Taken By Surprise Ch. 02

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Author’s Note : This is the second part of the story “Taken by Surprise”. Thank you to all who have left their lovely comments. It has been our pleasure bringing these experiences to you all. Hope you enjoy this part as well.

As Bryan slowly took out his semi-hard cock from Megan’s cum-filled pussy, for the first time since the ordeal began, she saw her younger brother’s face, satisfied lust written all over it.

A faint line of a smile came across his face and with a final twitch to her already hard right nipple, Bryan said, “Thank you sis, I have been waiting for this moment for two years now.”

Satisfied at finally having his way with Megan, Bryan sat on the sofa and started stroking his soft cock all the while watching Megan.

On her part, Megan was still trying to come to terms with what had just happened. It would all seemed like a fantastically erotic dream except for the thick white cum oozing out of her pussy and trickling down her thighs. Conflicting thoughts were crossing her mind. The rational part was cursing her for having enjoyed this perverse incestuous act while the other part was quietly smiling back at her. And to top it all, she knew, with her younger brother sitting and watching her every move she would have to walk just like this to the bathroom with Bryan’s cum dripping down her thighs.

Having already experienced his lust, she was quite sure that he would not budge an inch from the sofa. It was in his eyes, raping her over and over again. Still, she gave it a try.

“Please Bryan, go to your room.”

“Is my sis being shy now? Didn’t you like me fucking you?” Bryan asked.

“It was perverse. You raped your own elder sister,” she said.

“Did you say rape, sis?” he retorted back and holding up his cock said, “Every time I was pulling my cock back, you were moving your ass forward to fuck me. You didn’t bostancı escort want to let go of this one sis. So, stop whining. See, you are still sitting here with my cum inside your pussy. Do you want it inside you for the rest of the day, or are you gonna drag your ass to the bathroom?”

With the ultimate indignation, Megan got up and started walking towards the bathroom, knowing fully well that her younger brother’s eyes were following every bounce of her nice round bottom and she could do nothing to stop him.

Later that evening, post dinner, she was lying down and her mind was racing back to the events of the day. She had never imagined in her wildest dreams that her own brother would have engaged in sex with her. And for the first time since the ordeal began she had to admit to herself that despite her moral dilemma, she had actually enjoyed the sex. Involuntarily, her right hand her gone down onto her pussy which was already wet. As the afternoon’s events re-winded in her mind’s eyes, she started playing with her clits, and in no time she reached one of her most powerful orgasms. Before long, she was fast asleep.

When she woke up, it was almost 5 in the morning. Her mom and Bryan were sleeping in their own respective rooms. After her admission to herself last night, she knew it, this was her chance. Make or break. She had to take an initiative if she wanted to relive the pleasures of the last afternoon.

Tentatively, she took silent steps towards Bryan’s bedroom. She knew Bryan never locked his room at night. Pushing the door slightly, she approached him, fast asleep. “Bryan,” she whispered, “Bryan.”

Jolted from his sleep, Bryan whispered back, “What are you doing here sis?”

“I have to ask you something,” she replied.


Her heart racing, and with one final deep breath, Megan said, “Do you want to fuck ümraniye escort bayan me again?”

Startled at first, he quickly regained his composure and said, “Oh sis, I want to, I have always wanted to fuck my sexy sister.”

“Will you fuck me now?” Megan asked.

For the first time, Bryan realized that he had enslaved his elder sister. And he didn’t want to waste this golden opportunity. Now fully awake, he half reclined and said, “If Only if you do what I say.”

“I will Bryan. I want your cock inside my pussy.”

“Strip, turn around, bend over and look at me from over your shoulders.”

Despite feeling slightly humiliated at having to do this, Megan knew this was her chance. If she could overcome it now, she had won her battle against her moral will. Slowly, she began to take off her night dress revealing her erect nipples. Next went her panties and she was fully naked, voluntarily, for the first time in front of her younger brother.

“Now turn around and bend sis. And don’t forget to look over your shoulders.”

Megan did as she was told to and in no time Bryan’s fingers were tracing her crack, right down to the puffy pussy lips. To Bryan’s eyes, they were looking like the petals of some beautiful flower just about to blossom.

Bryan’s touch felt wonderful, even more so because she knew it was her young brother touching her. It was wrong, it was perverse and that is what added to the allure.

“Ahhh…” a moan came out of her as she closed her eyes, soaking in the wonderfully taboo feeling.

Bryan’s voice almost immediately brought out of her trance. “You sure are horny sis. Did you think about my cock the whole night last night?” He smiled.

Red, blushing all over from her voluntarily submission to this taboo lust, she just looked back at him.

“Come here in front of me and suck my cock sis. kartal escort I want to see my sexy sis kneeling in front of me, naked and sucking her younger brother’s cock.”

With every sentence, Bryan seemed to be emphasizing the fact that Megan was now about to suck on her brother’s cock on her own, without any force. And for her, the words sis and younger brother were only heightening the sense of perverse eroticism.

Like a good girl, she stepped forward and got down on her knees and, for the first time ever, had a close look at Bryan’s cock, which he had taken out of his shorts. It wasn’t the biggest cock in the world, but surely it was nice and thick with the head forming a nice mushroom. She was no longer ashamed, she no longer hesitated. She just went on to encircle it with her lips as her tongue tickled the head all over.

Bryan was in heaven. His up-tight, moral sister, who he had to force yesterday, was now giving her the best head in his eighteen years. If it were a competition, his girl friend would not come anywhere near his sister.

On her part, Megan was thoroughly enjoying this new phase in her life. Gone was the shame, the morality. It all seemed like she would stop at nothing less than sucking the cock off Bryan.

Bryan knew he couldn’t hold off his orgasm. So, suddenly, he grabbed her hair and started pushing her mouth even faster. And it wasn’t long before the first spurt of his cum hit the back of Megan’s throat. She tried to take her mouth away, but Bryan wasn’t going to let her do that. He ensured that every drop of his cum was nestled safely in her mouth.

“Did you enjoy that brother?”

“You are the best cock sucker in the whole fucking world, sis,” a beaming Bryan replied back.

“So, will you fuck me now?”

“Yes sis, any time you want. But today I want to fuck you doggy style. I want to feel your tits in my hand while I fuck you, sis.”

A smiling Megan kissed him on the cheek and said, “Bryan, my little brother, my pussy is all yours, take it any way you want. I just want to have your cock inside my pussy.”

And she knew her life would never be the same again.

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