Taking Care of Mom Pt. 02

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All characters in this story are over the age of 18.


It was a day after I had helped my mom with her milky problem (and more.) Dinner the night before had been awkward with my sister Sandy just staring back and forth at Mom and then me while she chewed. As relaxed as I was from my first sexual experience, I also felt this weird tension between Mom, Sandy and myself. We all went to bed right after dinner. I laid awake for more than an hour replaying how it had all gone down. It had felt so natural and so good while it happened, but afterwards I found I was feeling uneasy. Was I worried my sister would tell my friends at school? Was I feeling guilty about having sex with my dad’s wife? I was lost in a fog of confusion mixed with pleasure and uncertainty. I had finally slept, but not well.

As I sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast, Sandy sauntered in, a shit-eating grin appearing on her pretty face as soon as I looked up.

“Morning Romeo” she said coyly.

I rolled my eyes and looked back to my bowl of cereal, trying to ignore her.

“Oh… You’re too cool to talk to your sister now that you’re the man of the house?” she giggled as she stepped behind me, her hands massaging my shirtless shoulders.

“Drop it Sandy” I warned flatly.

I could smell her cherry lip gloss as she leaned into my right ear. “Ooooh You’re such a stud Tim… ” she teased. I could hear the smile on her face.

“Sandy… I’m warning you!” I said a bit louder.

“How did it feel poking our baby sister in the head?” she prodded, laughing out loud immediately.

“I’m getting ready to be poking my other sister in the head with this spoon.” I threatened.. or tried at least. I had to admit the thought of our unborn sister being miffed about being poked in the head was pretty funny and I started to laugh a bit myself. I masked it by chewing loudly and turning away from the hot tooth-paste-fresh breath on my neck.

“Ohhhh Tim… Are you going to poke your other sister with that BIG COCK like you did Mom last night?”

I couldn’t tell if she was teasing me or propositioning me at this point, her voice had a heated edge to it now. I turned my head to the side to meet her gaze, my eyebrow raised.

“You didn’t seem to mind it butter britches” I retorted, smiling at my cleverness as I swallowed the last bite of cereal.

“I didn’t know whether to cum or laugh at your pale ass bobbing up and down like a basketball… So I did both!” she goaded. That was it, I wasn’t going to take anymore of this indignity.

I spun and grabbed her arm as I stood up. Sandy shrieked with delight and tried to break free, running for the living room. I managed to keep a grip on her wrist as she pulled me out of the kitchen squealing and laughing the whole time. I finally got my feet under me as we got into the dark living room and pulled her back to me. However, our feet tangled as I overtook her and we were headed for a spill. Fortunately we landed on the over-stuffed bean bags at the end of the couch with a loud ummph and loud laughter. She landed face down on the bag and I directly on top of her. We wrestled there for a minute or so, laughing and breathing hard. She tried to twist under me, but I used my legs to pin her legs down. I grabbed her other arm and pinned her upper body down as well.

“Ohhhh.. Is this how you seduced Mom too?” she giggled between gasps.

Now let me explain. My sister gets on my nerves. In fact, I’d say it’s one of her greatest talents. Most of the time we were at each other’s throats, but every once in awhile we get along. When we do get along, my sister can be one of the sweetest, most caring people I know. Growing up so close in age, we’d had several encounters in close quarters where things had gotten heated and our curiosity’s had been peaked. However, we had always been interrupted by one thing or another.

“I… Ummm.. Well… Mom needed some help with her boobs. That’s how it started.”

“I’ll bet she did. Ummm.. Do you mind at least letting me turn over so I can see you?” I loosened my grip and lifted my weight off of her so she could wriggle underneath me. Her soft cotton sun dress brushed my bare chest and her c-cup breasts rode up underneath, shaking as she adjusted herself under me. Her face was flush and she was smiling softly up at me with a sort of dreamy look in her eyes.

“So, I walked in on her while she was pumping her breasts and spooked her. She broke her pump cuz of me, so I had to help her get the milk out” I explained. Sandy’s expression softened..

“So you really were helping her out?” she asked earnestly.

“Yeah. I started sucking her nipples and milk was pouring into my mouth. The more I did it, the more she seemed to enjoy it, so I kept going. I guess you could say we kept on going til the job was done.” Sandy was biting her lip as she listened, intently staring into my eyes. As I lay on top of her spilling my guts, it struck me just how pretty she was. Her red straight hair was splayed back on the bean bag, her pouty red lips shone even in the relative darkness of the living room.

“Wow big brother… escort gaziantep I’m actually kind of jealous. I wish I had some milk for you to suck out” she smirked, her smile turning down into something a little more serious. The mention of her tits forced me to take a look down at her heaving chest. The sundress was cut in a low V revealing much of the inner sides of her mounds. I brought my eyes back up to hers.

“KIDS!” Mom’s voice reported from the hallway.

“Hmmmm… Maybe we should pretend sometime anyways” I smiled and started to push off of her.

Sandy’s smile faded out entirely. “Figures” she said. “We’re in the Living Room Mom!!” she shouted back.

We got up and made it over the couch just as Mom waddled into the living room.

“Ahh there you two are… What are you two planning on doing today?” she asked glancing quickly between us, careful not to land her eyes too long on ours.

“I’m headed to the mall with Sarah later this afternoon and then a date later.. Need anything when I go Mom?” Sandy asked.

“No dear, Thank You though..” Mom was wringing her hands and looked quite uncomfortable.

“You okay Mom? Why are you still standing up? Come sit down.” I patted my hand on the middle of the couch between Sandy and me.

“Oh.. Okay..” Mom hesitated, but then waddled over to the couch, her huge stomach and belly button protruding ridiculously through her house dress. “I need to talk to the two of you for a minute” Mom said, her voice wavering ever so slightly.

“Sure Mom” Sandy bubbled.

“I’m afraid I made a big mistake yesterday… I was in such a hormonal state when I asked you to help me Tim. I should have known bett…”

“Mom! No! No! It was wonderful!” I cut her off mid-sentence.

“It WAS really hot Mom” Sandy chimed in.

“Well honey I understand that it was wonderful.. and don’t get me wrong, I REALLY enjoyed it baby.. But, Mothers aren’t supposed to do that with their sons… It’s wrong.. ” Mom trailed.

My heart sank. Sure it was a bit awkward afterwards, but the experience itself had been divine. I had never felt such a feeling of completeness and Love in my life.

“Mom, how can something that good be wrong? I Love you. I’m just so happy I was able to show you how much.” I replied.

“I Love you too baby. I don’t mean to diminish what we did. It WAS wonderful. I just feel like that’s such an emotionally complex thing to do and I don’t want to ruin our family relationship by involving sex” Mom explained.

As she spoke I could see two distinct dots forming on her blouse, spreading into two small circles atop her nipples.

“It wouldn’t ever ruin our relationship Mom. I Love you no matter what” I said. “Maybe you should have Sandy help you out with those next time though if you’re uncomfortable with me doing it” I pointed at her wet teats.

“Mmmmmmm that sounds good Mom, can I?” Sandy asked.

Mom looked down and saw the leak in progress and sighed.. “Ugh.. Again..?” she said in an exasperated tone. She reached down and grabbed the bottom of her house dress and started dabbing the corner of her dress on her soaked orbs. “What a mess… ” she paused looking over at Sandy. “Well I guess it would be quite different if you sucked them wouldn’t it..?” she didn’t sound sure.

It was obvious that Mom was thinking about what I had said. You could almost hear the thoughts rumbling between her ears, weighing the options, determining the risk. After a long silence she finally spoke. “Okay let’s try it out and see how it goes.”

Sandy’s eyes were wide with excitement as Mom pulled the elastic top of her house dress down under her right breast exposing the swollen orb. The nipple immediately produced a bead of milk that grew and grew until it began to run down her areola. Sandy leaned in without hesitation, mouth open, tongue extended, lapping up the drop right before it dropped to Mom’s belly. As her tongue lapped upwards, it flicked Mom’s rock hard nipple and Mom gasped at the unexpected sensation.

Sandy’s mouth gently latched on to her puffy breast and began to softly suckle it. Mom’s reaction was of instantaneous pleasure. Her eyes rolled closed and her right arm wrapped around Sandy, her hand coming to rest on the back of Sandy’s head. Sandy was making a low moaning sound as she sucked, her eyes also closed, lost in the sweet fragrance of Mom’s expressions. I sat entranced, unable to take my eyes off of the beauty of this sight. Sandy wrapped her arms around Mom and pulled her closer instinctively. My cock slowly but surely began to stiffen in my sweat shorts. I had never seen anything so innocent and yet strangely erotic. Mom’s breathing became deeper and her chest heaved up and down in rhythm with Sandy’s sucking action.

“Oh this helps sooo much baby” Mom said softly. “Feels so good.” Her eyes slowly opened, looking up to meet mine. “I don’t suppose you’d help me with the other one again?” she asked.

I was a bit surprised that she’d changed her mind so quickly, but then again who am I to argue. She pulled the house dress off of her left shoulder, dragging gaziantep escort forumları it down until the soaked material peeled off of her drenched teat. Her left nipple stood up hard, leaking a minor stream of white sticky wonderment down over her areola and onto her swollen stomach into a small puddle. I leaned down and forward, grabbing her breast gently with my left hand and guiding the juicy nipple into my open mouth. The taste was exquisite, the texture soft and warm.

Mom moaned as I pulled a slight suction on her nipple, milk flooding my mouth in a sudden gush. My left hand dropped down to Mom’s hard belly, caressing it lightly. I opened my eyes and looked to my left to watch Sandy. Her eyes were open as well and our gazes met while we both sucked amply. My cock was a rock and was now tenting my shorts. I moved my hand over to Sandy’s back and began to rub. A smile appeared at the corner of her mouth and moments later I felt a hand wrap around the base of my cock over my shorts. I thought at first it was Mom’s hand, but after a quick inspection I found that Sandy was the one taking action. Her hand gripped my dick firmly, pulling up and down gently. I moaned in response.

Mom took notice and her mouth dropped open ever so slightly, her breathing increasing in pace and depth. As we sucked, rubbed and stroked, my member began to pulse up and down, I had never been hornier. After a few minutes (or was it hours?) Mom leaned forward, breaking the seals of our respective mouths on her breasts.

“I think we should get more comfortable, let’s go to my bed” Mom said calmly between deep breaths.

We helped her off of the couch and down the hall to her bedroom. As we got to the bed. Mom pulled the house dress over her head revealing her naked pregnant body. She turned and sat on the bed facing Sandy and I, both electrified by the situation.

“Sandy, I’d like for you to take your clothes off sweety” Mom politely ordered.

“O..Okay Mom.” Sandy followed suit by pulling her sun dress up over her head revealing white lace panties and a matching sheer braw. She reached back and unfastened the bra with one hand as she turned to look at me. Her eyes were smokey and she was biting her lower lip again. The bra fell forward onto the carpet revealing two beautiful perky breasts, nipples pointed slightly upward. Sandy stared intently at me as she slowly pulled her panties over her hips and down to her ankles. She stepped out of them slowly revealing a nicely trimmed v above her swollen slit. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had always thought Sandy to be pretty, but now there was no denying that she was straight up smoking hot.

“Sandy, have you ever been with a boy before?” Mom asked.

“No Mom, not all the way” Sandy answered.

“Really!?” I asked in shock? “How is that possi..”

“Tim, be nice… Wasn’t yesterday your first?” Mom cut me off. Her voice was low and raspy, her skin was flushed, her eyes small slits.

Sandy playfully stuck her tongue out at me. I blushed.

Mom was in the grips of some powerful hormones, but this time it seemed she had something else in mind. “The two of you have been getting closer and closer to experimenting with sex have you not?” Sandy and I glanced at each other, both blushing slightly. “Well since yesterday I’ve been thinking that it’s only right that we give Sandy a proper introduction to sex, much the same as I did with Tim yesterday. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but now that the cat’s out of the bag so to speak, we might as well do this properly.”

Mom slid back on the bed until she was propped up against the backboard.

“Sandy, I want you to lay on your stomach next to me and suck on my right nipple. Tim you’re going to undress and lay on top of your sister just like you were doing earlier in the living room.”

What!? Mom must have walked in on our little wrestling session earlier. I complied immediately, anxious to repeat any part of yesterday’s pleasure with my sister. Sandy climbed up first and laid down to Mom’s right. She took her engorged breast into her mouth and began to suck gently. Mom again grasped the back of her head and motioned with her other hand for me. I pulled my shorts over my erection and let them drop to the ground. The softness of the Egyptian cotton brushed my hands and knees as I crawled up the bed from the bottom, straddling Sandy’s legs as I made my way up. Doing as I was told, I positioned myself over my sister’s ripe plump ass and laid down.

“That’s good baby. Sandy.. I’m going to let your brother rub himself against you, is that okay?” Mom asked gently. Sandy nodded mumbling something with her mouth wrapped firmly around Mom’s tit.

I moved my hips over a bit to align my long hard cock with the crack of Sandy’s ass and slowly began to press it against her. My dick was soaked with pre-cum and was soon gliding between her smooth, soft ass cheeks. As my dick made contact with her perfect little brown asshole, she moaned and pressed her ass up to meet each stroke.

“Sandy, Tim’s penis is wet with pre-cum. This helps escort gaziantep bayan him lubricate your vagina before he enters it. In this case, it’s lubing up your little butthole. Some girls like to have it stuck in their ass just as much as in their vagina. We’ll have to see what you prefer in a little while.”

We went on like that for quite some time. Sandy was matching me thrust for thrust, my dick pushing ever further into her brown eye with each thrust, but not quite so far as to penetrate her. I decided Mom wasn’t getting her fair share of the action and moved my right arm in between her legs. I slid my hand up her thigh until my fingers made contact with her perfectly smooth bald pussy lips. I pressed two fingers softly into her lips to find that she was soaking wet. Mom gasped out loud and pressed her pussy against my hand. My fingers sunk into her warmth and were engulfed in hot juices. I began to piston them slowly in and out keeping pace with my dry strokes against Sandy’s ass.

Mom’s legs spread open a bit and her hips started bucking ever so slightly to match the rhythm of my hand.

“Ooooh that’s very nice for Mommy Tim.”

As time went on our pace quickened. My dick was pressed ever so tightly up against my sister’s backdoor while my fingers slid in and out of my pregnant mother. Mom’s breathing had quickened to a steady and moderate tempo. I looked up at her and she smiled back at me, her mouth returning to an open o immediately afterward.

“Okay Sandy” Mom panted “I want you to turn over and embrace your brother.”

Sandy obediently rolled underneath me. Her legs instinctively spread as I lifted myself up and positioned myself between them.

“Now Tim, you’re going to position your cock in the entrance of her pussy. I want you to hold your sister firmly and look deep into her eyes when you press into her.”

I complied as she spoke, positioning my swollen head in between the fuzzy folds of her outer pussy lips. Sandy gasped, her mouth open, her lips swollen from sucking Mom’s tit.

“Sandy, Tim is going to push forward into you and as he does it’s going to hurt a bit I’m afraid” Mom said calmly.

“Oh.. Okay.. ” Sandy sounded a little scared.

“But your brother is going to be very gentle with you” Mom said smiling and locking eyes with me.

I did as she said. I stared deep into Sandy’s green eyes and watched her pretty face as I pushed my cock into the entrance of her pussy. At first her eyes were squinted, but as I continued to push forward, her eyes opened more and more. Her mouth opened and she began to coo in an almost desperate tone. I pulled back ever so gently and then pushed firmly forward again feeling a firm barrier just inside her opening. As I pushed Sandy began to pant.

“Ohhh… Tim be careful..” Sandy panted. I pulled back and pressed forward again. I was being very careful not to hurt her. As I pressed this time, her eyes closed and her mouth pressed closed, pursing her lips. Then all at once, I felt the barrier tear over the tip of my granite-like cock. Sandy’s eyes shot open and she yelped loudly.

“Oh baby… That’s right sweety. You’re doing so good” Mom reassured.

My dick slid back and forth slowly inside her. Her yelps of agony transformed into grunts of mixed pleasure and pain as I vacillated back and forth. My fingers went back to matching the motion in Mom’s flooded pussy.

“Oh Mom.. It hurts… But it feels nice too!” Sandy exclaimed.

“That’s right baby, don’t worry, it’ll feel better and better as we go along. Tim I want you to speed up a little so your sister doesn’t get too raw.”

“Yes Maam.” I began to push deeper into Sandy, her grunts more pronounced with each thrust. The sharpness was fading out of her voice, being replaced with moans of pleasure.

“Oh my god Tim, that feels really nice” Sandy said staring into my eyes, her mouth open and panting.

I sped up a bit more and I could feel the first tingle of orgasm as the tip of my dick pressed into the stranglehold of Sandy’s pussy. As my pace quickened, Sandy began to hump up to meet my thrusts. We both looked down towards our pelvis’s to watch my dick meet her pussy. There was quite a bit of blood on her pussy and red streaks running along my shaft, but it didn’t phase either of us. We looked up from our union and our eyes met again. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers, our tongues flicking together at the tips.

“Okay Kids, it looks like you’re getting pretty close to the end” Mom’s voice was strained, her pussy was literally splashing drops of soft hot girl-cum on my hand as it continued to plunge in and out of her canal. “I want you to pull out now Tim. You’re going to see if your sister is one of those girls who likes her ass being fucked. I don’t want you to get her pregnant.”

I looked up at Mom and then over to Sandy. I pulled my hand out of Mom so that I could use it to position into Sandy. Sandy instinctively lifted her hips up as I withdrew from her hot cunt. She was panting as well, her breath smelled of sex and cherry lip balm. I pushed the tip of my cock down below her pussy and angled it sharply up to find the entrance of her tiny asshole. I eventually found it, though it was a little difficult at first. We worked back and forth for quite some time to get her ass to loosen up. Eventually, as I pressed up gently, I could feel it peeling open over the head of my cock. Sandy gasped as the tip slipped in past the sphincter.

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