Taking Care of Mom

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Note: All characters in this story are over the age of 18.


When I was a child people always said I was a momma’s boy. I always resented it a little, but the truth was that I WAS a momma’s boy. As a young boy I followed her around the house incessantly, curious about everything she did. As I grew up, my obsession with her didn’t subside as one might expect. I always wanted to be by her side. Of course as any normal mother would, she would get a little frustrated and tell me to go play with my twin sister outside from time to time. For the most part though, Mom seemed to generally enjoy my presence.

Mom would always tuck me in at night. She would give me a big hug and kiss me on the head before sending me off to dreamland. I always looked forward to her hugs and the warm loving feeling I got from her affection.

When I was of age, I started getting curious about Mom’s body. I would wait outside of her bathroom, hoping for a chance to see her getting out of the shower. Sometimes I would get lucky and she would forget to bring a towel in. I would always peek in quickly as I handed her a towel. Mom had really big breasts and a bald pussy. I was fascinated to see her naked every time. Of course she would cover up as quickly as she could when she realized I was looking.

One night I heard funny sounds coming from my Mom and Dad’s room. It sounded like Mom was hurt and screaming, so I ran across the hall and opened the door. What I saw changed how I saw my mom forever. There was my Dad crouched behind my Mom. He was sticking his thing in and out of Mom’s butt over and over. Every time he went in she would gasp and rock forward, her huge boobs swinging back and forth. I didn’t say anything because it looked like Mom was okay. In fact she looked like she was enjoying it. Every once in awhile she would yell “YES!” and stick her butt higher in the air.

I guess they didn’t hear me walk into their bedroom, so I just stayed and watched. Dad’s big thing was all wet and sliding in and out of Mom’s butt. As they went, the rhythm sped up and Dad started bumping her harder. She seemed to really enjoy this as she would yell out “Harder Bill!” to my Dad. Dad was breathing hard and started making sounds too.

“Oh Linda..” he gasped. “I’m gonna cum baby!” he shouted.

Then my Mom looked over at me and her eyes went wide as she realized I was there. She was panting hard and started to try to say something, but I couldn’t understand her. Her eyes were locked on to mine as a smile slowly crept across her face. I thought she might stop and say something to me, but she just pushed harder back against Dad.

“Bill shoot that cum in my pussy,” she gasped hoarsely, all the while looking me dead in the eye and smiling. My Dad’s hips lurched forward and he pulled Mom’s butt close to his crotch. At the same time he made a loud grunting sound. My Mom started screaming too.

“Oh baby… Oh my God Baby!” she yelled looking straight at me.. Her eyelids fluttered and her eyes rolled up into her head a little. They both suddenly stopped, panting like they had just run a mile at top speed.

I was frozen. I just kept staring back at Mom’s face. Her eyes finally rolled back down and met mine again. She smiled at me as sweat ran down her forehead and blew me a kiss. Then she shoed me away with her left hand. My Dad had his head tilted back and his eyes closed. I backed up into the hall and closed the door before he saw me. I felt really weird, but good. I looked down and saw my thing sticking straight out in front of me. It was really hard and there was a little dot of goo coming out of the end.

I ran back in my room and hid under my covers. I wasn’t scared, but excited.

Over the next year, I would sneak into Mom and Dad’s room while they were making noise. Every time, Mom would see me and smile at me while they finished. However, she never said anything to me about it.

Not too long later Dad had “the talk” with me and educated me on the birds and the bees. I understood that he and mom had sex and that it was out of their love for one another. I didn’t go back into their room after that because I understood that it wasn’t right for me to spy on them. Dad said it was a very intimate process and that no one else should be around or watching. He didn’t say he knew I was there, but I got the message. Mom never said a word.


One day, I walked into the kitchen after school to find my Mom at the kitchen table with her head in her hands. I could see the tears running down her cheeks.

“Mom! What’s wrong!?” I exclaimed. I hardly ever saw Mom cry. She was such a tough and caring woman.

“Oh Tim… I’m fine… Don’t worry” she sniffled as she brought her head up. I grabbed a few tissues and sat down across from her.

“No Mom, what’s going on? I can’t stand to see you cry.”

“Well… ” she looked up at me, her mascara running down her cheeks. She took a tissue and attempted to wipe up the mess. “Tim, I have some really surprising news… I’m 3 months pregnant.”

My pendik escort mouth dropped open in shock. Here was my 5’5″ brunette mother at the ripe age of 38, pregnant with her 3rd child. There would be more than 18 years between me and my sibling to be.

“Wow… Oh Wow…,” was all I could manage.

“I know honey, it’s hard to believe…”

“What did Dad say?” I asked.

“What did Dad say about what?” my sister strolled into the kitchen, grabbing a glass out of the cupboard.

Mom looked at me, her bottom lip trembling with emotion.

“Sandy… Mom’s… Pregnant” I announced so that my Mom wouldn’t have to.

Sandy froze, her eyes the size of saucers and her mouth agape. She looked over at Mom.. Then she let out an ear-piercing screech.. “OH MY GOD MOM!!… THAT’S FUCKIN CRAZY!!”

My sister, a saucy 5’2″ redhead started bouncing up and down, her C cup breasts bouncing freely under her skimpy thin white T-shirt.. Obviously the gravity of the situation had escaped her.

“I’M GOING TO HAVE A BABY BROTHER OR SISTER!!” She was beyond reprieve, but I tried anyways.

“SHUT UP FUCK TARD!! Can’t you see Mom’s upset about it?” I bellowed.

A smile snuck across Mom’s face as she took in the ridiculous sight of my sister acting like an idiot.

“Oh. It’s okay Tim. She has reason to be excited.”

“Yeah! stupid bitch Tim.” my sister fired back, taking a chair on the other side of Mom. “I’m SOOOO EXCITED MOM!!”

I was still really concerned about Mom despite the brief levity in the air.

“What did Dad say?” I asked again.

Mom’s smile evaporated. “Well, that’s the thing. He doesn’t know. And the thing is, I can’t tell him.”

My mind was reeling. Was it someone else’s child, had Mom been cheating on Dad?

“What!? Why?” my sister and I barked in unison.

“Your Dad left for Dubai this morning and isn’t going to be back for six months. Something about an emergency business deal being on the rocks.” she sobbed, fresh tears filling up her eyes. “If I tell him, he’ll come back, I know it” she whimpered.

“Yeeeeeeahhh and that’s bad because?” my sister retorted.

“If he comes back, he’ll lose his job and the benefits that will pay for the pregnancy. So, the two of you have to SWEAR you won’t tell him. He CAN’T KNOW until he comes back.”

“Oh Shit!” I exclaimed. “But he’s gonna FREAK OUT when he comes home Mom. You have to reconsider, surely they won’t fire him over that!?”

“Tim, you’re right they shouldn’t, but he’s had problems with his boss at work recently and I know he’ll be fired if he doesn’t stay out there and fix this emergency. Even if he stays, he’ll be constantly distracted, knowing I’m here. I mean they sent him to Dubai on 12 hours notice for God’s sake. and… and… now I have to have this baby all by myself!” Mom’s head dropped back into her hands and began to weep.

I instinctively pulled my chair close to hers and put my arms around her. Her body shivered every time she inhaled. “Mom, Sandy and me will take care of you, don’t you worry about a thing” I said looking up at my sister.

“Yeah Mom, don’t worry about it, we’re gonna have SO much fun, you won’t even know Dad is gone. I promise.”

My mom sobbed a few more times while our words registered. She slowly looked up “You guys.” she sniffled “I can’t ask you to do that. You’re both in high school and involved in sports and…”

“Mom” I cut her off, “Nothing is more important than you staying healthy and happy while you have this baby.”

“Yeah Mom, it’s no big deal, Tim and me can get along just fine on our own” my sister chirped.

I shot Sandy a sharp glance of disapproval. “What my mentally challenged sister is TRYING to say is that we’ll help you with anything you need.”

“Douche-bag” Sandy snapped.

I felt Mom’s shoulders relax a bit as I held her close, rubbing her shoulders.

“Thank You Both. I Love You So much” Mom gushed.

Sandy leaned in and hugged Mom (and me in the process.)

“It’s okay, even though Tim still has you cut the crust off his PnJs, I’m SURE he’ll be a big help with your pregnancy.” I felt something warm and wet go in my ear and swirl around, I instantly recoiled. My sister started laughing as she pulled her slobbery finger out of my ear.

I jumped up and chased her around the table and into the living room.. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough and she escaped to her bedroom, laughing hysterically. Some help she was.


The next five months went by pretty easily. We kept the mood upbeat around the house even though Dad’s absence was sorely felt. Sandy and Mom went shopping every couple of weekends and bought new things for the baby. I kept up with most of the chores around the house and made sure Mom didn’t do too much. Mom’s belly went from a pooch to a bowling ball in that time. She was in the beginning of her eighth month now and all seemed to be going pretty well considering.

One day I came home early from school due to football escort pendik practice being cancelled. It was raining loudly as I walked in through the garage into the kitchen. Before me was something completely unexpected. There was Mom standing at the sink, her two huge tits hanging out of the top of her house dress. In her left hand she had a clear plastic tube with a hose and a hand pump on one end. She was struggling with it, making little grunting noises as she pulled on the hose.

I was stunned, her double d breasts were fully engorged and there was a tiny drop of white liquid sitting on the tip of her left nipple… I didn’t want to scare her, so I tried clearing my throat very softly..

To my delight she didn’t jump or scream. In fact she barely acknowledged me at all.

“Oh hey honey..” she said in a monotone voice, obviously deeply concentrating on the breast pump. Then she looked over at me and shrieked. In her realization that I was seeing her beautiful bare bosom, she jerked the end of the pump, tearing the tube out of the end.

She made a vain attempt to cover herself by pulling her house dress closed, but it was too small to pull all the way across.

“SHIT!!” she exclaimed as she looked down at the pump.

“Sorry Mom!” I stammered “I… I.. didn’t know. “

She set the broken pump on the countertop and turned back towards me, sighing in disappointment. “It’s fine baby, you just caught me off guard. Now I have to go out and get another one of these..”

“I can go get one for you Mom… Ummm… What is that by the way?”

Mom chuckled, her nipples pointing right at me. She didn’t seem to realize they were still showing. The bead of milk had now dripped down onto her robe. “It’s a breast pump baby. I.. My breasts have started making milk a bit early. I appreciate it, but I don’t want you going out in this weather again. Besides, I couldn’t get it to work anyways.”

“I See. So you have to pump the milk out of those Mom?”

Mom looked down at her swollen nipples, realizing they had been out the entire time. “Shit. Why didn’t you say something? I’m dripping everywhere.” she turned and grabbed a towel from the back of the sink and began to wipe the mess from her robe.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” I asked, genuinely hoping there was something I could do. “Is there anyway to keep them from leaking without the pump?”

Mom looked up at me and paused staring into my eyes. “Well.. Tim… I know it’s a lot for Mommy to ask, but.. ” In the surprise of the whole situation, I somehow didn’t expect her next words. “You could suck the milk out of them. If you don’t mind?”

“Um, sure..” I said without thinking..

“I know it’s weird baby, but Mommy has to get the milk out cuz it hurts. “

“No. Mom it’s totally cool. I’ll help any way I can.”

“Are you sure? I hate to ask, but.. “

“Mom, I’d be happy to help. Where do we?”

Mom searched my eyes, looking for reassurance. After a few seconds her worried expression softened a bit and she took my hand, leading me into the living room. She sat down on the far end of the couch and patted the pillow next to her. Then she pulled her robe open at the top revealing the remainder of her amazing gams.

“Sit down baby.”

I sat down next to her.

“You’re going to lay down and put your head in my lap. Ohhh. Is this too weird??” she asked nervously.

I responded by moving in and hugging her, her chest pressed to mine. I could feel a wet warmth soaking through my shirt. “Mom. It’s okay. I told you I’d do anything to help you with the pregnancy, this is part of it.”

She hugged me tight, I could hear her breathing heavily. “Oh baby. I Love You so much.” With that she sat back and brought her left tit up to my mouth. I instinctively opened my mouth and licked her nipple. She sighed and placed her hand on the back of my head, gently pushing me to her teet. I suckled her nipple and warm sweet liquid squirted against the roof of my mouth. It tasted so fantastic that I didn’t even realize I was moaning with pleasure.

Mom gently rocked back and forth, my head resting on her giant belly. I stayed there sucking, at first slowly, but as her chest rose and fell with her breathing, I greedily gulped her milk. As I sped up, so did her breathing. I sucked and sucked for some unknown length of time, lost in the warmth of her embrace. As I sucked my dick got harder and harder. Eventually the milk stopped gushing and was only dripping out when I sucked.

“Okay, let’s move to the other one.”

I got off the couch and knelt in front of her so I could reach her other breast. I looked up at my mom’s face and she had a huge motherly smile for me. I wrapped my arms around her (most of the way anyways) and leaned forward. Her hand found the back of my head again and began running her fingers through my hair. I attached my lips to her nipple and to my surprise she gasped and then moaned. Her hand tensed up as she pulled me tightly to her gigantic milk-filled tit. Her legs spread pendik escort bayan and my torso pressed up against her belly. My cock was rock hard to the point of hurting as it strained against my gym shorts.

“Oh baby, suck me like you used to”

I moaned in response as I sucked more and more sweet milk from her bosom. Mom leaned further back in the couch. As she did I noticed her other hand rolling her free nipple. I could feel the slightest movement back and forth against my torso. Mom’s breathing was deep and audible against the backdrop of the rain hitting the roof.

“Mom, am I doing it right?”

“Oh yes baby, you’re doing a wonderful job. You make Mommy so happy.” She leaned back more moving her butt towards my groin. I could feel her pelvis press up against my throbbing cock. I moaned again against her inch long hard nipple.

“Mom, I’m sorry.” I said pulling back.

“For what baby?”

“My thing is really hard from this. Like Dad’s gets when you have sex.”

“Oh. That’s okay baby, it’s totally natural, just press it against Mommy as hard as you need.”

“Okay Mommy if it doesn’t hurt you.” With that I pushed my throbbing member forward into her pelvis. As I pushed the pressure against my shorts started to hurt. I recoiled and groaned.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“It hurts to push against my shorts like that.”

“Oh sweetie. Just pull your shorts down then. It’ll feel better that way.”

I tugged down on my gym shorts, freeing the monster in between my legs. The tip of my cock was slick with pre-cum. I pressed back into her and felt the towel fabric of her robe rub the tip of my cock. I resumed my sucking on her tit as she rubbed her other nipple.

I kept pushing against her crotch and a rhythm emerged. Soon Mom’s groin was matching my rhythm and we proceeded to dry hump while I sucked her dry. Mom was cooing and breathing very heavily. I felt her arms move down and adjust her robe. Suddenly her robe opened up at the bottom and the tip of my dick was now laying up against her soaked pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties, so her juices wet the back side of my hard cock. I gasped at the sensation.

“Everything okay baby?”

“Mom. This feels really good.”

“I know baby, that’s my boy. Just let nature take over.” She moaned as I humped up again, my cock pushing into the outer folds of her bald pussy. She moaned again, sliding further down the couch. I couldn’t reach her tits any more with my mouth as she was practically laying down, her legs on either side of me.

“Tim.” she cooed “I need you to help Mommy with something else.”

“Yeah Mom?”

“I need you to replace Daddy for now.”

“How so Mom?”

“I need you to put your thing in my vagina, like Daddy does.” Mom was rubbing and squeezing both of her nipples as her body writhed against me.

I had never had sex and wasn’t sure what to do next.

“I don’t know where it goes Mommy.. “

“Oh ok. put your hand down there and find my Mommy’s butthole.”

I moved my hand underneath her, following the crease of her ass to her tight brown button. I rubbed it ever so slightly and Mom moaned loudly.

“Ok that’s a good boy. No run you finger up the crack towards you until you find a wet hole.” I obeyed explicitly and soon my finger found the inner fold of her vagina. I pushed my finger in a bit and Mom reacted immediately by pressing her pussy down on my finger.

“OHHHH TIM. That’s it” she gasped. “Now put your hard thing where your finger is and push it in.”

I angled my member up and pressed gently into her sopping wet hole. The sensation of her hot pussy stretching over the head of my dick was unbelievable.


“OH GOD TIM! Push it Deeper baby.” She grabbed both of my arms and moved them to her tits. “Push in and out while you roll Mommy’s nipples”

I obeyed. I pushed forward and pulled out slightly, repeating slowly at first. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. My hips started pistoning forward and back on their own.

“MOM! I can’t control it. My butt is moving on its own.”

“Oh baby, that’s okay, just let it happen. You’re going to cum in Mommy soon” she panted.

My hips started bucking forward sharply. Mom grunted out in pleasure with each stroke.

“Tim baby, put your finger in Mommy’s butthole while you hump me.”

I quickly moved my milk soaked fingers down underneath her ass cheeks and found the button. I pressed in on it and my slick finger slid in to the first knuckle. Mom started bucking in response.

“Oh Tim, you’re doing so good for Mommy,” she was panting and writhing in passion. “Mommy’s going to cum soon baby, I want you to come with me.. okay?”

“What does that mean? Are you okay?”

“Oh yes baby, keep fucking Mommy. You’re fucking Mommy so good. Soon you’re going to feel a really strong urge and you’re going to push your thing all the way into Mommy’s vagina and you’re going to pee. Okay?”

“Pee Mom?”

“Well not really, it will feel much much better, just do it for Mommy” her voice was at fever pitch. I felt something burning in my stomach. It moved down into my hips. I started bucking uncontrollably. I couldn’t catch my breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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