Taking Care of Business Ch. 10

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One day Ryan is sitting at his desk working away when Staci stopped at his desk with a grin on her face and a sparkle in her eye. He knew this look, she wanted something! She did want something. “Morning Ryan,” Staci said cheerfully.

“Morning Stac,” Ryan said, “what’s up?”

Wish you were, Staci thought to herself. “Do you still fix computers?”

“I can fix small problems,” Ryan said.

“The sound doesn’t work on my computer, could you come over Friday night and take a look at it?” Staci was trying to play it cool but she was excited inside. Her computer really didn’t need fixing. It was an excuse to get him to her house so she could seduce him and have sex with him again.

Ryan was hesitant but he figured it would be ok, her husband was sure to be home. “Yeah, I can come over…about 7?”

Staci was relieved, “sounds good!” She walked away with visions of them fucking wildly in bed, kissing deeply, his hands massaging her breasts. A familiar ache emanating from between her legs and her pussy began to get wet. Staci couldn’t wait to have him inside her again!

What Ryan didn’t know is that Staci broke down and told her husband, Buck, that she and Ryan had fucked on top of the mountain the day there were supposed to be clearing the downed branches. Staci was afraid her marriage was over but she couldn’t live with the guilt anymore. She was surprised to find out that Buck was not mad and kept asking for more details. The story made him incredibly horny. His cock was hard as a rock and he fucked her like crazy that night there on the kitchen table.

Buck also told Staci that he wanted to see her fuck Ryan. His plan was to place hidden cameras all around the bedroom with the feeds running into their computer in the spare room next door. Staci could use the excuse that her laptop was broken to lure Ryan to the house and seduce him. Buck would hide in the spare room watching the camera feeds as Ryan fucked his wife silly. Staci was all for the idea because she wanted Ryan. She also wanted to see what more Ryan could do. Buck installed the cameras and Staci made the plans to have their son go to Grandma’s house for the weekend. The only possible snag would be if Ryan declined to fuck her.

So Friday night came and all was set. Buck moved his car down the block to make it look like he wasn’t home. He checked and rechecked the cameras hidden in their bedroom. He had perfect angles no matter how or where they fucked in the room. As 7:00 approached, Buck made his way to the spare room, shut and locked the door. He stripped naked and sat at the computer waiting for his wife and Ryan to appear. Just the excitement of what was about to happen made his cock rise. Staci jumped when the doorbell rang at 7:00. She was a little nervous but extremely excited. Her pussy was wet from the anticipation; so much so that she had already changed her panties twice. Staci opened the door, “Hi!”

“Evening,” said Ryan. He was a little leery when he came in to see Buck wasn’t there. Staci was also a little too chipper and seems a little nervous to him. His gut told him something was not right about this. “So,” Ryan said skeptically, “where’s your computer?”

“Oh,” said Staci, “back here.” Ryan followed Staci down the hall. As they walked it hit him that she was wearing the same low cut tank top and short, tight shorts that she wore the day they had sex at her camp site. Staci turned into the next to last door in the hall to see it was her bedroom.

Staci pointed to the desk right inside the door. The computer in question was a laptop. She could have brought this to work for me to look at or at least out to the living room, thought Ryan. “Alright,” Ryan said as he took off his coat, “before I start, can I borrow your bathroom?”

“Sure,” Staci said, “right across the hall.”

Ryan went in and shut the door. He relieved himself and went to the sink to wash his hands. As he washed he saw the hamper next to the sink. On top here two pairs of Staci’s panties. He recognized one of the pairs as the pair she had on today. Ryan knew this because she bent over in front of him several times today and saw them peeking out from under her jeans. He dried his hands quick and picked up the top pair. He caught a whiff of her arousal. Ryan felt the crotch of the panties, Pendik escort they were wet…very wet, still warm too. She had just recently changed her panties. He held the wetness up to his nose. Yup, he thought, she soaked these panties. He put down that pair, picked up the other and felt the crotch. They were slightly damp.

Ryan’s gut was telling him there was probably nothing wrong with this laptop or, at least, nothing so wrong that a two year old couldn’t fix it. Not that he wouldn’t enjoy fucking Staci again; on the contrary, he would love to. But she seemed rather guilty about their moment on the mountain. On top of that, he had no idea where her hubby was. The last thing he wants was to have Buck come home to find Ryan and Staci fucking. Ryan thought he’d take a look at this laptop quick and get out as soon as he could. He put the panties back in the hamper and went back to the bedroom.

Ryan sat down at the laptop and began checking the sound as Staci stood behind him watching. “So when did the sound stop working?”

“Colby was watching a movie on it,” said Staci, “he said he didn’t do anything to it but you know kids!”

“Yeah,” Ryan said, “where is Buck and Colby?”

“Oh,” Staci stammered, “they’re at a scout retreat for the weekend. Colby needed it for some badge or something.”

Ryan was skeptical but he kept working, determined to fix the problem and run. He checked all the settings to verify it wasn’t a hardware or software issue before opening the volume controls. There it was, the mute box was checked. Ryan unchecked the box and a flood of sound came from the speakers. “I think I got if fixed. The sound was muted!!”

“Cool,” Staci said, “can you check that the movie works? His movie is on the desktop. It’s the Veggie Tales movie.”

“Sure can,” Ryan said. He double clicked on the Veggie Tales movie and got something he didn’t expect. Instead of a kids movie with smiling vegetables, the screen showed Staci sitting naked in this same chair with a cucumber sliding in an out of her tight pussy. Ryan was transfixed to the screen as the sound of Staci’s moans and groans filled the room.

Behind Ryan, Staci quickly pulled off her tank top and pushed off her shorts. On the video, Staci was frantically fucking her pussy as she brought herself to orgasm screaming, “OH YES RYAN, I CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE YOUR COCK BACK INSIDE ME!” Ryan didn’t move or speak. He watched the video as Staci rode out her orgasm. Once the orgasmic bliss subsided, the Staci on the screen looked at the camera and said breathlessly, “if you liked that you’ll love what comes next…turn around.” The screen went blank.

Ryan turned around to find Staci with a wicked grin on her face. His gaze went lower and he realized she was naked. Ryan’s eyes scanned her beautiful body from her firm breasts and hard nipples, her womanly curves down to the neatly trimmed patch of soft blonde hair that covered her mound. Staci moved forward and sat on his lap. They kissed as her hands moved to his belt. “I’ve been waiting,” Staci said as she broke the kiss and unbuckled his belt, “all week,” unbuttoned his jeans, “to have this,” unzipped his pants, “inside me again.” She slipped her hand inside his boxer briefs and grasped the hard shaft. Her thumb stroked over the head, feeling the pre-cum that was leaking from Ryan aroused cock. Staci smiled.

“You missed me too I see,” Staci said as she slid down between Ryan’s legs. Her hands went to the waistband of his jeans and underwear. Ryan lifted as she pulled them off. Staci discarded Ryan’s clothes, never looking away from the long, hard prize in front of her. She moved her hand to the base of Ryan’s cock and gently stroked. Ryan moaned as he watched Staci leaned forward and felt her wet tongue touch the underside of his head. Her tongue licked up the underside, over the head and collected the pre-cum that was waiting for her.

Staci leaned forward more and engulfed the object of her desire. Ryan watched as his cock slowly disappeared into her mouth. She moved slowly down his hard shaft, her tongue gliding down each inch of the underside. Ryan gripped the arms of the chair, closed his eyes and leaned his head back. Staci moved her head up and down his cock, her tongue caressing the sensitive underside Kurtköy Escort as she gently massaged his balls. Full of desire and hunger, Staci bobbed her head faster. She wanted to feel him shoot his load and taste his manhood.

Meanwhile, Buck was watching in the spare room as his wife attacked Ryan’s cock. Buck sat naked stroking his cock. He never thought he’d get this turned on watching his wife with another guy but his cock was harder than he ever remembered it being. Buck stroked his cock in rhythm with Staci’s head bobbing. Her head moved up and down Ryan’s shaft fast, Buck’s hand moved just as fast up and down his shaft. Ryan’s moans of pleasure came from the speakers. Buck watched as Staci sank her head down one last time and Ryan stiffened as he shot his load. Buck imagined that it was his cock in Staci’s mouth as Buck furiously beat his meat till he came. Buck had to push back from the desk as shot after shot of thick cum launched from the tip of his cock.

Buck sat in his chair recovering for a few minutes before he sat up, grabbed his towel and wiped the trail of cum that stretched from his chair to the front of his desk. Wow, thought Buck, can’t remember the last time I had that kind of distance. As he finished cleaning up he heard his wife moaning and looked up at the monitor. His cock began to get hard again as he saw what was going on.

Back in the bedroom, Staci was lying on the edge of the bed. Ryan was kneeling on the floor with his hands on her knees. He gently pushed her legs apart and moved his hands down from her knees to her thighs, his hands gliding over her soft skin. Staci began breathing heavy from the anticipation and the feel of his gentle touch.

Staci spread her legs as far as she could. Her labia parted, revealing her delicate, pink womanhood to Ryan’s hungry gaze for the first time. Ryan leaned close; inhaling the enchanting fragrance of Staci’s aroused pussy. She moaned softly when she felt Ryan’s warm breathe on her sensitive skin. Staci tensed as she felt Ryan’s tongue penetrate her wetness and move up to her throbbing clit. She moaned and squirmed as Ryan’s tongue continuously traced her wet folds from her clit to her wet hole, teasing her closer to her first orgasm of the night.

Staci writhed and moaned at the pleasure Ryan brought to her body. Jesus, thought Staci, no man or woman has eatin me this good, never so complete attacked my pussy. “Don’t stop Ryan,” moaned Staci as Ryan removed his tongue from her wetness. Ryan moved his lips to Staci’s clit and began to gently suck and lick at the sensitive nub. “Holy shit,” exclaimed Staci as her eyes flew open. She propped herself up on her elbows to watch as she bucked and moaned loudly. Staci was lost in the feelings Ryan was giving her. “OH YES RYAN,” Staci screamed, “suck my pussy baby…harder…harder…HARDER!!” Staci let out with one long, loud scream as she lost herself in one intense orgasm.

Staci laid down as Ryan’s tongue flicked over and over her clit. Her hips bucked as she ground her pussy against Ryan’s face and tongue. It was getting hard for Ryan to hold on. He did his best to keep his tongue in contact with Staci’s throbbing clit. He moved one hand to her abdomen to try to hold her still as his other hand moved to Staci’s wet hole. Ryan slipped one figure inside her and finger fucked her tight, little pussy. Staci’s hips moved even more as she screamed at the intense pleasure.

Ryan slipped another finger inside Staci and continued to pound his fingers in and out of her. His tongue licked furiously at her pulsating bud. “FUCK RYAN,” yelled Staci. She was close to another orgasm. Ryan’s tongue and fingers pushing her closer and closer till, “RYAN!!” Staci’s body froze as she screamed his name. Ryan felt jets of cum on his fingers. Staci felt it too, the first she ever ejaculated.

Staci’s body relaxed as she came down from her bliss. Ryan moved from between Staci’s legs, helped her moved fully onto the bed and then climbed between her legs. Staci felt like jello but she wanted Ryan inside her throbbing pussy.

In the spare room, Buck was furiously jacking his cock to another orgasm as he watched Ryan eat Staci’s pussy. Staci’s screams of pleasure were louder than he had ever heard. Buck was close till her heard Maltepe Escort his wife screaming Ryan’s name. He could tell she was experiencing another orgasm and that sent him over the edge. His cock exploded, spewing shot after shot of thick cum on the floor, his legs, thighs and his balls. Buck slumped in the chair, breathing heavily and tired as he watched Ryan help Staci move and then climb on top of her limp body. He watched the feed from the bottom of the bed as Ryan’s cock slowly penetrated Staci’s tight pussy.

In the bedroom, Ryan slowly stroked his cock in and out of Staci’s soaked pussy. He moved slow and allowed her tight passage to dictate when he could slide deeper. Staci had barely regained her breath as she started moaning again, savoring the feeling of Ryan inside her. Staci was quickly regaining her strength. She moved her hands to Ryan’s nipples and began to flick them. Ryan’s groans grew louder as Staci’s flicked.

“Like that,” Staci asked as she moaned.

“Yes,” Ryan groaned back.

“I like you inside me,” Staci whimpered. Ryan was almost completely inside her and she was close to another orgasm. Ryan continued to work his hard tool deeper inside Staci till he was finally balls deep. The last thrust pushed Staci to her orgasm. Ryan stayed still as the velvety walls contracted around his buried cock.

As her orgasm faded, Staci wrapped her legs around Ryan and rolled her hips. Ryan slowly pulled out and pushed in, the velvety walls fluttering around his cock. The room filled with sounds of their coupling: moans and groans, the soft slap of their bodies coming together with each deep thrust and the sound of Staci’s wet pussy as Ryan’s cock slid in and out.

Staci pulled Ryan down to her and they kissed passionately. Her kiss was sweet, lips were soft against his. Staci pulled away and moved her lips to his ear, whispering, “I love how you make love to me, I couldn’t fight the feeling, I missed you, missed the feeling of having you inside me. Tonight my body is yours, my body is all yours.” Staci released Ryan’s neck, looked into his eyes and spoke with an urgent and hungry tone, “Fuck me stud! Fuck me hard!”

Ryan sat up and grabbed Staci’s legs by the back of her knees. He pushed her legs back and then apart, spreading her thighs as far apart as she could. Ryan began to slide in an out of Staci again. His cock slid deeper with each pounding thrust. Ryan increased his speed with each stroke, fucking Staci’s tight cunt. “Fuck yeah,” Staci growled, “yeah Ry, fuck me harder!” Ryan’s balls slapped against Staci’s ass. He could feel the wetness flowing from her juicy pussy to her ass and his balls.

Staci moved her hands to her bouncing breasts and began pinching and rolling the hard nipples between her fingers. She was moaning louder and louder. Ryan’s moan also got louder as the erotic sight before him made him pound Staci’s pussy faster and harder. His hard, throbbing cock pistoned in and out of her wet, quivering passage. The lovers were lost in their mutual lust, passion and pleasure. Ryan was driving Staci closer to her most intense orgasm of the night with each deep thrust. Staci was bringing Ryan closer to shooting his hot load with each squeeze of her velvety cunt.

“You’re making me cum Ry,” screamed Staci, “cum with me baby, squirt your load deep inside ME!!”

Ryan grunted in response as he fucked Staci hard till they both screamed in pleasure. Their bodies froze at the same time as they each reached the climax of their pleasure. Staci felt every inch of Ryan’s throbbing cock, he head swelling with each shot of cum and the warmth of his semen deep inside her contracting cunt. Ryan felt the walls of Staci’s womanhood squeezing and milking the cum from his big balls and wave after wave of her sweet juices coating his balls, thighs and pelvis.

In the spare room, Buck was again rubbing his hard cock with his pocket pussy. He was amazed how horny he still was, watching his wife get fucked and pleasured by another man. But his cock was rock hard and throbbing as he watched Ryan fuck Staci to heights of pleasure he could not. Buck watched as his wife and her lover screamed and their bodies froze, connected at the pelvis. Hearing his wife screaming in pleasure put him over as he against launched his load onto his legs and balls. Buck breathed hard as he watched Ryan climb off of Staci and collapse on the bed next to her. Staci snuggled up against Ryan and they fell asleep. Buck used what strength he had left to wipe up his cum, crawl onto the spare bed and fall asleep as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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