if you want to convince this woman, we’ll have to make it real and I’ll go all out. She will never suspect anything and we are in for a um…hard time!” he laughed and hoped they could do this. “I’m going to treat you just as if we’ve been going out and I’m trying to nail you! What do you think of that?” Kurt asked, grabbed the back of mom’s head, pulled her towards his face and he kissed her. She lightly kissed him back and Kurt saw goose-bumps on her long, thin arms.

She was thrilled when he grabbed her, jerked her towards his face, and they began kissing. “Mmmm, yeah this could be kind of…interesting,” Helen sighed as the kiss ended and she fanned her face. Her nipples were throbbing and her pussy was dripping like a broken faucet. “We’ll have make a stopping point or something. If things get to heated up or if one of us is not comfortable with something,” she smiled and her body was tingling from her head to her toes. It was also making her pussy drip more.

He kissed her cheek and smiled. “Mom, I won’t screw you, so don’t worry about that and I just want to make one thing clear,” he smiled, kissed the tip of her perfect nose and went on. “If you weren’t my mom, I would lay it to you and not stop for hours!” Kurt said and mom’s face turned bright red.

She laughed, slapped his arm. Her face was on fire. “Kurt, how could you say that? I know you like flirting and teasing me, but would you really think about um…loving me.” Helen said, her face turned red and her pussy was pouring out juice. Her best panties were going to be covered in pussy juice because of her son.

“If you weren’t my mom…hell yes!” he said, looking into her pretty eyes and smiled.

Her face was red once again and Helen’s nipples were aching to be twisted. “You bad boy!” she laughed and squeezed his hands. “Would you try? For me…” she whispered, leaning over, showing him more of her breasts, her very hard nipples, and hoping to convince him to try.

He was lost in mom’s eyes, plus if he got to make out with her and feel her up, he was in and poor mom was in for a wild time. “I will, but you remember that I’m going to go all out and I won’t hold back! So be ready, Helen, my love!” he laughed and gave her another kiss. “I have to ask my boss to give me two weeks off and…with pay!” he smiled and knew she would. The woman was a little older than his mom and she loved his long cock up her twat.

“Well, let’s hope she will. But if she doesn’t, you always have your trust fund and I don’t think you’ll go broke!” Helen smiled and thought of the ten million dollar fund his late father set up for Kurt.

“That’s true, but I want to make it on my own and prove I can do it.” Kurt replied and his stomach was rumbling. “When is your flight back home? I starving to death and I’m ready for dinner!” he laughed and stood up, forgetting that he was still hard and he was wearing dress pants. He looked down and mom was gazing at his swollen cock-shaft.

“I um…don’t leave until um…midnight and dinner sounds wonderful, sweet-heart,” she replied and could not believe the size of her sons cock. ‘My God, how does he get that thing in a woman’s pussy. I wonder if it hurts or not,’ she thought, as pendik escort her nipples ached more and her pussy was drooling all over her tiny pair of panties.

“We can practice tonight and start pretending. I’m meeting two friends from work and I’ll introducing you as a hot lady I know from back home. I’ll say you flew here to invite me on a two week, all expenses paid cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. That should make them all jealous as hell and hate me even more!” Kurt laughed and knew his friends from work were going to shit. They knew he and their boss were fucking each other, so he got to do anything he wanted and they always got pissed at him.

She laughed and thought about making out with her son. ‘My God, this is going to kill me,’ Helen thought, giving him a hug. “Let’s take things easy and let me get used to this, Kurt,” she added with a sexy wink and lightly kissed him on his mouth.

Mom’s lips pressed to his and Kurt felt his cock jump. “Mmmm. Anything you want, Helen,” he whispered, pulled her to him and kissed her lips. Kurt felt her moan, as his stiffened cock pressed against her left thigh and mom hugged him more.

She felt his long cock pressing to her body. “Oh My, I’m in for it, aren’t I?” she laughed with a low voice and eased away from him.

“Yes you are, sweet Helen. You’re going to have a blast!” Kurt smiled and ran his hand up the back of her long leg, enjoying her warm flesh and the silky stocking. His hand slid up to her size six ass, squeezed it and he moaned. “Damn. Yes, you are definitely in for it, mom. One more thing…easy on the drinking!” he smiled, gently caressed her ass, enjoying the feel of her soft panties under his fingers. He knew she going to go crazy.

“I know. You better be a good boy,” she said, returning his kiss. Helen could feel his pulsing cock back on her thigh. “Kurt, my name is, Helen.”


“So Helen, how long have you guys been seeing each other?” Annie Smith asked, looking over Kurt’s date and wondering what she saw in him. He was taller than Helen, not bad looking, with blond hair, blue eyes, he wore gold, wire glasses and he was the smartest man at the company.

Helen smiled, kissed Kurt and turned to Annie. “I’ve known his mom and family for years. I was visiting them one time and I happened to walk in on him taking a shower,” she said, stopping to kiss Kurt. She went on, “We’ve been seeing each other every since.” Helen leaned to hug him.

“Wow and um…what did you see in the shower that made you want to date him?” Annie asked. Helen lifted her hands to give the girl an idea of how long Kurt was. “Holy hell, are you kidding?” Annie replied with shock and looked to Kurt.

“No she’s not…just ask Mrs. Keller and I’m sure that she will verify it!” Kurt said. They gave him a dirty look.

“You’re an asshole for dating that horny bitch and you need to stop,” Tom Rodgers said as he looked over Helen and wondered why she wasn’t mad at Kurt for talking about fucking another woman.

“You guys are just jealous of all the shit that she lets me do!” Kurt smiled and turned to mom. “I love you,” he whispered, kissed her and slid his right hand up her leg and to the tops of her stockings. He slowly caressed her upper thigh and over the front of her wet panties, feeling her wetness. She was already horny as hell.

She loved Kurt’s loving touch and his sweet words. “I love you too.” Helen purred, kissed him deeper and felt his tongue trying to push deeper into her mouth. She moaned, kissing him deeper than before.

“Oh God, get a fucking room or something!” Tom yelled. They all laughed.

“She leaves at midnight. So we have to get started now and heat things up, then we’ll get a room and um…!” Kurt smiled, as he kissed his mom and his cock was ready to burst.

Helen smiled and motioned to the dance floor. “Come on, let’s go rub belly’s and get fired up!” she said and pulled him to the dance floor. “So, we’re getting a room are we?” she teased and felt his cock smashing into her thigh again.

“If you want, you know me!” he smiled and they hugged tight.

“I know you all too well, buster. You and your dirty mind!” she laughed and rested completely in his arms, enjoying his large cock on her leg and his hands caressing her ass. She was so lonely and Kurt made her feel so good. “I’m going to wear out my vibrator and go through tons of batteries on our cruise!” Helen said with a laugh, as they hugged and he was caressing more, pulling her into his hips and his hard cock.

“If it breaks, we’ll have to find other ways to relieve your stress!” He laughed at her and kept enjoying mom’s soft panties, her small and very tight ass. “You have a nice ass and I love playing with it. Do you mind?” Kurt whispered, as he squeezed, caressed and he slid his long fingers between her cheeks, feeling for her tiny hole and hoping that it turned her on. Mom had a gorgeous, tight ass, from working out four times a week, playing tennis and he could escort pendik envision his cock deep in it.

Helen felt his fingers going down her butt and to a place no man had ever been. “I bet we could find some really nice ways. But we have a rule to follow. And um…what are you doing back there, mister?” she said with a low, sexy voice, a soft smile filled her face and Helen squeezed her ass-cheek muscles.

He felt her ass get tight and Kurt squeezed harder, pulling her to him and his cock was right on mom’s pussy. “Oh god, I’m going to die!” he moaned, keeping his cock against mom’s pussy. It was pointing up, between them and it was resting in her wet panties.

“Me too!” Helen moaned, trying to hold back a dirty urge and not cum on her beautiful son. He was so loving and his cock felt like heaven, as it rubbed her pussy and teased her aching clit to no ends. “I think we should stop and um…regroup or something,” she moaned, staggered back and Helen could feel her juices running down her thighs.

Kurt laughed and pulled mom back to the table. “So, where do you guys want to go now, anywhere at all, just name it and it’s my treat!” he said and watched his friends smile.

“There is a place, but you guys would hate it. A New Age club downtown called ‘Rave Out’ and it’s the top of the line! Very exclusive and very expensive!” Annie laughed and Kurt pulled out his phone. “What are you doing?” she asked and looked over to Kurt.

He smiled at Annie and quickly found the club. “I made you guys reservations and…I’ve paid your tab in advance, but no buying round after round of drinks for the house and be sure to have fun!” Kurt said and they looked at him as if he was crazy.

“What’s going on Kurt? You make a lot at work, but not that damn much and you sure as hell don’t need to spend it on us.” Annie said with a sharp tone and looked at his phone.

“Annie, you guys have fun and do anything you want. Here’s a hundred for the cab ride and don’t worry about me and money. I’m kind of…rich and so is she.” Kurt laughed at the looks on their faces and figured why not tell them.

“I figured that she was, but you’re kidding, right?” Tom asked and saw Kurt smile. “So, how rich are you, ol’ buddy of mine?” he added and leaned closer to Kurt.

“I’m loaded, that’s all I can say and she has four times as much as I do!” Kurt smiled again and took Helen’s hand. “Let’s get going towards the airport and they can go to their club. You guys have fun and take pictures!” he added, as he and his mom headed for the door.

“You take some too and get some close ups!” Tom yelled and Annie reached to slap him.

“Hey buster, if you want some of my ass…you better calm down and worry about keeping me happy.” Annie laughed as Kurt and Helen took off out the door. “I was thinking, they really look like each other and it was odd,” she added and they got up to leave.

“They did a little, why, what are you saying?” Tom asked as they walked out of the small club. Kurt and Helen were getting into a very nice limo. “Huh, they do, now that I think about it,” he added and scratched his chin.

“Wouldn’t it be kinky as hell if she was his…Aunt or maybe even his…mom!” Annie laughed as a cab pulled up and they got in. “To the ‘Rave Out’ on ninth and Broadway,” she told the cab driver. “She was tall, blonde hair and they just looked a lot alike,” she added and snuggled with Tom. “Tonight, when we get home…I’m going to suck your cock and…let you do it in my throat!” she whispered with a sexy tone, gently squeezing his cock.

Tom smiled and kissed her. “I can’t wait!”


Helen snuggled against her son and she knew this was going to be the hardest thing she’d ever have to do in her life. Try and not fuck her son. “So, where are we going?” she asked looking to him and prayed he didn’t say a hotel. Her body was on fire and she needed a cock or her long toy at home and a set of fresh batteries.

“You have about an hour to go and I figured we would just ride around the city talking, snuggling like this and if you’re up for it…maybe we could make out and get used to kissing each other.” Kurt said with a smile, leaned to her and they started kissing again. After a few minutes of slow, wet kissing with lots of tongue, he pulled away. “I could really get used to this and um…you, Helen,” he said with a smile, caressing her face. His cock nearly ripping through his pants.

She returned his kisses, her long fingers started roaming his chest. “Oh yes, it um…was quite nice, wasn’t it.” Helen said, trying to catch her breath from the erotic kiss and pull herself together. “If we kiss like that on the cruise, that bitch from the club will never think anything about us!” she smiled and saw that Kurt’s dick was hard, twisted in his pants and knew that he had to be in pain. “Hey baby, you should fix that poor thing and stretch him out or something.” Helen said, as he lifted up his hips.

“Oh yeah, he is twisted and hard pendik escort bayan as hell. He likes being around you and kissing you.” Kurt said, reached in his pants and pulled out his cock. “Ohhh yeah, that’s better!”

“Kurt, what are you doing?” Helen snapped, as his long cock filled her eyes and her pussy was aching. “Put him away and zip up!” she laughed. Then she remembered that the driver couldn’t see anything. “Well, I did tell you to stretch him out, didn’t I?” she smiled, looking at his magnificent tool and watched it grow more.

“Yes you did mom and you must like staring him!”

“My god baby, have you grown a lot bigger since the last time I saw you!” Helen teased, giving him a sexy wink.

He smiled. He loved the fact that mom was enjoying this. “I’ve grown a lot since I was twelve mom.” Kurt said as he watched mom eyeing his cock and it looked like she wanted to eat him.

“Have you had anymore run-ins with a zipper?”

“No I haven’t and I’m glad! That was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt in my life!” he said, remembering the day he was in a hurry to leave the house and zipped his cock in his jeans.

“I bet it was. You’re poor thing was a mess. I felt so bad for you.” Helen said with a soft voice, caressed over his chest. She wanted to help him now. But kissing and feeling each other up was a little different than jacking him off. She wasn’t ready for that.

“I love when you talk low and sexy, mom.” Kurt said, as he turned to look at her and leaned to kiss her. “It always makes me so hard that it takes hours to go down.” She smiled, as they kissed and he slid his right hand up her long leg. “I was wondering… As you can see this is going to be crazy. I’m going to ask a favor of you, mom. I want you to take your time and really think about it,” Kurt said as he held mom’s hands and looked into her eyes.

“What baby?”

“While we’re on the cruise, I need a favor…” he smiled and gave mom a soft, loving kiss. “Every night…before bed will you um…help me? Please.” Kurt asked with need and hoped she would. “I’m doing this for your mom. I’m going to get sooo damn hard. I can hardly cum as it is. It takes me an hour, before it even thinks about cuming,” he added, with hope that she would and not get mad at him.

“What do you mean, you can hardly cum, baby? Is something wrong or what?” she asked with a caring mothers voice, snuggling closer to Kurt. She didn’t realize that she’d put her hand on his hard shaft, until it flexed. Helen couldn’t help but moan. “Oh my, I’m sorry baby,” she said, trying to move her hand. He grabbed it and held it on his cock.

“Feel that mom…it’s all for you and no one else. He wants you to hold him and help me!” He whispered against her panting mouth and flexed it.

She loved having her hand on the big piece of meat. But Kurt was her son and Helen wasn’t supposed to do this for him. “Baby, we can’t…maybe on the cruise, but not here and we should stop.” Helen moaned, as he flexed again and started kissing her deeper.

He looked into her eyes, hoping she’d help him and make his night. “Please mom, he hurts and I need you to help me!” Kurt moaned to his mother, started kissing her and twisting her nipples. “Please mom, I hurt all the time and nobody can make me cum, nobody,” he moaned, lifting his hips. Kurt felt her squeezing his cock. “Oh mom, yes! Yes!” Kurt growled and lifted more.

She hated telling him no. Helen lost control. Her right hand grabbed his straining shaft. She squeezed him and smiled. “I’ll hold him really tight and squeeze, but you have to move and do it yourself,” she whispered, biting her lower lip. Kurt started moving his powerful hips. “That’s the way, that’s mommy’s big boy! Oh yeah, move those hips! Use my hands, baby!” she moaned, while they kept kissing. Kurt was massaging her breasts. “Fuck mommy’s hands and I want you to…cum for me!” she whispered, as he moved faster and they kissed more.

Kurt was moving and enjoying her loving hands, but it was too much and he lost control. “Oh mom, you are the best and I love you! I love you!” he grunted, pushed up. Cum exploded from the tip of his cock, spraying her long, right leg and the floor of the car. “Yes, mom, yes!” Kurt moaned, as she squeezed and held his shooting cock-shaft in her long fingers.

“Yeah baby, you get that bad stuff out and mommy wants you to feel better! Mmmm, that’s my boy, that’s my good boy,” she whispered to him and leaned to his mouth. “That was nice and um…I’ll help you on the cruise, ok,” she said with a loving smile, kissing him more… Helen inwardly hoped they could do this and not end up fucking each other, even though it did sound good. Kurt was a big, big man.


“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain John Springs. I’d like to welcome you aboard! For the next two beautiful weeks it will be our job to wine you, dine you and make sure that this is the best time you’ll ever have in your life….And if anything is not what you want, need, or to your satisfaction, please feel free to tell our crew and it will be fixed!” he said with a deep voice and went on. “So, sit back, relax and let’s get going!” he laughed and blew the ships massive air horns.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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